More Letters from Mormons to the

Recovery from Mormonism Web Site

Here are a few more letters from Mormons.  (Feb 19, 2000)

1* Feb. 18, 2000 "I truly feel sorry for you and your avid page readers"

I am LDS and proud of it. I will be going to the Temple in April to be
sealed to my wife. I am writing this letter to you to ask WHY!. Why
have you spent over twenty years of your life in the Church, and all of
a sudden leave the Church. Why do you work against it, has it offended
you so much. It gives welcoming peace to over a million people, and
growing stronger. I read the letters of the ex-mormons, (Some of them),
they are the echo of our inactives in my ward, eg
1. Somebody insulted me,
2. When I needed help, no one helped,
3. Some of the congregation are snobs etc etc etc.

I agree with all the above. I had two wonderful missionaries bring me
in, I met a heap of NEW friends. After a time the friends dropped away
and we were left to our own device. BUT, we kept going, and made other
friends etc until we were a part of a group. I have been offended by
some remarks by others. I have met the snobbish brethren. I have come
home and felt like screaming, BUT BUT BUT, I know, and so did you know
that this is Gods Church. You must have had the experiences, but you
have denied them. Did not the term "Endure to the end" mean anything to

I truly feel sorry for you and your avid page readers. They have had a
chance to do Gods work but have turned their backs. I paticulary feel
sorry for you, you are actively working against the Church, and you will
reap what you sow.

Feel bitter against the Church, that is your "free agency", but every
person who is turned away by your lies is a spirit robbed of the
possible gift of exaltation.

I wonder if you had tried to spread the Word, as avidly as you spread
this rubbish, would you have turned out differently.

I read some of your views on the Book of Mormon, eg where is this
civilisation now, where is the remnants of it. I would suggest you to
read, there have been civilisations found in Southern America, paved rds
etc. They have found coins, ruined stone houses, and have found burial
sites that were very much like Ancient Israel. Archeologist have
detailed info of 'unknown' civilisations rising to power and
dissapearing without knowing "Why" or who these people were. For you
information the Mayan empire began after the demise of the Nephites.
Again if you would read, you will find that Archeologists DO NOT KNOW
why these people all of a sudden gained the knowledge to build Stone
Buildings. Also where they got their astrological charts. WHY these
people appeared as they did.

One last point, I read in some of the 'enlightened letters of the
disgruntled, that they have not removed their names from the roles. I
have been out to see many inactives and it amazes me, that they can be
hostile towards that Church, BUT in the discussion with these people,
they remark, YES remark that they do not want their names taken off the
role. (I will advise you that I do not mention to them to take their
names off the role.) They hedge their bets, they dont want to pay
tithes, or whatever, but leave their names there as if this will exalt
them. Poor Poor fools. I truly do feel sorry for them

Like the old saying, 'The Church is perfect, it is the people in it that
are not'. I will stay in it for the rest of my life. I refuse to let
someone in the Church turn me away from Gods work.

I hope you realise your actions and what price you will pay. I pray (I
mean that) that you will see your way back.

I will never return to your page, not because it creates confusion, but
because I view it as a sad experience. May God bless you.

2* Feb. 17, 2000 "Well, I ask you, what gives you the right to deride the true Church in such a way"

To Erick,

I just got finished reading parts of your statement against the true Church of God. It deeply saddens me to here of your disaffection with the Church. It is a real shame when returned missionaries turn against the source of truth and light. I myself am a returned missionary. It was my great privilege to serve the Lord for two years of my life. On the mission I gained a sure witness of the truthfulness of this Gospel. The Holy Ghost bore witness to me that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of God. That the Book of Mormon is "the most correct of any book on earth." Also, that we have a living prophet today on earth. Of these things I have no doubt. Say what you will about the Church, about the Book of Mormon, or about whatever else that you want. It won't change the truth. It will however affect your eternal salvation. You are tampering with the well-being of souls. This is a serious crime in the Celestial court. You are living up to what has been said by Joseph Smith. He essentially said that people who leave the Church can't leave the Church alone. They have left neutral ground forever. You have left the neutral ground . Now you have been recruited to fight for the wrong side. I suppose that you believe that you are doing God a favor. You probably think that you are on God's team. I strongly suggest that you reconsider. Just think for a moment, "what if I am fighting on the wrong team?" What if I really am wrong and The Church is right? Think about it. Why can't you just keep your beliefs to yourself. Then you would be the only one hurt. But here you are denouncing God's Church and His anointed. You are causing innocent people to be led astray. You are trying to get people to lose their testimonies. With me it won't work. But I know that there are those out there who read your words and start seriously doubting their faith. Especially investigators. They are young in the Gospel. There testimonies are just starting to grow. Then they read your words and turn there backs on the very thing that could have saved them. In my eyes and, no doubt in God's, you are leading people to the adversary. This is a very serious offense. You have gone way out of your way to revile against God's Church. For this I recommend that you seriously reconsider what you have done, take your story off the internet, and repent of this. You may ask, "What gives this person the right to tell me this?" Well, I ask you, what gives you the right to deride the true Church in such a way. Whatever you may think, I hope that you consider what I have said. Mind you, I haven't said these things to win some sort of an argument or because I want to contend. I only wish to let you know that you are trifling with sacred things.


