Subject: Did anyone else feel "ugly" in the temple clothing?
Date: Mar 28 00:29
Author: vickilynn

I hated shopping for clothes...I felt so awkward in "old lady clothes" for most of my 20's. I am kind of angry about this...because I joined the church in my early 20's I had had sexual encounters before (and was married when I joined) and I knew what it felt like to be "at home in my body" but I just didn't feel like that the whole time I was wearing garments. I felt uncomfortable and ugly. My TBM friends made a big deal out of how you can still go to Victoria's Secret and wear something special on the one or two nights of the year that married couples with young children manage to get to themselves...but I just couldn't do that. Running into the bathroom to remove your garments, putting on your negligee, doing the deed and then putting the garments back on so that you could sleep "safely" seemed like a waste. It felt fake. I wanted to feel like I had before...I had always had a good body image and having grown up with the Boston Women's Health Collective book "Our Bodies Our Selves" as my bible, I always felt comfortable with myself sexually...but the garments just ruined this for me for 10 years. I can't believe I did it. It surprises me how angry I am about this issue.

Subject: Re: Did anyone else feel "ugly" in the temple clothing?
Date: Mar 28 00:35
Author: Brigham Monson
Mail Address:

I always felt like I was dressed in some super hero outfit when I had my robe/sash/cap outfit on. I liked the garments the same way I guess. It wasn't until I realized they were nothing more than chains that I gladly ditched them

Subject: Believe it or not...
Date: Mar 28 01:02
Author: Fly

...I am right there with you on this one. On the surface, it seems like such a petty thing! But my anger at having worn the Mormon Regulation Underwear runs deep.

I grew up doing the ballet thing. I was even a model for awhile (briefly. long, long ago). I looked fairly spectacular in my underwear... and then I got married in the temple.

Taking off my clothes and seeing myself in the flourescent huge underwear was oppressive and depressing. I felt as though I was on a white cotton-poly leash.

Subject: This upsets me also!...
Date: Mar 28 07:22
Author: Jaquie
Mail Address:

I grew up in the Church and I feel like it repressed me sexually. I had a great body and was very athletic, but then had to wear garments after my mission. I look back at pictures of myself and just cringe! I even had a great bust size (36D) and didn't accentuate it! Also, being a virgin when I got married didn't help. I was not very free in the bedroom and felt shy at times. I did not know how to walk around and flaunt my body or turn on my husband visually. Yes, it pisses me off. All my 20's in this crap when I could have been wearing a bikini and feeling great! But, I did get one benefit from it...the feeling that I was superior!

Now, for the good news! I am still in my early 30's and feel like I have just woken up. I work out regularly and love to buy beautiful clothes that accent my curves. And my husband and I are making up for lost time. So, the best way to deal with this anger for me has been to channel it in "constructive" ways! Wheeww!!!!

Subject: Re: Did anyone else feel "ugly" in the temple clothing?
Date: Mar 28 09:23
Author: Daniel in the Lions Den
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Hi Guys
let me start by saying that I grew up LDS but had the opertunity to go to several Christian schools.I guess I have somewhat of a unique perspective of Mormons. When my parents left the church when i was young I could not understand why, even more when I went through the Temple for myself. One thing you need to understand about the covenents you took and the garments placed on you. IT'S NOT THE GARMENTS THAT RUINED YOU MARRIAGE. It's not MOrmonism that ruined your relationships. You did this yourself. Good luck in your faith and i hope you find happiness.

Subject: Perhaps
Date: Mar 28 09:26
Author: Makurosu

But we sure got some bad advice from that religion. Best of luck in your defense of it.

Subject: on a point of vocabulary:
Date: Mar 28 17:09
Author: J.

could someone please tell me if "Daniel in the Lions
Den's" post was what people mean by
thank you for your attention.

Subject: Re: Did anyone else feel "ugly" in the temple clothing?
Date: Mar 28 19:34
Author: Wisedup
Mail Address:

Was that Lyings Den??????????

Subject: Re: Did anyone else feel "ugly" in the temple clothing?
Date: Mar 28 19:41
Author: Wisedup
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Do you think there are a lot of upset -garment clad - mormons - about how the women wore tents to cover their bodies????

They probably could have given me a clown outfit - to wear - I was so brainwashed!!!!!!!! Really not much difference!!!!

Subject: who couldn't luv Gs
Date: Mar 28 09:24
Author: Insomniac
Mail Address:

I would always say that these things are not made for humans. Perhaps more for someone with a rightous CK church body.

I would get the 2XL top and it would still bind my armpit, like rubbing right against them, it like it loose baby. And the are hole were also confining, not enough room.

They used that extra material for the front of the bottoms, to get the damn thing to wear like a human would wear underwear you would need to roll the things down 2 or 3 times. then of course they would ride low in the back, pull them up in the back and you have a self-induced wedgie, that is without the roll down in front.

