Letters to this site by Mormons

The following are from letters from Mormons who felt a need to defend their faith - part 2. This is interesting reading for those who want to try to understand the mind set of one who is in an authoritarian organization. All comments in italics or bold are mine. Again, these are just samples from the many letters I have received. The most recent are on top.

Another testimony 4/2/97

I am sorry you feel this way about the church. I suppose you must have never truly had a testimony, for no matter what evidence people drudge up against the prophet Joseph Smith, I know he was a prophet of God. I know this, because Heavenly Father has made it known unto me by the power of the Holy Ghost. I feel no spirit of truth in the words you write, therefore I know they are false. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Sainst is true, not because of authoritarian control, or fear, but because I have a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ, and I know He does not lie. I know that I may trust Him no matter what. I only wish you were able to do this too, because I fear you will bring great condemnation upon yourself. I pray for you and your family. I pray that you will feel the spirit of God testify to you what He has testified to me. That the Church of Jesus Christ is restored. And Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is true and a beautiful and spiritual book. And the temple of the Lord is a sacred and true blessing from Him. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

He thinks I never read the Book of Mormon - 4/2/97

I can guarantee it that if you read the Book of Mormon and really try to understand it and pray about it you will know that it is true and if you want to comment about our church please say something that is true and hasn't your mamma ever told you "if you can't say something nice don't say nottin at all" so read or learn about our church before you comment about it!

P.S. my friend would like to tell you something also. If you say anything bad, I wouldn't doubt it if you go staight to "OUTER DARKNESS" or hell in your next life -K-

I'll try to not use so many poorly written ones like this :) 3/3/97

i'll bet you get a lot of letters from mormons telling you that your full of it. but after reading your account on why you left, i still do not beleive what you say.. It seems to me that you are putting all your faith in scholars, and books, and facts that SUPPOSEDLY are true. What makes you beleive that these things are true? how come mormons have to be false? see, i just dont see why you would beleive this stuff, how do you know they arent lying?

I feel sorry that you do not beleive what is in our religion. This is something that I beleive with all my heart. I can write this as plain as i could ever speak this that I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the only true church. not because thats what i was taught all my life, but because i have found it out through my own experiences. You must not have had a testimony, because once you get it, there is no doubt that this is the only true church. Sorry if i sound a little arrogant, but i just dont think it is right that because you dont beleive in it, that you need to put a web page out for it. not everyone will see things your way, i know i dont and i dont beleive what you say, because i can tell you that this is the only true church. I would be curious to hear a little more in detail why exactly you left the church. what was the straw that broke the camels back. thanks for taking the time to read this note, and take it for what it is worth. please email me back though.

I am misguided 2/28/97

You are a poor, misguided lad who the adversary is using to further his kingdom here on earth. It is unfortunate that you have chosen to team up with the very entity that will do you the most harm.

You can chuckle but you will not have the last laugh, of this I have no doubt. I sincerely hope that all of this effort has brought you peace here on earth; it may be all that you will ever know.

Think seriously of what you are doing, not only to yourself but to other poor weak mortals who are being misled into thinking they will be exempt from the judgement that we all must someday face.

You, like all the rest of us, have your agency, and that has been given you by a most gracious God that loves you, even with all your faults. Talk with him in ernest and he will make that love known to you and by this you will know of his existance.

May God bless and keep you.

Logic is not this person's strong suit

Please accept my respect.

I read with interest your ex-mormon page on web. I still don't understand why you left the church. All religons ask people to swollow some tall tales. Sikh is the only religon I know of that holds crazy speculations to a minimum. The problem with religon in general is that it claims to have the answers now. The good thing about religon is that it teaches us good values and helps build comunities.

Did you leave just because the book of M tells some tall tales? Why not just take the good lessons of love and friendship?

Also, do you think that the stuff in the book of M could have occured in a parellel universe? Some people believe that anytime a person has a decision, they actually take both paths, bifricating the world. Perhaps in a world where many different decisions were made, Ox and wheat could have ended up in America.

