Subject: busted at the market
Date: Sep 13 14:46
Author: rebecca

Hello all,

I have been reading here, for a while, but this is the first time I have posted. I have been a member of the LDS Church for just under 2 months, and before today, found myself thinking that none of the wild things that I've read about on this board could or would ever happen to me. That is, until today. You see, I joined the LDS Church, not because I agree with everything or "know" all the teachings to be "true", but because the basic doctrine coincides with my own beliefs and I am also a sucker for a pretty package. :P Anyway, I was in the market today with my kids; diet soda and coffee, visible in my cart, and who did I run into, but the Bishop's wife...She did not just say hello and walk away. She followed me to the check-out and inspected each item in my cart, commenting on each one. After the check-out girl rang up my coffee, the Bishop's wife said, (very loudly, I might add) "Well, sister, We will see you in church on Sunday, I hope". Man, I knew she was a strange one, but come on....I can just see it now, all the church ladies, crowing about how sister Rebecca was seen in the market with coffee and soda in her cart. Anyway, I just thought, I'd share with you. By the way, my name is Rebecca and I am a 25 year old, divorced, single mum. That's my intro...hehe...Have a good one!
Subject: And just who told Sister Rebecca she could buy that coffee?? Oh, I don't know, but could it
Date: Sep 14 05:54
Author: Church Lady
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have maybe been....

SATAN!!!??? [triple echo...]


Subject: Re: busted at the market
Date: Sep 13 15:29
Author: Kevin
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Anytime I bumped into fellow members of my old ward at the grocery store, they all looked in my cart. A month after I left the church I had a 12 pack of Rolling Rock beer in the seat part of the cart. I just happened to bump into 2 people from church and the first thing they saw was beer. I am sure the entire ward thinks that I am now an alcoholic.

Subject: Welcome to the world of Mormonism
Date: Sep 13 15:30
Author: MoNoMo
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where your life isn't your own anymore. When you get tired of being scrutinized, judged and belittled, come on out of the prison and get reacquainted with the sweet fragrance of freedom.

Nice to hear from you. I love Folgers myself.

Subject: If this woman(the Bishop's wife) is typical of mormon woman
Date: Sep 13 15:41
Author: Ex Lax Joe
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She didn't think all that highly of you before she saw you with coffee. You're only a lowly convert, not a true BIC mormon, which means you were somehow weaker in the spirit pre-existence.

Just pretend(in front of all the ward hens anyway) that being treated this way doesn't bother you. Just rise above all the petty mormon crap. And keep drinking the coffee, it's not going to hurt you!

Ex Lax Joe

Subject: Welcome, rebecca.
Date: Sep 13 15:44
Author: Cheryl

Too bad it's so hard to pick and choose the parts of mormonism that fit your needs. They tend to want you, all or nothing. I chose nothing. Then, I discovered the wonderful world of a steaming mug of yummy coffee. Mmmmmm!
Subject: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
Date: Sep 13 15:58
Author: Frank
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No, Rebecca, Mormonism isn't a cult; they are just out doing God's work, watching over the flock, lest anyone should sin... (Yeah, right.)

Subject: Reminds me of that Simpsons episode...
Date: Sep 13 16:28
Author: Wulfen
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...which pays tribute to "Rear Window." The Simpson kids think that Ned Flanders has murdered his wife, Maud.

In the end, she was only away at Bible camp. "I was learning to be more judgmental," she says.

Subject: I never understand why Mormons expect converts..
Date: Sep 13 16:55
Author: JT
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to adjust to the church so quickly. When I was on my mission it drove me nuts how new converts were expected to be "celestial" right after coming out of the water.

I am in the process of leaving the church and would advise you to seriously do the same. As a converted single mother, you will never fit into the mode the church wants..unless you marry a widowed or divorced "upstanding" mormon man and agree to be his slave and take care of his 6 other kids.

You will always be looked down upon. 95% of the women in the church will want to know "where your man is". You will never be given high callings because you are not a good example of how to live. Believe me you judgement has just begun, wait until they start demeaning your children.

Oh, and you will also notice that Mormon women will view you as a threat to their men. Just wait, you will see what I mean.


Subject: Re: I never understand why Mormons expect converts..
Date: Sep 13 17:01
Author: Switz1
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I agree with JT. My convert divorced daughter and Mother of one was pounced upon by all of the ladies... asking who she was "seeing", telling who was a single RM and where he worked so she could check into him. When she finally told them, "I made the mistake of marrying once, why on earth would I not learn from that experience? I am not interested." they called her a Slut right there in the ward house. She never went back to church and that was about 12 years ago. She STILL is not "seeing" anyone.... her standards are too high for Utah to meet. :-)

Subject: Re: I never understand why Mormons expect converts..
Date: Sep 13 22:12
Author: Adrienne
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I would also have to say that I will never again marry or
date another Morgbot because I was mostly treated like a
slave. I resented being ignored by the Bishop and others, as
well as the idea of being submissive to someone who I didn't
feel deserved the penishood. I once worked on my campus at
the student body elections, and while drinking coffee, my
old bishop and his wife just ignored me. I didn't even care
or feel guilty about what I was drinking. The old ward
building I attended is still about a block from school, and
I haven't returned to that or the Institution of Religion
that sits within the campus boundary. Other places like that
are usually across the street from every other college and
university that I've seen.

