Subject: My Mormon Recovery Movie List
Date: Jun 27 22:26
Author: Deconstructor
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- The Matrix
Great paralelels to the Morg control freaks and the invisible prison. Morpheus with the choice pills has a chilling resemblance to leaving mormonism.
Except leaving Mormonism for the real world is better!

- Brazil
One man's journey in a world controlled by bueracracy. Watching it gives me the same dark feeling I got sitting in sacrament meeting. I like how Robert Deniro blows up the office building - it looks like the COB!

- Pleasantville
Full of analogies that apply to the evils of mormonism and the struggles for recovery.

- The Wizard of Oz
Incredible analogy to Mormonism. The scene where they discover the wizard is a hoax is priceless! My favorite line is "Don't pay any attention to that man behind the curtain!" Great for kids and has deep meanings for adults.

- The Last Valley
Starring Michael Cain, this is about the protestant/Catholic conflict of the 16th century. I've seen this movie at least a dozen times. Always gives me chills and reaffirms my recovery from mormonism. Brings the evils and superstitions of organized religion to the surface. The whole thing is a great analogy to mormonism.

- Heaven Help Us
Cheezy 80's teen flick, but also covers the repression of organized religion. The priest's blood-wrenching sermon against immorality is a classic. I went to an LDS private high-school and this movie takes me back to the same crap that went on there.

- A Man for All Seasons
The story of one man's stand against religious and social corruption. This will touch the heart of any exmo as you see this character suffer for his integrity to the truth. An inspiration to us all, even though he loses his head.

- The Crucible
Scary analogy of how non-believers can maniplate the flock. Contains great analogies to mormon thinking (and the lack therof). Homosexuals will especially relate to the witch-hunt mentality that is so analogous to mormonism.

- Ants
Not just for kids, this movie explores allegories related to recovery from mormonism, especially the struggle between the individual and the group. You'll laugh your way through this one when you see the Church is like the ant colony and our hero is the exmo who decides to leave and find himself. Sometimes I feel my recovery is like being stuck to gum on the bottom of someone's shoe!

- Inherit The Wind
I prefer the original 50's version, but even the 1999 remake tells the story well. Contains some of the best agruments against superstition. As a recovering mormon you will find it inspiring.

- Mass Appeal
Obscure movie from 1984 depicting one idealistic catholic apprentice priest's experience with a repressive religious institution, starring Jack Lemmon. Says volumes about how church leadership treats the flock and homosexuals. Although the story takes place in the catholic church, it easily applies to mormonism. I love this movie, but it's hard to find.

- The Truman Show
This baby is a real gem. After five minutes you'll forget that it's Jim Carrey and start relating it to your own life in the fishbowl of mormonism. Great analogies all the way through, especially the ending when Truman "recovers" from the hoax.

- Malcom X
Denzel Washington pulls off a stunning performance as Malcom X, especially the disillusionment Malcom suffered when he learns that his living prophet was a sex fiend fraud - a haunting reminder of Joseph Smith. Very analogous to Mormonism, especially the groupthink and recovery journey Malcom has to face when he learns the truth about his Church. ExMos will relate to the sense of betrayal and loneliness.

- Life of Brian
Just when you thought recovery was serious, the Monty Python crew do a hilarious spoof of religion and superstition. You'll totally relate to this movie and laugh at all the things that smack of Mormonism.

- Animal Farm
The cartoon is good, but the recent live verison with Patrick Stewart as the pig leader is better. This has serious political themes, but also portrays many of the disinformation techniques of the Mormon Church. You'll also relate to the many examples of hypocrisy that have their mormon equivalents.

- Stalin
Robert Duvall as Joseph Stalin, this movie explores the dangers of leadership-worship. You'll never look at the GAs or other church leaders the same after watching this. Contains many analogies to mormonism, its leadership and the fear techniques leaders use control the masses.

- Elmer Gantry
Burt Lancaster plays a likeable evangelistic con man, much like Joseph Smith.

Any other movies that helped in your recovery?

Subject: You are right about "The Last Valley"....
Date: Jun 27 22:35
Author: D. Perkins
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starring Michael Caine and Omar Shariff. It's story about the Thirty Years War in Germany between Catholics and Protestants showed how truly ugly religious fanaticism and cruelty can be. Like you, I went to see it multiple times in movie theatres when it first came out in the early 70s, and then acquired the video of it a few years ago.

Subject: You listed some of my favorites--also The Stepford Wives is a must see. nt
Date: Jun 27 22:36
Author: Michele
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Subject: How about "ZARDOZ" with Sean Connery & Charlotte Rampling? nt
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Subject: Or Dune, both are slightly fascist ...
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Subject: Excellent list!
Date: Jun 27 23:47
Author: Ex-caliber
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I thought of another one. How about "Defending Your Life" with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep? The movie portrays a heaven where judgment is based on the courage and compassion you demonstrated while on earth instead of on obedience to an endless stream of "Don't do this, and don't do that!" Mormonesque-like restrictions.