This is from an adult, a Micron employee 1/31/97

I respect your opinion of the Church, but I do not approve of your blasphemous statements made on you page. Anti-Mormon literature has corrupted your view of the church. If you were a true member you would have never been so easily drawn away from the world's only true chuch. We hate to lose somebody to the the other untrue churches of this world. I'm sorry you must feel so badly about the church.

This one must be from a teenager 1/31/97

I'm just wanted to say that most x-mormons had a strong testimony of the church. That means when you bore it you KNEW and was told by the spirit that it was true. Also on this page I noticed someone saying that they changed the wedding vows at the temple. some people didnt understand whatthose wedding vows meant. Since this is a vow for eternity they decided to change a couple of things to make it more clear what they were agreeing to. so they decided to explain it better. I never knew satan could trick people so bad. I think that the church is true. you'll find out when your cast to outer darkness. I feel bad that someone who has a testimony would just listen to satan. I am asking you one favor. This will help you prove that the church isnt true as you believe. Just get on your knees and ask if the church is true. If you have the guts to print this page surely you can show your faith of the church not being true by doing this. I really feel bad i may not see you in the celestial kingdom.

A nice short letter

You are a horrible horrible person. Because you have your own stupid feelings about the mormon church you have to go tell everyone. But the truth of the matter is all of you are wrong, and you do know the truth. The mormon church is the only true chruch, and you can't do anything about it.

A young Mormon woman writes

what the heck?? I am a 15 year old mormon and I think what you say is a lie. You just couldnt handle it could you? This is not a rude letter (although I could make it one) but I just want to say that it REALLY REALLY irritates me when people say things about MY religion. I am Very happy. We are not a CULT!!!! We are very nice people and others make up the most ridiculous storys. Please write me back and tell me why you quti the church and why you say you are "recovering" from Mormnism?? It makes no sense whatsoever.

I have had many problems and the people who help me the most are the ones in my church. I am a very bright young girl and very involved in sports and school. I think being a Mormon is the best religion you could have!!! PLEASE write back!

Other religions bag on the LDS, we dont bag bag on other religions. That just goes to show that we are sure of what we believe in and the others shouldnt say bad things about us. that shows how RUDE those people are. They say we are a cult? Are they dumb? We don't worship Satan or do sacrifices or any of that disgusting stuff. We are perfectly normal people and if they think we are a cult why don't they follow the lives of us closely and they would see that we are normal people. Thank you for your time. And I get REALLY angry when people say things about my religion, SO DON'T. And anyone who does can talk to me!

He says - Sadly mistaken! Yet another kind letter 12/26/96

Eric's note: A person in a cult can not comprehend that someone can leave because the organization is not as advertised. The individual leaving is almost universally accused of being a liar or sinner. This is true for the Jehovah's Witnesses, Moonies and many other authoritarian religions. This letter is a good example

How pitiful you are. Yes I use the word pitiful. You say that you did not leave the Church because of sin or anything like that. You, and I as well as God know that is your first lie. One does not fall away from the Truth because of "findings".

I would be interested to be the fly on the wall when you lost your testimony. I know this religion is true. No doubt. I too have served a mission, been married in the temple, and have been the best Latter Day Saint and a not so good Latter Day Saint.

Why do you spend so much time trying to tear down something you have turned against. The Church has not turned against you, you have turned from the Church. Look inside yourself and you will see the monster.

Satan is a powerful being that can mislead our thoughts and actions. I am astonished that a grown man can be so naive and ignorant. Please, dont spend so much time destroying what other people find dear to their hearts. Why is it only Mormonism that you try and destroy??? I know, because it is the only TRUE CHURCH and misery loves company no sorry misery loves company. You once knew what was right and yes You KNOW that it was something that you did for you to loose your testimony.

What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Remember my name, let me say it to you again, Aaron Covey. When the second coming comes I will stand next to Jesus Christ and will confirm the ridiculous things that you have said against His true church. Yes I too am a witness against you.

Remember, repentance repentance repentance. Please, don't bother e-mailing me back. If your e-mail is against anything I believe in, please don't bother. There is nothing, I repeat nothing you can say, do, or show me that may waiver my testimony. Don't think that I haven't seen it all because I have.

