Subject: Pay up you lowly peasants!!! (some swearing inside)
Date: Sep 17 17:21 2002
Author: GBH (Gordon B. Hinckley Mormon Prophet)
Mail Address:

From talk to LDS in Moscow at

"Now my dear brothers and sisters, live the gospel. Live the Word of Wisdom. Pay your tithing. You may say, ‘I can’t afford to pay tithing.’ I’d like to say that you cannot afford not to pay tithing. The Lord has made a wonderful promise, found in the Bible in the book of Malachi to those who pay their tithes. Unto those He will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings that there shall not be room to contain them. Take the Lord at his word. The Church will go on whether you pay your tithing or not. It is sustained in this part of the world by funds that come from the United States for the most part. Your tithing may be ever so small, but you take the Lord at his word and pay your tithes and offerings, and God will bless you."

From talk to LDS in Panama re the temple to be built there at,1721,285001642,00.html

"If you will pay your tithing and keep the other commandments, we will find a way to build a temple in Panama," he told 5,000 members in a meeting. "But we can't do it unless you do your part. The temple will cost much, much, much more than you will pay in tithing, but that will come about as a gift of the Church, as a blessing from the Lord, because you have exercised the faith to keep that sacred law."

Subject: If you can't pay, then we'll take your gold fillings!
Date: Sep 17 17:30
Author: Makurosu

The Porto Alegre Brazil Temple is the third temple to be dedicated in the nation of Brazil. The temple's location overlooks the city from the east toward a large river and port for which the city is named.

President Faust turned the ceremonial first shovelful of earth during the groundbreaking ceremony. After, he invited a young girl and boy to come help him with the digging. They not only came forward and assisted him, but the little girl also waited for him the next day at the Campinas regional conference to give him a hug of appreciation.

He emphasized the need for Saints to sacrifice for temple building. He told how members in Argentina found ways to donate during the construction of the São Paulo Temple. They gave the gold from the dental work in their mouths to help pay on the temple. He said that he had purchased some of the gold fillings for more than the market price to impress upon the minds of congregations the nature of the sacrifice made by these members (Church News, 9 May 1998).
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Subject: I should be shocked, but unfortunately
Date: Sep 17 18:09
Author: daily
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I'm not. How dare they take fillings!!!??? Toothaches are plain hellish. And they're saying that this is good. Reminds me of the Nazis...

I'm pissed now!

Subject: So what's next? Body parts? (mature audiences)
Date: Sep 17 21:18
Author: TLC
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Mak shared this:

He emphasized the need for Saints to sacrifice for temple building. He told how members in Argentina found ways to donate during the construction of the São Paulo Temple. They gave the gold from the dental work in their mouths to help pay on the temple. He said that he had purchased some of the gold fillings for more than the market price to impress upon the minds of congregations the nature of the sacrifice made by these members (Church News, 9 May 1998

Are poor mormons going to start selling off body parts in order to help pay for the temples?

"Yes, poor Brother Bernardo showed the members in Brazil today just what real committment to the lord means by offering up his testicles to President Faust in the hopes that he could get a fair market price for them."

Well, Brother Faust can have a piece of my ass for the building of a temple is he promises to kiss it first.

Subject: Hasn't anyone in the LDS church ever read "The Merchant of Venice"?
Date: Sep 18 16:21
Author: Ben
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Sounds like they want their pound of flesh....

Subject: Bizarre and revolting.......
Date: Sep 18 03:35
Author: "Mountain Man"
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that the church would ask poor peasant members to sell the gold fillings in their teeth to "sacrifice" for a temple. What about the constant dental misery these people will have to endure with fillings removed? Geez, even the Nazis ( no excuse for their behavior!) killed people before ripping out their golden teeth. This church gets weirder and more xenophobic all the time. It would make a great comedy if the continuous ripping apart of families wasn't so tragic.

Subject: What killed me...
Date: Sep 18 09:22
Author: Makurosu

This article was of Faust telling another group of people about it, like that was the kind of sacrifice other people are doing, so what's your level of sacrifice? Like he was trying to get peasant peoples to compete with each other for contributions to the Church that pays his first class plane tickets. Nice guy - not. No wonder those guys have bodyguards.

Subject: A CALL TO ACTION! (Re: If you can't pay, then we'll take your gold fillings!)
Date: Sep 18 17:37
Author: Ben (aka Species 8472)
Mail Address:

Actually, we're taking the wrong approach here. My slamtoon artist alter-ego Species 8472, a cynic at heart, would of course claim that this is a ploy on the part of the church to boost sales of Patriarchal Grip Denture Adhesive (see the slamtoons from a few weeks ago).