Subject: "The Piano" and "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood"...
Date: Jun 28 02:42
Author: shhnephi
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"The Piano" because is shows domestic abuse and that
love/romance/sex doesn't include garmies or even your
husband necessarily. It shows a woman who stands her own
ground and gets out despite her husband's brutishness.

"Ya Ya" because it shows women making up their own
"religion" of sorts and support system. It's rather witchy
and empowering.

I would sure be surprised to see the last bishop I knew at
either movie.... :)

Subject: "The Razor's Edge" n/t
Date: Jun 28 07:13
Author: ExMoron
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Subject: What do you mean "recovery"?
Date: Jun 28 10:29
Author: still a mormon
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I'm still a mormon but many of those listed are my favorite movies. But you forgot my all-time favorite, "Fight Club". When I finally decide to leave, I'm sorely tempted to get up in "testimony" meeting and spout some Tyler Durden-isms. "You're not the contents of your wallet (i.e. temple recommend). You're not your church calling. You're not your white shirt and tie."

Subject: Fight Club
Date: Jun 28 10:44
Author: Paul
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Yes that was a great movie it had a deeper meaning that was being conveyed. It was very spiritual in the sense that to discover your self you must give up your materilism and your fears, fears of getting hurt and let go. It's true people will do anything to avoid a fist fight because their programed to think they are vulnerable.

Recovery on this site means just being able to think for one's self again and excape the Mormon mind-set. I used to think recovery, what the hell it doesn't apply to me.

But only recently I've discovered that many of my world views were skewed and wrong due to mormon indoctrination since birth.

Subject: Re: Fight Club
Date: Jun 28 10:52
Author: still a mormon
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To be honest, I think watching Fight Club a few years ago was the catalyst for much introspection in my life which has led me to my current "crisis" of faith. After watching FC, I literally sat at work for a full week and just stared at my computer monitor thinking, "What the hell am I doing here?" I think I've done a lot of my recovering already so when I do finally leave, hopefully it will be easier.

Subject: I am not being disrespectful when I ask
Date: Jun 29 03:22
Author: DeAnn

what is keeping you from leaving now? I'm curious.

Subject: Ah, yes, Fight Club
Date: Jun 28 13:15
Author: Stray Mutt
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I'm the only one of my friends that liked that movie -- and I'm the nonviolent type. They couldn't see beyond the violence to the deeper messages.

And I particularly enjoyed seeing Brad Pitt play an antihero and Helena Bonham Carter in something other than a period piece.

Subject: Two more . . .
Date: Jun 28 10:42
Author: Schweizerkind

"Chocolat" -- Conflict between living joyously and authentically and the joyless life of denial promoted by religion (in this case Catholicism).

"Babette's Feast" -- similar, but in this case the religion is Protestantism.

Both-highly-recommended-ly yours,


Subject: ANTZ? + My own suggestions.
Date: Jun 28 11:14
Author: CX
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That was a big load of Hollywood pap! Please! And don't bother with American Beauty, what an overhyped load of luvvie rubbish that was. If you want to see something far more thought provoking about family relationships see Lawn Dogs or Spanking the Monkey.

On the other hand I'm glad you included Pleasantville as it is a lot more relevant than the wildly fantastic Matrix which has little bearing on real life (as far as we know!). It got overshadowed by the Matrix and Truman show but it's not bad in its own right.

Brazil is a very mixed film. It has its moments but is a glorious failure. Here's several unlikely to appear on other lists.

DIVIDED WE FALL - A recent Czech film about the Nazi occupation and Holocaust which talks a lot about the moral dilemmas we all have to face than more romanticised versions such as Schindler's List.

RASHOMON - Who can you trust? One incident, four different versions and no one's any the wiser. Even the dead can lie.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE - If you can't chose to be evil you can't choose to be good.

SOLARIS - How can we understand other creatures when we can't understand outselves?

"I'm sorely tempted to get up in "testimony" meeting and spout some Tyler Durden-isms. "You're not the contents of your wallet (i.e. temple recommend). You're not your church calling. You're not your white shirt and tie.""

Which got beaten by several years by Trainspotting which had a similar bit at the beginning about choosing life... Fight Club is a good film, but I wonder if it subverts itself.

Subject: A couple more
Date: Jun 28 12:35
Author: Richard the Bad
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"At play in the fields of the Lord"-an excellent movie which slams missionary efforts amoung natives.

"The Gods must be crazy"-hilarious film which points out the absurdity of our "advanced" civilization.

Subject: Re: A couple more
Date: Jun 28 13:07
Author: CX
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Richard the Bad wrote:

> "The Gods must be crazy"-hilarious film which points out the absurdity of our "advanced" civilization.

Aye the Keystone cops in Africa. I used to like it but wonder if the portrayal of the simplistic savages is not a little condescending and racist. Maybe the fact it was made in South Africa in apartheid times has something to do with it.

Subject: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!" (duh.) n/t
Date: Jun 29 01:08
Author: RPMcMurphy