Please, for your sake repent and ask for Heavenly Father's forgiveness. I would hate to stand before you at judgement day and testify of the horrific things I have seen on this page.

I know that you will probably use this e-mail as more documents against the Church but I had to say my peace. I in no way have connection with the church authorities by doing this. I am just a member of the church who stumbled on your home page that was disgusted by your ignorance.


Aaron Covey

She sends a different kind of letter

Hi Eric!
This should be interesting to see if this is posted in your letters from Mormons. Either way, here goes. I would like to first let you know that all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are not like those that have responded to you in the past. I feel that some (most) of those letters posted are horrible. I hope that you are just not posting the ones similar in nature to the one I write you now. I do not feel that anyone should be treated like that, no matter what they may say or do. No wonder you would want to stay out of a religion when treated like that. But as it has been said many times before, the church is perfect, but the people aren't. Still, that is no excuse for their behavior. I only hope that those thinking of writing to you in the future will do so with a Christ like attitude, and not that of a cornered animal.

But I am sure that you were expecting, and possibly wanting, these types of letters. After all, you stated your beliefs as to why the most important thing in their life is wrong and they are stupid not to question it. Nobody likes that, not even yourself! I believe, as do we all, that we all have our free agency. This gives us all the right to do as we feel is best for ourselves. This ability allows you to write about your feelings and beliefs. This ability allow gives me the right to follow my heart and conscience in how I want to live my life.

After 10 years away from the Church, and now a VERY active member again, I am happy with the decisions I have made. To that end, Eric, I truly wish you the same joy in the decisions you have made.

A letter showing the kindness of Mormons toward those of us who leave 12/15/96

< b>Eric's comment: The majority of the letters I get from Mormons are like the ones here - mean, condescending and clearly written under a cult mind set.

I have done more than study, Eric. I have been true to my temple covenants. I have been true to my baptismal covenants. Have you? NO! You have broken them and you have broken your integrity. Of course you will think this church is a cult. How else could you feel good about your decision to break your covenants that you made out of your own free will and choice. No one forced you to make them and you did. Then you broke them, and as prosmised you are delivered up to the buffetings of Satan. Of course you think you are so well read and right, so does satan. You will be asked at the judgement bar if you were true to your covenants and you will have no excuses. Your not led by God, your led by the vain imaginations of your own heart, and satan has his way with you. You know it and so does God. You are not man enough to come face to face with it. I wouldn't come so personally against you, but you openly and boldly and actively fight against the church. Your not led by love, you're led by hate and anger. Anyways, I'll not write again. I have said my piece. you can say what you want, I know the truth.

Another letter showing the kindness of Mormons toward those of us who leave

What did you think mormonism was suppossed to do for you? You cannot disprove it's doctrines any more than you can prove it's doctrine. Mormonism is a way of life for those who want to reach the highest state in this mortal existence. It is obvious that neither you or your wife had the intestinal fortitude to prove that it's doctrines are correct. Do you think that you and your finite knowledge mingled with scripture is any match for men of God? Indeed your bitterness is just because you are ashamed of the time you invested into it's beliefs and didn't get back what you thought it owed you. Your experience typifies those who are weak and find it easier to quit than to prove it truths. The church members actions do not make the doctrines more or less true. The values mormonism teaches out weigh by far any sacrifices you felt you were burdened with during your brief membership in God's kingdom.

My Question is: Why is your e mail the only one I am able to find? What happened to so many other tough anti's you brag about?

Eric's comment: My answer to the first paragraph is found below the next letter. I was a member for over 20+ years. That is a brief membership? The second paragraph makes no sense. About 1/3 of the stories have e-mail addresses on them from the authors. I do not "brag" about them anywhere.

He says I am a quitter. Again, a typical reaction from a Mormon

Why are you doing this? Apparently you have too much time on your hands. Do you really think that by chosing a specific group to harrass that you are a good man? Do you think that you are leading people to the "truth"? I suppose you never even gave the church a chance. You gave up. You are a Quitter.

