Letters to this site by Mormons

The following are from letters from Mormons who felt a need to defend their faith. I have kept complete anonymity where excerpts are used and in some cases I only used a partial excerpt. This is interesting reading for those who want to try to understand the mind set of one who is in an authoritarian organization. All comments in italics or bold are mine. I get about 3-5 letters like these a day from Mormons. These letters are posted in the order received with the most recent on top. These are just samples. The letters I receive are mostly just repeats of these.

A non-Mormon reviews this particular page - all the following are from Mormons

A general theme of the Mormon respondents here and elsewhere is the feeling that they are right. Their hearts tell them it's true. My thought on this--my heart has lied to me many times. My heart's been in love more times that I care to recount. My emotions have gotten me into more trouble than God ever intended me to have. Feelings don't equal truth.

My "facts" may be supported by supposed scientists

Hey man, I just wanted to tell you that you have some pretty messed up views of mormonism. I think that while it is good to vioce your concerns about Mormonism, the way you are doing it is inappropriate. Why not talk about problems you may have in a different way. All that is accomplished through this web site of yours is the malicious slandering of people who live good, honest, pure lives. You are wrong in your denunciation of the church. While your "facts" may be supported by supposed scientists, you must face one ultimate truth. You were not there - so how do you know what animals, metals, or plants WERE there? You don't. You are simply taking the word of common men (scientists) over that of the lord. I feel terrible for you man. You had it all, and you threw it away. Living a life outside of the religion is better for you (as you put it) because of one thing. It is now easier for you. You have the feeling that you can commit any sin and it will be ok because you will not be punished in the end. You are terribly wrong.

A nice friendly letter

Unlike your other contributors, I expect my name and e-mail address (wballsr@aol.com or williamball.netsource@earthlink.net) to be include if I am quoted. Your failure to do this with others denotes an individual who is more interested in "looking" unbiased and truly interested in the welfare of Latter-day Saints who have been hoodwinked by the brothern, rather then the self gratifying, self indulging individual you really are.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been one for 37 years. I have lived all over the world and seen all walks of people, both in the Church and without. Your web page represents nothing more than an ax grinding forum. I am glad you and your family have progressed out of the church, if this gives you joy. However, you are neither an authority on the church, nor the neutral resource you claim to be.

Might I suggest that if you wish to truly demonstrate your purported concern, use the point, count-point approach. Give a faithful member of the church the opportunity (unedited) to counter-point every one of your points. If you can't be this generous, then include my name and e:mail address. I'll be glad to respond to any questions posed, not as a forum for a debate, because such a course would be fruitles, but as a resource from someone who's only "ax to grind" is giving anyone the opportunity to learn more.

As for your ax to grind? I can only speculate. However, this much I think I can be accurate about - what you think and what you know aren't compatible with each other. It is more then likely that you weren't able to live the standards of the church and because of that, you have determined the standards are wrong and bad. Okay, welcome to the real world. I haven't met the "perfect" member yet. I don't suspect I will in the near future either. But this much I do know, for every person like you in this world, incapable of striving to live to the lofty standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there are thousands trying to do their best, and haven't rolled over under the buffetings of the world. You've given up, I haven't. You have nothing to offer me or anyone, except your rheteric. I would rather strive for what the future offers through the Church, then the options you think you can offer.

Let's see if you're are really capable of more then bashing. Let's see if I'm wrong. Let's see if you are truly concerned, or simply want the lime light. I feel much like Alma the Younger speaking to Korihor - "Behold, I know that thou believest, but thou are possessed with a lying spirit, and ye have put off the Spirit of God that it may have no place in you; but the devil has power over you, and he doth carry you about, working devices that he may destroy the children of God." Personally, I'm glad to see your page. You will probably be able to deceive the weak in heart, however, the elect will read what you have to say and it will inspire them to search to find the truth. On their behalf, let me say thank you!

