Subject: BLINK!!! Flat Lander's Court of Love DELAYED til NOV
Date: Sep 26, 2008
Author: Flat Lander

Just received this e-mail from my stake president.

Dear Brother Callahan,

We have decided to defer your disciplinary council to a later date given
this politically charged election season. We feel that a more measured and
considered discussion can be held at a date sometime in November.
Meanwhile, we invite you to meet with the stake presidency tomorrow night at
the same appointed time to discuss you situation.

It is almost a 200-mile trip for me to drive to the stake center so I would
appreciate a confirmation that you will attend the meeting.


President W. S... [Stake President - Local Mormon Church leader]

Comments from readers:

Subject: Re: BLINK!!! Flat Lander's Court of Love DELAYED til NOV
Date: Sep 26 01:16
Author: Coleman

Dear Brother Callahan,

We have decided to puss out until this whole Proposition 8 thing blows over. We can't have people noticing us running the campaign and at the same time excommunicating a member for voicing their opinion.

Loves and Kisses,

President W.  S.


Subject: So, are you going to the meeting? n/t


Subject: Re: BLINK!!! Flat Lander's Court of Love DELAYED til NOV
Date: Sep 26 01:22
Author: The True Profit

It seems to me that they are waiting for the media attention to die down - perhaps you could spend the next couple of months drawing more attention. :-)

Good luck with your campaign.


Subject: You've scared them!
Date: Sep 26 01:23
Author: Ms.

Has the petition been delivered?


Subject: "A more measured and considered discussion". Liars all!! n/t


Subject: Yes they blinked!! Woohoo!!! They're scared!! :D
Date: Sep 26 02:53
Author: Tiphanie

Congrats on winning this round!! :)

Are you going to meet with them tomorrow night? Personally I see no use for that meeting but maybe you do?


Subject: Re: Woohoo nothing.
Date: Sep 26 06:41
Author: sg

This is not a win. This is them delaying until after the election when they can discipline Flat Lander after election results were in.

If they had held the court tonight, particularly if they had disciplined him, the outcome would be all over the papers and could well have become a campaign issue. It would have only made more obvious how the Yes on 8 campaign is NOT a grassroots effort. It would have become an opportunity to highlight the cult's involvement behind the scene.

Rather than blinking, I suggest this is the SLC leadership reining in the SP to avoid the above.


Subject: Delaying tactics. First little victory to you. Nov! What year? n/t


Subject: What a discrace this cult is
Date: Sep 26 06:58
Author: UK-Sinner

As others have said, the morg have simply sidelined the decision until the results of Prop 8 are in, then Brother Flatlander will face their wrath.

Is this a christian church, or a PR driven political party?!! They can't even get their own members to agree with their agenda, no surprise that no sane investigators join anymore.


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