Subject: Speech by Boyd K. Packer. He's the ultimate corporation man.
Date: Mar 20 03:16
Author: Wide Angle
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The link to this speech was included in Exmaria's post in another thread. This speech shows the kind of a** kissing that BKP did to get where he is today. Interesting stuff. "Which way do you face?" Harold B. Lee asked him. He was wanting to know if BKP would (1) fight for the little people (ordinary members) or (2) fight the little people for the Brethren. If you think that the right answer is fight FOR the little people, you still don't understand Mormonism. No, BKP knew who signed his paycheck and did not hesitate to commit himself to being on the side of the Brethren in any controversy, with a sure knowledge that the little people would have no opinions worth taking seriously.

Subject: Brother Lee (a man with the wrong name, nothing "Brotherly" about him!) erred.
Date: Mar 20 05:18
Author: Matt

QUOTE: "Elder Lee had agreed to give me counsel and some direction. He didn't say much, nothing really in detail, but what he told me has saved me time and time again. "You must decide now which way you face," he said. "Either you represent the teachers and students and champion their causes or you represent the Brethren who appointed you. You need to decide now which way you face."

In this sweeping statement Brother Lee does away with any possibility of personal revelation through prayer. The way to God is, as Christians believe, through Jesus Christ.

Yes, that's right, Brother Lee. Through Jesus Christ. Not you, the self-styled "Brethern", the Pope, the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, or Joe Soap, preacher, but through Jesus Christ.

Incidentally, isn't that an interesting concept? Shouldn't all of the Mormon priesthood holders be the "Brethern"? After all, are they not supposed to all hold the same priesthood? Or is this where the Masonic-style "higher, secret degrees" thing within the Mormon church kicks in?

Subject: iron fist
Date: Mar 20 11:03
Author: Insomniac
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I so hope BKP is in charge next. He will rule with an iron fist.

Princess Leia,"the tighter you clinch your fist the more systems will slip through your fingers."

Time will tell.



Subject: Thanks for posting this
Date: Mar 20 11:29
Author: Obedience Police
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It really shows that what the Morg leadership is a bunch of yes-men. No need to have an opinion when someone above you disagrees. Just suck it up and obey, obey, obey...

This is what scares me the most...blind obedience. Some leaders say that the church doesn't want a bunch of sheep following blindly - but there you have the truth out of the horse's own mouth!

Rembember Morgbots, you must OBEY...OBEY...OBEY

Subject: Re: Thanks for posting this
Date: Mar 21 10:39
Author: Franz
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Remember, obedience was the first law of the Third Reich as well as of Morgdom...

Subject: Very Important! to top <nt>
Date: Mar 20 19:02
Author: daily
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Subject: Re: Speech by Boyd K. Packer. He's the ultimate corporation man.
Date: Mar 20 22:30
Author: Tom

I've never read a GA speech that I disagree more completely/universally with. Boyd KKK Packer is the untimate fundamentalist-corporate beaurocrat-self delusioned, nazi kind of guy you could ever clone into one person. There is such a dark arrogance to the opinions he has. If all the TBMs in their callings followed his arrogant nazi apporach to leadership, there wouldn't be many "little people" left to talk down to.

Thanks for posting this talk


Subject: Well, you'll like these, too, then... :-)
Date: Mar 20 23:03
Author: Exmaria
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More essential reading from the Mr. Packer Primer:
The Mantle is Far Far Greater Than The Intellect ("There is a temptation for the writer or the teacher Of Church history to want to tell everything, whether it is worthy or faith promoting or not. Some things that are true are not very useful.")
The Unwritten Order of Things (Don't talk about the deceased at funerals, but instead proselytize to the grieving while they are at their most vulnerable: "I know of no meeting where the congregation is in a better state of readiness to receive revelation and inspiration from a speaker than they are at a funeral.")
To Young Men Only (The "little factory" talk. Endorses punching out a gay missionary companion, at the same time encouraging doing GA's wrongs for them -- i.e., things that "wouldn't be well" to do -- so the GAs can continue to look good: "After learning a little more, my response was 'Well, thanks. Somebody had to do it, and it wouldn't be well for a General Authority to solve the problem that way.'")

Subject: Thanks - these are great too!
Date: Mar 21 10:41
Author: Obedience Police
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To me, the first one is the scariest - because it shows what Brother Boyd thinks about "truth". It reminds me so much of what Stalin used to do.

Only allow "facts" that support the regime...Hide those that may bring the regime into question.

Remember, OBEY...OBEY...OBEY

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