Eric's reply: This is not a debate forum. There are over 600 web sites promoting Mormonism and a few dozen or more which give opposing views. Just do a search. I do not have time nor do I have an inclination toward debate. I did enough of that as a Mormon. My e-mail correspondence is with other former Mormons or those who had already started working their way out of Mormonism. This web site is for those who found out Mormonism is not what it claims to be from outside of what this web site has to offer. Its intention is to give support to those who have left this organization and are finding their sense of humanity again or for finding it for the first time in their lives. A current believing Mormon does not understand this site at all. I would have not either a few years ago.

He is glad I am not a member of his church

As a branch president in the church, I would be glad that someone with your attitude toward the church was leaving. It is obviously not the intention of the church to remove the names of members from the roles, but to help members better understand the Gospel and have a desire to serve. Inasmuch as you seem to have no desire to serve or to learn, it is probably best that you leave and let others enjoy the blessings that they actually have made efforts to obtain.

Truth is subjective for this future missionary

I am a mormon, and I am planning on going on my mission in a few months. I cannot believe you. How can you believe the stuff you say? If you really were a mormon, why did you try to find ways to prove it wrong? I think that you didn't want to be a mormon, so you found ways to get out. Believe what you want, as for me, it doesn't matter what anybody says because I know in my heart that this church is true, and that prophets really communicate with Jesus Christ directly. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon again and pray to see if is wrong.

He wanted his letter posted

(i would greatly appreciate it if you posted my entire message-minus name and email address. thanks!)

hello eric! i just wanted to thank you for this page. i am a member in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. it is always great to see opposing viewpoints to the church, it was even more interesting to see members of the church getting so emotionally involved with your page that they send less than inspiring letters, threats, pleading, etc. i cannot fault them for getting upset, this church is their life and my life. as the missionary who baptised me said, "it isn't the people in the church who are perfect, it is the gospel that is perfect" and it holds true, certainly i am not nor or any of the people who have posted for or against the church. i enjoy your sarcasim in reading the member's accounts/testimonies/etc, i was laughing at some. nevertheless, they are passionate and they know of what they speak. keeping a forum where both the pros and cons of the restored gospel can be discussed is wonderful. i do not know your motives for doing it but i know it can do some good. i would suggest allowing for positive stories of members to be placed here also. certainly one woman was abused, that is awful.....but what of the women who are treated with respect and love? we do not hear of their stories, that is unfortunate. the people in the church are not perfect but i can testify that the gospel is. and i love everyone who posted in defense or against the church...it brings to mind my favourite hymn>i am a child of god< and so are you, and that knowledge is only taught in fulness by the church and it allows us all to know we should love and respect the opinions of one another, because we are all in this together in the end. thanks for allowing me to post.

A 16 yr old writes. This is a very typical teenage letter. 3/9/96

I am a 16 year old who has been a mormon all my life. I know this church is true and I will die for this church. I will do anything for this church, and I am not brainwashed into thinking this... I have one thing to tell you

If you take ONE person away from the gospel you will be damned to spend eternity in hell!

Please think about this when you tell people this church is bad
The priesthood is a true power
The Book of Mormon is the only truly correct book on the face of the earth
Joseph Smith was a true prophet of god
If you think one of all of these are false then I feel very sorry for you and your family

A very typical Mormon letter. Good for seeing the cult mind set. 3/25/96

Who do you think you are? I think that you have lost your mind or were offended in some way to cause you to leave the church! Where do you get this information? I know you have your sources, but you twist things to make them sound bad! I have been a member of the LDS church all of my life and my family isn't even a strong supporter of it. I know its true! I made the decision myself to join. I feel that if you have bad feelings towards the church you should keep them to yourself! Remember in the church when they taught you about "free agency"? All people have the right to believe in this or not! I suppose its your choice if you send this all over the net, but remember that if you're not telling the truth then it WILL be you who has to live with yourself knowing that you led alot of people away in disbelief! Please ponder these things and if you have any feelings you think I need to hear about then write back!!