So what does a person look like that the Corporation of the President had in mind when they designed these gawd awful things? If it is righteous, worthy CK types that will be wearing these undies through time and throughout all eternity I picture someone, the guys anyway, with toothpick arms, caved in chicken chest, pancake butt, and a Jared from Subway pre Subway gut.

I'm no GQ / Chip n Dale bod myself, but I sure as hell was not comfortable phyically.

That is just the phycial aspect. The phychological and spiritual aspect is a whole different story. I will leave it at this. Your parents dressed you when you were a child, the Corporation of the President is doing the same thing. If they can tell you what to wear, they are in control. Want to keep you as a child, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, oh by the way please keep sending us your time, talents, money all that you have been blessed with and all that you may be blessed with for the building up of the Corporation of the President here on earth. But I regress.....

I was a strange, scary, satisfying feeling when I gathered those all up in a trash back and chucked them into the garbage can, with marks in tact on Jan 27, 2002. The only thing those "protected" me from was intimacy with my wife, you know there was joseph smith there in bed with you. a kind of church sanctioned 3-some.



Subject: I think the real question should be.....
Date: Mar 28 09:43
Author: Exmormon Robertson
Mail Address:

Is there anyone who DID feel sexy in their garments? I would like to hear from someone who has and why. I know seeing the garments early in life was one of the big reasons they could never talk me into going to the temple.

Subject: Does anyone know the history of the garments?
Date: Mar 28 09:57
Author: plateau
Mail Address:

Who was the first one to wear the things?

Like, did Joesph Smith wear them? Did he stitch them up himself, or get Emma to do it?

Did JS claim Jesus wore them, or people in the Old Testament wore them? Adam and Eve?

Did GOD wear them when He was a MAN obeying His GOD?

Oh, wait, Hinkley has CHANGED that DOCTRINE.

Subject: I would like to know the answer to all those questions (nt)
Date: Mar 28 10:08


Subject: Read this book.
Date: Mar 28 10:10
Author: Fly

Mysteries of Godliness: A History of Mormon Temple Worship by John David Buerger. Or David John Buerger. I can never remember. Anyway, Buerger is still a member in good standing--although how he could possibly be after writing this book I'll never know!--and this book will answer many of your questions. It's great.

Subject: Thanks! (nt)
Date: Mar 28 10:18
Author: vickilynn


Subject: That's an informative book, also...
Date: Mar 28 10:19
Author: Makurosu

See this website:

Lots of information about the evolution of the garment, the initiatory and endowment ceremonies, etc. Not to mention Adam God, the Second Annointing, etc. Great site.

Subject: Thanks too! (nt)
Date: Mar 28 14:24
Author: plateau
Mail Address:


Subject: Garments in the past
Date: Mar 28 19:27
Author: bouillabaisseur

JS wore garments, but stopped wearing them shortly before his assassination and told his followers to stop wearing them as well.

I don't know if this is "official" doctrine, but folklore has it that the seamless garment Jesus wore, and for which the soldiers cast lots at the crucifixion, was in fact a Garment-with-a-capital-G.

Adam and Eve, of course, were supposed to have worn garments. Noah, too. The story about Ham seeing his father's "nakedness" is interpreted as Ham seeing his father in his Gs--the Hebrew word means "covering of skin."

A few people have told me they think that Horus Abraham is wearing garments in Facsimile 1.

Subject: but Moroni didn't wear them, of course.
Date: Mar 28 19:28
Author: bouillabaisseur

JS made a point of saying Moroni was wearing no clothing other than a robe, which was open.

Subject: Re: Did anyone else feel "ugly" in the temple clothing?
Date: Mar 28 16:41
Author: ctqtbbw2000

Those BIG G's where great for us BIG GALS....eliminated chaffing!!!

And being fat meant covering up anyway... and no tank tops with "bat wing" arms hanging out "is a good thing".

Just call me a Martha. ;)

Subject: I suppose
Date: Mar 28 21:36
Author: exmo
Mail Address:

but I think they also served to psychologically cover up fat so that we'd forget that we were gaining weight -- since we didn't have to have anyone look too closely at anything except gads of clothes.

Subject: Don't mind the garments
Date: Mar 28 20:03
Author: Froggie
Mail Address:

But I know how to buy them. Always two sizes smaller, and corban, they're more silky. My garmies hug my body quite nicely, when I'm wearing them.

They have to be newer as well, otherwise they lose their sheen. The sheener ones are prettier.

And let's face it. If you do not have a perfect body, no underwear is going to look good on you, will it?

Temple clothes are a different story, however. I had to rent mine for a few years. And that was a polyester nightmare.

Big green hugs,


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