Eric's comment: I served a mission with no financial help from my parents or the church. I was married in the temple, served as Elders' Quorum President, Young Mens' President, Ward Clerk, Scout Master etc. for over 20 years. Yes, I gave the church a "chance". The church is a cruel hoax.

I have slanderous thoughts

I really feel sorry for you, pal. It is people like you that make this world a difficult place in which to live. I hope you have the ability to make peace with your God (who or whatever that may be) and can conjur up enough common decency to keep your slanderous thoughts to yourself.

His letter is entitled, "Sorry You Feel That Way..."

My name is Matt and I am a pround member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have nothing against you leaving the church but should be informed on the journey you are about to embark upon. You have been taught the truth by trustworthy people, but have interpreted it the wrong way. The true church was laid out before you and you grabbed on, I am sure, with great faith. But, however, you have fallen away with skepticism. You know, I am sure, that you will not be able to go to the celestial kingdom, for you have denied the true, and only true, church of Jesus Christ. I am not lecturing, merely informing...I am sorry ( TRULY SORRY ) that you feel this way...Search, Ponder, an Pray...please.

Mormons are friendly - 31 Oct 1996

Let me just tell you...you are probably the most screwed up person I have ever come across on the internet....the LDS church is so true...one day you will regret your decision for leaving...this I can promise you. I rebuke you and call you to repentance!!!

Nov. 2nd, 1996 - A 15 year old writes

i would greatly appreciate it if you would post my letter. please leave my email address anonymous thanx.

i am 15 years old, and have been a member my entire life. i do not want to argue, but i would like to say a few things. what could have happened to you that made you turn away? your testimony of the church must have not been great enough or was changed in some way for you to turn away. i would really like to know what it was.

let me tell you about myself. as i said, i am 15 and a male. i live in ohio, and am basically a 4. student in the 9 grade. i have had a few sins but repent of them. my testimony of the church has NEVER been greater since reading your web page. why? you might ask. because i have sat here crying about all of the people who have learned the truth and then denied it. how they are now damned, as you are, because of their denial. i could NEVER think of denying the church and cannot even FATHOM any one else doing so. why did u??

i really am not an in depth person, but i want to continue, somehow. my heart aches for you and everyone else who has turned away, because of you or not. tonight, i am going to pray for you and all the others who have turned away, for you are the ones who need saving.

oh yes, i have a friend who is not a member of the church. he ridicules it, and calls it a cult. i only think to myself how when we die we will all know the truth. so why don't you leave it at that?? stop your page and wait until you die to ridicule our church. if you are ending up being right (which i know will NEVER happen) then you can watch me be damned, but if i am right (as i KNOW i am) then, well i will be right. Oh. i have just one favor, tonight when you go to bed, kneel down and pray with a sincere heart i do mean the sincerest, ask god who is right. and i PROMISE you that if you ask with an open heart and mind, and you REALLY do want to know the truth, you will find who is right and it will be me. thanx for your time.