Another very typical Mormon letter. I have hundreds identical to this one. 3/25/96

I'm sorry that you feel this way about the church in which I Know to be True. I have a testimony of the gospel and that it was restored through Joseph Smith. I Know the Book of Mormon is true and that it was writen by prophets of old for our day to help us when we face troubles. I Know that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died for me that I might live eternaly someday. This is some of my testimony that I've told you. I know it will probably make no difference in the way you feel but it is the way I feel and I have the right to do so, just like you have the right to feel the way you do. I'm sorry that you had the truth and feel it was not. The things you wrote made me sick to my stomach. Some things you wrote were twisted, some were wrong, and some you need faith to have a testimony of them. I know that my faith is weak and I'm not a perfect person, but I know that The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. Not because it is persicuted, but because Jesus Christ leads it at the right hand of God.

Mormons, like other members of authoritarian organizations, believe there has to be A True Church and theirs is the one.

Perhaps I missed this part in your lengthy discussion about your leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I was just wondering what church you found to be the truth.

Whether or not I am a member of the mormon faith really holds no bearing as to how Jesus Christ would respond to your experiences. I personally don't believe that the Savior would slam anything that he may have regretted.

I don't think he would have a page devoted to slamming on Judaism, Jehova's Witnesses, Amway, US government, Catholicism, Mormonism, or ANYTHING AT ALL. But perhaps you have left Christianity altogether.

If you HAVE found the "one and only" true church, I would be interested in hearing about it and why you joined.

Eric's reply: I do not believe there is any ONE true organization. It does not exist. What did Christ say about and to the Pharisees and to the Sadducees and to the Scribes? The people he "slammed" were usually those who claimed self righteousness and were members of those groups. Is Mormonism with its many rules, regulations and quotas really much different than the sect of the Pharisees during Christ's time? I am not advocating Christianity right here, just using this as an example of what kinds of groups were mentioned quite unfavorably by Christ.

Members of an authoritarian organization usually have a martyr or "I am being persecuted" complex

It never ceasee to amaze me how much trouble you people will go to just to discredit the LDS church. Why our church? What have we done to you? Are we satanic or something and kill innocent children? I THINK NOT! There is no difference between what you do and racisism. What next, bomb a tample or a stake center? Find a life of your own and stop trying to hurt those of us who do our best every day to serve and help as Jesus did. 3/12/96

Two Mormons review my site and teach me a little about grammar and writing

1. You relayed a wonderful story; however, one of your main criticisms of Mormonism was its lack of documintation and proof. Trying to read through you high school grammer, and run-on sentences made it difficult to understand your thought process. Or maybe it was that you just copied all your "facts" out of a typical anti-mormon pamphlet. Your story lacks documentation and proof. You attack irregularities and personal human flaws, nobody is perfect not even Mormons. Religious history, regardless of denomination, is always plaged by "human" misjudgments and mistakes. Give me any religion and I can give you a story three times as long as you gave about Mormons. Your story proves nothing. The doctrine is the heart of mormonism not the the people or its leaders. The doctrine is true and I hope one day you will the ability to overlook these small oversights and descrepancies.

Thank you for reading. I encourage you to try some of your own religious research and not use others as a crutch. Please respond if you feel inclined. 3/12/96

2. You are a complete moron! I think that you need to list some references to your discoveries. It is amazing that you finally figured out the secret of the Mormon religion when thousands of scholars have tried to prove the Mormon religion false since the beginning. Can you give us the reference as to the false portion of the Kinderplates ie Where can I read this in church history?

Interesting analysis!!!!! I suppose you found a faith that has the truth? I would be interested in knowing which faith would have it. 3/11/96

Eric's reply to both: My story on why I left Mormonism was not originally intended to be a document with footnotes and references. It was a letter to a friend. I am going to add documentation to it because many have asked me to do so.

The Kinderhook plates:
"I insert fac-similes of the six brass plates found near Kinderhook, in Pike county, Illinois, on April 23, by Mr. Robert Wiley and others, while excavating a large mound. They found a skeleton about six feet from the surface of the earth, which must have stood nine feet high. The plates were found on the breast of the skeleton and were covered on both sides with ancient characters."

