Mormon History - A Chronology
Before 0100 Josephus writes Wars of the Jews. BOM
1611 King James Bible published, includes the Apocrypha (a few Protestant books between the Old and New Testaments whose origins were not confirmed).
Moses mentions the Urim and Thummim.
The name "Jesus Christ" is from the Greek "Iesous Christos"
1629 Apocrypha dropped from printings of the King James Bible. BOM
1678 Pilgrim's Progress, (1st part) published. BOM
1761 Solomon Spalding [sometimes spelled Spaulding] born in Ashford, CN. BOM
12-Jul 1771 Joseph Smith Sr. born, Topsfield, MA.
8-Jul 1775 Lucy Mack born, Gilsum, NH.
1775 History of the American Indians by James Adair published. (His thesis.) Provides 23 arguments that Indians are descendants of Hebrews. Tells of buried plates (5 copper and 2 brass) kept by an Indian tribe [per "Old Bucket"]. BOM
18-May 1783 Martin Harris born in Easttown, NY.
About 11-Mar 1784 Isaac Morley born in Montague, MA.
1785 Solomon Spalding graduates from Dartmouth (previously attended Plainfield Academy and Studied Law in Windam), later ordained as a Congregational Minister and preaches for 3 or 4 years. BOM
1786 Ethan Smith (reportedly a Seminary classmate of Solomon Spalding) enters Dartmouth. BOM
30-Apr 1789 George Washington becomes U.S. President.
1791 Joseph Smith Sr. Moves to Tunbridge, VT.
17-Feb 1792 William W. Phelps born.
15 Nov 1792 William Marks born in Rutland, VT.
From 1792 to 1831 Martin Harris (a farmer) lives in Palmyra, NY; knew Joseph Smith and often hired him as a farm hand. During this period, Harris was a Quaker, a Methodist, and a Universalist; reportedly, he was known as a religious "hysteric" and prone to visions. BOM
19-Feb 1793 Sidney Rigdon born in Piny Fork, PA.
27-Aug 1793 Edward Partridge born in Pittsfield, MA.
1794 John Corrill born.
5-Feb 1795 Newel Kimball Whitney born in Marlborough, VT.
24-Jan 1796 Joseph Smith Sr. Marries Lucy Mack.
9-May 1796 Lyman Wight born in Fairfield, NY.
4-Mar 1797 John Adams becomes U.S. President.
About 1797 Male born to Joseph Sr. and Lucy Smith and died.
18-Jan 1798 Christian Whitmer Born in Pennsylvania.
11-Feb 1798 Alvin Smith (Joseph's brother) born in Tunbridge, VT.
1-Nov 1799 Thomas B. Marsh born in Acton, MA.
27-Jan 1800 Jacob Whitmer born in Pennsylvania.
9-Feb 1800 Hyrum Smith (Joseph's brother) born in Tunbridge, VT.
9-Sep 1800 Newel Knight born in Marlborough, VT, son of Joseph Knight.
1800 Hiram Page born in Vermont.
1800 David W. Patten born.
1-Jun 1801 Brigam Young born in Whitingham, VT.
14-Jun 1801 Heber C. Kimball born.
4-Mar 1801 Thomas Jefferson becomes U.S. President.
27-Aug 1802 John Whitmer born.
17-May 1803 Sophronia Smith (Joseph's sister) born in Tunbridge, VT.
4 or 24-Jun 1804 Willard Richards born in Hopkinton, MA.
7-Sep 1804 Zebedee Coltrin born.
10-Jul 1804 Emma Hale born in Harmony, PA.
1804 John C. Bennett born in Massachusetts.
8-Jan 1805 Orson Hyde born in Oxford, CN.
1805 Joseph Smith Family moves to Sharon, VT. (county next to county of Poultney, VT.)
23-Dec 1805 Joseph Smith Jr. Born in Sharon, VT.
6-Jun 1806 Philo Dibble born in Peru, MA.
3-Oct 1806 Oliver Cowdery (third cousin of Joseph Smith) born in Wells, VT.
1806 William McLellin born in Tennessee.
1806 Eclipse.
1-Mar 1807 Wilford Woodruff born in Farmington (Avon), CT.
12-Apr 1807 Parley P. Pratt born in Burlington, NY.
1808 John Taylor born.
13-Mar 1808 Samuel Harrison Smith (Joseph's brother) born in Tunbridge, VT.
4-Mar 1809 James Madison becomes U.S. President.
8-Sep 1809 William Law born.
27-Sep 1809 Peter Whitmer Jr. Born in Fayette, NY.
1809 Solomon Spalding (reportedly an anti-Mason) moves to Conneaut (New Salem) OH from Cherry Valley, NY. Builds a forge but business fails. BOM
From 1809 to 1825 Oliver Cowdery lives in Poultney, VT.
13-Mar 1810 Ephriam Smith (Joseph's brother) born in Royalton, VT.
24-Mar 1810 Ephriam Smith dies.
1811 Knights move to Colesville, NY and employed Joseph Smith from time to time. BOM
1811 Lucy Mack Smith says Joseph Smith Sr. has visions in a dream where plates would be found in a box. BOM
? Lucy Smith says she believed no church was right and prayed in grove.
13-Mar 1811 William Smith (Joseph's brother) born in Royalton, VT
1811 Joseph Smith's family moves from Sharon or Royalton, VT. to Lebanon, NH.
19-Sep 1811 Orson Pratt born in Hartford, NY.
6-Sep 1812 John D. Lee born in Kaskaskia, IL.
28-Dec 1812 Catherine Smith (Joseph's sister) born in Lebanon, NH.
1812 Solomon Spalding (~51) leaves Conneaut OH, moves to Pittsburgh, PA. BOM
Between 1812 and 1814 Solomon Spalding brings a manuscript of Manuscript Found to printers Patterson & J. Harrison Lambdin. Lambdin wants Spalding to write a preface and provide funds to print it. BOM
Between 1812 and 1814 Solomon Spalding reportedly suspects Sidney Rigdon (18-20) of taking his missing manuscript (later found). (Sidney Rigdon lives within 15 miles of Pittsburgh.) BOM
30-Mar 1813 Amasa Lyman born in Grafton, NH.
About 1814 Solomon Spalding moves to Amity, PA.
1815 Joseph Merrick finds Pittsfield Parchments containing verses from Bible.
28-Jun 1815 Marinda M. (Johnson) Hyde born.
25-Mar 1816 Don Carlos Smith (Joseph's brother) born in Norwich, VT.
25-May 1816 Ebenezer Robertson born in Floyd, NY.
1816 Joseph Smith family moves to Palmyra.
1816 Elias Boudnot book published, referencing Adair's book. BOM
1816 Elias Smith (a minister)'s story published, telling of a vision in woods (when he fell and was injured) and seeing the "Throne of God" and .."the Lamb appeared."
1816 Solomon Spalding (~55) dies in Amity, PA. BOM
4-Mar 1817 James Monroe becomes U.S. President.
1817 George A. Smith born in Potsdam, NY, cousin of Joseph Smith.
1817 Religious revival held in NY area.
Early 1819 Sidney Rigdon moves in with Rev. Andrew Clark in Beaver County, PA.
Mar 1819 Sidney Rigdon gets minister's license and moves in with Adamson Bentley in Ohio. BOM
Spring 1820 First Vision: Church History puts the first vision at this date, but the description of the circumstances at the time, place it in 1824 (event was not recalled until 1832).
About 1820 Joseph Smith Sr. and older sons begin operation with a group of "money diggers" (term for treasure hunters using occult methods to find and retrieve treasure); Alvin is reportedly the leader. BOM
1-Mar 1820 Alex Campbell tells of a man reporting a vision where he saw the Savior at the tree tops and gave him forgiveness.
From 1821 to 1826 Ethan Smith (author of View of the Hebrews) is a minister at Poultney, VT. Congressional Church, attended by Oliver Cowdery's family (Step Mother and 3 sisters). BOM
18-Jul 1821 Lucy Smith (Joseph's sister) born in Palmyra, NY.
1821 Sidney Rigdon & Adamson Bentley go to Bethany, MO. and meet Alexander Campbell. BOM
16-Apr 1822 Manchester, NY Named (formerly called "Burt" and "Farmington").
After Apr 1822 Joseph Smith family begins move to Manchester, NY (100 acres purchased by Joseph Smith Sr. and Alvin Smith).
1822 Sidney Rigdon gets Pastor job at Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, PA. He preaches Reformed Baptist (Campbellites), as opposed to the Redstone Baptists. BOM
Around 1822 and 1824 Sidney Rigdon is known as a friend or associate of J. Harrison Lambdin and is often at his printing office (Patterson & J. Harrison Lambdin). BOM
Between 1822 and 1824 Sidney Rigdon shows Spalding manuscript to John Winters [per Winters]. BOM
Spring 1823 Joseph Smith family completes move to Manchester, NY [per Lucy Smith].
1823 View of the Hebrews by Ethan Smith published in New York. BOM
1823 Orson Hyde works for Grandison Newel.
1823 Heber C. Kimball a member of the Masons.
21-Sep 1823 Joseph Smith (17) tells of Moroni visit and of the existence of the gold plates and, later, writes of instructions to wait four years. BOM
22-Sep 1823 Joseph Smith tells of attempt to get plates, but set them down (to look for other treasures [per Lucy Mack Smith]) and they disappeared.
Smith struck by toad-like creature when trying to take back the plates.
Told to return in one year with Alvin. [per Joseph Smith, per several].
After 22-Sep 1823 Alvin Smith was the most excited about retrieving the plates [per Lucy Mack Smith]. BOM
After 22-Sep 1823 Joseph Smith tells family about the continent's former civilizations [per Lucy Mack Smith]. BOM
22-Oct 1823 Asa Wilds' story of vision with "Great Jehovah" published in Wayne Sentinel, saying
"...every denomination was corrupt."
19-Nov 1823 Alvin Smith (27) dies.
Between 1823 and 1827 Hyrum Smith joins Masons.
Masonic Mysteries tell of carved golden plate in arched stone vault.
? Joseph Smith wanted a fat black sheep from William Stafford to form a circle of blood (by cutting the sheep's throat and having it walk around) to keep his money pot from leaving [per William Stafford]. BOM
spring 1824 Religious Revival held in NY area (continues into 1825).
1824 Lucy Mack Smith attends revivals (being grieved from Alvin's death [per Lucy Mack Smith]); she, Sophronia Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Samuel Harrison Smith join the Presbyterian Church.
1-Mar 1824 Alexander writes of a man claiming he heard a voice in woods saying he was forgiven. And of another man claiming he saw the Savior clearly at the tops of the trees.
Aug 1824 Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed by Josia Priest published (20 miles from Palmyra). In Manchester Library (copyright 6/2/1824). BOM
22-Sep 1824 Joseph Smith (18) tells of second attempt to get plates (no Alvin), told to return in one year with another that would be known to him as the right person. BOM
After 22-Sep 1824 Joseph Smith Sr. tells Willard Chase (a neighbor and friend to the Smiths) that a spirit appeared to Joseph Smith on 21-Sep, 1823 and told him of gold plates to be retrieved on 22-Sep, and instructed him to dress in black clothes, ride a black horse with a switch tale, and demand book in a certain name and , after getting it, take it away without laying it down. Joseph complied and found the box, opened the cover, removed the plates, but laid them down to put the cover back on the box and the plates disappeared and returned to the box. Smith tried to re-take the plates but he saw something like a toad which soon assumed the appearance of a man and struck him on the side of his head. It struck him again when he tried to take the plates again. The spirit told Smith he could not have them, as he had not obeyed the orders and was instructed to return in one year with his oldest brother (Alvin).
Joseph Smith returned on 22-Sep, 1824 but without Alvin (died) so was told to return in one year with a person that would be known to him. Smith decided the person was Samuel T. Lawrence (another treasure seeker and a seer). Lawrence told Smith to use his seer stone to look into the box and asks Smith if he sees anything else in the box, Smith says no, Lawrence asks him to look again and asks Smith if he sees a large pair of specks with the plates; Smith says he sees the specks. Lawrence says the plates should not be seen by anyone for about two years.
Joseph Smith changes his mind about Samuel Lawrence being the right man to bring. [per Chase].
Joseph Smith later (in or after 1825) tells a similar story to Joseph Knight but no mention of the toad like creature; says he looked into his glass (seer stone) and saw that the right person to bring was Emma Hale [per Joseph Knight].
Joseph Smith later tells Henry Harris that he had a revelation from God that the plates were hid in a certain hill and he looked in his stone and saw them, but an angel said he couldn't get them until he was married [per Henry Harris].
25-Sep 1824 Wayne Sentinel prints Joseph Smith Sr.'s account that reports of Alvin's grave being disturbed were untrue, as he and others checked. BOM
1824 Sidney Rigdon looses Pastor job (the Redstone Baptists regain control of the Pittsburgh Baptist Church); Rigdon becomes (or returns to being) a tanner in Pittsburgh, PA.
He takes about three years off to study the Bible.
4-Mar 1825 John Q. Adams becomes U.S. President.
1825 Oliver Cowdery (known as a law pettifogger) moves to western NY.
1825 View of the Hebrews reprinted. BOM
1825 Joseph Smith Sr. (a cooper) defaults on mortgage.
In or before 1825 Joseph Smith gets a brown seer stone from the well of Willard Chase (neighbor).
Mason Chase (son of Willard) claimed the stone was his and that Lucy Mack Smith got the stone from Mason's mother [per Abel Chase (Mason's brother) in an 1881 interview]. Sally Chase (sister of Mason and Abel) has a seer stone of her own [per Abel Chase and Ezra Pierce].
1825 Joseph Smith (19) and father go to Pennsylvania and join a band of money diggers hunting for Spanish treasure. BOM
1825 Isaac Hale's affidavit of 20-Mar, 1834, says that Joseph Smith boarded with him while he was employed by money-diggers as a seer, by means of putting a stone in his hat then putting the hat over his face.
Hale says Smith was insolent to his father.
10-Nov 1825 Hiram Page marries Catherine Whitmer.
19-Nov 1825 Joseph Smith leaves Hale's but visited several times afterward [per Hale's affidavit].
