Subject: The JOY of discarding Mormon Scripts -50 + things I dumped (long)
Date: Nov 14 23:51 2002
Author: SusieQ#1
Here are a few things I discarded, scripts the I rewrote in the process of purging Mormonism from my brain.

When I woke up from the subtlety scripted programming of 30 years of Mormonism I realized that I could rewrite the scripts that ran automatically in my mind.

I began the process or rewriting them all. I started ticking them off and releasing myself from their imagined power. I gave myself permission to take power over my thinking, behavior, and attitudes back.

Here are just a few of the items I changed my thinking about:

1.I could shop and buy anything and go anywhere on Sunday. No one cared and I did not care who saw me.

2. There was no requirement to say another prayer in the proper form again, no need to bless the food, or pray in secret either.

3. I did not have to read, study, ponder, pray about the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Bible or any of the Mormon books ever again.

4. Prayer does not establish fact. Praying about the Book of Mormon to determine it is true is just plain silly.

5. I did not need to take the Ensign and read it.

6.I did not have to attend church at any time for anything. Sacrament meetings were not of any interest to me anymore or anything else.

7. There was no such thing as "feeling the spirit" that was anything but warm fuzzies because people want to fit in and be accepted.

8. I did not have to have "callings". No more visiting teaching, or any other assignments.

9. I did not have to report to anyone about anything.

10. I was not bound by some belief there were prophets or specially inspired leaders

11.I could eat anything or drink anything I wanted

12. I could wear anything I wanted

13. I was not bound by the outrageous idea that underwear was sacred and could not touch the floor

14. I did not have to wear underwear under my bra anymore

15.I did not have to wear my underwear 24/7 - including to bed- never could do that one anyhow.

16. I could throw out the temple underwear and feel good about it - no scratch that FEELS GREAT!!!

17 All of the temple ceremonies were bastardized Masonic rituals and not binding

18. I was not required to go to the temple regularly and play dress-ups.

19. The green apron and temple robes mean nothing.

20. Prayer circles in the temple with women's faces veiled are silly nonsense.

21. I was no longer subjected to that invasive, washing and anointing rituals in the temple

22. I did not need to do genealogy and have my dead relatives baptized and have temple rituals done for them. No more post-mortem conversions!

23. I no longer had to compartmentalize a "testimony" from the rest of my life

24. I did not need to use faith to believe in the Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith story - Mark Twain said: Faith is what you have when you know something is not true.

25. I was no longer subjected to those intrusive, out of order, interviews by bishops and the stake presidency to get a temple recommend

26 I no longer needed to pay "an honest tithe."

27. There was no priesthood power that I was required to follow or submit to

28. I was no longer subjected to demeaning attitudes and treated like a child

29. There was no need for guilt over anything

30. I could spend my money anyway I wanted

31. I could THINK anything I wanted

32. A little research into the history of gods showed that the Bible was figurative myth and legends, parables, etc around some still standing places - Thank you Joseph Campbell and others.

33. There was no judgment bar that I needed to be concerned about in a hereafter

34. There was no Heavenly Father watching over me or angels recording my attendance in church - no more feeling paranoid!!

35. Heavenly Father was not a resurrected man with a body

36. I could discard the "testimony" as it was based on fraud, a hoax and scam.

37. I did not need a savior for anything.

38. There is no need to believe in any "hereafter." I am free to live in the present.

39. Faith and works or grace were not necessary to believe either.

40. I could discard the notion that "the church is perfect, but the people aren't."
(Silly notion anyhow as there would be no church without people as the people are the church.)

41. There is no such thing as a book having a "bad spirit" and I can read anything I choose

42. I could read anything at anytime I wanted

43.. The terms Apostate and Anti-Mormon are emotionally charged words to discourage dissent from Mormonism

44. I no longer needed a "testimony" by faith of things that made no sense in the first place.

45.I was no longer a second class citizen to be dismissed by the priesthood

46. I was no longer bound by the restrictive role placed on me as a Mormon female

47. I could say out loud that Joseph Smith lied, and Mormonism is a total fraud and they do not tell the truth.

48. I am not bound by some temple covenant that says I am to "avoid all loud laughter" and can laugh all I want, as loud as I want at anything, and especially at Mormonism! And laugh I do!

49. Mormonism is not necessary for my happiness. Neither is any "ISM" Or Christianity or any other God belief

50.. I am free at last.

51 . I can resign my membership and know I am OK. and I did!

52. Life outside the Mormon World View BOX is beautiful, full, and joyful.

53. There were no commandments

54. I will laugh my way out of these beliefs. They are just too funny to take seriously.
. It sure beats the hell out of being depressed! Besides, I won't even give that bunch of nuts the power to make me depressed. I refuse!

What is on YOUR list???

Sometimes bad things happen, and it has nothing to do with worthiness or lack thereof

Subject: All I know, SusieQ#1, is that I would try so hard to be good and live by the list . . .
Date: Nov 15 00:13
Author: Free

above but it got me nowhere. In fact, I could never win, it seemed. People could care less about all the time and money I gave, it was never good enough. No wonder it was a depressing church to be in.

Here's my new list:

1. I can use my own brain and common sense.

2. I can be a strong woman and not care about being judged. (It feels so good to be fearless about making my own stand).

3. I still can pray and I know that God is there for me.

4. I don't need to prove myself to God and to the brethren.

5. I just worry about being honest and good to others. That is what really matters.

6. I do like being free!

Subject: Re: The JOY of discarding Mormon Scripts -50 + things I dumped (long)
Date: Nov 15 00:21
Author: Saucie

I'm a veritable newbie..... Lost my religion, lost my job,
found out my Lamanite husband is really oriental. Oy vey!!!
So I'm still processing, bear with me here.

Subject: My list
Date: Nov 15 03:37
Author: Adrienne

1.I can enjoy sex without any guilt or needing to have children.

2. I can focus on a career and not remarry if I wish.

3. No man is needed for salvation or to be happy.

4. I am a good person, even though I was born a woman. I am NOT a second-class citizen!!

5.I can have a drink if I want to, wake up with coffee and a scoop of hot chocolate mix(thanks msmom!) or relax with some tea.

6. No funny underwear or weird temple oaths allowing me to wear whatever I want to, and actually enjoy life.

7.If I do marry, my husband and I will be equal in doing the chores-household and earning income, and I can have one or two children if I want. There is no penishood to obey or sustain.

8.No more pressure to convert my family, or do geneology for the temple. If I do family history, it will be for knowing who my ancestors were and how they lived.

9. I can laugh out loud because laughter releases endorphins and boosts seratonin levels, reducing depression without drugs. Mormonisim is really funny if you think about the temple ceremonies and clothing! Laughter also helps in the recovery process.


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