"I have translated a portion of them, and find they contain the history of the person with whom they were found. He was a descendant of Ham, through the loins of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and that he received his kingdom from the Ruler of heaven and earth. "

This can be found at on the Internet from the 1930 version of the History of the Church:

For many years, the church claimed that these plates were authentic ancient writings, in spite of the fact that the farmers later admitted the hoax - evidently the fact that Smith had translated part of them made it too embarrassing to accept the hoax. After resorting to more and more implausible and desperate arguments, the church flip-flopped about 10 years ago, and now admits that the plates are phony. [See the August 1981 Ensign.] Why is it in the official church history along with pictures of the plates? [The pictures are not in the Internet version.] The church now pretends this incident never happened by maintaining complete silence about it. I have now given you original sources to look at. See for yourself.

A Mormon demands that his letter be posted - so here it is, complete as requested.

From: MarkW19355@aol.com 3/10/96

Hey Eric, I noticed that you haven't posted my little note that I sent to you yet. So here is another copy. Just in case you accidentally deleted the other one. I did notice (I'm sure everyone else did too), that all the replies from the LDS people were all really short, did you edit them or something? Those who support your views were given as much space as they needed. Why is that? Is there any chance that you could post my WHOLE note? You being the concerned 'Christian' that you are of course, will be fair right? I also used my spell checker one this one Eric, so you don't need to use that cute little title about my spelling.

I think that it is nice that you have a web site that people who have lost faith in their religion can go and share stories that make themselves feel better. Would it be too much to ask for you to offer this site for other Christians as well people from any other faith who have lost faith in their church too? I suppose the site would be full to soon, right?

It is a great statement for the Church that such a small percentage of believers actually stray. Maybe you could be subjective (if that's possible) and compare the LDS dropout rate to maybe that of the Catholic faith. And then even more interesting would be to see of what percentage of those Ex-Mormons who so proudly use your site have strayed after serious sin on their part. I know several people who are like you, and in each case they have committed serious sin, and this is their (and maybe your) only way to deal with it. To deny the very truth you used to profess. Somehow it must make you feel better, knowing that others are on the same road as you.

To say that your doubts were the reason you fell away from the Church of course is only a partial truth. Every believer of every faith has some kind of doubts during their life. But the so called Christian belief of non-LDS people requires so much less effort on their part that the real question is this: Are Ex-Mormons just taking the easy way out? No tithing to pay. So many fewer meetings to attend. So much less criticism from others not of your faith. No more Word of Wisdom. No guilt for sin. Wow, being a Christian is really easy, isn't it? And isn't it also interesting that in reading your support letters, one gets the feeling that relief from righteous living is what has been the trophy for these people.

Maybe some of your readers can answer these questions (if they have a Bible that the so called Christians have left some original verses alone in), 1 Corinthians 15:29 What about this baptism for the dead they used to believe in? Does their new faith accept this scripture? Or maybe this resurrection of the dead, referenced in the same chapter of Corinthians verses 40-42. I thought all you Christians were just going to Heaven or to Hell. Why do you need celestial bodies or terrestrial bodies at all? You're just going to float around Heaven forever, right? That's the beauty of your new position. You don't have to have any answers at all! Just criticize the LDS position.

Maybe if Eric had this WEB page during Christ's time, old Judas wouldn't have committed suicide, just posted a consoling note for others who lost faith, so he could feel better about his actions. I'm sure Pilot would have jumped on too. Maybe Saul would have been so busy here with you putting down the believers that he wouldn't have even gotten on the road to Damascus and seen the Savior? It will be interesting to see how you cut this little letter up, and miss quote me (if you even have the courage to post it). But that is the mark of the true Anti-LDS, miss quote and rearrange the text of the LDS author, right?

Brief reply from Eric: The dropout rate from Mormonism is extremely high especially in fast growth areas of the LDS church. Most Mormons (greater than 55% in the US and higher in other areas of the world) become inactive and they stay on the membership rolls. This letter is a very typical reaction of a member of an authoritarian group. He or she thinks a person leaves their organization because of "sin". That is the most common rationale current believers have of those who leave.

