Subject: Arggggghhhhh!!! The garment policeman confronted me!!
Date: Oct 05 23:06
Author: sunny
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At work today one of my TBM coworkers pulled me aside and said, "Can I ask you something? I have noticed that you do not wear your angel chaps anymore. What's going on?" (I've worked with him for 2 years and stopped wearing my garments in March when I stopped attending church). I politely said "I am not a hypocrite. I don't believe in the doctrine of the church and choose not to be a part of it anymore. There fore I do not wear the garments or attend church." What I really wanted to say is "NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!" Where else but Mo Mo land (Utah) would anyone even consider asking you about your underwear much less even think about it. I was so ticked!!! One of my nevermo friends after me relaying what happened said "yeah, and he wishes he wasn't a hypocrite too."

Subject: Doink!
Date: Oct 05 23:30
Author: ink
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I particularly loathe the "hey buddy" shoulder/back affection, where the garment inspector pats you on the shoulder, or goes for an arm-over-the-shoulder manuever to see if he can feel garment seams. It's spooky, and just plain *wrong*.

Subject: garment police
Date: Oct 06 00:58
Author: L M
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These people have nothing better to do with their time than check your undies? Sounds like perverts to me.

Subject: Tell him it is because of FATHEADS like him that you don't go anymore, among all the other reasons...n/t
Date: Oct 06 01:28
Author: Tom
Subject: Re: Arggggghhhhh!!! The garment policeman confronted me!!
Date: Oct 06 09:07
Author: laman
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I had received my endowments in the Winter. The endowment ceremony had really freaked me out and I wasn't digging the Church that much any more. When te summer arrived, I stopped wearing the Jesus drawers. It was bad enough I had to wear a shirt and tie in 90 Degree weather. I was called to the office by the bishop and asked if I was wearing the garments. I told him that I was. He stared at me silently for about 30 seconds, as if waiting for guilt to take over and make me fold, but that didn't happen. I just stared right back as if in a showdown. At that point he gets up and feels my upper arm up and down. Then he asked why the heck did I lie to him. I got so pissed, I just stormed out of there, grabbed my wife by the arm and yanked her from her convo with a group of sisters, stormed out of the chappel, and haven't been back in 2 years. I was one of the more "affluent" in the branch, and a big tyther. The stake prez got wind of this and shortly thereafter, the Bishop was released. I received a call from the Stake prez who stated he just wanted to say hi, and to inform me the bishop has been released. They just crack me up.

Subject: Should have told him your dog ate your only unstained Sunday pair. :-) nt!
Date: Oct 06 12:54
Author: Carolsue
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Subject: Re: Arggggghhhhh!!! The garment policeman confronted me!!
Date: Oct 06 17:04
Author: TLC
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Wow laman - you showed more restraint than I would have under the circumstances. If some bishop had felt up and down my arms for my garments, I'd have likely kicked him in the nuts or more in keeping with my personaltiy, stripped myself naked and asked him if he wanted to do a cavity search.

That's just about one of the most outrageous stories I've ever heard when it comes to bishops. No wonder you left and haven't been back. That would have been enough for me too.

Subject: Sunny,
Date: Oct 06 09:57
Author: LauraD.

you really should've replied none of your damn business. You don't have to explain yourself to them. But, it was a good reply. I wonder what would happen if you would just smile and walk away. That would probably kill 'em.

Subject: In California they would call that....
Date: Oct 06 11:05
Author: shhnephi
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Harrassment. Sexual harrassment in the workplace. Your underwear at work is your own business. All you have to say is "I feel uncomfortable when you say that. I want you to stop." Then tell your supervisor. If your supervisor doesn't do anything, tell the Civil Rights or Human Resources person who is in charge of this area.

If the employer/business/company doesn't take action about it, then are financially and legally liable and can be sued and jailed.

Recently our receptionist was harrased by another woman who liked her (a customer). The customer was warned, then the second time given a notice to stay away from the premises. After about a month she returned (even got past the security guard) and the police were called. The receptionist was given new duties where she isn't working with the public any more. But no negative action against the employee. You might want to see if the place where you work has a posted/or printed notice.

Subject: "You might want to see if the place where you work has a posted/or printed notice."
Date: Oct 07 01:18
Author: Beag
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If I recall the rules, your employer is required to post a printed notice including the sexual harassment laws. If your employer doesn't have one posted, they could be in trouble just for that.

Subject: As exmos have you looked for them?
Date: Oct 06 11:25
Author: Trish Timm
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I mean in non-church related functions have you looked for those lines.(they are pretty obvious)? I have noticed those lines on a couple of the mothers that bring their kids to the same gymnastics gym that I take my kids to. I wouldn't however, (never ever!) make a comment on their choice of underwear! How rude. It really is nobodys business what kind of underwear someone is wearing.

Subject: Did you ever wonder.....................
Date: Oct 06 11:53
Author: Laman
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If they make those seems extra thick just to make them more noticable. They supposedly make the garments to they can be worn unconspicously, scoop neck, etc...... If that were the case, why not make the seam less noticable.

Subject: "What are you, the underwear police?"
Date: Oct 06 12:12
Author: Makurosu

That's exactly what I would have said. What an arrogant prick.

Subject: I agree with shhnephi
Date: Oct 06 14:46
Author: EnochIpsen

whether you want to call it sexual or religious harrassment it is against federal and state law regardless of where you live in the U.S. More than likely it is also against company policy.

I would bet that your TBM co-worker is the same sex as you. How will it look on his file if he is accused of same sex harrassment?


Subject: Re: I agree with shhnephi
Date: Oct 06 15:15
Author: akuten

Now that's a hoot, being reported for homosexuality when attempting to ensure the strength of the morg.

Subject: No, he's a he and I'm a she. n/t
Date: Oct 06 21:29
Author: sunny
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Subject: This is sexual harassment
Date: Oct 06 16:55
Author: Adrienne
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I would also say that asking what kind of underwear someone
is wearing is definitely sexual harassment. One of the
benifits of leaving the church is not having someone tell
you what underwear you must wear. IT'S NONE OF THEIR DAMN
BUSINESS!!! I'm just glad I never went through the craziness
of the temple and be forced to wear this crap.

Subject: Unbelievable
Date: Oct 07 01:24
Author: Beag
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I had less discussion with my TBM wife when I stopped wearing garments.

But, Big Brother is watching . . .

Subject: Re: Arggggghhhhh!!! The garment policeman confronted me!!
Date: Oct 07 01:28
Author: Suspicious mind
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Invading your privacy is a false intimacy. In other words,
the question about garments may have been a fishing expedition. His "concern" may be merely grease used to slip
into another subject. Mormon training prevented him from
recognizing his lack of boundary respect. It also provided
an opening. Could he have other interests than conern
for your soul?

Subject: In what other church are people concerned about other peoples underwear ?
Date: Oct 07 01:53
Author: Primrose
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Mormon have this problem of always looking for someone to make a mistake or not living the Gospel to make themselves look better then their brothers and sisters. I found the ones who were the most critical of others had the most to hide. Our bishop and his wife had real problems with sexuality, they were always looking for someone who was doing something imoral and then telling everyone about it.
I believe the Bishop was having an affair with a women he said he was trying to help and his wife knew about it. the more frustrated she got with her husband the more she talked about other people. they finally left town and moved to Utah. Utah deserved them.
And by the way, when they remove a bad bishop they say ok now the guy is gone you can come back now, like it was the bishop that caused you to leave, but you still believe so it's safe to come back. they can not accept the fact that maybe you don't believe it anymore.