From about through Nov 20-Mar 1825 1826 Joseph Smith lives at Josiah Stowell's in Bainbridge, NY, while working for him as a treasure hunter. BOM
1825 J. Harrison Lambdin dies. BOM
About 1825 Story of Smith family's attempts to retrieve a golden bible begins to spread. BOM
About 1825 Sidney Rigdon leaves Pittsburgh, moves to Ohio and continues as a Campbellite preacher (later called Disciples of Christ or Newlight), and converts nearly 1000.
Reportedly preaches elements of what becomes Mormon doctrine.
During or After 1825 Sidney Rigdon at odds with Alexander Campbell. BOM
1826 Joseph Smith (20) reportedly carries Jupiter Talisman.
3-Mar 1826 Wayne Sentinel prints discussion to exclude the Apocrypha from scriptures. BOM
20-Mar 1826 Joseph Smith (20) the "Glass Looker" (a minor) tried for "money digging"
(a misdemeanor) in Bainbridge, NY. by Justice Neely under Vagrant Act. Charged by Peter G. Brigdman. Accused of palpable deceptions with the stone, such as reading pages from a closed book, etc.
No sentence, but "condemned" and required to leave area. Told: "Off Off" (Also known as "leg bail.")
Trial fee: 2.68.
1826 Ethan Smith visits Palmyra, NY.
Summer 1826 or 27 Sidney Rigdon reportedly tells Alexander Campbell and Adamson Bentley that a golden book will come out (Bentley says it was in 1827, Campbell recalls it as 1826). BOM
1827 William Morgan (an anti-Mason) disappears (was writing an expose of Masons).
Before 18-Jan 1827 Joseph Smith reportedly uses seer stone to determine that Emma is right person to bring to the hill to retrieve the plates. BOM
18-Jan 1827 Joseph Smith (21) elopes with Emma Hale (against her father's wishes) and marries her in Bainbridge, NY.
After 18-Jan 1827 Joseph Smith and Emma return to Harmony with Peter Ingersol to get Emma's things.
After 18-Jan 1827 Joseph Smith and Emma living with Joseph Smith's family in Manchester, NY.
Mid Mar 1827 Sidney Rigdon seen at Smith's by Lorenzo Saunders (identified by Harrison Smith). BOM
1827 Sidney Rigdon seen several times at Smith's by Abel Chase. BOM
20-Sep 1827 Joseph Knight and Josiah Stowell come to stay at Joseph Smith's house as they know about Smith's plans to retrieve the plates on 22-Sep BOM
Early AM 22-Sep 1827 Joseph Smith took Knight's horse and wagon and went with Emma to the hill (a glacial drumlin). Knight was upset that his horse and wagon were gone [per Lucy Mack Smith]. BOM
22-Sep 1827 Joseph Smith says, while Emma prayed (staying with the wagon), he retrieved the gold plates and hid them in an old black hollow oak tree top [per Harris]; in a birch log [per Lucy Mack Smith] meanwhile, Joseph Smith Sr. and Josiah Stowell were digging for money. [per Harris' 1859 interview]. BOM
22-Sep 1827 Heber C. Kimball, in Mendon, has a vision of armies marching in the heavens.
After 22-Sep 1827 Joseph Smith tells Henry Harris that he used the seer stone upon instructions from an angel to find the plates [per Henry Harris]. BOM
23-Sep 1827 Joseph Smith goes on a job to Macedon to help put a wall in a well and some other labor for widow Wells.
After 23-Sep 1827 10-12 money-diggers are clubbed with Willard Chase (a Methodist Class leader) who send for their own conjuror (Samuel Lawrence) to determine where the plates are hidden. Joseph Smith, Sr. investigates and finds the group at Lawrence's house [per Lucy Mack Smith]. BOM
About 2-Oct 1827 Emma Smith rides to Macedon and tells Joseph about the money-diggers plan. Joseph looks in to his seer stone and says the plates are safe.
Joseph and Emma return to Smith's. Joseph walks to hill and retrieves plates from his hiding place, while carrying them back through the woods (off regular path) is attacked by a man who sprang up and hit him with a gun, knocking him down, Joseph leveled him and ran home, knocking several more down as he ran. Dislocated his thumb which was reset by Joseph Smith, Sr. Joseph relays the story to Joseph Knight and Josiah Stowell then goes to Willard Chase's house and tells him the story [per Joseph Smith per Lucy Mack Smith].
Smith tells Willard Chase that it was two men that attacked him and that if not for the stone that he got from Chase's well, he would not have obtained the book [per Willard Chase].
Smith tells Martin Harris that he was attacked by what appeared to be a man who wanted the plates and struck him with a club [per Martin Harris].
1827 Sidney Rigdon seen at Smith's several times and several months apart by Mrs. S. F. Anderick, while visiting Sophronia Smith [per Anderick]. BOM
Fall 1827 Sidney Rigdon seen with Joseph Smith in Palmyra by Lorenzo Saunders (identified by Jugegsah) [per Saunders]. BOM
Early Oct 1827 Joseph Smith doing work for Peter Ingersoll [per Harris's 1859 interview].
Early Oct 1827 Martin Harris hears of gold bible from his brother, Preserved Harris, and visits Joseph Smith and agrees to finance its publication. Says Smith told him that he used his seer stone, from the well of Mason Chase (neighbor) to discover the plates, and Smith told him that he used the spectacles to see that Martin Harris was the man who would assist him to get the book.
Harris says Luck Mack Smith came to see him and that Joseph wanted Harris to come see him. [per Harris's 1859 interview].
Martin Harris gives Smith $50 to finance translation (reportedly enraging his wife, Lucy Harris).
Late or early Oct Nov 1827 Joseph and Emma Smith move back to Harmony, PA with Alva (Emma's brother)'s help. Martin Harris pays Smith's debts and finances the trip [per Harris's 1859 interview]. BOM
About Nov 1827 Joseph Smith tells Isaac Hale that he's given up "glass-looking" [per Hale's 1834 affidavit].
About Nov 1827 Joseph Smith answers Isaac Hale question (as to who will be the first to see the plates) that a child will be the first to see them.
Isaac Hale demands to see the plates if Joseph is to stay at his house, Joseph Smith refuses and hides the plates in the woods [per Hale's 1834 affidavit].
1827 Orson Hyde joins Methodists.
After 1827 Orson Hyde joins Campbellites and moves in with Sidney Rigdon.
1828 Joseph Smith gives Martin Harris a copy of a part of the gold plates; Martin Harris shows copy to Prof. Charles Anthon of Columbia University. Anthon (after hearing the story) says it's no known language. Joseph Smith says it's Reformed Egyptian. BOM
1828 King James Bible with the Apocrypha and the 1769 revisions is printed by H. & E. Phinney Co. in Cooperstown, NY. BOM
12-Apr 1828 Joseph Smith begins translating The Book of Mormon [per Joseph Smith]. BOM
Spring 1828 Martin Harris goes to Harmony, PA as scribe (says plates not in room, and that Joseph Smith used his seer stone to translate) [per Harris' 1859 interview]. BOM
Isaac Hale says used his seer stone in his hat over his face to translate the plates, while the plates were hid in the woods [per Hale's affidavit]. BOM
14-Jun 1828 Joseph Smith completes 116 pages (foolscap-size) of translation from the gold plates (the book of Lehi), with Martin Harris transcribing with a blanket stretched between them. BOM
After 14-Jun 1828 Martin Harris repeatedly asks Joseph Smith to borrow the transcript. Smith refuses twice but relents (by revelation) on the third request but makes Harris agree to a covenant to only show his family.
Harris brings the 116 page translation from the gold plates back to Palmyra and shows them to his wife, Lucy Harris, but he looses the transcripts (says they were stolen). (Lucy Harris was suspected of hiding or destroying them.)
After 14-Jun 1828 Joseph Smith looses the Urim and Thummim, through trangression. BOM
15-Jun 1828 Son of Joseph and Emma Smith born and died, Harmony, PA.
Jul 1828 The Urim and Thummim are returned to Joseph Smith, and being done with them, a heavenly messenger called for them and Smith delivered them all up. BOM
? Joseph Smith says angel took back plates and Urim and Thummim but later returned the plates, but not the Urim and Thummim but gave permission to Smith to use his Seer Stone. BOM
Jul 1828 Joseph Smith reports his first revelation (reportedly by using his seer stone) where he is rebuked [presumably] for letting Martin Harris take the translations. Says he lost the privilege of translating for one season. BOM
Summer 1828 Sidney Rigdon reportedly seen with Samuel Lawrence at Lawrence's by Lorenzo Saunders. BOM
About 1828 Joseph Smith tells Emma's cousins Hiel and Joseph Lewis that while trying to get the Plates, he was knocked down three times and a man appeared, like a Spaniard, with a long beard and his throat cut from ear to ear with blood flowing down BOM
1828 Joseph Smith reportedly applies for membership in (his wife's) Methodist Church.
Winter of 1828 and 1829 Oliver Cowdery (son and brother of Royal Arch Mason Initiates) works as a teacher in Manchester, NY with Joseph Smith Sr. as one of his students.
Cowdery stays with the Smiths (customary for teachers to board with a student's family) and learns of the "golden bible" story.
1829 Sidney Rigdon converts Parley P. Pratt to Reformed Baptist (Rigdon acknowledges that he doesn't have the proper religious authority) [per Parley P. Pratt]. BOM
4-Mar 1829 Andrew Jackson becomes U.S. President.
5-Apr 1829 Oliver Cowdery travels to Harmony, PA with Samuel Smith to meet Joseph Smith. BOM
5-Apr 1829 Oliver Cowdery meets Joseph Smith (23) at Harmony, PA. BOM
7-Apr 1829 Joseph Smith resumes translating the gold plates (from where he left off) with Oliver Cowdery transcribing. The missing part was re-translated last but with different content. Cowdery desires the gift of translation. BOM
May 1829 Joseph Smith receives revelation that the first 116 pages should not be retranslated because wicked men may have the original and would change its words to disagree with the re-translation and claim that Joseph Smith was a fraud, so he's to replace the 116 pages with the small plates of Nephi (book of Lehi). BOM
15-May 1829 Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith baptize each other.
15-May 1829 Samuel Harrison Smith baptized.
Oliver Cowdery writes David Whitmer (due to persecution) for he and Joseph Smith to move in with him.
1-Jun 1829 Martin Harris reproved in a revelation for hesitating to dispose of his land to meet the obligations entered into with the printer.
About 1-Jun 1829 David Whitmer arrives at Harmony and brings Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, and Emma Smith to Fayette, NY. Translation resumed. BOM
After 1-Jun 1829 Joseph Smith reveals that three witnesses to the gold plates are required (in the presence of Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris); the three of them request to be the witnesses, Smith relents. BOM
After 1-Jun 1829 Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer report a vision by an angel of the gold plates. BOM
After 1-Jun 1829 Martin Harris reports a vision of the gold plates three days after Cowdery and Whitmer.
After their visions, Smith writes the witness statement and the three sign it.
Late Jun 1829 Translation complete [per David Whitmer]. Oliver Cowdery makes a printer's copy. BOM
Jun 1829 John Whitmer assists with writing [per Joseph Smith].
Jun 1829 John Whitmer baptized.
Jun 1829 Peter Whitmer Jr, baptized.
Jun 1829 Hyrum Smith baptized.
Jun 1829 Joseph Smith reveals that eight additional witnesses to the gold plates are required. BOM
Jun 1829 The following report visions of, or handling the covered, gold plates: First group: Christian Whitmer, (David's brother),
Jacob Whitmer, (David's brother),
Peter Whitmer, Jr. (David's brother),
John Whitmer, (David's brother) saw plates by a supernatural power,
Second group: Hirum Page, (husband of David's sister, Catherine),
Joseph Smith Sr.
Hyrum Smith,
Samuel Harrison Smith
1829 Martin Harris goes to Rochester to find a printer. BOM
Aug 1829 Type setting and printing of The Book of Mormon started at E. B. Grandin's [per John H. Gilbert] BOM
5-Sep 1829 Rochester Gem prints Martins Harris' description of the plates as 8" x 6" x 1/8." . BOM
4-Oct 1829 Joseph Smith arrives at Harmony, PA.
10-Aug or 8-Oct 1829 Oliver Cowdery buys a 1828 H. & E. Phinney Bible with the Apocryphia at Egbert B. Grandin's book store in Palmyra, NY for $3.75. BOM
1830 Stephen Bradies writes, in a book, that he saw the Savior when he was 14.
Mar 1830 Printing of The Book of Mormon completed [per John H. Gilbert]. BOM
Mar 1830 Book of Mormon Published, 588 pages. 5,000 copies costing $3,000. Sale price $1.75.
Joseph Smith listed as Author and Proprietor.
Printed by E. B. Grandin (Publisher of Wayne Sentinel) and funded by Martin Harris who mortgaged 240 acres to Grandin for 18 months (the note was due Feb 5, 1831 and 151 acres of it later sold to Thomas Lakey). Describes 3 migrations from middle east, 2nd and 3rd around 600 BC. Addresses every religious issue being debated in the New York area in the 1820s [per Alexander Campbell]. Jacob 2:23 - prohibits polygamy. Contains Greek names and terms. Describes several crops and animals that were not introduced to the Americas until after the 1400s. Has events similar to and/or phrases nearly identical to those found in:
The preface to the King James Bible'
21 chapters of Isaiah,
The Maccabees (from the Apocrypha),
James Adair's History of the American Indians,
Josephlus' Wars of the Jews,
Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews,
Shakespeare's Macbeth and Hamlet.
6-Apr 1830 "Church of Christ" founded in Manchester or Fayette, NY.
After 6-Apr 1830 Joseph Smith Sr. Baptized.
After 6-Apr 1830 Lucy Mack Smith Baptized.
After 6-Apr 1830 Martin Harris Baptized.
After 6-Apr 1830 Orrin Porter Rockwell (and other Rockwells) Baptized.
Apr 1830 Joseph Smith revelation: Oliver Cowdery to beware of pride.
Apr 1830 Oliver Cowdery is named "Historian & Recorder" of church (until Jun 1831).
