More mail from Mormon visitors to the web site This is the 7th in the series. This is only a small sampling. Updated 16 April 1999.

Letter from a young Mormon

dear sir,

i hope that you are extremely happy for what you have accomplished. i'm sure you have turned many away from the truth. may God forgive you for what you have done. i myself, find your insults, and untruthfulness about the gospel to be a lashing out at the church for your own sin & lack of God in your life. again, may God forgive you, and i am not going to judge you.

Heather, age 14

I appear close-minded and cold hearted

If you're as close-minded and cold hearted as you appear, then my words will mean nothing to you. But I feel it to be my responsibility to warn you! First let me tell you that I don't fallow out of blind faith! I have had various queshtions about the church throughout my life, but I have ALWAYS recieved a logical answer! I have also had my problems, in fact, if you were one of my buddies from school you would've thought me to be a complete hoodlum, and not a member of ANY religion. I have kind of a lengthy recovery story, but I can tell you I KNOW this church is true! I have had many first-hand experiences that I saw with my own eyes, and things which I have felt with my heart that confirm it. I am 18 years old, still a virgin and straight-edged, and I am going to serve a two-year mission one year from now to tell others about the church!

Now Erick, I guess I missed your little story about parting from the church. I'm sure you have a legitimate sounding reason for parting, but I can assure you, what I'm doing is right! I also noticed that the other mormons who have written before me have made good points but you've ripped them to shreds. I just want to know your motives for convincing other mormons to leave, and tell me what your sources of information are on the church. I know I'm not unique here! For some strange reason alot of us mormons have strong feelings for our religion, imagine that! Anyway, tell me a little about yourself, if you have time, and ask any queshtions you have of me. You can post my e-mail if you so desire! e-mail me at

Thanx for your time,

Lil' Tom


I am apparently hateful

You critisize and denounce The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yet from your writings it is portrayed that you know nothing of the church or of its happenings. Before you bad mouth something you should know what you are talking about. It is a shame that there are so many closeminded hateful people such as yourself in the world today. If you are a true follower of Jesus Christ then you love all rather then belittle and denounce. What kind of hypocritical religion do you belong to? Where in the bible does it speak of Christ denouncing others and wrongfully accusing and hating his fellow man. This my friend is where you go wrong. Too bad you worry more about why mormons are wrong rather than how you can better yourself and serve your fellow man. It trully is a shame.

A concerned reader


He wants to express to me the error of my ways

Dear sir,

I don't expect a response to this email. But sir, I would like to express to you the error of your ways.

I could express the doctrinal faults of your arguements if I felt like it, but I know that would do nothing, for I have no way to make you feel the Holy Spirit of Truth without being physically with you to talk to you in person. But nevertheless, I will try.

Do you really think that the Latter-Day Saints are deluded, sir? Why are you so adamant about it? I have not found much anti-catholic, anti-protestant, anti-islam literature, yet people turn out in hordes to rail against the Mormons. Why? Because you know as well as I do that this is the true and full church of God, and you and others like you are so fearful of being shown your weaknesses and your sins and are so afraid of actually obeying the hard (yet worth it) commandments of God, you feel the need in your minds to justify your own apostacy unto others.

You know that this church is the true Church of God, but you are so afraid of your own weaknesses that you choose to convince yourself of the errors you pretend exist in the Doctrines of God that are written in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, as well as in the temple and the teachings of the modern-day prophets of God.

I fear for your welfare, sir. Be glad that you did not know more about the truth than you did, otherwise you would have already taken your place among the ranks of the sons of perdition who indeed will be hewn down and cast into the fire at the great and last day.

Please do not mock our religion with your smut. I will not call you to repentence, for I do not cast my pearls before swine, but I will ask that you refrain from any further falsehoods against the sacred teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

--A Latter-Day Saint

A lack of the spirit is here

Hi, I am a member of the LDS church, and I was curious about what ex-mormons and anti-mormons felt about our faith, and why they felt that way. I won't comment on anything that anyone said in any of the sites I visited connected to yours, but simply this. The Spirit doesn't lie. When I began browsing and reading the things that your web page and the web pages associated with yours, I could feel the Spirit withdraw in an almost sickening way. You can really feel the lack of the Spirit and
truth in those pages.

I will give you that probably most of the people and maybe even yourself believe in what you are saying and what you are feeling. And I think that is where I hope you are safe. But I hope that during the
time you were a member, that you didn't gain a testimony through a witness of the Spirit, because then you are accountable for that, and for everything you do to betray and deny that. If you don't mind me asking you personally, I was wondering if you would answer me some questions. It is just a matter of me wanting to undrstand, not bash, or convert.

What happened the day you decided you were no longer a member?

My answers are in italics. It was a mix of emotions - relief to know it is a fraud, yet sad for all the wasted years.

Do you still pray?

No, but I ponder more now.

Have you felt the Spirit?

Yes, especially after leaving Mormonism when experiencing genuine human emotions

What do you think of Korihor?

An imaginary character in a book of fiction

Do you belong to another faith? If so, what is it, and why do you belong to it? If not, why aren't you a member of a religion?

I am an agnostic

How has your life been?

So much better. I have rejoined the human race.

What do you think will happen after your life is over?
I will be dead

Are you still married? Is your wife not a member any more also?

Yes to both questions.

What is you purpose in hosting the web site you host?

To help people realize they are not alone in coming out of Mormonism,

Are you to the point that it would take a sign from God to prove that the church is true?

He had 22+ years of my devoted life to prove it. The facts and my experiences show the church to be nothing but another cult.

If you could meet the Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley today, what would you say to him?

I would ask him why he continues the hoax and could he show some integrity by being honest about church history and the damage Mormonism does to individuals and families.

If you could meet the Lord today what would you say to him?

If he actually exists - Why did you let me believe in Mormonism for so many years?

I hope you have time to answer these questions. Please know this that
it is just my curiosity. If you do not want to answer, I won't mind.

Thank You

Bill Gage

I joined for the wrong reasons?

 I read your story and it didn't say. Its seems to me that its POOR ME and that you joined the church for WORNG reasons and when it didn't give you everything you wanted then you left it and now instead of just getting on with it you continue to dwell on it like you want more POOR ME treatment. That's my view on it take it or leave it and IM sure you will leave it

IM not here to judge you God will when it is your time.

A letter from China

The greatest story ever told is the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The 2nd greatest story ever told is how the Savior returned to the earth 166 years ago and , under His personal direction, messenger after messenger was sent back from the heavens and the TRUE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST was REATORED
to the earth in its perfection, to PREPARE FOR HIS SECOND COMING!!! It's a great lesson for all of us to learn.

Disturbed to read my story

It was very sad and disturbing to me to read the story of the first person listed on #1. It sounds like he is educated, however, very apparent that he has lost all knowledge of how the Holy Ghost works.

There are times when things do not have to be proven to know their truth. It is so sad for him to discount everything about Mormonism as false and his own findings as truth. Which Heavenly source is he listening to?

I have been a member of this church close to 30 years and nothing I will tell you will convince you or the #1 writer of your present feelings. However, I can honestly tell you that "IF" and that is a big "IF" all of us are in error, then it has been the best mistake I have ever made in my life. I have been so happy to know there is a God and that His church is on the earth. I have a P.H.D. and consider myself very intelligent. However, I have not and will not pretend to know everything. Especially those things of spiritual nature. I do know that the Holy Ghost will teach and testify to the truth.

No one in this church forces anyone to do anything against his/her own free will. Be true to yourself and don't feel that you have to rescue others by publishing your own views which seem to be distorted.

Good luck to you.