Another nice letter

Reading your information gives me an even stronger testimony of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Why don't you go to such efforts for other churches that are obviously wrong, or in conflict with your teachings. There is only one true church on the earth. The one that all others fight against must be the true one. Thanks for helping the honest in hart find the truth. Remember most fought against christ and even crucified him. It is people like you that did it.

A comment on one of the stories

Hi Eric:

I'm LDS, and I stumbled upon your web page and spent quite a bit of time perusing the material contained therein.

One story struck me as being particularly misleading and full of innuendo: The one titled "Treatment of Women and Child Abuse".

I am very sorry for what this woman went through, but what part did the Church play in her misfortune? It seems that her husband was an adulterer and child abuser, but what has that got to do with the Church? Is the reader supposed to conclude that the Church was somehow responsible? This husband of hers was excommunicated at least once by the church, disfellowshipped another time, and who knows what else.

The author of the story herself emphasises the kindness and love she experienced with her Mormon foster parents, as well as others. Where are the accusations against the Church?

I got baptized into the Chuch 17 years ago at the age of 20, as did my 2 brothers, my one sister, and my mother. I have served a mission, and I have been sealed to my lovely wife in the Temple. I have NEVER seen anything in the Church that has caused me to doubt that it is the true Church of Jesus Christ.

I have seen a few members do stupid things, but that has got nothing to do with the Chuch itself. Heavenly Father only has us fallible human beings to run His affairs here on earth, and we do the best we can!

Eric, if you have made this web page in an honest effort to help others, I believe you will be blessed by our Heavenly Father for your efforts (even if your efforts are misdirrected)!.

If, on the other hand, you have simply decided to become an enemy of the Church at all costs, and are willing to knowingly make false and misleading accusations to accomplish your revenge, then I implore you to reconsider. Heavenly Father is always ready to forgive.

Thanks for reading my message, and I'll be really dissapointed if I don't see my letter in your "more letters to this site" page. Feel free to comment on my spelling, it's not one of my assets. 3/10/96

Eric's reply: The stories are for emotional support for those who have left Mormonism or left other authoritarian organizations. I have received many letters from Mormon women who experienced these things and much more, which I can not print due to confidentiality. It has been shocking even to me because of the volume of letters I have gotten on those subjects. I honestly had not expected such a response. Many women have written about their husband's infidelity while serving as a Bishop and in other major callings and all the husband got was a slap on the wrist so the church would not have embarassing publicity. The common theme has been "if he had been an ordinary member, he would have been excommunicated" and the average member of the ward or stake does not even know what transpired due to the secrecy within the leadership of the church. This is certainly not true in all cases. It varies from stake to stake. A number of women have written about how their ex-husbands are now homosexual after many years of marriage. It is suprisingly common in Mormonism. I wish there were a way to do a definitive study on this and have statistics to back up what I have observed from the letters.

This is my favorite one line letter and this was the complete letter.

Are you God? Only God can say the Book of Mormon is false.

A Joseph Smith Prophecy

I find your page interesting in the following ways. Joseph Smith said, and I quote " If you see the light and then walk away, you can never again stand on nautral ground again." He went on to say (and I do not have the direct quote...but something to the effect that if you are a member who has been given much light, and leave the church you will fight it with all you have.

I do not write this to judge you (as only God can do that), but as I read your web page, I couldn't help but refelct on the above thoughts..

I know the church is true, and that is enough. I hope you don't mind that I wrote to you, and please excuse my spelling as I don't have a spell checker here.

Eric's note: What easier prophesy is there for a con-man than to say than that eventually some will fall away and "fight" against the church? Some people will eventually see they have been had, the con-man knows that he can not fool everyone, and they will feel impressed to warn others or to be an emotional support for others as they make their transition out of Mormonism. The con-man can use that as a 'proof' that he is a prophet.

I will have to explain myself to God someday

I can only pray that you will remove this web page. You are making a great mistake by condeming the Church of Jesus Christ. If you have left the Church, you have been deceived and someday I PROMISE you, you will have to explain to GOD HIMSELF why you persecuted HIS CHURCH.

Eric's note: What do I say to Jehovah's Witnesses who write the same exact thing to me, "I am persecuting HIS CHURCH"?