11-Apr 1830 Oliver Cowdery gives first discourse of the new Church at the house of Peter Whitmer Sr.
11-Apr 1830 Christian Whitmer baptized.
11-Apr 1830 Jacob Whitmer baptized.
11-Apr 1830 Anne Whitmer baptized.
11-Apr 1830 Elizabeth Whitmer baptized.
11-Apr 1830 Katherine Page baptized.
11-Apr 1830 Hiram Page baptized.
After 11-Apr 1830 Hiram Page acquires a seer stone of his own and receives revelations (contrary to Joseph Smith's), the Whitmers and Oliver Cowdery believe Page's revelations.
1821 to 1830 Whitmers were Methodists, Reformers, Presbyterians, Menonites, and Baptists [per Rev. Dierich Willers]
18-Apr 1830 Peter Whitmer Sr. baptized.
18-Apr 1830 Mary Whitmer baptized.
18-Apr 1830 William Jolly baptized.
18-Apr 1830 Elizabeth Jolly baptized.
18-Apr 1830 Vincent Jolly baptized.
18-Apr 1830 Richard B Peterson baptized.
18-Apr 1830 Elizabeth Anne Whitmer baptized.
Apr 1830 Joseph Smith visits Joseph Knight of Colesville, NY.
9-Jun 1830 First Conference (about 30 members).
After 9-Jun 1830 Joseph Smith tried and acquitted of [?] [per Newel Knight].
Aug 1830 Joseph Smith Sr. And Don Carlos Smith go on Mission.
Late Aug 1830 Joseph Smith visits Colesville with John Whitmer, David Whitmer, and Hyrum Smith.
Early Sep 1830 Parley P. Pratt (a Campbellite) baptized.
19-Sep 1830 Orson Pratt baptized.
26-Sep 1830 Second Conference - 62 Members (35 baptized since 6/9/1830).
Sep 1830 Hirum Page renounces his seer stone [per Joseph Smith] at the Second Conference.
Fall 1830 Levi Hancock (a cabinet maker) baptized.
Before Oct 1830 Frederick G. Williams joins Church.
Oct 1830 Oliver Cowdery, Parley P. Pratt, Peter Whitmer, and Ziba Peterson sent on mission to Missouri (to the Lamanites). They arrive early 1831 [per Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer].
On their way, they stop in Kirtland, OH (Oct), Parley P. Pratt seeks out and baptizes Sidney Rigdon, along with several other Cambellites.
16-Oct 1830 Philo Dibble (a Kirtland land dealer) baptized by Parley P. Pratt.
Joseph Smith living on Frederick G. Williams' farm which was $400 in debt and in danger of reverting to the prior owner; Joseph Coe was required to raise the money but couldn't so Dibble sold some of his 1200 acres for $1.75 per acre and paid Joseph Smith the $400 [per Philo Dibble].
1830 Isaac Morley (a cooper and a Campbellite) joins Church.
Morley also promoted the concept of community goods and had 50 - 60 people (called "Big Family") living on his farm, and more on a separate piece of property [per Josiah Jones (a non-converted Campbellite)].
1830 House built on Isaac Morley's lot in Kirtland for Joseph Smith's family.
1830 Lyman Wight (a Campbellite and friend of Isaac Morley) baptized.
Oct 1830 Samuel H. Smith, Ziba Peterson, Frederick G. Williams, and Peter Whitmer preach in Kirtland, OH [per Orson Hyde].
Oct 1830 Orson Hyde (a Campbellite) baptized (by Sidney Rigdon).
Autumn 1830 Parley P. Pratt has vision in the heavens of lights forming shapes (square and compass).
Nov 1830 Newel Kimball Whitney (a Campbellite and associate of Sidney Rigdon) baptized.
Dec 1830 Sidney Rigdon travels to New York and visits Joseph Smith [per Newel Knight and Orson Pratt]. Edward Partridge travels with Rigdon [per John Whitmer].
About 1830 Joseph Smith Sr. tells Fayette Lapham and Jacob Ramsdell that Joseph Smith saw, in a dream, a large and tall man in ancient clothing that was covered in blood that told him of the treasure and that a spirit had been murdered on the spot to guard the treasure.
On one of the attempts, Smith was told he wasn't punctual and to return in one year with Alvin.
1831 Isaac Morley sent to Jackson County, MO to find a location for the Mormons to settle; finds a place near Independence, MO.
1831 Hiram Page moves to Kirtland, OH.
1831 Joseph Smith Sr. Moves to Kirtland, OH.
1831 Martin Harris moves to Kirtland.
1831 Edward Partridge moves (returns?) to Kirtland, OH. [per John Corrill].
Winter 1831 Ezra Booth (a Methodist preacher) and his friend John Johnson, join the Church.
2-Jan 1831 Church holds third conference, Fayette, NY.
6-Jan 1831 Lucy Mack Smith interviewed at Waterloo, NY.
6-Jan 1831 Six cut off from the Church [per Orson Pratt].
9-Jan 1831 Zebedee Coltrin joins Church.
10-Jan 1831 John Corrill (a Campbellite) joins Church.
11-Jan 1831 Eight cut off from the Church [per Orson Pratt].
23-Jan 1381 School of the Prophets established [per Zebedee Coltrin].
Late Jan 1831 Joseph Smith (25) starts for Kirtland, OH with Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge; arrives early Feb. And stays with Newel K. Whitney [per Smith].
4-Feb 1831 Thomas Campbell sends letter to Sidney Rigdon, responding to his Book of Mormon challange.
4-Feb 1831 Joseph Smith's revelation:
A house should be built for Smith to live and translate;
Sidney Rigdon should live as seems good to him;
Edward Partridge to be ordained a bishop.
9-Feb 1831 Joseph Smith revelation: Elders to go forth two by two, except Smith and Rigdon to go for a little time. Also, Edward Partridge to stand in office as appointed unless he transgresses and another will be appointed.
Also, cleave to wife and none else. And, surpluses to go to Church.
16-Feb 1831 Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith have vision of Father and Son while translating the Old and New Testaments (with Rigdon transcribing).
Levi Hancock says he was with Rigdon during the translation of the Bible.
Feb 1831 Joseph Smith has revelation; includes " one wife and no one else."
1831 Wycam Clark, with others (including Northrop Sweet), apostates and gets a revelation that he's the true Revelator and Prophet: starts the "Pure Church of Christ" with six members
1831 John Noah claimed to be a prophet and was expelled.
Mar 1831 Joseph Smith has revelation; includes "...a man should have one wife."
8-Mar 1831 John Whitmer is revealed to be historian of the Church.
Apr 1831 Marinda M. (Johnson) Hyde baptized.
30-Apr 1831 Son and daughter of Joseph and Emma Smith born and died at Kirtland, OH.
After May 1831 Edward Partridge instructed to repent and he shall be forgiven.
May 1831 John Wakefield and Parley P. Pratt instructed to go forth among the churches and strengthen them with exhortation.
May 1831 John Corrill instructed to labor in the vineyard.
5-Jun 1831 Dr. Cephas Dodd, tells of Spalding Story Manuscript found in the Wilds of Mormon. Claims The Book of Mormon was copied from it.
After 5-Jun 1831 Sidney Rigdon asks Levi Hancock to build a desk and an office for him.
Levi Hancock gives money to Sidney Rigdon, as Sidney has none.
Shortly aft 10-Jun 1831 Heber C. Kimball joins the Baptists.
Jun 1831 Joseph Smith visits missionaries in Missouri [per Oliver Cowdery].
Jun 1831 Joseph Smith announces "high priesthood."
Jun 1831 William W. Phelps baptized.
Jun to Jul 1831 Edward Partridge moves from Kirtland to Independence, MO with Sidney Rigdon, Martin Harris, William W. Phelps, and others.
1831 Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams (Messenger and Advocate Publisher) are the "First Presidency."
2-Aug 1831 Sidney Rigdon preaches that the Missouri land has been promised to the saints and asks them to accept it.
20-Aug 1831 Dr. William E. McLellin joins Church.
31-Aug 1831 Sidney Rigdon preaches about the promise land and that the people shall repent or be destroyed.
Aug 1831 Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith go to Kirtland [per Oliver Cowdery].
11-Sep 1831 Revelation: Edward Partridge had sinned, instructed to repent, Ezzra Booth admonished, Isaac Morley forgiven but told to sell farm. Tithing disscussed.
Sep 1831 Joseph Smith moves to Hiram, OH and lives with the Johnsons.
Sidney Rigdon also moves to Hiram.
About Oct 1831 Ezra Booth, Jacom Scott, Symons Rider, Eli Johnson, and others apostate.
Oct 1831 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon resume re-translation of the Bible.
Nov 1831 Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer sent to Independence, MO with the revelations, to be published by William W. Phelps (Book of Commandments).
8-Dec 1831 Ezra Booth writes of a revelation directing Elders to marry with the natives.
Jan 1832 Several excommunicated by Orson Pratt and Cahoon [per Orson Pratt].
25-Jan 1832 Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge at odds (a hardness between them); resolved [per Joseph Smith].
22-Jan 1832 Oliver Cowdery (25) marries Elizabeth Ann Whitmer (David Whitmer's sister).
10-Feb 1832 Alexander Campbell writes his denunciation of The Book of Mormon, citing numerous discrepancies and contradictions. BOM
Mar 1832 Joseph Smith, by revelation, is called "Enoch."
Before 27-Mar 1832 Sidney Rigdon preached that the "keys of the Kingdom were taken from us," and was rumored that he was going to expose Mormonism.
Hyrum Smith disputed Rigdon's claim and says the keys were not lost.
Joseph Smith rebuked Sidney Rigdon.
Rigdon was reportedly flung about a room by an unseen force and laid up for five or six weeks [per Philo Dibble].
27-Mar 1832 Joseph Smith (while living at the Johnson's in Hirum, OH) and Sidney Rigdon are tarred and feathered by Simons Rider (a former Campbellite preacher), Warren Waste, Eli Johnson, Edward Johnson, and John Johnson upon rumors of Smith's intimacy with Nancy Marinda Johnson (16) (Eli Johnson's sister).
The mob also brings Joseph Smith to Dr. Dennison for castration but the Dennison refuses to perform the operation.
Next day, Sidney Rigdon crazed and wants to kill Joseph Smith with his razor [per Smith].
After 27-Mar 1832 Philo Dibble sells possessions to advance money to Joseph Smith to buy land in Jackson County: gives $50 to Parley P. Pratt and, when asked for more, gives $300 [per Dibble].
Apr 1832 Joseph Smith revelation that many had sinned.
Also, that the following are to be bound:
Newel K. Whitney (former Campbellite) (Ahashday*), Sidney Rigdon (Pelagoram*), [someone?] (Mahalaleel), Joseph Smith (Gazelam*), Oliver Cowdery (Olihah*),
[someone?] (Horah), Martin Harris (Mahemson*), [someone?] (Shalemanasseh) [sp?]
Note: Edward Partridge is Alam*, John Johnson is Zombre*, and Frederick G. Williams is Shederlaomack*, Kirtland also called Shinehah*, and Zarahemla* is for Iowa
*Code names used in the Doctrine and Covenants due to persecution [per Orson Pratt].
14-Apr 1832 Brigham Young (a carpenter and joiner) baptized, later receives the gift of tongues and interpretation; speaks in tongues.
15/16-Apr 1832 Heber C. Kimball, (acquaintance of Brigham Young), baptized.
27-Arp 1832 Amasa Lyman joins Church.
Jun 1832 The Evening and Morning Star published by Church in Independence, MO until July 1833, William W. Phelps editor.
6-Jun 1832 Joseph Smith (26) sends letter to Emma describing vision: says he "visited a grove and called upon God in prayer ... God forgave my sins."
15-Jun 1832 David W. Patten baptized.
Between 20-Jul 27-Nov 1832 Joseph Smith writes (in a ledger) that when he was 16, the Lord appeared and said his sins were forgiven.
4-Aug 1832 Joseph Smith says plates were 6" x 8" and thinner than tin and 6" high, 40 to 60 lbs and had the appearance of gold. BOM
10-Sep 1832 George A. Smith baptized.
29-Nov 1832 Joseph Smith goes to Chardon to see his sisters Sophronia and Catherine [per Smith].
29-Nov 1832 Joseph Smith writes that Frederick G. Williams prophesized that he should go to Pittsburgh in the spring to establish a bishopric, then go to New York a year later
1832 Joseph Smith begins recording the origin of the Church, says that reading the Bible stirred him to pray (no mention of religious excitement). Says he was 12-15, and Christ appeared (no mention of the Father or of an evil power over taking him).
1832 Mormon Missionaries read passages from The Book of Mormon at a public meeting; Solomon Spalding's brother and friends are present and recognize names and story from Spalding's Manuscript Found. BOM
1832 Several acquaintances of Solomon Spalding claim that the historical content of The Book of Mormon is identical to Spalding's Manuscript Found, but not the religious content. BOM
Fall 1832 Ohio disciples receive gift of tongues [per Wilford Woodruff].
6-Nov 1832 Joseph Smith III born in Kirtland, OH.
About Nov 1832 South Carolina defies Federal Government by proposing to nullify Federal tariffs within their borders.
3-Dec 1832 Jesse Gause (former member of the First Presidency) excommunicated.
25-Dec 1832 Joseph Smith predicts civil war.
1832 Hiram Page moves to Independence, MO.
Winter 1832 - 33 Parley P. Pratt and Dr. William E. McLellin go on a mission through MO and IL.
12-Feb 1833 Illinois outlaws polygamy.
3-Mar 1833 Joseph Smith gets a revelation that the Lord is not pleased with McLellin [per Joseph Smith].
Mar 1833 Joseph Smith names Sidney Rigdon as First Counselor in the First Presidency.
Jun 1833 Saints in Zion receive gift of tongues [per Wilford Woodruff].
3-Jun 1833 Dr. Philastus Hurlbut excommunicated for unchristian-like conduct with females. Also,
Daniel Copley cut off for not going on a mission (claiming to be too weak).
21-Jun 1833 Dr. Philastus Hurlbut appealed, was forgiven and reinstated.