However, I am also cynical, but not so cynical as to believe that there isn't an activist approach we can take here to bring pressure on the church to repudiate this practice.

What we MUST do here, instead of griping about it, is start an email and letter writing campaign to organizations such as the American Dental Association and the American Medical Association to get them to publicly use whatever moral authority they have to 1) pressure the church to stop this, and 2) pressure the church to repair the damage they've done to these people. Faust may have paid "above market value" for these crowns and fillings, but what is the market value of an abcessed jaw? Of other health problems? While the church may not be actively encourage this activity, it sure as hell is doing NOTHING WHATSOEVER to discourage it, let alone fix the dental work destroyed here! If you wanted to use excommunication for something constructive, here it is! I don't see them excommunicating for self-mutilation if it brings money into the tithing coffers, though.

Granted, Brazil and Latin America in general may be outside the jurisdiction of the ADA and AMA, but the Mormon Church is an American entity, and public exposure in the USA may get them to reverse this. It may also be useful to write your congresspeople and the World Health Organization about this appalling practice. If you have contacts in the media, alert them!

Put the pressure on!


Subject: Re: Pay up you lowly peasants!!!
Date: Sep 17 18:08
Author: Søvnløsener - Insomniac
Mail Address:

It must be the years of indoctrination inside of me that twings when I read/hear such statements.

"Am I missing blessings?"

"Is this the reason we are barely making it month to month?"

Then I remember the very apostate statement I made to my father when I told him of my fallen state, "I am just thankful that I have not paid more tithing than I already have."

Subject: I'm sure I am not alone in being able to say that
Date: Sep 17 18:40
Author: tanstaafl
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had my parents just invest HALF of what they paid in tithing over the years and put it in the market they would be millionaires right now, instead of being 70 years old (one's a little older than 70 one not quite) and still working almost full time to make ends meet.

Luckily for me, my tithing damage was tiny, but my parents could spend a lot more time traveling and seeing grandkids if they had not wasted all that money on the church.

Subject: Re: Insomniac
Date: Sep 18 11:57
Author: Søvnløsener - Insomniac
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Danske missionær 12 siden år. Der er ik' mange at tale med så mit Danske er ikke som det var. Og det var ikke så god da jeg var ældste Insomniac.

Jeg have kun en beklage frå mit år som missionær, jeg kunne godt tænk meg at nyde det Dankse øl, Carlsberg.

Hvorfor tale du Dankse?

Subject: Gordon, Gordon, Gordon! Inappropriate grocery store language
Date: Sep 17 22:26
Author: Cheryl

You are such a cute little diversion on this board. I appreciate how you pop in and out here at the most opportune times.

But, Honey, give us a break. This is embarrassing about the temples and the poor peasants. I hope this is your age talking because . . . . Well, actually what if the brotheren find out about how you come here and f*ck around with . . . a . . . you know, apostates?

You can't have that much time left before the CK calls to you through the veil. Why not try to play the game to the end?

But if you do come back, we probabley won't turn you in.

Subject: I am SO DISGUSTED!!!
Date: Sep 18 00:15
Author: Kristen77

I seriously had no idea they could be so careless in asking people to give more to the church. Good GOD!!! I am seriously disgusted. ...

Subject: Burn down a church! LOL!
Date: Sep 18 01:39
Author: Tedd
Mail Address:

I'll come with you babe! Make sure we stop by the gas station and fill up a gas container....

Kristen77 wrote:
> I seriously had no idea they could be so careless in asking people to give more to the church. Good GOD!!! I am seriously disgusted.... :o)

the sick thing about it is he was talking to a bunch of people who have so little! That mother fu**er!

When he dies he is going straight to hell!


Subject: He's a con man! He's gotta know by now that the lame old promise
Date: Sep 18 08:31
Author: Shake Me
Mail Address:

that the "windows of heaven will be opened, blah, blah, blah" is just a lot of hot air. Utah is full of full tithepayers who go bankrupt. Of course the Church will always blame the bankrupt with poor business judgment or something or other, but where's the promised waterfall of blessings pouring down so much that you "can't contain them"?? Maybe Bill Gates has received that quantity of blessings, but I doubt that he's ever paid tithing, and definitely not to the Mormon Church. But here's old Hinckley, knowing that the promise is bogus (and whose salary has been paid out of tithing throughout his lifetime)commanding people who have almost nothing to fork over ten percent of the meager amount they have. I wonder if he's hoping they'll pay on gross.

Subject: That guy is one sick mother.... (cussing)
Date: Sep 18 00:22
Author: Tedd
Mail Address:

fucker! that old bastard! That lying, cheating, old, crusty ass, mother f*cker! That 20 million dollar condo living, limo riding, $2000 suit wearing, old, deceiving, CEO of a corporation!!! That sick f*ck!!