Truth of all things ....

The fact that other fallible humans would choose to represent or testify to a position contradictory to those of the witnesses of the restoration in no wise corroborates their self same negative testimonies. And to this, certainly not any more than testimony meetings of people who never met Joseph can corroborate through the five senses the truth of the restoration.

In both cases, one is still left to use other senses and other witnesses to ascertain the "truth" of things. We depend on the fruits of our experience in the Mormon Church and the delightful Spirit that settles on us and our children as we serve using the principles of the restoration as guidelines.

This Mormon enjoyed the fact that others were suffering

I found your site on the web and have totally enjoyed the entertainment it provides.

I left off the rest as it was quite disgusting

This person did not like comparing Mormons to JWs

You don't know a thing you are talking about, JW's control their kids and control there members, the believe Christ has not come yet, well get your priority straight, you cannot contend with the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith was a true living Prophet and I know that is too hard for you to handle because you just couldn't handle the guilt associated with a religion that tells you to repent, we shall see who was right when we are judged at the bar.

Another testimony

Odd that I travelled much the same paths you did but came to completely different conclusions. Joseph Smith was a true prophet and the LDS Church is the Kingdom of God here on earth. The Book of Mormon is true.

I hope you humble yourself and discover that you are fighting against the truth and work of God before you cause great harm to the Christ's work. Don't believe the lies you heard from others or create for yourself.

It is all for nothing - a lot like this person's letter

Other religious groups are also in the same boat as you claim the Mormon Church is. So, your long report does not help to solve the human dilema. Many of us have done as much research as you claim to have done and can apply your approach to any church in christianity. As a result what is accomplished? The answer is NOTHING, which is exactly what you have managed to do also. According to all of this searching the answer is still that mankind will fool themselves as much as they want, which is exactly what you have done to your self.... No need to answer. It is hoped as you advance in age you will gain wisdom rather than lack of known facts.

Truth is determined by feelings. You cannot know that it's false, but you can know it's true

When I study, I pray. I pray that I will be able to see the truth, not necessarily that Mormonism will look good so I'll feel good. It is the truth I want. But when I study things against the Church, I feel like there's evil.

Poking around on your internet pages: I understand you a little better. An intellectual or social conversion to Mormonism is apparently not good enough to endure a lifetime. You need to know that it's true. You cannot know that it's false, but you can know it's true, because it is.

By being a Mormon I have all the bases covered

I prefere to look at it this way, If I live the teaching of the Mormon Church to their extent, I will have a happier, healthier and according to many non-church studies, a longer life. If almost any of the other christian churches are true, then I living a Mormon lifestyle will fullfil the requirements for heaven, but if I live any other christian lifestyle and the Mormon Church is true ( dispite our lack of tangable evidences at this time) I will be locked out of the greatest blessing of all, that of eternal family unity.

Eyes and logic deceive

Most of these issues come down to basic faith. Of course that is why the Savior himself emphasized such a principle. "Eyes and logic" can deceive, but the Lord won't let deception occur if we follow his teachings.

You can not believe LDS authors either

...Also, You cannot believe everything you see writen by LDS [Mormon] authors as mormon doctrine. If you notice many of these books have a disclaimer that tell you that it is not the doctrine of the church.

A young Mormon writes - it is faith not facts

I Have a testimony that i KNOW that the LDS church is true and i believe in it with all my heart and soul.I feel very sorry for you, you are a very lost and pitiful man and i hope some day you will understand how wrong you are. The lord didn't want every single thing to be proven if it could be proven so easily than everyone would believe it wouldn't matter if they had faith or not, But the LDS church is built mainly on faith not on facts. And i am so upset at your words that i can't even bare to write anymore. I'm sorry you have fallen away from the ONLY TRUE CHURCH on EARTH and i really do hope you and your wife will repent and have faith in the church and in your testimony.

I think this person's spell checker was not working

Do you have any idea what you have done? I am talking about what your home page about mormons said. You,... I wont even say it; you are lost, and I,... I can only say tyhat what you did was realy stupid and that is a GROOSS Understatment!!!!

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