23-Jun 1833 Dr. Philastus Hurlbut charged with other offences and excommunicated. BOM
23-Jun 1833 James Higby cut off from Church.
23-Jun 1833 Kirtland Temple cornerstones laid.
15-Jul 1833 Saints in Zion, MO receive notice from the citizens of Jackson County, accusing them of planning to take over all the Jackson County land, tampering with their slaves, and inviting free negroes and mulattos to join; the citizens instruct Mormons to leave or they will remove them.
20-Jul 1833 An Independence, MO citizens committee meeting voted to destroy the press of The Evening and Morning Star (A. S. Gilbert (store owner), Edward Partridge, Isaac Morley, John Corrill, William W. Phelps, and John Whitmer were present).
The press was destroyed by the mob and Edward Partridge and Charles Allen were tarred and feathered and ordered to leave Independence (were living in house rented from Lilburn W. Boggs).
23-Jul 1833 Mormons agree to leave Jackson County, most by 1-Jan, 1834 and all by 1-Apr, 1834 [per John Whitmer].
Aug 1833 Philastus Hurlbut goes to Conneaut, OH and collects statements from eight people claiming that the historical content of the Book of Mormon is from Solomon Spalding's manuscript: John Spalding (Solomon's brother),
Martha Spalding (John's wife),
Henry Lake (Solomon's partner in the forge business),
John N. Miller (employee of Spalding and Lake),
Arron Wright (Conneaut Justice of the Peace),
Oliver Smith (Spalding boarded with him),
Nahum Howard (town doctor),
Artemus Cunningham (a debt holder trying to get payment from Spalding).
1833 Book of Commandments Published.
About 1833 Joseph Smith diary tells of "Strange Account" of vision when he was 16 of "the Lord" who said his sins were forgiven.
Aug 1833 Philastus Hurlbut finds Fabius Story - shows it to witnesses who say it's not the same story they saw.
Oct 1833 Meteor shower.
Before 31-Oct 1833 Philo Dibble sent to Liberty to buy ammunition.
Fall 1833 Heber C. Kimball moves to Kirtland.
4-Nov 1833 Battle near Blue River: Mormons driven out of Jackson County, MO;
Andrew Barber [sp?] and another Mormon killed, Hugh L. Brazeale and another of the mob killed, Philo Dibble wounded [per Dibble].
After 4-Nov 1833 Philo Dibble rents ferry at $9 per day for saints to cross river to Quincy, IL [per Dibble].
In or before Dec 1833 Elder Landon and 25 others cut off from the Church in Geneseo, NY.
16-Dec 1833 Joseph Smith reveals revelation to attack enemies.
18-Dec 1833 "The Evening and Morning Star" press dedicated and publication resumed until Sep 1834 with Oliver Cowdery managing.
Joseph Smith praises Oliver Cowdery at the dedication but says he has "two evils" that he must overcome.
After 1833 Joseph Smith first mentions Urim & Thummim.
? Joseph Smith instructs Edward Partridge to establish churches under the United Order, where all surplus (beyond what a family needs for itself) to be kept in the Lord's store house [per Amasa Lyman].
28-Jan 1834 Hurlbut law suit pending.
12-Feb 1834 Sidney Rigdon charges Martin Harris with telling A. C. Russell Esq. That Joseph Smith drank too much liquor when he was translating The Book of Mormon. Also says that Joseph Smith wrestled with many men and threw them.
Martin Harris said he knew all about The Book of Mormon before it was translated.
17-Feb 1834 First High Council of Church organized in Kirtland.
19-Feb 1834 Letter sent to Judge Ryland requesting protection [per John Whitmer].
About 23-Feb 1834 William W. Phelps, Edward Partridge, John Corrill and others subpoenaed by State.
Feb 1834 Joseph Smith (28) elected by Kirtland High Council as Commander-In-Chief of the Armies of Israel.
20-Mar 1834 Isaac Hale (Emma Smith's father) signs affidavit describing his dealings with Joseph Smith and Smith's method of translating the gold plates.
Before 7-Apr 1834 Warren A. Cowdery (Oliver's brother) obtains proof sheets to the Book of Mormon, shows the Hyde family.
7-Apr 1834 William Hyde (with his family) baptized.
9-Apr 1834 Hurlburt convicted for threatening Joseph Smith's life, fined $200 and court fees of $125.59.
10-Apr 1834 Letter sent to President Andrew Jackson, asking for protection [per John Whitmer].
23-Apr 1834 Joseph Smith is referred to as "Enoch" in a revelation.
1-May 1834 Joseph Smith and a party of more than 100 ("Zion's Camp") depart Kirtland for Missouri [per Joseph Smith].
3-May 1834 Church re-named "The Church of the Latter Day Saints" (as proposed by Sidney Rigdon).
5-May 1834 Heber C. Kimball and about 100 travel to New Portage to Zion's Camp.
16-Jun 1834 Martin Harris boasts that he can handle snakes, gets bit by one [per Joseph Smith].
22-Jun 1834 Joseph Smith has "Fishing River" revelation predicting a scourge in the camp to punish those who complained.
24-Jun 1834 Cholera outbreak in Zion's Camp, several die [per Heber C. Kimball].
Jun 1834 Joseph Smith and party arrive at Missouri and disband.
8-Jul 1834 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Frederick G. Williams, William E. McLellin and others head back to Kirtland.
31-Jul 1834 Samuel Brown's license is withdrawn for encouraging brethern to speak in tongues.
About 1-Aug 1834 Joseph Smith and company arrive back in Kirtland.
4-Aug 1834 Sylvester Smith accuses Joseph Smith of criminal conduct during his journey to and from Missouri; but later agrees to publish a confession, denying charges, in the Star.
7-Aug 1834 Massachusetts Conference held in Bradford, Holmes' license withdrawn for a continuing dispute with his wife. Also, James Patten excommunicated.
23-Aug 1834 Sylvester Smith rescinds his confession, but tried, and again agrees to sign a confession.
1834 Eber D. Howe obtains Hurlbut's statements of the Solomon Spalding Manuscript Found witnesses. BOM
1834 Eber D. Howe's book Mormonism Unveiled published. BOM
24-Sep 1834 Article on Marriage read at General Assembly stating that " man should have one wife, except for death."
Oct 1834 The "Messenger and Advocate" replaces "The Evening and Morning Star."
1834 Oliver Cowdery (with JS's help) writes history. [No mention of 1st vision.]
29-Nov 1834 Tithing introduced.
22-Dec 1834 Grammar School opened; Sidney Rigdon and William E. McLellin teachers.
Dec 1834 Messenger & Advocate prints Oliver Cowdery's letter saying that, when Joseph Smith was 15, he was stirred by a revival and prayed in his bedroom to find out which church was right. Says a messenger for the Lord appeared saying his sins were forgiven.
1834 Joseph Smith says he found the bones of Zelph, a white Lamanite.
Winter 1834-35 Heber C. Kimball attends theological School in Kirtland.
Feb 1835 Messenger & Advocate prints Oliver Cowdery's letter correcting Joseph Smith's age at the time of the revival to 17 (as an error in type) and specifies the date as Sep 21, 1823.
Feb 1835 Doctrine and Covenants (formerly Book of Commandments) Revised, with William W. Phelps assisting; U&T added. Section 101, verse 4 prohibits polygamy.
Feb 1835 Book of Commandments says Oliver Cowdery had the gift of the rod.
Doctrine and Covenants says Oliver Cowdery had the gift of Aaron.
14-Feb 1835 The Three Witness choose the Quorum of 12 Apostles: Lyman Johnson, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, David W. Patten, Luke Johnson, William E. McLellin, Orson Hyde, William Smith, John Boynton, Orson Pratt, Thomas B. Marsh, Parley P. Pratt.
21-Feb 1835 Apostles appointed.
Spring 1835 William McLellin suspended from fellowship.
6-Jun 1835 Painesville Telegraph prints of court case against Joseph Smith for beating Calvin Stoddard (his brother-in-law).
18-Jun 1835 Sarah Marinda Bates baptized by Orson Pratt [per Pratt].
3-Jul 1835 Joseph Smith acquires 3 or 4 mummies and papyrus fragments from Michael H. Chandler's travelling Egyptian show for $2400. He translates fragments to produce Book of Abraham. [Papyrus fragments are later found to be a Pagan funerary text from Egyptian Book of Breathings.]
17-Aug 1835 Oliver Cowdery introduces Book of Doctrine and Covenants. Also,
William W. Phelps reads the Article on Marriage which is unanimously accepted to be in the book.
19-Aug 1835 Elder Babit charged with not keeping the Word of Wisdom; says he followed the example of Joseph Smith and others, but repented.
14-Sep 1835 Oliver Cowdery is, again, appointed "Historian & Recorder" of church until 1837.
25-Sep 1835 William McLellin restored to fellowship.
16-Oct 1835 Ebinezer Robertson babtized.
29-Oct 1835 Warren Parrish becomes Joseph Smith's scribe for $15 per month [per Joseph Smith].
29-Oct 1835 William Smith quarrels with Joseph Smith [per Joseph Smith].
On or after 9-Nov 1835 Joseph Smith diary tells of his meeting with a Jewish Minister, Joshua, (also known as Robert Matthias) where Smith relayed account of first vision when he was 14, says he saw one personage and then another; the second said "Jesus Christ is the Son of God." He also saw "many angels."
11-Nov 1835 Christian Whitmer dies.
29-Dec 1835 Joseph Smith brings charges against William Smith.
1835 Church accused of practicing polygamy.
Fall 1835 Professor Seixas teaches Hebrew.
From 1835 to 1836 Joseph Smith's diary says he received "first visitation of angels" when he was 14.
2-Jan 1836 William Smith confesses and is re-fellowshipped.
1836 Joseph Smith marries (or begins affair with) Fanny Alger (19), later caught with her by Emma.
Before Mar 1836 John Whitmer is editor of the "Messenger and Advocate."
27-Mar 1836 Kirtland Temple dedicated.
Apr 1836 Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery say that Moses appeared with keys of the gathering of Israel.
Spring 1836 Non-Mormons become uneasy as many Mormons move to Clay County [per John Corrill]
19-Jun 1836 David W. Patten and Warren Parrish arrested; Wiflord Woodruff escapes arrest [per Wilford Woodruff]
20-Jun 1836 Frederick Granger Smith (son of Joseph and Emma) born, Kirkland, OH.
4-Jul 1836 Orson Pratt marries Sarah Marinda Bates.
Aug 1836 Joseph Smith tells Levi Hancock to take Fanny Algers and go to Missouri [per Hancock].
Early Aug 1836 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Oliver Cowdery arrive at Salem, MA. Later, met there by Brigham Young and Lyman E. Johnson [per Joseph Smith].
6-Aug 1836 Joseph Smith has a revelation to not worry about the Church's debts, that there is hidden treasure (gold and silver) for the benefit of Zion in Salem, and that the city will be given to him, and that there is more treasures than one [per Joseph Smith]. Sidney Rigdon there also [per Ebenezer Robinson].
Before 11-Aug 1836 David W. Patten and Warren Parrish free [per Wilford Woodruff].
About Sep 1836 Joseph Smith and party leave Salem, MA.
1836 Brigham Young visits Smith and others in Salem, MA [per Brigham Young].
About Aug-Sep 1836 Some propose, (while Joseph Smith was away) that
David Whitmer should take over as leader of the Church.
Joseph Smith returns and claims that he's still the prophet and leader.
About Aug-Sep 1836 Brigham Young, in Kirtland, defends Joseph Smith (not back yet) against those planning to overthrow him; Joseph Smith Sr, and Heber C. Kimball are present and oppose plan.
Brigham Young rides to meet Joseph Smith on his way to Kirtland and warns him [per Brigham Young].
12-Oct 1836 Orson and Sarah Pratt arrive in Kirtland.
Nov 1836 Sidney Rigdon proposes that God has flesh and bone; Oliver Cowdery opposed.
2-Nov 1836 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon establish bank Called the "Kirtland Safety Society."
But the State refuses to grant charter. Later, they print their own money (legal for chartered banks to print money).
Fall 1836 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Sidney Rigdon establish the Brother of Gideon society [per John Whitmer].
Fall 1836 John Whitmer criticizes Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and other leaders for establishing the bank, promoting the plurality of wives, and for association with the Gidianton bands.
22-Sep 1836 Peter Whitmer, Jr. Dies.
13-Dec 1836 Willard Richards (Brigham Young's cousin) baptized.
1836 Dr. William Law joins church.
1836 Dr. William E. McLellin leaves Church because the Revelations were changed.
2-Jan 1837 Kirtland Safety Society renamed the Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Company [per Joseph Smith]
with "Anti" and "ing" in small type [per Ebenezer Robinson].
Feb 1837 Hyrum Smith says the Curch has heavy debts.
Feb 1837 Firm of Oliver Cowdery and Co. Dissolved and the entire establishment is transferred to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon.
By 19-Feb 1837 Joseph Smith returns to Kirtland [per Wilford Woodruff].
Winter & Spring 1837 Known dissenters are: Frederick G. Williams (1st Presidency), Martin Harris, David Whitmer (apostle), Luke Johnson (apostle), Parley P. Pratt (apostle), William E. McLellin (apostle), John F. Boynton (apostle), Roger Orton (The 70), and S. Wilbur Denton [per Ebenezer Robinson].
4-Mar 1837 Martin Van Buren becomes U.S. President.
Before 6-Mar 1837 Alvah Beaman a member.
Mar 1837 Brigham Young buys a tavern in Auburn, NY [per Brigham Young].
9-Apr 1837 Joseph Smith condemns traitors with wrath of God [per Wilford Woodruff].
24-Apr 1837 David W. Patten charges Lyman Wight for false doctrine. Wight convicted and makes accommodation. Also, Jesse Hitchcock cut off from the High Council.
May 1837 President Jackson ordered that the US Treasury accept only gold (not paper money) for public land [causing the Church's bank to fail].
28-May 1837 John Patten disfellowshipped.