3* Feb. 15, 2000 " You aren't a bad person, you're just lost."

I just wanted to say that I found you web site intresting. This is not because I'm an ex-mormon but I'm an active member of the church. I have a strong testimony which I developed on my own through prayer, studying the scriptures and trying my best to live the standards of the church. I found your site intresting because it shows clearly how we can become when we choose not to live the gospel, when we decide to find fault with it because living it's teachings are too hard. You have a right to your opinion and if you wanted to construct an entire site to "heal" from your "mormon experience" then that is your right. Let me ask you one thing though, Does it make you feel better to put the church down?? Do you feel as though you can "heal" from writing false and misleading statements about the church? All that hatred inside of you is making everything worse. It makes you a much more bitter person and your whole life is and will forever be devoted to putting down a church that you left because you couldn't live it's principles. How will you ever lead a happy life if that is your main priority?? Remember, the people in the church aren't perfect. We strive each day to live the best we can and each day we make mistakes. Heavenly Father knew this is how it would be for us as we progressed on this earth, that is why he sent his Son. He knew it would be hard for us, he knew we would get lost at times and the way would not be sure but he also knew that we could return to live with him again if we could repent and endure to the end. He sent Jesus Christ to atone for our sins so that we could be forgiven for our many wrongs. We were sent to this Earth to be tested and to go through trials. We needed to gain knowledge and an understanding of things, we needed a body of Flesh and bones. We needed to go through all the many experiences that we go through everyday. Sometimes it's hard and we just don't think that we can get through our trials but if you just depend on the Lord and have faith and know that he is there for us, we can do anything and we can accomplish anything because he will help us and guide us. Sometimes when we are struggling, we turn to the world rather than to Heavenly Father and we end up makeing choices that we think will improve our situation but in fact it makes it worse and our testimony starts to become weak and Satan know's this and so he works on us until we become weaker and weaker and eventually it's a long, hard road back. I think that this is where a lot of members give up becasue it becomes just too hard to get back on the path towards eternal life with our Heavenly Father. These are the people who come here to get the "support" they need in order to feel better about the choices that they made. You all know that you put yourselves in this position and that you chose not to live the Gospel because of your own feelings of inadequacy. You aren't a bad person, you're just lost. You chose to follow the world before God. I know that in my life I have made some very dumb choices that have caused me alot of unhappiness and it would have been easy for me to give up but I knew that I was happiest when I was trying my hardest to follow the commandments and the teachings of the Savior. These things helped me to come back and turn my life around. I just hope that one day you can feel in your heart the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for you as it is appearant you do not feel that way. The Gospel is perfect and it is never changing, although I know you would like to refute that :). I wish you all the best and I hope you have a wonderful day.


4* Feb. 13, 2000 "touble."

You are in quite alot of trouble! for your sake you better hope your right! But I'm quite sure your not!

Tony Jones LDS

5* Feb. 12, 2000 "Your group is a direct fulfillment of that prophecy"

A comment from Eric K: The easiest prophecy a con-man can make is that those that fall away from him, will speak evil of him. The reason that is true is because we, and other ethical individuals who have lost money, time and even lives to a falsehood, want to warn others not to fall prey to the deception and have their lives disrupted as ours were.

I have accessed your site several times over the past year. While I am a firm believer in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I still find it interesting to read through the information found on your site. I found the section where you publish received e-mails, and I hope you are open minded enough not to suppress this letter because it does not shed the best possible light on your organization (which you claim the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does as an evidence that it is not true). If you are convinced of the truthfulness of your organization you will not hesitate to publish it. If you choose not to, I would appreciate a private response giving your reasons. Everything I had read on your web site up through today led me to believe that you and your group were sincere in your desire to "save" members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although I personally believe you are misguided in your attempts, I had respect for your individual views. I realize and accept that some ex-members have had bad experiences, disagreed with the doctrines or couldn't live the principles and therefore left the Church. Even if I personally think it's a waste of time for you to concentrate so much effort on getting others to leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my beliefs also say that you have the freedom to spend your time however you choose.

