More Letters from Mormons to the Recovery from Mormonism Webmaster

Here are a few more letters from Mormons.  This seems to be a popular feature of the site.  This is a selection of the many letters I receive.   The majority are from teenagers and young adults.   The control that the LDS church has of their thinking frightens me at times.  Eric  (July 18, 1999)

Letter received July 18, 1999

I just wanted to say how sorry I am that this website even exists.
It is a perfect example of why personal revelation is vital to one's testimony of truth!
Perhaps not every latter-day-saint has a positive experience in the Church but that
certainly doesn't mean the Church isn't true or that it's doctrine is
incorrect. I'm surprised that so many seemingly intellectual people
are actually so ignorant. Perhaps accepting responsibility for one's
life is too much for some people these days. Just wanted to express my
opinion. I'm sure it will never be seen by anyone else but I feel
better having done so. May God bless you with his love and his
understanding. Joanne - latter-day saint convert for 20 years now.

He states why people leave Mormonism

I do not understand why you must put out such lies. The only reason anyone ever leaves the church is because they have done many sins that they do not want to deal with. No rightous people that obey the teachings ever leave. I am a mormon and I am proud to be one. Reading this web site put an evil, wrong, and hurtfull fealing in me. If this is true what you say, why does it seem so wrong?  

She believes because of feelings - not facts

Dear Eric,

I accidently stumbled across your webpage whilst looking up participation in church activities. I couldn't help but have a look at the page, I have read through a few pages of letters and have come to my own conclusions. Before I go any further I would like to introduce myself. My name is Liana, I am a 23 year old female living in New Zealand, I am happily married and have been a member of the church for 1989. I have been working in the Film Industry for about 6 years now and have seen alot of things throughout my short life, I have also attended a number of other churches and have always been an open minded person. I do not have the life experiences personally or within the church as many of the people have stated in their letters to you, I am unable to quote scriptures, or put up a good argument to non believers or ex mormons but one thing that has and always will keep my testimony strong is the FEELINGS I get whenever I listen to a hymn, hear a testimony, whenevre I feel evil is near, whenever I say prayers and read scriptures, when I hear the prophet speak. These things are the things that keep me strong in everything I do.

I don't need to read all the church literature and cross reference D&C and Pearl of Great Price, to me those people are looking for discrepincies in the church and for them it;s a reason to leave. My motto is KEEP IT SIMPLE, there is no need to dig. Know what you need to know to get you by, do the simple things that will make you happy and help you perfect your life. Well I am not sure wether you will be interested in what I have to say but I had the urge to write a little something to you. If you would like to put my letter on line thats fine, my email is Thank you for listening. Liana  

I made her stronger in her faith

No. You see Eric You made me stronger in the faith. I read entirely through
your site and for the first time doubted. Un fortunately for you instead of
just leaving I did the unexplainable, I prayed. I did not recieve an answer
right away, Which made me doubt more, especialy since I had been praying for
three hours. Well to make a long story short I was again browsing through all
the sites about mormons when i came to a site You see every
reason that you left the church was covered. It gave scientific evidence
against the smithsonians rebutal of the Book of Mormon and even more
scriptural evidence for it. Amazing that the day after I prayed three hours I
learned more about what was being said about the church and how it was lies,
more so then I had ever leaned before. So though I think you are week self
loving man I must thank you for letting me experience something I had not

Now if there is any part of you that still hopes the church
is true I ask you, plead for you to go to this site and read what is there. I
do not expect you to return but at least check the site out and if you can
find fault with what is said there so be it. Eric wether you rejoin the church
or not you are my brother both in spirit and by blood. We are bound by the
blood of Adam and Eve. We are bound by the blood of Noah and his wife.We are
also bound by the blood of the Savior who was the Christ. I will bear my
testimony now but first get a dictionary for you to comrehend what I'm saying
you will have to look up "Know". Eric I know that the church which you have
forsaken is the only true church of God. I know the Holy Ghost is real and
that he influences all things,and dwells within me. I know that Satan is real
I know his power is great. There are very very few that know this is well as I
do. I know that there are 3 degrees of heaven. I know that there is a hell and
I also know that there is a prison beforehand. I Know there is also a paradise
and that it is beyond description. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet sent from
God. Bear in mind I am using the true definition of know. I believe in God. I
believe in Christ I know that if they exist they are seperate. I know the Book
of Mormon is true. I challenge you to read it again and still say it is not. I
ask you to post this also because you see I do not go blindly. My stance on
anything is Question everything. I ask this to be posted to show them that you
are a liar. You have lied to them and you have lied to yourself, and worse of
all you know that you have though you are not perdition.

Eric read the book
again, read the footnotes. Read the crossreferrences given that go to the
bible. Read the Bible and the crossreferrences that got to The Book of Mormon.
Pray always, it is not only a commandment in The Book of Mormon, but also in
the bible. I would love to share how I know but not yet. The only thing you
have been right about was that Jesus judged the pharisees. I would like to at
a close remind you that there was never a such thing as "Mormonism". You know
the name has been the same from the begining and you know using "Mormon" or
"Mormonism" denotes that name. This is all I can give, remember the definition
of know. Also remember that what is known to one is known. No one can Know
otherwise because it would not be Knowledge if this was so. I leave you with
this. Also if you ever want to chat man to man, go to Virtual Places by exite
the software is free. My name there is Sephiroth_18_. I warn you though none
have one an argument with me yet, and I'm not about to lose.