29-May 1837 Sidney Rigdon presides over charges against Frederick G. Williams, David Whitmer, Parley P. Pratt, Lyman E. Johnson, and Warren Parrish; meeting dispersed in confusion as members refused to judge each other [per Church history].
After May 1837 David Whitmer renounces Joseph Smith as a fallen prophet.
2-Jun 1837 John F. Boynton calls Joseph Smith a fallen prophet.
2-Jun 1837 Lyman E. Johnson leaves Church.
Jun 1837 Joseph Smith (31) acquitted of conspiring to murder Grandison Newell. (Newell had brought about 30 suits against Smith). McLellin told of Smith's plans to kill Newell.
Prior to 11-Jun 1837 Willard Richards was on a business mission [per Joseph Smith].
13-Jun 1837 Heber C. Kimball and Willard Richards leave for Liverpool England.
After 13-Jun 1837 Heber C. Kimball has visions of evil spirits in England.
Summer 1837 Parley P. Pratt embittered against Joseph Smith, but repents.
Between Spng-Jul 1837 Parley P. Pratt disagrees with Joseph Smith but repents and is forgiven by Smith.
19-Jul 1837 Elder Hale goes to New Rowley MA to visit friends.
Elder Nathaniel Holmes lives in New Rowley, MA [per Wilford Woodruff].
21-Jul 1837 Wilford Woodruff begins walking from Hartford to New Rowley (52 miles first day, 48 miles second day, 36 miles third day).
23-Jul 1837 Joseph Smith has a revelation, rebuking Thomas B. Marsh, and that the 12 should not rebel against him.
25-Jul 1837 Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, David W. Patten, Sidney Rigdon and Thomas B. Marsh head out on missions. Going through Painsville, Joseph Smith is arrested several times for various debts; Anson Call bails him out [per Brigham Young].
3-Sep 1837 Conference to reorganize the Church, owing to the disaffection existing in the hearts of many [per Brigham Young]. Also,
Luke S. Johnson, Lyman E. Johnson, and John F. Boynton disfellowshipped.
Boynton blamed his troubles on the failure of the bank.
4-Sep 1837 Joseph Smith's revelation says John Whitmer and William W. Phelps should repent.
10-Sep 1837 Luke S. Johnson and Lyman E. Johnson re-fellowshipped, having confessed.
After 12-Sep 1837 Snider leaves England, leaves the Church and reportedly burns 200 copies of the BOM.
13-Sep 1837 Jerusha Smith (Hyrum's wife) dies.
Before 17-Sep 1837 Oliver Cowdery moves to Missouri.
About 18-Sep 1837 Parley P. Pratt, in New York, publishes "Voice of Warning," (216 pages).
27-Sep 1837 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon go on a mission to establish places of gathering with William Smith and Vinson Knight [per Joseph Smith].
Oct 1837 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon tried for unauthorized banking, fined $1000.
12-Oct 1837 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon arrive in Terre Haut Indiana [per Joseph Smith].
22-Oct 1837 22 disfellowshipped.
Late Oct or Early Nov 1837 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon arrive at Far West, MO [per Joseph Smith].
2-Nov 1837 Last paper printed from the Kirtland printers, as the establishment was attached because of a judgement of the county court; soon afterward, all burned to the ground.
11-Nov 1837 Frederick G. Williams rejected as counselor, Hyrum Smith appointed instead. Also,
David Whitmer rejected and branch president, John Whitmer appointed instead.
10-Dec 1837 Joseph Smith returns to Kirtland; writes that Warren Parrish, John F. Boynton, Luke S. Hohnson, Joseph Coe and other were united to overthrow him and intended to restore the Church's original name, "Church of Christ."
22-Dec 1837 Brigham Young flees Kirtland in consequence of the fury of the mob against him for supporting Joseph Smith [per Brigham Young].
After 22-Dec 1837 Brigham Young meets Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and George W. Robinson (in Dublin, Indiana), who also fled Kirtland because of the mobocratic spirit prevailing.
Joseph Smith told Brigham Young that he was destitute and ask him for counsel.
Brigham Young has member Tomlison sell his farm. Tomilson does for $500 and $250 in goods. Tomilson gives $300 to Smith [per Brigham Young].
1837 Martin Harris excommunicated (subsequently joins Shakers).
1837 Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and David Whitmer reportedly pledge loyalty to a prophetess who used a black seer stone.
1837 Book of Mormon revised, several references to "God" are changes to "Son of God." BOM
1837 Warren Parrish apostates, leading 30-40 others (the Parrish Party), including Luke and Lyman Johsnon, William E. McLellin, A. Aldrich, Hazen Aldrich, John Boyington, Sylvester Smith, Joseph Coe, Orson Johnson, W. A. Cowdery, M. F. Cowdery.
End 1837 Heber C. Kimball writes that the Church is in a state of poverty and distress.
1838 Joseph Smith begins dictating his history.
1-Jan 1838 Joseph Smith identifies 28 dissenters, including Martin Harris [letter to Geo. Smith].
21-Jan 1838 Oliver Cowdery confronts Smith with charge of adultery with Fanny Alger.
12 or 28-Jan 1838 Joseph Smith leaves Kirtland, OH (reportedly to escape debts) at night and travels 60 miles the first night [per Ebenezer Robinson].
1838 Hiram Page leaves Church.
1838 Jacob Whitmer leaves Church.
5-Feb 1838 12 Apostles, with Thomas B. Marsh presiding, bring charges against David Whitmer, John Whitmer, and William W. Phelps.
10-Mar 1838 William W. Phelps excommunicated.
10-Mar 1838 John Whitmer excommunicated.
10-Mar 1838 Marcellus Cowdery disfellowshipped [per Ebenezer Robinson].
14-Mar 1838 Joseph Smith arrives at Far West, MO.
4-Apr 1838 Sidney Rigdon arrives at Far West, MO with his family.
4-Apr 1838 Wilford Woodruff receives letter from Warren Parrish, listing the apostates and their reasons [per Wilford Woodruff].
12-Apr 1838 Oliver Cowdery excommunicated.
13-Apr 1838 Lyman E. Johnson cut off from the Church.
13-Apr 1838 David Whitmer told he was no longer a member (not formerly excommunicated) [per Ebenezer Robinson].
15-Apr 1838 Stephen Burnett, in a letter, renounces Book of Mormon.
20-Apr 1838 Heber C. Kimball returns from England, meets Orson and Parley Pratt in New York.
26-Apr 1838 Church re-named "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
8-May 1838 Joseph Smith publishes answers to frequently asked questions on the beliefs of Mormons, including: Mormons do believe in the Bible, Mormons are different from other sects be cause they believe in the Bible, while other sects profess to believe in their interpretation,
Non-Mormons will be damned, as well as a good portion of Mormons, unless they repent and work for righteousness,
Joseph Smith is a prophet,
Members' property is not held in common,
Mormons do not believe in multiple wives at the same time,
Mormons cannot raise the dead,
members do not have to give all of their money to the church (only their portion of what's necessary to support church operations),
Mormons are not abolitionists,
Joseph Smith was a money digger but didn't make much money at it (only $14 a month),
Mormons do baptize the dead,
Joseph Smith is not Jesus Christ,
The scriptures are not full.
11-May 1838 Dr. William E. McLellin and Dr. McCord withdraw from the Church.
12-May 1838 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon request annual remuneration of $1,100, each.
The council gives 80 acre lots to each and grants their salary request.
George M. Hinkle opposed [per Ebenezer Robinson].
Next mtg After 12-May 1838 Joseph Smith's and Sidney Rigdon's salaries are rescinded because of much objection [per Ebenezer Robinson].
22-May 1838 Heber C. Kimball returns to Kirtland, OH.
Spring 1838 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon move to Far West, MO.
2-Jun 1838 Alexander Hale Smith (son of Joseph and Emma) born, Far West, MO.
19-Jun 1838 Salt Sermon: "Gideonites to drive out the disenters."
Joseph Smith says (regarding the new organization plan) that any who criticize the heads of the Church should be driven over the parries like deer by a pack of hounds [per John Whitmer].
After 19-Jun 1838 With Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon as instigators [plaintifs?], George W. Robinson prosecutes against: David Whitmer, John Whitmer, Lyman E. Johnson, Oliver Cowdery, Fredrick G. Williams, and William W. Phelps. The first five attempt to seek legal council but the families of Cowdery and Johnson are driven from their homes [per John Whitmer].
Jun 1838 Danites formed (also known as "Big Fan" or "The Daughter of Zion") with Dr. Samson Avard as leader. Avard claimed he had authority from Sidney Rigdon.
The organization has a Bill of Rights.
Jun 1838 David Whitmer says he got instruction from God to separate from the Latter-day Saints.
Jun 1838 Daughter of Zion sends letter to Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, John Whitmer, William W. Phelps and Lyman E. Johnson telling them they have three days to leave (signed by 83, including Hyrum Smith) [per Ebenezer Robinson].
Summer 1838 Church in debt [per John Corrill].
1838 Joseph Smith (32) published account of the first vision: says it was in the spring of 1820 when he was 14 or 15 and motivated by a religious revival in the area, 2 years after moving to Manchester. Says he saw Father & Son.
4-Jul 1838 Sidney Rigdon (public speech) threatened "war of extermination" on any mob against the saints and claims independence for the Church.
4-Jul 1838 Cornerstones laid for Far West Temple.
8-Jul 1838 Joseph Smith has revelation regarding tithing, a few days after salary rescinded.
18-July 1838 Joseph Smith has further revelation on tithing regarding surplus property.
3-Aug 1838 Orson Pratt publishes history or origins of Mormon Church, describes first vision as two identical personages.
5-Aug 1838 Frederick G. Williams re-babtized.
Before 6-Aug 1838 Candidate William Pennington says Mormons shouldn't be allowed to vote.
6-Aug 1838 Some Mormons are injured when trying to vote in Gallatin.
8-Aug 1838 Dr. Avard with 150 armed men, along with Joseph Smith and Lyman Wight arrives in Gallatin and force Justice of the Peace, Adam Black, to sign a paper of non-aggression toward Mormons. Black later files complaint ant Richmond, MO [per John Corrill & ..].
1838 Joseph Smith and Lyman Wight surrender to General Atchison for trial.
1838 Dr. Austin Carroll leads a mob of 200-300. General Atchison orders 500 militia to quell disturbance and intervenes between the mob and the Mormons.
14-Oct 1838 Joseph Smith makes "... religion by the sword." Statement at Far West, MO.
27-Oct 1838 Governor Boggs issues order saying Mormons must be treated as enemies and either exterminated or driven from the State.
1-4-Sep 1838 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon begin studying the law [per Ebenezer Robinson].
4-Sep 1838 John N. Sapp, a Danite, estimated their number at 800 to 1000.
Sep 1838 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Sidney Rigdon meet with Anson Call and others at Three Forks and warn them that there will be difficulties and to go to Far West.
Later, mobbers sought to kill Phineas Young (Brigham's brother) [per Anson Call].
2-4-Oct 1838 New Mormon settlement in DeWitt attack by mob, Mormons return fire.
6-Oct 1838 Joseph Smith arrives at DeWitt, sends request to the Governor for help.
9-Oct 1838 Governor refuses to help Mormons at DeWitt.
15-Oct 1838 Joseph Smith forms a company (including Parley P. Pratt) which marches to Daviess County under command of David W. Patten.
After 15-Oct 1838 Battle at Crooked River between Mormons and Samuel Bogart's men three Mormons killed (apostle David W. Patten, Gideon Carter, and Patterson [or Patrick] O'Banion), Yokum crippled, one of the State Militia killed and Samuel Tarwater severely disfigured, causing subsequent severe retaliation.
24-Oct 1838 Orson Hyde and Thomas B. Marsh (apostles) sign affidavits that Joseph Smith was plotting to take over the state of Missouri, and eventually the U.S.
Other apostates at this time include, John Corrill, Reed Beck, John Clemeson, William W. Phelps, Sampson Avard and George M. Hinkle [per Allen Joseph Stout].
30-Oct 1838 Haun's Mill massacre, 17-19 Mormons killed by Jenning's men.
31-Oct 1838 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, Parley P. Pratt, and George W. Robinson surrender to General Samuel D. Lucas' army of 1500 [per Ebenezer Robinson].
31-Oct 1838 Joseph Smith and Lyman Wight sentenced to be shot the following day, 1-Nov.
4-Nov 1838 Ebenezer Robinson, Edward Partridge, Isaac Morley, and other arrested by General Clark and are taken to Richmond, MO.
Also, General Clark requires Mormons to give up weapons, sign all property over to the State for cost of the war, and to leave state before the next season.
10-Nov 1838 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Parley P. Pratt, Lyman Wight, and others charged with High Treason, murder, burglary, arson, robbery, and larceny.
24-Nov 1838 Several released from jail.
28-Nov 1838 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Parley P. Pratt, Lyman Wight, and others sent to Liberty Jail, Missouri.
Dec 1838 Several more bailed out.
15-Jan 1839 Anson Call meets with apostates Lyman Cowdery, David Whitmer, William E. McLellin, Burt Rigs, William W. Phelps who want him to withdraw a reportedly false warrant that they took missing goods. Call refuses.
16-Jan 1839 Brigham Young and Edward Partridge at odds.
18-Mar 1839 George A. Smith appointed to the 12, replacing Thomas B. Marsh, who had fallen; Wilford Woodruff also added to the 12 [per Brigham Young].
11-Apr 1839 Joseph Smith and others charged by a grand jury with murder, treason, burglary, arson, larceny, theft, and stealing.
Before 15-Apr 1839 Sidney Rigdon bailed out.
15-Apr 1839 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Alexander McRae, and Caleb Baldwin escape while being transported from Liberty jailhouse (after getting their guard intoxicated).
22-Apr 1839 Joseph Smith arrives at Quincy, IL.
25-Apr 1839 Joseph Smith travels to Commerce, IL and purchases two adjoining farms for the Church for $5,000 and $9,000.
26-Apr 1839 31 cut off from the Church [per Brigham Young].
3-May 1839 Brigham Young visits Joseph and Hyrum Smith at Cleveland, shortly after their escape [per Brigham Young].
10-May 1839 Joseph Smith moves to Commerce IL; Sidney Rigdon and George W. Robinson follow.
