Subject: Why wasn't Emma destroyed.....
Date: Mar 26 12:27
Author: Gary
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The Lord threatened Emma that if she didn't abide by the principle of plural marriage, she would be destroyed. After Joseph Smith's death, Emma had nothing to do with the church (at least Young's fraction). In fact, Emma continue to live and even encouraged her son Joseph Smith III to start the RLDS Church. Emma was completely against polygamy, yet lived on more many years. So much for the Lord threatening Emma with death and destruction.

Of course, FARMS would say the Lord's threat was symbolic and that her life would be miserable for not abiding by the "new and lasting covenant of marriage."

Go figure.


Subject: The official line...
Date: Mar 26 12:32
Author: Stray Mutt
Mail Address: that she'll be destroyed in the next life.

That's how it all works. when promised blessings and/or punishemnts fail to materialize in this life, if the bad guys win and the good guys lose in this life, then it will all be worked out later. That's either a really swell deal or a really comforting fairy tale.

Subject: Wow. Mormon Karma's gonna get you! nt
Date: Mar 26 12:36
Author: Lilith
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Subject: I vote for the "Comforting Fairy Tale"
Date: Mar 26 13:22
Author: Beagle7618
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It makes more sense to me than the salve of "It'll all be worked out later." This line says,"You don't really have to work to make things right or good now, just wait till later and it 'will all be worked out'"

What a patsy I've been believing this one! What a waste I have made of my life following this guide!! I need to take responsibility NOW to make my world better and not allow this one to go to crap with the idea that everything 'will be worked out later.' YUCK!!!

If there is a God, perhaps our mission is to work out this life on our own and not just 'follow the leader' wherever he tells us to go. To create 'Heaven' (whatever that is) here on earth and not just wait to die with a minimun of mistakes (sins).

Subject: She was destroyed - she left the Church n/t
Date: Mar 26 12:34
Author: Makurosu
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Subject: Psychologically, I think she was.
Date: Mar 26 12:36
Author: Fly
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Imagine the humiliation she went through as her husband took teen bride after teen bride. How could she have held up her head? The slander she went through must have hurt.

Joseph said he'd go to hell to get her. Gee, thanks, Joseph, because she went through hell on earth for you...

Subject: Emma did not leave the church as she said, it left her! For years
Date: Mar 26 12:39
Author: SusieQ#1
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the leaders tried to get her to move to Utah but she refused. This is a fascinating story of a woman who stood her ground! Several books out about her. Not sure how accurate we can get at this point, but she was indeed an "enigma."

Subject: I think one of the biggest Crocks of the church is
Date: Mar 26 13:29
Author: Beagle7618
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the fairy tale relationship fabricated for JS and Emma. I don't know enough about the whole story to make much of a comment, but I believe from what I know about JS and his philandering/Celestial Wifery that he didn't consider Emma for much in comparison to his own lusts. I also can't help wondering how much satisfaction Emma gleaned from being the prophet's first/primary wife and the stature that position brought her. Not to mention being the mother of the selected "future" prophets.

Subject: Re: Why wasn't Emma destroyed.....
Date: Mar 26 23:31
Author: y'd i'd
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Emma was not destroyed for the same reason that Joseph couldn't see the face of God without the priesthood and live to tell about it. Joe didn't have the priesthood and therefore couldn't have been the prophet and therefore couldn't have had a revelation and therefore yadayadayada. FARMS can say what they will about poor Emma but the truth of the matter is that Joe is the one who got what he had coming and was destroyed.

Subject: Like most of Joseph's prophecies, that one seems to have fizzled....
Date: Mar 27 00:15
Author: Casio
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Maybe FARMS or some other apologist will tell you that Emma was accepting plural marriage. After Joseph died, the question was moot. Not only that, Emma married another guy, Charles Bidamon. So in her own way, she was practicing plural marriage--serially instead of simultaneously.

As Richard Packham mentions, however, there is one Joseph Smith prophecy that unambiguously did come to pass. I really like the following from Packham's site:

>>A VAIN PROPHET WILL BE THROWN DOWN: This prophecy by Joseph Smith, although it was fulfilled quickly and literally, is rarely cited by Mormons. July 1828. D&C 3:4. "For although a man may have many revelations, and have power to do many mighty works, yet if he boasts in his own strength, and sets at naught the counsels of God, and follows after the dictates of his own will and carnal desires, he must fall and incur the vengeance of a just God upon him."

>>FULFILLMENT: On May 26, 1844, Joseph Smith made the following statement in a public sermon (Brodie p 374, HC 6:408-412):
>>"Come on, ye persecutors! ye false swearers! All hell, boil over! Ye burning mountains, roll down your lava! For I will come out on the top at last. I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet."
>>At this time he was secretly married polygamously to over 40 women, some of them wives of men still living. Many who knew of these secret marriages accused him of changing the doctrine of the church to satisfy his own carnal desires, in violation of the Book of Mormon (Jacob 2:23-29, 3:5) and D&C 49:16.
>>Almost exactly one month after this boast, on June 27, 1844, he was killed by his enemies in a gun battle at Carthage Jail.

Subject: She was destroyed; you don't see her around today, do you?
Date: Mar 27 10:41
Author: namyzarc
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Therefore, she was promised she would die if she didn't
submit to polygamy, and she's dead. How 'bout that!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. :-D

All prophecies can be molded to fit the future.


Subject: The remaking of Emma.
Date: Mar 27 12:25
Author: Stray Mutt
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Back when I was active I rarely heard anything about Emma beyound naming her as JS's wife. Now you see pictures of her in LDS publications where she's depicted as the loving wife in idyllic settings or tearfully bidding JS farewell as he goes off to martyrdom.

This is predictable, I suppose. From rebellious wife threated by the Lord with destruction to saintly paragon of Mormon womanhood. Hey, folks, this is the woman who, according to the journals of her contemporaries, felt betrayed by her husband and was angry with him most of the time. This is the woman who was reviled as a traitorous apostate by BY and other Brighamites. For all we know, she might have been a source for the damning material the Expositor was going to print. She might even have had something to do with the mob that killed JS. (That's only speculation, folks, don't quote me.)

But time has passed, the people who would know better are all dead and it's time to trot out dear Emma as a role model.

Subject: Because Joseph got whacked first. nt
Date: Mar 27 13:38
Author: Reader
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Date: Mar 27 13:44
Author: Strangerer
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I mean, did Joseph Smith threaten to KILL Emma? We know he wasn't above planning and hiring for the death of others (Gov. Boggs anybody). Did he THREATEN his wife with death (at his hands, at the hands of his boogeymen) is she didn't agree to quietly abide his hoary lusts?

I am sure we have no record of it, unless you count D&C 132 as Joseph's avenue for getting his point across. (How much of the D&C, how many of the 'threats' from GOD in the D&C were really threats from Joe?)

Anyway, a thought. I wonder if she was frightened of him.

Subject: Of course not! It was the Lard speaking through Joseph.
Date: Mar 27 18:23
Author: Booger King
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You know how those things work. Just like when the Lard commanded the Saints to build a house for Joseph. It was the Lard!