Official Bulletin Boards  -  Items 1 and 2  (Info below Updated September 2010)

1.  New Bulletin Board  RfM finally gets a new bulletin board Sep.  2010 !

The Recovery from Mormonism board is very active.   Take a look.  This board has been online since 1997.   From 2005 to Aug. 2010 we are averaging 800-1200 posts per day.  There is much to read.    This is the most active portion of the site.  If you have questions about Mormonism, this is the place to ask.

To read some of the archives and get a feel for the bulletin board, visit Mormon Short Topics.  The short topics section is also excellent for those who never were Mormons and want to better understand the Mormon lifestyle.  It also has topics that frequently appear on the main board. 

Click here for information on the abbreviations commonly used on the bulletin board.

Note:  Board is normally closed to new posts the first Sunday of each month from 9 PM Saturday to 6:30 AM US Eastern Time Monday.

2.  Biography and Story Board  (This board is currently not being updated.  A new one will be online shortly)

A board for posting individual stories and biographies of your Mormon experience. This board is of lower volume so stories will stay up longer than on the original board above.   The most recent are on top.  Be sure to dig down and find some real gems.   Replies to the stories are disabled so our maintenance work is reduced.  Many of the stories have the authors' email addresses.  As of November 2009, there are more than 620 stories posted.


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