I am from the Philippines, it so happened that i was browsing in the
internet and got here...I cannot help but feel sorry for what you went
through and how after all those years you remained confused and
unreceptive thus leaving the church in result. I have been a member
since I was 8 and now that I am 25, I assure you I have had my moments
of confusion and whatever you call it...but I have been thankful that
during those times the spirit of God did not leave me comfortless. I
believe that a member of the church can only think of things that are
against it if the holy spirit is not with him anymore, and we both know
how that happens. I am not saying this because this is how we are taught
but rather because I know this is so because I feel it. Everytime I see
members, leaders or even authorities commit mistake, I remember that as
long as we are here on earth we will always be prone to sinning. But the
wonderful part of it is that we are given the chance to repent for God
is truly merciful, that He forgives those who transgress Him. And it is
up to us to continue sinning or mend our ways with humility. I wondered
if it ever occured to you that if these leaders of the church are
deceiving us, are the prayers of those who continually ask for the truth
not enough to punish them? How come these people who you call ignorants
live peacably, healthy and blessed? If all the things are a fraud would
God allow it to last? Why then are we growing and slowly experiencing
the shower of blessings promised to us if we obey? can a member
survive after paying tithing, when the money is just enough for his
family? How can an active seminary student become outstanding in
academics when he spends most of his time answering the manual and
attending seminary activities? And how come we feel sad and pity for
those who say bad things about the church instead of anger and hatred,
which I know overflows in you right now, everytime they attack us? I
know I am kind of lecturing you but take this as a strong testimony, my
sure testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is
indeed the only true and living church in the whole wide world. I know I
shouldn't be going to this extent, it's just that right now I feel like
a full time missionary again and thanks to you my testimony has gone

Sister Nang from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines    

We asked improper questions

Have you heard about this word they call 'faith'? It means you believe
something truely by the temptings you receive from the Holy Ghost. The spirit
whispers to you the credence that comes from this wonderful gospel. You AND I OR anybody
will never know the WHOLE truth of this gospel. This gospel is everlasting,
eternal, and infinite. I have only got negative vibes from viewing this page. I hope
you know what you're doing because SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE ain't nothing nor is your
foolish Questioning and even more foolish Answers to your improper questions
of the holy documents of are church. Its about "believing" and "feeling" the
spirit testifying to you. I can only PRAY for you. You are very brave to do
something like this because all I get is very NEGATIVE vibes from this page. The
feeling inside I get is that of anger and pain, but of course I am taught to love one
another. Again, all I can say is that you are one brave human being for all the punishment
that can await you.

I also have to ask you why you can say such libel about the church after all
it does to help the human race. The church is very charitable and donates a
LOT of money to other religions as well as the poverty-stricken and just
about anyone in need. Secondly, the church members that wrote letter to you
rather friendly or not friendly, still care about you and want you back in
the church to experience the paradise that awaits us all (that are worthy).
Third: just a comment but how can you all church members who wrote what Eric
calls "friendly" letters, actually condone what he is saying about our
church ?

finally, I am 16, and I have just written a "typical" letter, well everything in it comes
from the love I have for the gospel. I know you'll probably post this under
your "unfriendly letters" page but I'll tell you that this is because of my
kindness to my fellow man that I write this. And one more thing, I am a proud member and
would NEVER, Ever, deny the testimony I have inside.......

There is no evidence she says

I was amazed with this story. Someone who had such a high level of faith lost
it so quickly. It takes faith to believe in any religion: Mormon, Catholic,
Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Whatever?

This person who wrote this story is looking for evidence. Do they believe in
any religion? Do they still believe in the Bible? If so, I would ask them
where is the archeological evidence that Moses talked with God on the mount?
Where is the evidence that Moses parted the Red Sea? Where is the evidence
that the walls of Jericho fell by a huge yell? Where is the evidence that
Adam and Eve were the first humans in the Garden of Eden?

There is no evidence!!!!!!! Somethings require faith!!!!!

I would like to say something to the author of this story. Don't question
whether or not Mormonism is true or not! You got a confirmation of that when
you were baptized. It took faith to believe in something. What you need to
question is why you lost your faith!

Now, a challenge for the webmaster: Publish this on your website (unedited)!
Or are you so filled with hate towards a religious group that you wouldn't
dare publish anything that is in opposition to your view!

I feel very sorry for you. You seem to be a strange, confused person, and I really hope you don't go to Hell.

We have read the wrong books

Let me start off by saying what a bunch of bull you have printed on your
website. I can not believe that you would actually let this kind of crap be

I have been raised in the mormon church. Although I was inactive for about
10 years, it had nothing to do with whether I believed the church was true
or not. I stopped going to church because I didn't have to anymore. I
still believed in the church and I knew I would go back some day. I have
now gone back and I have been given a calling in the Relief Society
Presidency. I am happy to have the church in my life.

I believe that most of the people on your website have read the wrong books.
They are totally inaccurate. I understand people are free to believe what
they want, but how can they say that at one time they were faithful church
members and believe the crap they believe? It is unbelievable some of the
things they have come up with.