you may leave my name

Adam T. Nichols

p.s. please notify me when it has been put in your little web page thanx

Oct 4, 1996 - A well written letter

i happened upon your website not certain what to exspect. i new there was a large number of anti-mormon literature but this is shocking. I tell you this. mormonism teaches this: love you God and love your neighbor. You have obviosly missed this point of the Lords teaching. you claim to want to help people, to pull them from the manipulations of the LDS church. Yet you are doing the same as you claim against the church. you are manipulative and decietful. I don't feel sorry for you you are a smart man and you are able to make your own decisions. Many people who hook on to your page are weak and need direction. and you like a hawk see your weak prey and pounce upon them with no remorse. You want as many people to fall away and join you in denile. This has happened once before I think you might recall in the councils in heavan. lucifer broke away from heavenly father and took many spirits with him. he delights in the evil of others because he does not want to be alone in eternal damnation. I don't know if it is to late for you or not but, you have the opportunity to ask Heavanly Father for guidence he will guide you to know the truth. the truth I know you once beleived. don't proove the book of mormon wrong with your limited knowlege. Don't put down the Prophet Joseph Smith, he never would judge you. here is a fact. joseph smith had a 3rd grade reading level at the age of fourteen by the time he was 18 you're telling me he accomplished writing a volume of fictional literature that contained 1000 years of an itricate civilization with each book within the book of mormon having a different writing style. don't come out with broken facts and broken dreams.we can go back and forth all day with facts and you would'nt have gained an inch. I leave you with this. The Gospel is true and you will have no effct on that no matter how great the attempt. men much stronger and much smarter than you have put greater efforts than yours toward destroying the church. it is still here and it will stay here. I have no doubt you will not change your mind in any way. that is your weakness. we all have them and unfortunately we often succum to them. the only person who can find out the truth for you is you and the only person who can give you that truth is Heavenly Father. I truly do pray for you and invite you to write me on a personal basis. ther is only one truth for if you hve two truths one of them is false.

He says I am ignorant

Why did you do something like this? I hope that you know deep down inside that leaving the church was wrong, but then trying to bring others down with you is synonymous with lucifer and the war in heaven. You just want to make other people as miserable as you are. Why do you strive for the list of the sons of perdition? wickedness never was happiness!!!!!!!!!!!

Replacement for truth?

I was just curious as to your beliefs now that you have left the Mormon church. What have you found that is a better way to live your life? What can you possibly gain from compiling a huge collection of stories from disgruntled members the likes of which or better I could compile from every sect in the world. There are always going to be such instances of people becoming offended or disenchanted, especially in the true church I would think. That's Satan's entire plan (you probably don't believe he exists either, even though you are helping him out). You are never going to know the truth for yourself if you keep seeking confirmation through other people and their stories - I hope you at least find some "temporary' consolation in it though. Let me know what your great replacement for the truth is - I would really like to know.

A nice note

Just a quick note to let you know we're not all psycho. When I saw on your homepage how many thousand people had visited your site, and then read the letters you tend to get from condescending psycho-Mormons, it makes me hope my voice is a more accurate representative of the typical reaction Mormons have to your home page. It's great that those who find that the church does not work for them have a place to share their stories and insights, and it's very, very unfortunate that they are typically ridiculed and condemned by the members of the church. We (I say "we" hoping that most Mormons would agree with me) realize that we are often introverted, self-righteous, and sometimes in denial about certain aspects of church history. We recognize our weaknesses, and yet we continue to believe in and practice the Mormom faith and lifestyle. You probably get far too much e-mail to even read it all, so I don't expect a response to this--I just wanted you to know that I respect what you do and I admire those who have the inner strength and honesty to sincerely question their beliefs and search for answers.

I should go back to sacrament meeting

Sir, we are very surprised and shocked to read that you have lost faith in the one organization that makes the planet Earth not such a bad place to live. We advise you to go to a sacrement service, repent, and again join the Church. Heavenly Father is crying for you.

. He writes, "We don't want to throw our pearls before swine"

Yeah right!!!! If you were a member then you should know that what man finds is different than the work of god. Dinosaurs are believed by man to have lived millions and millions of years ago. But we know that is false.

You can't prove that Joseph Smith is a fraud and a learned man, because he is not and was unlearned. It is written in the bible, if you believe that, that there would be a learned man who would be shown records and say that he could not translate a sealed record, but then they would be given to an unlearned man and he could when told. Joseph Smith translated the plates, and gave Martin Harris a short message from them with a translation. Martin Harris wasn't so sure of Joseph then, so he took them to the best man that knew of ancient writtings. The man then looked at the writtings and said that they were perfect. Martin Harris then asked for a certificate so he would be able to show people. The man agreed then asked Martin Harris where did he get those writtings, and Martin Harris told him about Joseph, then the man asked for the certificate. Martin Harris gave him the certificate and the man tore it up. He told Martin Harris to stop making up stories and get out, because he felt it was absured.