One recent discovery, however, changed my opinion of your group. I accessed the section of your site advertising your "X2K" convention, partly because I was surprised that you actually put a convention together just to talk about a church you used to belong to. When I saw some of the activities you engaged in during that convention I fully realized that this is more than a mission to "save" wayward Mormons. I see now that some individuals in your group (I hope not everyone) want nothing more than to ridicule, mock and incite hatred and fear against something they disagree with. If you were really sincere and convinced that you are right, why go to such extreme lengths to degrade something that is holy, pure and sacred to someone else? I am specifically talking about the pictures I saw and descriptions I read of your activities surrounding Brigham Young, the Holy Sacrament and the Temple Endowment. I was very surprised and disappointed at the activities and behavior shown in the pictures from your last convention. This is more than an earnest attempt to save those you think are on the wrong path. Joseph Smith made a prophecy concerning many of those who leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said in essence that once a person accepts the doctrines of this Church and is baptized, that person has left neutral ground forever. If that person then decides to leave this Church they will also seek to tear it down. I believe that the more knowledge and understanding a person had during his or her Church membership, the greater his or her opposition will be against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints upon leaving it. Your group is a direct fulfillment of that prophecy. With this said, I don't believe every ex-member is like what I saw depicted at your convention. Why not let the truth stand, falsehood fall by the wayside and get on with your lives? Because you can't.

P. Gordon

6* Feb. 6, 2000 "saddened"

I am so saddened by your Website. I understand that everyone is free to
their own opinion, but why do you feel it your duty to prevent others from
even making the decision for themselves? I have never before in my life,
read so much hate, and anger in a persons words before. Your Website reeks
of despair! It's fine that you don't believe in Mormonism any more, but why
do you feel the need to exploit a religion so? Is anything sacred to you?
I understand that you don't care at all for the LDS religion, but why do you
feel that you have to bring everyone else down with you? If anything, your
Website has strengthened my testimony and faith in the LDS Church. I just
want you to know that I am so sorry that you feel the way you do about the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


7* Feb. 3, 2000 He asked this be posted on the site

If you don't like our church so much, why do you waist your time writing lies
about us. You are only hurting yourself, I hope you don't actually think you
have any affect on uss faithful members. Its pathetic that you devote
yourself to writing lies and made up stories, why don't you just get a life
and try do something positive.

8* Jan 19, 2000

I think that your website is an absolute waste of time! I just think of all
the energy that you are wasting on this, where it could be focused on
something positive, on something that will benefit the betterment of our
society. If you think bashing a religion of any kind is a positive thing,
you are badly mistaken. You are entitled to your own ideas, but creating a
website specifically to destroy a church, or to join a bunch of people that
had some unfortunate experiences!, man, that is ridiculous.

9* Jan 15, 2000 I can say; "Your getting fried."


I would like to tell you that there is no greater sin then, what you have done with your site. I bet you love all of this attention. I bet you are just having the time of your life. I'm not going to plead, or bare my testimony to you. You know what you do s wrong. You can feel it in your heart. I know your not an evil person. I do know however, you sure ain't on Gods top ten list. You have one big set of gonads to falsify one of Gods church's. I'm just saying; "If it were me, and I didn't know for sure there was an almighty. I sure wouldn't tempt him like this." Your playing with fire brother. I can't say, " hope you don't get burned," but

I can say; "Your getting fried." Good luck in the past life son. LDS member just saying it how it is.

Have a good one,

Just another complaint

10* Jan 15, 2000 It is not your job to help anyone. People will find what they need, on their own.

Dear Mr. Kettunen,

I read your story of leaving the LDS church an had to laugh. I do not mean
to make light of your story or feelings, but realistically...what a crock!
Yes there is a fare share of glorification of church stories, and
testimonies, but come on...the church is not all about "hard facts" like you
have us think. I have not checked all the allegations you have made, nor do
I plan on it. However in just reading through your story it appears to be
made up of fluff, and untraceable "sources" of knowledge. Are you sure
there isn't a deeper reason for leaving the LDS church besides "not being
able to find grapes in South America!" If in fact you left the LDS church
because you could not find enough physical evidence to prove it true, why
then do you still feel a need to tear down the organization? If you think
you are helping a "greater cause" or are on a mission to "save the poor
Mormons", why do it? If like you say you are so much happier now than
before, why not just leave it alone and carry on with your life?

It seems that most people like yourself were subject to some sort of
misunderstanding. But it appears you need something to fill the void in
your life you lost by leaving the church, and try to fill it by trying to
tear it down.

I don't argue that the church members are perfect. You really need to
remember that Christ is perfect, but his followers are not. We try to be
perfect but nobody is. Is it any wonder that there is so much hypocrisy in
the church? The bottom line is, if people are doing their best to be the
best people they can be, does it really matter how they do that.

Why don't you go and pick on the Catholic church. You can find novels on
how corrupt, and deceitful that organization is, but you will also find
wonderful people in the Catholic church trying to be the best people they
can be.

Leave it alone, and find real happiness somewhere else, whether it be with a
church or with self-spirituality. It is not your job to help anyone.
People will find what they need, on their own.

Have a happy NEW YEAR.