Jesus Christ that is soooo amazing! That guy gets worse with age! That manipulative f*ck!

Talk about rekindling my anger! Holy sh*t!


Subject: Sorry TLC (Not that you're offended) but that just hit a real sore spot for me...
Date: Sep 18 00:43
Author: Tedd
Mail Address:

...and I am very angered by that old f*ck! I think that's about the worst I have read from that old bastard. Seriously.

AS I read I thought of my poor parents, and their struggles in the church. And all the manipulation involved. And how, they have never really cut it! They have never been good enough. Watching my parents through my whole life, then just reading that, it hit a sore spot when I read that bullsh*t!

that mother f*cker!


Subject: I felt exactly the same thing Tedd. (language)
Date: Sep 18 01:56
Author: TLC
Mail Address:

I was so shocked when I read that, I sat here just shaking my head. It's hard to imagine how these scumbags could stoop any lower. Just when you think they couldn't, they do.

BTW, you couldn't offend me if you tried. I'm all over you boy - I know where it all comes from. I've been through every inch of anger you feel. Mostly it's behind me now. But every once in awhile it still comes up. I just keep hoping there's not a mormon standing in front of me when it does. I'd rip their heads off. They're not worth going to jail over.

Somebody should write those assholes a letter and ask them for the f*cking gold in their teeth. Mak's wife Dana had it right:

What a bunch of losers!

Subject: Tithing a blessing????
Date: Sep 18 13:10
Author: Frodo
Mail Address:

I have been to parts of the world were just eating once daily is rare. I wonder if Hinckley and others really understand how strange their speech sounds to reasonable, thinking people. Good god, to think I was part of this church and wasted years of time and tens of thousaand of dollars. I can't imagine what people who really have very little in material means must feel sacrificing dental fillings. What the hell is that all about?

It is clear that this church is focused on money and members are secondary issues. Sad, sad, sad!!!! Glad I'm out.

Subject: That's appalling
Date: Sep 18 16:04
Author: LA-Ex
Mail Address:

I've been to Russia, and, while things are getting better for them,
most still are barely making it work. I think the average Russian
made about $3k per year then (it was Sep. 2000).

The pure audacity of some rich beyond belief bogus mind control
cult masquarading as a church requiring tithing from these people
astounds me.

I don't really think the church is going to to well in Eastern Europe.
Most Russians I met have no use for religion whatsoever. Many
identify with the Russian Orthodox Church, but it's regarded as a
cultural thing.

I did see 5 mishies in St. Petersburg near the Church on Spilled
Blood. I wanted them to go home. Nothing spoils a good vacation
like missionaries.

Date: Sep 18 19:50
Author: MikeB
Mail Address:

I can find the Ten Commandments and the two great commandments (e.g., Love the lord thy god.... Love your fellow man....)... Once I get those down, I'll worry about tithing.....

From the Saturday morning session of General Conference, 4-6-02, Elder Earl C. Tingey, Pres. of the Seventy, explained the law of tithing so that the average member could understand:

"What is tithing?
I will tell you every time.
Ten cents from a dollar
And a penny from a dime."

Elder Tingey then related, with evident pleasure, the story of how he
convinced an unemployed African father with a large family to feed how
he, too, could enjoy the wonderful benefits of paying tithing. How, one
might ask? I'll let the good Elder tell his story:

"I was once teaching the law of tithing to a group of Church leaders in
Africa. One brother said, 'Elder Tingey, how can I pay tithing when I
have no income?' I inquired and determined that he had a large family of
seven or eight children and was unemployed. I asked how he fed his
family. He said he had a small garden and raised geese. I asked, 'What
do the geese do?' He replied, 'They lay eggs.' I responded, 'What if one
morning you discovered 10 geese eggs in the nests of your geese?' A
light flickered on in his soul. 'I could take one egg and give it to my
branch president,' he answered. He understood, and he could become a
full-tithe payer."

How inspiring. Presumably wavering members will get the message: no more
excuses for short-shrifting the Church on your tithe. If the Church can
take an egg out of the mouths of this man's hungry children to fill its
coffers, then surely the more prosperous among us have no excuse.

Randy's comment:  The LDS church has $30 billion, but it wants this poor
African guy's every tenth goose egg too.  Gee, that's awfully close to
wanting "blood from a turnip."  Hey, wait---if paying your tithing is
supposed to bring blessings, then why isn't this African LDS guy gainfully
employed and doing well?  And if the LDS church's welfare program is worth a
damn, why aren't they taking care of this guy's family's needs, instead of
trying to take away what little he has?

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