I want to ask you something. Think back to how you felt when you first joined the church, when you had no misgivings for it. It was a happy life, and you enjoyed it, you have never felt that way before. When you were married in the temple it was a far greater feeling and experience than anyting at all. Now I ask you since you left the Church have you ever felt like that. I don't know if you drink or do drugs, but feeling like as you did in the temple drinking or drugs Won't get you that.

When you joined the church had you read the book of Mormon, and had you read Moroni 10:3-5. After you read it did you pray about it? If you did how did you feel. While in the church did you ever gain a testamony?

Many things do get dismissed, because they are small and there is no need to worry about it. If you just do what the lord wants you to And live in the world, but not of the world you will be happy. We are all human we do make mistakes so if the prophet recieves revelation that does not flow with what someone said it was mans mistake and not Gods. Did you watch 60 minutes after general conference. Learn from your mistakes.

We were asked not to talk to you because you would take what we give you and twist it. We don't want to through our pearls before swine.

This is typical of an authoritarian group - if you leave, you lose your eternal life

Dear Eric
Repent. Your father in heaven is very sad with you. What can you honestly tell him in the final judgement? There are no excuses. Be very carefull what you do. Short term lashing out at God and his church may do minimal damage , but God will not be mocked, and in the end all petty things that pretend to stand in his way will be quickly removed and put in their proper place. Do not become a son of perdition (Alma 24:30), you are dangerously close. Be very carefull. Humble yourself and return to the fold. Christ is waiting for you with open arms(Mormon 6:17).

This person wants me to shut down my web site

i find your WWW page something bewteen amusing and disturbing. in the stories that have been read, i find only vague problems with the church membership-at-large or general disagreement of the teachings. this page poorly sets forth *why* the Mormon religion is an evil, destructive force that wil get you in your sleep and carry away your children in the night. I think that the people who have contributed to this collection are in need of compassion, but to blame their situations on the church is a pretty lame thing to do. i hope that you come to your senses and disband this page and realize what a stupid, stupid thing it it. i have seen no real disputes about church teachings, practices, etc.... i think you owe the Church and its members an apology for this libel you have helped to perpetuate, and i hope that if you will not stop you will at least make your arguments and disagreements meaningful. nothing you or i can do or say will change the truthfulness of the church, and your petty attempts at overthowing it will be surely in vain. as the church grows in influence and becomes one of the powers of the world, you will see the error of your ways and hopefully join with the fold of the Saints

A refreshing change of letter - thanks

Dear Sir:

I have spent the last several days examining your web pages regarding the Mormon faith. I have also spent much time browsing web pages maintained by avid defenders of the LDS faith. And to be quite honest, I have learned quite a bit about early LDS church history. I commend you for your use of the Internet as an educational tool. Where else could I possibly learn about the beliefs and values of countless others in a few short hours. And the best part is that I have the opportunity to express my point of view as well.

After reading some of the e-mail messages send to you by aggravated LDS church members, I feel inclined to apologize for any offense that you might have taken. I believe that one of the greatest gifts God granted to man was that of free agency - the opportunity to think and act for himself (or herself). You are certainly free to express your beliefs and opinions. And as you are obviously aware, some members of our church have the tendency to overreact when confronted by opposing points of view (I am not praising or attacking such orthodoxy, only stating what I have seen). So again, I would like to apologize for any upsetting remarks that you might have received.

Before I go any farther, I guess I should give you my background. I was born into the LDS church. My parents are members, as were my grandparents and great-grandparents. I served a two-year LDS mission in Argentina. I was married in an LDS temple. I am currently active in my ward as a Sunday School teacher. I present this information so that others reading my comments will better be able to understand what I have to say.

I consider myself to be a rather level-headed LDS church member. As I mentioned earlier, even I have noticed that some members of our church tend to overreact on occasion (I'm sure the same holds true for members of other faiths). I will even admit that some members of the LDS church are overbearing at times. And it seems that much of the criticism of the LDS church is directed at the behavior of its members. I would just like to offer one piece of advice: we shouldn't judge an organization's value or truthfulness by the behavior of its members. I would dare say that there is not a single organization in the history of the world that consisted entirely of perfect people (even the members of Christ's church in biblical times were imperfect - he chastised the 12 apostles on numerous occasions). I believe God is the source of all truth. Anyone seeking the truth should place trust in Him; the scriptures say that we are lost if we place our trust in the "arm of flesh."