Subject: Not Coffee! Anything but THAT! The EVIL that men (and apparently women) do! nt
Date: Sep 13 19:04
Author: Socrates
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Subject: Re: busted at the market
Date: Sep 13 19:14
Author: dai
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Not to long after I married, which was only a couple of months after I converted, I was still working at a retail store as loss prevention (security). Part of my job was walking around in plain clothes looking for shoplifters. I often walked around with my boss, who happened to be a male. Whenever we would walk by someone from church while we were working together I would get the nastiest glares and if I said HI I was totally ignored. They would look me up and down, it was awful! I never heard any rumors around the church, but I can just imagine what they said behind my back. They saw me w/ another man!!! (Not only that, but I was working as a married woman and on Sundays too!)What judgemental asses!

Anyway, thought I'd share it with you...welcome to the world of being scrutinized for everything! It really isn't worth it!

Subject: Chances are good they'll be talking about you...
Date: Sep 13 19:31
Author: Kim
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Welcome to mormonism, Rebecca. Sounds like you'll be able now to experience first-hand the raised noses, shunning, and being talked-about behind your back. Mormons are expert judgers and condemners. If this all happens, you'll know that the bishop's wife has a penchant for gossip.

You could be buying coffee for someone else for all the bishop's wife needs to know. You could be buying it for yourself. So what? The issue is the snide behavior of mormons you now deal with. Sounds like you're waking up and smelling the coffee, figuratively AND literally.

My mom has bought coffee for years and years in the grocery store for my jack-mormon dad. She's about as TBM as they come too. She even used to buy him cigarettes, but she put her foot down on that quite a few years ago and told him he'd have to buy his own. I don't know if anyone has ever spotted her in the store doing either. Of course she could just say to any inquisitive person that they are not for herself. But, as an adult, you shouldn't have to explain your purchases to anyone. Period.

If you want to REALLY get the bishop's wife worked up, tell her that you read and participate on the bulletin board here!

Subject: Get out of the Mormon church now before you get any more intrenched,
Date: Sep 13 20:41
Author: Primrose
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I had a similar experience with the bishops wife a month after I joined. I was not about coffee it was about going to Sacrament meeting. I have told this before but I had 3 little kids one year apart under the age of 4 when I joined. I did not always go to sacrament meetings because the kids would sometimes be taking a nap and did not want to wake them and take them to church. This is when Sunday school was in the morning and sacrament in the afternoon. The bishops wife called me and told me it was a Commandment that I go to Sacrament meeting. Boy was I mad at her but I stayed in the church and had trouble with the same women for 2o years. I should have left right after I was called by her and never gone back. I hope you get the idea from some of the posters here that your life now belongs to the Mormon church and it would be best if you left now before it gets worse.

Subject: Re: busted at the market
Date: Sep 13 20:30
Author: Noron Fool
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Lets see I would have coffee and creamer, Vanilla cokes by the case, smokes, if I can find a few trashy mags. I kid you not.I pay my own way, and what I put in my little metal cart is my own damn deal!

Subject: Here's another Bishop's wife story for you. . .
Date: Sep 14 00:30
Author: Ether
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In the late 70's, our neighborhood got cable. One night my family was watching TV, and there was a show about Adam and Eve and they showed a couple completely bare-ass naked. We, of course, were all floored. We couldn't believe it.

Well, my mother happened to mention this experience to a group of ladies at church, one being the Bishop's wife. A week later, my mother was called in to the Bishop's office and asked why she was going to X rated movies.

I kid you not.

My mother cried, and cried, and cried over that incident. She felt so betrayed and picked on. I will never forgive that bitch that hurt my mother so.


Subject: Try this link instead on Mormon cartoons
Date: Sep 14 22:48
Author: Nick

Those Darn Mormons!

Subject: Re: So why did you join if you didn't intend to take it seriously?nt
Date: Sep 15 15:01
Author: rebecca
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I was serious when I joined, not that it is any of your business. The mishies; one of whom I am head over heels in love with, ensured me that if I pushed all doubt out of my mind and went forward with pure intentions, I would be blessed and ofcourse, I would "know", that the Church is "true". For 3 weeks, I abstained from all caffeine and ephedra products. (those darn diet pills are of Satan, you know :P ) I prayed and I fasted and in some way, I think I hoped to brainwash myself or at least make myself more open to the message. Well, my baptism was a truly beautiful and spiritual experience, (not to mention that my favorite mishie was the one that dunked me) but, I could not convince myself that I should feel tired, cranky, and miserable, in order to be righteous. So, I drink coffee, take my diet pills, and I still do not believe the brethren to be inspired by God. As a matter of fact, you may have a point, as today was my last day. Strangely, I think that many members will be relieved to see me gone, as I was not going along with the program anyway. hehehe

Take Care,

Subject: you sound like the kind of happy individual
Date: Sep 15 15:14
Author: a fan
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that sails comfortably through life - stepping on all of the lines and violating the boundaries - with a smile.

I hope you will be very successful because you defy the sermons on the rewards of righteousness.

Have a jolly disorderly time.

Write an amusing tale of your history of innocently knocking down barriers and make a million dollars.

Subject: Rebecca, I hope
Date: Sep 15 15:37
Author: girl in the box
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that that missionary wasn't manipulating your feelings just to get another convert.

Once in a while, they do that.

Imo, if he is still around you should confront him and find out if he just wanted to make another worthy Mormon or if he cares about you just as you are.

Subject: If you're ever confronted and want to lie....
Date: Sep 15 00:01
Author: EnochIpsen

...tell them that you were shopping for a senior citizen that has trouble getting out and about. If they question if you should be buying coffee for this person you could always say, "I didn't think it was my place to be judgemental about it" and smile.

They'll never know what hit them.