18-May 1839 Joseph Smith in Commerce, laying out the city [per Brigham Young].
Before 4-Jul 1839 George M. Hinkle's fellowship withdrawn [per Brigham Young].
4-Jul 1839 Parley P. Pratt escapes from Richmond.
4-Aug 1839 Joseph Smith sends out the 12 to preach.
8-Aug 1839 Joseph Smith declares that angels have flesh and bones.
14-Sep 1839 Brigham Young, Heber, C. Kimball, George A. Smith, and Theodore Turley start out for mission to England.
1839 Church moves to Nauvoo, IL.
In or After 1839 Joseph Smith receives liquor license in Nauvoo.
In or After 1839 Joseph Smith declares bankruptcy (property in Emma's name).
1839 John Corrill leaves the Church.
1839 Sidney Rigdon writes an attack on proponents of the Spalding theory. BOM
1839 Ebenezer Robinson and Don Carlos Smith print Times and Seasons.
About 1840 Sidney Rigdon joins Masons.
1840 William Marks excommunicated by Brigham Young.
31-Jan 1840 Brigham Young meets Parley P. Pratt in New York [per Brigham Young].
9-Mar 1840 Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt, Parley P. Pratt, George A. Smith, R. Hedlock sail to England, arrive in Liverpool 6-Apr; Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, Willard Richards, William Clayton, and John Moon also there [per Brigham Young].
Apr 1840 Joseph Smith preaches that God was once a man.
Apr 1840 Orson Hyde and John E. Page go on mission to Jerusalem (Hyde for three years, Page returing Dec, 1842) [per Orson Hyde].
13-Jun 1840 Don Carlos Smith (JS son) born, Nauvoo, IL.
In or after Aug 1840 John C. Bennett joins Church and becomes Nauvoo mayor.
15-Aug 1840 Joseph Smith enunciated doctrine for baptism for the dead.
1840 Orson Pratt (Professor of Mathematics) publishes "Remarkable Visions"
14-Sep 1840 Joseph Smith Sr. dies, Nauvoo, IL.
Fall 1840 Oliver Cowdery moves to Tiffin, OH and opens law office; partner Joel W. Wilson and with William Lang.
Oliver Cowdery joined Methodists; and was knowledgeable of Hebrew, Greek, and Chaldee languages.
Oct 1840 Ebenezer Robinson completes job of printing the third edition of The Book of Mormon. BOM
8-Nov 1840 John Taylor baptized in Manchester, England [per Brigham Young].
1840 Church membership = 17,000.
16-Dec 1840 Illinois grants charter for City of Nauvoo, the Nauvoo Legion, and University of the City of Nauvoo.
1841 Joseph Smith marries Louisa Beaman (26).
5-Jan 1841 Joseph Smith says God has flesh and bone, and that earth was formed out of other planets that were broken up.
4-Mar 1841 William Harrison becomes U.S. President.
7-Mar 1841 Joseph Smith marries Zina Dianthia Huntington Jacobs (20) ( wife of Henry Baily Jacobs).
6-Apr 1841 John Tyler becomes U.S. President.
6-Apr 1841 Cornerstones laid for Nauvoo Temple; among other books and items, a Bible is laid but only after the Apocryphia is added to it (torn from one of the member's family Bible) to make it complete [per Samuel Miles].
6-9-Apr 1841 Hyrum Smith appointed Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, as revealed on 19-Jan, 1841.
6-9-Apr 1841 William Law, along with Sidney Rigdon, appointed councilor, replacing Hyrum Smith.
6-9-Apr 1841 John C. Bennett appointed councilor while Sidney Rigdon was ill.
6-9-Apr 1841 The 12 (or Traveling High Council) appointed: Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, Orson Hyde, William Smith, John Taylor, John E. Page, Wilford Woodruff, Willard Richards, George Albert Smith, Lyman Wight (replacing David W. Patten).
18-Apr 1841 Rev. James Murdock interviews William Smith.
20-Apr 1841 Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, Orson Pratt, Willard Richards, George A. Smith, and Levi Richards sail back; arrive in New York 20-May [per Brigham Young].
Jun 1841 Don Carlos Smith (Joseph's brother) denounces those who teach and practice plural marriage, no matter if it is his brother Joseph.
1-Jul 1841 Brigham Young and the others returning from England, arrive back in Nauvoo [per Brigham Young].
4-Aug 1841 Sidney Rigdon preaches of baptism for the dead.
7-Aug 1841 Don Carlos Smith (Joseph's brother) dies.
15-Aug 1841 Don Carlos Smith (Joseph's son) dies.
27-Aug 1841 Robert B. Thompson dies (Joseph Smith's secretary).
28-Nov 1841 Joseph Smith tells the 12 Apostles that The Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book and the keystone of our religion. [per Joseph Smith].
11-Dec 1841 Joseph Smith marries Prescindia Huntington Buell (31).
27-Dec 1841 Joseph Smith tells about the Urim and Thummim [per Brigham Young].
1842 Joseph Smith marries Elvira Cowles
1842 Joseph Smith marries Eliza Roxey Snow (former Campbellite).
1842 Joseph Smith marries Sarah Ann Whitney (daughter of Newel and Elizabeth Ann Whitney) [per Joseph C. Kingsbury and per Helen Mar Kimball].
1842 John A. Clark interviewed, said Joseph Smith was known as a "money digger" and was encouraged by his father to use the "seer" stone. Says the father was present at the first attempt to get the gold plates (22-Sep, 1823).
17-Jan 1842 Council of 12 opposed to Ebenezer Robinson's publishing The Book of Mormon without being counseled to do so by the first Presidency [per Brigham Young]. BOM
28-Jan 1842 Joseph Smith has revelation for the 12 to take in hand the editorial department of the Times and Seasons.
Brigham Young buys it on behalf of the Church from Ebenezer Robinson for an exorbitant price; Brigham objects to the price but pays it as Joseph Smith told the 12 to pay whatever Robinson asked [per Brigham Young].
3-Feb 1842 John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff appointed to take charge of the printing office [per Brigham Young].
6-Feb 1842 Son of Joseph and Emma Smith born and died.
Feb 1842 Joseph Smith sealed to Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner (23) (wife of Adam Lightner).
5-Mar 1842 Francis Gladen Bishop cut off for setting himself up as Prophet and Revelator to the Church [per Brigham Young].
9-Mar 1842 Joseph Smith (36) sealed to Patty Bartlett Sessions (47) (wife of David Sessions) by Willard Richards.
15-Mar 1842 Account of First Vision published.
15-Mar 1842 Masonic Lodge established in Nauvoo.
15-Mar 1842 Joseph Smith joins Masons.
17-Mar 1842 Oliver Olney disfellowshipped for setting himself up as a prophet.
17-Mar 1842 Joseph Smith organizes the Relief Society with Emma as president.
Mar 1842 Times & Seasons prints translation from Book of Abraham that says Elohim lives near the star Kolob and it introduces the doctrine of plural gods.
30-Mar 1842 Joseph Smith instructs Relief Society to grow by degrees and to become sufficiently skilled in Masonry as to keep a secret; and should be "good masons." Joseph Smith reportedly has some of the older women (know as "Mothers in Israel") approach young women to be his spiritual wives.
7-Apr 1842 Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball deny, reports that they tried to induce a sister into the belief of having two wives. Joseph Smith also denounces the reports.
4-May 1842 Joseph Smith introduces Temple Ceremonies (similar to Masonic ceremonies).
4-May 1842 Joseph Smith takes name of "Enoch" at temple endowment.
6-May 1842 Orrin Porter Rockwell (Joseph Smith's body guard) reportedly shoots and wounds former Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs at his house, through the window.
John Whitmer says it was well known that Joseph Smith hired Rockwell to kill Boggs and that Rockwell was a member of the Gadianton band.
19-May 1842 John C. Bennett resigns as mayor of Nauvoo; Joseph Smith elected as mayor by City Council.
Bennett reportedly competed with Joseph Smith for wives, taking those that Smith was planning on.
25-May 1842 John C. Bennett's fellowship with the Church is withdrawn.
25-May 1842 Chauncey L. Higby cut off form Church for licentious conduct toward females.
4-Jun 1842 Dr. John C. Bennett expelled from Masons.
Before 28-Jun 1842 Joseph Smith offers John Bennett $500 to help get Nancy Rigdon; Bennett refuses [per George W. Robinson].
28-Jun 1842 Nancy Rigdon (Sidney's teenage daughter) refuses Joseph Smith's advances [per John C. Bennett], causing hard feelings between Joseph and Sidney.
After 28-Jun 1842 Stephen Markhow attempts to destroy Nancy Rigdon's character; several respond with affidavits confirming Nancy's good character.
7-Jul ? Joseph Smith sends Orson Pratt on mission.
8-Aug 1842 Orson Pratt, influenced by statements of his wife (Sarah), rebelled against Joseph Smith [per Brigham Young].
8-Aug 1842 Orrin Porter Rockwell and Joseph Smith escape arrest and go into retirement.
17-Aug 1842 Joseph Smith denies claims of polygamy and cites the Article on Marriage, saying a man should have one wife.
20-Aug 1842 Orson Pratt cut off; Amasa Lyman ordained to replace him in the 12, per Joseph Smith's direction [per Brigham Young]..
20-Aug 1842 John C. Bennett declared unworthy to be chancellor of the university.
27-Aug 1842 Emma Smith writes to Governor Carlin.
29-Aug 1842 Joseph Smith comes out of hiding and attends a special conference: asks for support sent from the 12 Apostles and for those like Orson Pratt, Sidney Rigdon, and George W. Robinson who would prevent him, he can kick them off his heels. He also says that Orson Pratt attempted to destroy himself. [per Joseph Smith].
1842 Relief Society appeals to Governor Carlin for Joseph Smith.
1842 Mormon Legion reportedly has 2000 troops.
Sep 1842 Nauvoo Masonry has 286 member candidates.
3-Sep 1842 Sheriff comes to Nauvoo to arrest Joseph Smith; Smith escapes and goes into hiding.
26-Sep 1842 Orson Pratt denies relations with John C. Bennett.
2-Oct 1842 Governor Reynolds offers $200 or $300 reward for Joseph Smith and same for Orin P. Rockwell.
5-Oct 1842 Governor Carlin (IL) arranges to have Joseph Smith turned over to Missouri.
About t 1842 Willard Richards appointed Church Historian [per Brigham Young].
1842 John C. Bennett publishes The History of the Saints or an Expose of Joseph Smith and Mormonism which exposes Mormon practice of polygamy; describes three orders of women: "Cyprian Saints", "Chambered Sisters of Charity", " Cloisterd Saints" or "Consecratees of the Cloister."
His book also describes the story of Joseph Smith's advances toward Sarah Pratt, her refusal, and Orson Pratt's confrontation with Smith.
? Joseph Smith marries Clarissa Reed Hancock (born 14-Dec 1814).
? Joseph Smith marries Nancy Marinda Johnson Hyde (born 28-Jun 1815).
1843 Joseph Smith marries Almera Woodward Johnson (31).
1843 Joseph Smith marries Lucy Walker (17).
1843 Joseph Smith marries Melisa Lott (19).
1843 Joseph Smith marries Lucindia Pendelton Morgan Harris (42) (Former wife of missing Mason critic, William Morgan).
1843 Joseph Smith marries Olive Frost (27).
In or
1843 Joseph Smith marries Flora Woodworth [per Lucian Woodworth (Flora's mother) per Orange Wight]. Lucian Woodworth is referred to as a Pagan Prophet.
10-Jan 1843 John C. Bennett sent letter to Sidney Rigdon and Orson Pratt describing grand jury indictments against Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Lyman Wight, and others.
11-Jan 1843 Celebration: Joseph Smith discharged from his arrest under the Missouri writ by Illinois District Court Judge Pope [per Brigham Young].
16-Jan 1843 Sidney Rigdon forwards Bennett's letter to Orson Pratt. Orson Pratt brings the letter to Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith accuses Sidney Rigdon of plotting with John C. Bennett and Governor Carlin to have him arrested [per Joseph Smith].
20-Jan 1843 Orson Pratt confessed his sins, he and Sarah Marinda Pratt re-instated and re-baptized [per Brigham Young].
About 4-Mar 1843 Orrin Porter Rockwell taken prisoner in St. Louis, MO.
26-Mar 1843 Joseph Smith kicks Josiah Butterfield (guardian of Maria & Sarah Lawrence) out of the house, across the yard, and into the street for insulting him [Per Joseph Smith].
Mar 1843 Joseph Smith is sealed to Eliza Marie Partridge (23) and (a few days later) Emily Dow Partridge (19) (daughters of the late Edward Partridge) by Heber C. Kimball [per Eliza Partridge].
7-Apr 1843 Orrin Porter Rockwell confined in Independence, MO.
23-Apr 1843 Kinderhook plates (6 bell shaped brass plates) found in Kinderhook, IL. BOM
1-May 1843 Joseph Smith says he translated a portion of the Kinderhook plates and found them to be a history of a descendant of Ham. Smith says the figures were similar to those on the plates he translated to The Book of Mormon. BOM
13-Jun 1843 Joseph Smith arrested at Dixon [per Brigham Young].
Summer 1843 Joseph Smith kidnapped and later
24-Jun 1843 Masonic Temple cornerstone laid by Hyrum Smith (Worshipful Master of lodge of ancient York Masons).
30-Jun 1843 Joseph Smith returns from arrest [per Joseph Smith] ("rescued") [per Amasa Lyman].
7-Jul 1843 Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, George A. Smith, and Wilford Woodruff start out on a mission [per Brigham Young].
9-Jul 1843 Brigham Young acknowledges Joseph Smith's polygamy and justifies it (in an interview) [per Brigham Young].
12-Jul 1843 Joseph Smith (37) announces revelation in favor of Plural Marriage (saying it was important for salvation).
Hyrum Smith reportedly explains the revelation to Emma Smith, who rejects it, Joseph Smith shows Emma a transcript of the revelation, Emma throws it into the fireplace, but later gives in to the idea, providing that she gets to approve Joseph's plural wives.
