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This is a list of recommended sites and materials to read.    Updated July 2016

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Thinking of Joining Mormonism?
This is the Internet interactive version with many links to comprehensive documentation.

Letter to a CES Instructor
This is a good place for documentation is a site produced by members and former members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are interested in historical accuracy.

Richard Packham's Web site
Nicely done site by our beloved ex-Mormon Richard Packham. Stories and quotes. Atheist perspective.

Altenate address:


Utah Lighthouse Ministries
Jerald and Sandra Tanner's excellent site.

Archived Updates

Mormon Apologetics - A Summary Statement
To defend the LDS position Mormons have to twist the words to make things fit.

Information on Limited Geography Theory

Official Policy to Hide Parts of Church History
This is a talk by Boyd K. Packer who demands that LDS historians must not tell everything about the church even if it is true

Violence in Early Mormonism and Polygamy
A professionally written paper with many references on violence in Mormonism. Excellent reading for any Mormon history buff. (20 pages)

Mormon Hierarchy - Origins of Power
A book review

Book of Mormon Witnesses
The Witnesses were not credible

The Role of Women in Mormonism
An interesting article written by a non-Mormon college student

Examples of Deception by Today's Mormon Leaders
Dallin H. Oaks in 1994 admitted that early church brethren were "Lying to Protect the Lord".

History of the position of Blacks in Mormonism
A well documented account of how Blacks are viewed by the LDS church

History of blood atonement in Mormonism
Interesting accounts of how the church applied the doctrine of blood atonement in the 1800s.

The History of Homosexuals at BYU
This is a well documented account of the treatment of gays at BYU over the last three decades

The failed prophecies of Joseph Smith
A listing of the many failed prophecies of Joseph Smith.

2Nephi5 - Metallurgy
Metallurgy in 2nd Nephi of the Book of Mormon

Social proof of Mormonism
An aspect of how Mormons view themselves.

Discrimination in Utah
Religious Discrimination in Utah

Mormon Culture Series
| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |

Women and Mormonism Web site
Recovery from Mormonism for Women

Deconstuctor has his own site!!  Be sure to visit

Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry
A website created by a former Mormon with many resources listed. Well worth a visit. You can spend hours here. The Book of Mormon questions at this site has the best material about the Book of Mormon on the Internet

Watchman Fellowship
The president of the Watchman Fellowhip is himself a former Mormon. This is a Christian site with many articles on groups besides Mormonism. Highly documented Lots of material

The Salamander Society
A site dedicated to finding the humor in Mormonism and Mormon culture.


Mormonism Research Ministry
A Christian ministry with historical information on Mormonism.

Your Online Guide to the Major Cults
This site contains good information on cults, not just on Mormonism..

Excellent articles

RELIGION: The Mormons
Satiric site about mormonism. Contains cartoons and silliness. Primarily a list of other sites.

Real Mormon History Footnoted and documented from Mormon books, scriptures, newspapers, and Mormon friendly sources. Specializing in obscure Mormon history.
If you want to understand Mormonism. This is the place to start.

Some  bb threads saved 1997-2001:

A bb archive 1997-2000 | A bb archive 2001

Mormon Classics
A huge database of Mormon Classic literature. Hundreds of references.

A site similar to with the perspective of outgrowing Mormonism..

A Close Look at Mormonism
Excellent historical website. The 4 listed below are just examples - lots to read at this site

Egyptian Papyri

Masonry and Mormonism

Joseph Smith and Polygamy

Other Men's Wives

Jerald and Sandra Tanner- Utah Lighthouse - Examples of their excellent publications.

Paul Dunn - His stories were fabrications

Kinderhook Plates

The altered temple ritual

FARMS - Attacking "anti-Mormons"

Cult Recovery Links

Other Interesting Sites

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