Exmormon Contacts and Resources

People to contact and resources available for those in their journey out of Mormonism

To Contact Exmormon.org volunteers directly,

E-Mail:   Exmormon.org Webmaster   This is questions or comments about the site only.   For help or information regarding Mormon issues contact any of the individuals or organizations listed below or ask questions on the The Bulletin Board

E-Mail:   Richard Packham   He can help in all areas of Mormonism, but has developed a specialty to help parents who have children that have joined Mormonism.

A foundation has been created to help ex-Mormons and those affected by Mormonism:   www.exmormonfoundation.org  Please contact the foundation about publicity and conferences.

Last Update: Jan. 2017

The Bulletin Board is often used by individuals who wants to remain totally anonymous and receive a quick response. (150,000+ hits per weekday, busiest during lunch on the West Coast of USA.  900 posts per day)


Richard Packham is willing to talk to Mormons or ex-Mormons via email. He is active with our ex-Mormon newsgroup and you can read #66 to learn more about him or visit his web site at  Packham's Site

e-mail: Richard Packham


The Mormon Alliance is for women who have received spiritual abuse by LDS priesthood leaders in their local wards or families. Please write to them for assistance if you have suffered abuse by the LDS church.

Mormon Alliance
6337 Highland Drive, Box 215
SLC, UT 84121

Utah Lighthouse Ministry - (This is the Tanner's bookstore.)
PO Box 1884
Salt Lake City, Utah 84110
(801) 485-8894  

See their excellent web site at UTLM

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