28-Jul 1843 Heber C. Kimball and Orson Pratt in Pittsburgh, PA.
5-Sep 1843 Brigham Young and party arrive in Boston [per Brigham Young].
23-Sep 1843 Heber C. Kimball in Boston.
About Sep 1843 Orrin Porter Rockwell released for lack of evidence to indite.
6-Sep 1843 Joseph Smith called a modern Caligula at an anti-Mormon meeting.
5-Oct 1843 Joseph Smith qualifies his earlier position on plural marriage, saying a man should have one wife unless the Lord directs otherwise.
6-Oct 1843 Joseph Smith says he's dissatisfied with Sidney Rigdon and asks that he not be re-appointed as a counselor (at a special conference), citing Rigdon's mismanagement of the Post Office and detaining Smith's mail.
Sidney Rigdon apologizes and is re-appointed. Smith says I've cast him off of my back and you have put him back on; you can carry him for I will not.
22-Oct 1843 Brigham Young arrives back Nauvoo [per Brigham Young].
23-Oct 1843 Joseph Smith explains the 23-Jul revelation on celestial marriage to Brigham Young [per Young].
2-Nov 1843 Joseph Smith marries Fanny Young Murry (56) (Brigham's sister).
Fall 1843 Joseph Smith marries Mary (20) and Sarah (17) Lawrence.
29-Nov 1843 Joseph Smith reads a letter to be sent to the Green Mountain Boys, with an appeal and detailing part of the Mormon's history.
Parley P. Pratt apologizes for not killing all or being killed in the Missouri battle.
Joseph Smith apologizes for preventing the brethren from fighting and would not do so again; says "...when the mobs come upon you, kill them."
Brigham Young apologized for restraining Hosea Stout.
25-Dec 1843 Orson Pratt returns to Nauvoo.
As early as 1843 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon reportedly advocated decapitation or throat-cutting for various crimes and sins.
By 1844 Warren Parrish becomes a Baptist minister, receiving $500 per year.
1844 Nauvoo, IL population = 12,000 (2nd largest city in IL.). Joseph Smith Mayor.
1844 Mormon Legion reportedly has nearly 3200 troops. (U.S. Army has 8500.)
1-Jan 1844 William Law complained that Joseph Smith instructed the police to kill him [per Brigham Young].
Jan 1844 Joseph Smith nominated by the 12 Apostles to run for President.
1-Feb 1844 Times and Season prints notice that "Hiram Brown" was cut off from the Church for preaching polygamy.
21-Feb 1844 Joseph Smith directs the 12 to select a company (of 25) to explore California for a settlement of the Saints [per Brigham Young].
Mar 1844 Joseph Smith gives the power of the Church to the Apostles [per the Apostles].
11-Mar 1844 Joseph Smith organizes the Council of Fifty (also called "Kindom of God" or " Council of the Kingdom"); members are sworn to secrecy under penalty of death.
Brigham Young writes that several members were not members of the Church and that they discussed government issues.
15-Mar 1844 Joseph Smith denounces polygamy.
24-March 1844 Joseph Smith identifies the following in a conspiracy to kill him:
Chancey L. Higbee, Dr. Robert D. Foster, Joseph H. Jackson, William and Wilson Law [per Brigham Young].
26-Mar 1844 Joseph Smith asks U.S. Congress for permission to establish unit of 100,000 armed men to protect settlers in Oregon and other Northwest areas [several Missourians had already settled in the Oregon area]. (Congress rejects request.)
Church population 26,000.
6-9-Apr 1844 Conference; Sidney Rigdon present.
7-Apr 1844 Joseph Smith says God was once a man.
11-Apr 1844 Joseph Smith (38) named "King Over the Immediate House of Israel" by the Council of Fifty and says he's to set up the Kindom of Daniel.
17-Apr 1844 William and Wilson Law cut off [per Brigham Young].
18-Apr 1844 Willam Law planned to shoot Joseph Smith but didn't get a chance [per affidavit of Jesse Price].
18-Apr 1844 Robert D. Foster, William Law, Wilson Law, Jane Law, and Howard Smith cut off from Church by a council meeting for unchristian-like conduct [per Joseph Smith].
26-Apr 1844 Charles Foster draws pistol against Joseph Smith; Charles Foster, Robert D. Foster, and Chauncey L. Higbee arrested by Smith's men and fined $100 [per Joseph Smith].
After 26-Apr 1844 Robert D. Foster charged with slander against Willard Richards for accusing Richards of trying to seduce his wife on the boat to New York.
27-Apr 1844 Wilson Law and Robert D. Foster claim that Joseph Smith kept a gang of robbers and plunderers about his house, with Smith receiving half of the spoils. Foster says Smith tried to get him to kill Boggs [per 2-May, 1844 affidavit of Aaron Johnson].
1844 Austin Cowles defects after exposing Church's approval of polygamy.
1844 Francis Higbee, Chauncey Higbee, cut off from the Church.
Chauncey L. Higbee claimed that Joseph Smith had men killed in Missouri.
Before 3-May 1844 Augustine Spencer writes a letter charging Joseph Smith with drinking, swearing, carousing, and keeping six or seven young females as wives [Per Parley P. Pratt].
3-May 1844 Joseph Smith denies practicing polygamy.
8-May 1844 Brigham Young called to testify in a trial of Francis M. Higbee vs. Joseph Smith [per Brigham Young].
10-May 1844 William Law distributes inflammatory prospectus for Nauvoo Expositor newspaper.
16-May 1844 Nauvoo convention resolves to support Joseph Smith for President of the U. S. and Sidney Rigdon as Vice President.
21-May 1844 Brigham Young, Keber C. Kimball, and Lyman Wight start on a mission [per Brigham Young]
25-May 1844 Sidney Rigdon resigns his office as the Postmaster of Nauvoo and recommends Joseph Smith as his successor.
27-May 1844 Joseph Smith goes to Carthage (after avoiding arrest) to face indictments for perjury and adultery. Returned same day, as they were not ready for a trial [per Joseph Smith].
Spring 1844 Joseph Smith identifies Joseph Smith III as his successor [per James Whitehead and Emma Smith].
Before Jun 1844 Joseph Smith tells William Hyde that he carried Sidney Rigdon on his back long enough and he wanted the 12 to help shake him off.
Before Jun 1844 Sidney Rigdon moves to Pittsburgh, PA.
1-Jun 1844 Heber C. Kimball and Lyman Wight go to Washington; Brigham Young in Pittsburgh [per Brigham Young].
6-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith receives letter from L. W. Hickok warning of plans to indite him at Springfield for protecting Jeremiah Smith with writ of habeas corpus [per Joseph Smith].
7-Jun 1844 Nauvoo Expositor 1st issue criticizes Smith, exposes practice of polygamy and multiple God doctrine.
10-Jun 1844 Willard Richards accuses William Law of seducing his daughter.
10-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith, orders destruction of Nauvoo Expositor press, office, and papers.
About 8:00 10-Jun 1844 Marshall John P. Greene reports to Joseph Smith that the Legion (about 200 men) destroyed the Nauvoo Expositor.
12-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith arrested by David Bettisworth for ordering destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor; Smith orders a writ of habeas corpus for himself and is tried and released by the Nauvoo municipal court [per Joseph Smith].
Week before 13-Jun 1844 Hyrum Smith reportedly offers reward for the destruction of the Warsaw Signal.
Hyrum Smith reportedly threatens the life of Warsaw Signal editor, Thomas C. Sharp.
13-Jun 1844 Warsaw Signal prints report of destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor and announces resolve and area support to protect it's press to the death.
14-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon and others send letters to Governor Ford explaining reasons for action against the Nauvoo Expositor.
14-Jun 1844 Mobs gathering in Carthage.
16-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith describes doctrine of multiple Gods: ...head of the Gods appointed one God for us. Claims he always believed in multiple Gods.
16-Jun 1844 Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt, Willford Woodruff, and Lyman Wight in Boston [per Brigham Young].
17-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith (and others) arrested for riot and destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor; no plea entered, prisoners discharged [per Joseph Smith].
18-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith says the Holy Ghost is waiting to take a body like Jesus Christ and the Gods before him.
18-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith (mayor) declares martial law in Nauvoo and calls out the Nauvoo Legion to prepare for mob attacks [per Joseph Smith].
19-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith reportedly appoints James Jesse Strang to be his successor. [Per a Yale University document.]
20-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith sends letter to U. S. President John Tyler, asking for protection.
22-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith reportedly tells clerk of Kingdom [ William Clayton?] to burn records of Council of Fifty.
22-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Willard Richards, and Orrin Porter Rockwell cross the Mississippi at night.
23-Jun 1844 A posse arrives in Nauvoo to arrest Joseph Smith. Posse returns to Carthage.
23-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith sends Orrin Porter Rockwell back to get horses and tells him to be ready to start for the Great Basin in the Rocky Mountains..
23-Jun 1844 Emma Smith sends Orrin Porter Rockwell, Reynolds Cahoon, Lorenzo D. Wasson, and Hirum Kimball to convince Joseph Smith to return and face charges, as Governor Ford promised their safety and a fair trial. Joseph reluctantly agrees with Hyrum to return but says they will be butchered.
23-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith sends message to Governor Ford that he'll return.
24-Jun 1844 Governor Ford orders Nauvoo Legion to give up their arms; they comply.
25-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith surrender to Governor Ford.
25-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and several others arrested for the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor. Bail was posted and all, but Joseph and Hyrum, were released; Joseph and Hyrum were kept in jail and charged with treason against Illinois for calling out the Nauvoo Legion.
26-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith writes to Judge Thomas for legal counsel.
26-Jun 1844 John Smith (uncle) visits Joseph and Hyrum.
27-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith writes to Quincy lawyer O. H. Browning for legal counsel.
27-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith sends order to Major-General Jonathan Dunham to lead the Legion in attack on Carthage. Dunham refuses; does not notify Smith.
About 5pm 27-Jun 1844 Joseph Smith (38), Hyrum Smith, John Taylor, and Willard Richards attacked in Carthage Jail by mob of 250 or more militiamen from Warsaw, IL with faces painted black.
Hyrum Smith killed first with a shot to the head. Joseph Smith shoots and kills two of his assailants and wounds a third with a gun (smuggled by Cyrus Wheelock); Joseph Smith makes Masonic sign for distress before shot and killed. Was carrying Jupiter Talisman.
John Taylor badly wounded, taking four bullets; Willard Richards only nicked on ear and cheek.
After 27-Jun 1844 William Law moves to Burlington, Iowa.
After 27-Jun 1844 Martin Harris joins James J. Strang (Strangites). Strang claims to have received plates of his own and says he translated them with the Urim and Thummim.
9-Jul 1844 Brigham Young (in the East) hears rumors of Joseph and Hyrum's murder [per Brigham Young].
16-Jul 1844 Brigham Young receives confirmation of Joseph and Hyrum's murder [per Brigham Young].
24-Jul 1844 Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Lyman Wight, Orson Pratt, and Wilford Woodruff leave Boston for Nauvoo [per Brigham Young].
30-Jul 1844 Samuel Harrison Smith dies.
8-Aug 1844 Sidney Rigdon (back at Nauvoo) claims to be "Guardian of the Church" but was rejected in favor of Brigham Young who was chosen by the 12 Apostles.
3-Sep 1844 Apostles demand Sidney Rigdon's license (Rigdon refuses).
8-Sep 1844 Sidney Rigdon excommunicated.
7-Oct 1844 Orson Pratt has a Mormon Almanac.
15-Oct 1844 Signey Rigdon returns to Pittsburgh, PA; 500 secessionists follow him.
17-Nov 1844 David Hyrum Smith (JS son) born.
Before 31-Dec 1844 Martin Harris joins the Shakers and a becomes a follower of Anne Lee.
After 8-Sep 1844 Sidney Rigdon tells James Jeffries of the Solomon Spalding manuscript and that he and Joseph Smith used to read in on Sundays and that Joseph Smith said "I'll print it." BOM
1844 William Marks excommunicated by Brigham Young.
1845 Sheriff Deming shoots Sam Marshall.
Jan 1845 Illinois revokes Nauvoo's charter.
4-Mar 1845 James Polk becomes U.S. President.
1845 William Smith tries to claim some of Joseph Smith's younger wives.
19-May 1845 The following were indited for the murder of Joseph Smith but acquited on 22-May:
Colonel Levi Williams, Thomas C. Sharp, Jacob C. Davis, Mark Aldrich, and William N. Grover.
24-May 1845 Capstone laid on Nauvoo temple [per Helen Mar Kimball].
28-Jun 1845 William Smith declares himself President of the Church; uncle John Smith talks him out of it.
18-Jul 1845 Lucy Mack Smith's History is copyrighted.
15-Sep 1845 Two sheriffs come to Nauvoo for (but didn't find): Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt, George A. Smith, John Taylor, Willard Richards, George Miller, John Harris, Orson Pratt, Orson Hyde, and John Page in Nauvoo.
16-Sep 1845 Orrin Porter Rockwell shoots one of a mob during a struggle.
6-Oct 1845 Orson Pratt objects to William Smith's appointment to the 12 Apostles, citing his intention to undermine the Presidency of the Church and for unsavory behavior. William Smith not appointed.
Orson Pratt also objects to Lyman Wight's appointment (held over).
Isaac Morley supports William Smith as Patriarch of the Church; not appointed.
7-Oct 1845 Oliver Cowdery writes letter offering to help Mormons with President Polk in their arrangements for their trip West.
19-Oct 1845 William Smith excommunicated.
23-Oct 1845 Bieglow (in self defense) shoots and wounds one of the Governor's troops.
1846 Sidney Rigdon buys a farm in Antrim, PA for his church for $14,700; pays $6000 and mortgages the rest. About 150 move in but unable to pay the mortgage and the property was repossessed in 1847.
1846 Brigham Young reportedly says he'd be perfectly willing to see thieves have their throats cut.
After 4-Feb 1846 Brigham Young leads part of Church membership west. Includes: Heber C. Kimball,
Spring 1846 Orson Hyde starts journey West. From Council Bluffs the Government calls for 500 men to go to Mexico.