Again, I thank you for providing a forum where individuals can express honest opinions. Communication with others is one of the best ways to learn. Thank you for your willingness to accept my comments. I would gladly accept any response you may feel inclined to send. If nothing else, may we part as friends.

An "Apostle" said ex-Mormons can not leave the church alone

I enjoyed reading your page. I do not however lend much weight to the stories you have seen fit to include. I suppose it as Elder Neil Maxwell said recently, "People can leave the chruch, but the[y] can't leave it alone." I know why, and so do millions of others. And you know why too......It is the truth. Think about it.

Eric's reply: I know many ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who spend a great deal of time helping their friends and loved ones out of the Watchtower. In fact, I believe they (ex-JWs) are several times more likely to be helping others out of the Jehovah's Witnesses than ex-Mormons helping Mormons out of Mormonism. Using this person's logic does that make the Watchtower truer than Mormonism? The ex-JWs can not leave the Watchtower alone.

This was sent to me from the Mormon newsgroup

"...I have found that anti's always fall into the category of being anti-Mormon for money, ego, or power. Most could not hold a job and don't get along with people, and several of their families report they were on welfare."

Just to add to your opinions of why and how "antis" assail the church. I have been working with the hypothesis that those who leave the church and then profess to have found greater truth, began their departure from the church because of a single commandment or point of doctrine. Often this point is adultery, but not necessarily. Then, after taking issue with the church on this point, and being reproved, they acquire the spirit of the adversary and become obsessed with validating their own beliefs. This pattern produces the kind of individuals whose comments pepper this newsgroup. They have lost the companionship of the Holy Ghost and have enlisted the spirit of the devil (although they usually state that the reverse is true). Calling the good evil, and the evil good and all that...

Eric's comment - Many Mormons can not comprehend, just like active JWs can not, that someone leaves their group because it is not what it claims to be.

It gets redundant, but I included another "testimony" letter.

I know that God lives, and that Jesus is the Christ.

I know that the Bible contains much of the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed anciently to man through prophets called of God to perform this work. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, revealed also through prophets of God.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true and correct organization of Jesus Christ, founded by Him upon the earth in these latter days, and that it represents the stone cut out of the mountain without hands as described in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream as interpreted by Daniel, and which will fill the whole earth.

I know that Joseph Smith, Jr., was a prophet of God, that he did see God the Father and Jesus Christ, that they did commend the keys of the kingdom to him through their servants, that he did receive the Book of Mormon plates at the hand of the Angel Moroni, and that through the gift and power of God he did translate the plates to bring forth the Book of Mormon.

I know that there was a council in heaven, at which every soul who has lived, who does now live, or who will ever live on this earth attended, and that we shouted for joy when the great Plan of Salvation was revealed to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I know that I am a literal, spiritual child of my Heavenly Father, and that the Plan of Salvation was brought to fruition as far as mankind is concerned, by the earthly mission of my Elder Brother, Jesus Christ; that he suffered, was crucified, died, and rose on the third day, with healing in his wings, that the dead may rise and live once more in Him.

I commend to you this, my testimony, in the name of our Beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mormons don't bash other religions?

If for your shallow reasons that makes you think the Mormon church is false then keep it to yourself...we don't go around bashing other religions...so keep your mouth shut...

I posted his letter exactly as sent

hi eric,

well i came across your page and was interested. first of all you didn't post a single real article of faith. AND MORMONS ARE CHRISTIAN. ITS EVEN IN THE NAME " CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS" NOTICE THE FIRST 4 LETTERS. anyway anyone who reads this and is either a ex-mormon or non-mormon please e-mail me i would be more than happy to prove our REAL BELEIFS. and i would use the bible to prove them if you want!

( post this letter in whole i will look for it)
From: luckyman@gorge.net (Larry Dunn)

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