Fall 1846 Martin Harris go on mission to England for Strang.
Before 1847 William E. McLellin starts "The Church of Christ" asks David Whitmer to lead it. Five of the 11 witness join. (Oliver Cowdery sympathetic but does not join.)
1847 Brigham Young becomes 2nd prophet.
1847 Newel Knight dies.
1847 Oliver Cowdery moves to Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
8-Sep 1847 David Whitmer declares himself to be prophet of New Church of Christ.
22-Nov 1847 12 Apostles send leter to Oliver Cowdery, exhorting him to be repabtized.
1847 Brigham Young arrives at Salt Lake.
Dec 1847 Brigham Young says of a Black Mormon in Massachusetts who married a white woman that he would have them both killed if they were far away from the Gentiles.
21-Oct 1848 Oliver Cowdery travels to meet Church (heading for West) at Council Bluffs, Iowa and granted request to be re-baptized.
19-Nov 1848 Nauvoo temple destroyed.
1848 Lyman Wight excommunicated.
5-Mar 1849 Zachary Taylor becomes U.S. President.
Before 3-Mar 1850 Oliver Cowdery reportedly gives Martin Harris his Book of Mormon transcript.
3-Mar 1850 Oliver Cowdery dies at Richmond, MO.
9-Jul 1850 Millard Filmore becomes U.S. President.
1850 John Taylor denies that the Church practices polygamy.
1850 Church membership = 52,000.
1851 Pearl of Great Price published, includes the Book of Abraham from the Papyrus.
12-Aug 1852 Hiram Page dies.
1852 Brigham Young preaches that Adam lived as a man on another planet and then became God.
1852 Practice of polygamy announced. Joseph Fielding Smith says it is essential for exaltation.
4-Mar 1853 Franklin Pierce becomes U.S. President.
1853 Jedediah M. Grant says Jesus was persecuted because he had so many wives.
1854 Orson Pratt disagrees with Brigham Young's Adam God doctrine.
1854 Willard Richards dies.
1854 George A. Smith historian until 1875.
1855 Brigham Young says of the first vision that an angel of the Lord, not the Lord, visited Joseph Smith.
1856 James J. Strang killed.
21-Apr 1856 Jacob Whitmer dies.
14-May 1856 Lucy Mack Smith dies, Nauvoo, IL. Reportedly said the family practiced the "faculty of Abrac."
21-Sep 1856 Brigham Young gives Blood Atonement speech.
About 1856 Brigham Young says if you found your wife in bed with your brother, put a javelin through both of them. At this or some other time, Brigham Young reportedly says blood atonement crimes included: adultry, apostasy, covenant breaking, counterfeiting, profaning the name of the Lord, intercourse between whites and African-Americans, stealing, lying, ...
1857 Parley P. Pratt dies.
8-Feb 1857 Brigham Young gives another Blood Atonement speech.
2-Jun 1857 Brigham Young says the day would come when thousands would be made eunuchs in order for them to be saves in the Kingdom of God [per Wilford Woodruff].
4-Mar 1857 James Buchanan becomes U.S. President.
Mid Summer 1857 Thomas Lewis reportedly castrated by Bishop Warren Snow for an undisclosed sex crime.
At some other time, Bishop Snow reportedly had a man castrated for refusing to go on a mission, so Snow could take a buxom girl that the man was engaged to as one of his plural wives.
29-Sep 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre of Francher Train from Arkansas & Missouri.
120 or more killed.
27-Feb 1858 Henery Jones reportedly Castrated.
After 27-Feb 1858 Henery Jones and his mother are killed, with Bishop Hancock's involvement [per affidavit of Nathaniel Chase].
31-Mar 1858 Lyman Wight dies.
Jan 1859 Martin Harris interviewed; says: The company of money-diggers included:
Joseph Smith Sr., Hyram Smith, Josah Stowell, Beaman, Samuel Lawrence, George Proper, and Joseph Smith as the stone looker; When Joseph retrieved the plates (from the hollow tree) he was attacked by a man and hit with a club, but he knocked the man down and ran home; The plates were 7" wide by 8" long and the thickness of plates of tin, stacked to 4" high and bound with 3 silver rings and weighed 40 to 50lbs and kept in a cherry box;. The lord showed the plates to him..." the power of God, I have seen them." The money-diggers claimed as much right to the plates as Joseph Smith. Beaman modified a widow glass box to fit the plates and heard them "jink" as they were dropped in. Joseph Smith said and angel appeared and told him that it was God's work and to quit the money-diggers and that the plates must be translated, printed, and sent before the world. Joseph Smith saw Harris in is spectacles [Urim & Thummim] as the man that would assist him. He promised to provide the necessary money to bring it to the world. There were threats in Palmyra to tar and feather Smith. He encouraged Smith to move back to Harmony, PA. He paid Smith's depts and gave him money to make the trip. Emma's brother Alva came to help them move. They hid the plates in a barrel 1/3 full of beans and left for Harmony, PA in late October or early November of 1827.
1860 Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints established at Amboy, Iowa with Joseph Smith III as leader.
4-Mar 1861 Abraham Lincoln becomes U.S. President.
12-Apr 1861 Civil War starts.
1862 U.S. Morill Act Prohibits Polygamy.
15-Apr 1865 Andrew Johnson becomes U.S. President.
24-Jun 1865 Isaac Morley dies.
1866 Thomas Marash dies.
19-Aug 1866 Brigham Young says only men that practice polygamy can become gods.
? Brigham Young says that Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith returned the plates to the Hill Cumora, which opened up and they went into a large cave.
1867 Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints publishes Joseph Smith's Inspired version of the King James Bible (conflicting with the Pearl of Great Price).
As late as 1868 The Deseret News encouraged rank-an-file Mormons to kill any one committing adultery.
1868 Heber C. Kimball dies.
4-Mar 1869 Ulysses S. Grant becomes U.S. President.
1870 Brigham Young says the sun is inhabited.
After 1870 Martin Harris re-baptized.
28-Aug 1871 Sophronia Smith dies.
6-Mar 1872 William W. Phelps dies at Salt Lake.
1872 William Marks dies.
1874 William Hyde dies.
1875 Brigham Young strips Orson Pratt of his seniority.
10-Jul 1875 Martin Harris dies in Clarkston, UT..
? R. W. Alderman says Martin Harris told him that Rigdon had stolen the Spalding manuscript BOM
14-Jul 1876 Sidney Rigdon dies; now believed to have had Bipolar Affective Disorder, or Manic-Depressive Illness.
1876 Doctrine & Covenants revised to allow polygamy by adding section 132 and removing section 101 verse 4, prohibiting polygamy. Section 132 is still in effect.
4-Mar 1877 Rutherford B. Hays becomes U.S. Presidnet.
23-Mar 1877 John D. Lee executed for the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
29-Aug 1877 Brigham Young dies.
1877 Amasa Lyman dies.
1877 Rasmos Anderson reportedly has his throat cut (with his consent) for repeated adultery and for violating covenants.
1878 Orson Pratt says that Joseph Smith received the revelation of plural marriage as early as 1831 but not allowed to announce it then [Lyman Johnson concurred].
Orson Pratt adds that that Joseph Smith had a plural wife as early as 5-Apr 1841.
1878 Pearl of Great Price revised to match Joseph Smith's Inspired version of the King James Bible.
11-Jul 1878 John Whitmer dies.
1878 Orson Hyde dies.
Feb 1879 Emma Smith interviewed; says: Before married, Joseph Smith visited her at Stowell's house in Bainbridge, NY; Joseph Smith bought her brother, Jesse Hale's house, which was off of her father's farm, and there the plates were translated; She first met Sidney Rigdon at Whitmer's house; Parley P. Pratt joined before Rigdon; She and Rueben Hale also assisted with the Book of Mormon translation; Joseph Smith would dictate with his face buried in his hat with his seer stone in it; She felt the plates through the linen table cloth that they were covered with and thumbed their pages, but never looked at them; She had no knowledge that Joseph Smith practiced or endorsed polygamy. BOM
30-Jun 1879 W. Fugate writes an affidavit that he, Robert Wiley, and Bridge Whitton created the Kinderhook plates has a hoax. An analysis of a surviving plate confirms that it was produced in the 1840s by the method described by Fugate. BOM
1880 John Taylor becomes 3rd prophet.
1880 Church votes on polygamy.
10-Oct 1880 Pearl of Great Price revised and canonized.
4-Mar 1881 James Garfield becomes U.S. President.
Jun 1881 William H. Kelley interviews: Mary Bryant: Lyman Cowdery helped write Morga's anti-Mason book and was a law pettifogger (taking small cases) and a cats-paw for the Smiths, doing their dirty work. Ezra Pierce (born 1800): Pulled sticks with Joseph Smith for a gallon of brandy; Abel Chase's sister also had a seer stone. Orlando Saunders (Lorenzo's brother): Joseph Smith worked for him many a time. Abel Chase (Willard's son): The Smiths were superstitious and shiftless; the stone belonged to Mason and Mrs. Smith got it from their Mother; also, their sister had and used a different seer stone. BOM
19-Sep 1881 Chester A. Arthur becomes U.S. President.
1881 Orson Pratt dies.
22 Mar 1882 U.S. Edmunds Act signed by President Arthur; enforces Morill Act.
9-Dec 1882 Lucy Smith (sister) dies.
1884 L. L. Rice (successor to Howe as editor of Paineville Telegraph) discovers the Fabius story, also known as the Manuscript Story (not Manuscript Found), and gives it to Joseph H. Fairchild (president of Oberlin College).
The Fabius story was unfinished and not ready for printing, although it didn't match the description of Manuscript Found, its outline is essentially the same as The Book of Mormon and thought to be a re-write or an early draft of Manuscript Found.
4-Mar 1885 Grover Cleveland becomes U.S. President.
14-Jan 1885 David Whitmer says, in an interview, that he saw the plates (and table) in a vision.
1885 Eliza Marie Partridge (Smith) Lyman dies.
1887 John Taylor dies.
18-Feb 1887 Congress passed Edmunds-Tucker Act dissolving the LDS church.
30-Mar 1887 William Law intervied by Dr. Wyl, says:
Joseph Smith told him that he sent Rockwell to kill Boggs,
Rockwell was Smith's lackey - combed and shaved Smith, blackened his boots and drove his carriage.
Suspected Hyrum Smith of planning to poison him,
Smith's secretaries Mulholland and Blashel Thompson died under suspicious circumstances,
Dr. Foster thought that 6 -7 men were poisoned,
Emma complained of the girls Joseph kept in the house,
Joseph took in the orphaned Lawrence girls (16 & 17) and kept their $8,000, and was later sealed to them,
Emma was dishonest, all of Joseph's property was put in her name,
Bennett was smart and clever but a thorough scoundrel,
Smith planned to ruin Sarah Pratt's character,
Joseph Smith, Sr. sold blessings,
Hyrum Smith proposed a scheme of revenge on the Missourians by buying goods from them on credit and not paying,
Joseph Smith said if you take away a man's money, you can do with him as you will,
Joseph Smith explained his reversal on polygamy saying the Church had to be fed milk before you get the meat.
4-Mar 1889 Benjamin Harrison becomes U.S. President.
1889 Wilford Woodruff becomes 4th prophet.
1890 Wilford Woodruff issues Manifesto, revoking polygamy
4-Mar 1893 Grover Cleveland becomes U.S. President again.
13-Nov 1893 William Smith dies.
1895 Philo Dibble dies.
4-Mar 1897 William McKinley becomes U.S. President.
1898 Wilford Woodruff dies, Lorenzo Snow becomes 5th prophet..
28-Jul 1900 Catherine Smith dies.
14-Sep 1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes U.S. President.
1901 Lorenzo Snow dies, Joseph F. Smith becomes 6th prophet.
6-Apr 1904 Joseph Fielding Smith issues second Manifesto.
Church begins enforcing law against polygamy.
29-Aug 1904 David Hyrum Smith dies.
12-Aug 1909 Alexander Hale Smith dies.
1912 New York Times discredits Book of Abraham as taken for old Egyptian Originals.
10-Dec 1914 Joseph Smith III dies, Kirkland, OH.
1918 Joseph F. Smith dies, Heber J. Grant becomes 7th prophet.
1922 B. H. Roberts' book questions The Book of Mormon. BOM
Before 1926 Oath of vengeance is removed from the temple ceremony.
1945 Heber J. Grand dies, George Albert Smith becomes 8th prophet.
1947 Church has 1 million members.
1951 George Albert Smith dies, David O. McKay becomes 9th prophet.
1963 Church has 2 million members.
1963 Joseph Fielding Smith says Jesus was married.
1966 Dr. Atiya discovers the original Book of Abraham manuscripts.
1967 Egyptian Papyrus fragments found in the Metropolitan Museum [same as above?].
27-Nov 1967 Book of Abraham manuscripts turned over to the Church.
1970 David O. McKay dies, Joseph Fielding Smith becomes 10th prophet.
1971 Church as 3 million members.
1972 Joseph Fielding Smith dies, Harold B. Lee becomes 11th prophet.
1973 Harold B. Lee dies, Spencer W. Kimball becomes 12 prophet.
1976 Spencer W. Kimball rejects Brigham Young's Adam God doctrine.
1978 Church has 4.1 million members.
1978 Spencer W. Kimball removes restrictions on blacks.
1979 Bruce R. McConkie revises his Mormon Doctrine to reflect acceptance of blacks.
1980 Ezra Taft Benson says the living prophet is more vital that the standard works and he is more important than a dead prophet.
1981 The Book of Mormon revised and replaces term "...white and delightsome people" with
"...pure and delightsome people."
1982 Church has 5 million members.
1985 Spencer W. Kimball dies, Ezra Taft Benson becomes 13th prophet.
1987 Church has 6.1 million members.
1989 Church has 7 million members.
1989 George P. Lee (of the 70) excommunicated.
10-Apr 1990 Temple rituals changed and death oaths eliminated.
1994 Ezra Taft Benson dies, Howard Hunter becomes 14th prophet.
1995 Howard Hunter dies, Gordon B. Hinckley becomes 15th prophet.