Subject: What was the most fanatical thing you or someone you know did as a TBM (Mormon)?
Date: May 28 23:31
Author: NEM

I have family members who moved to Missouri so they could be there for the supposed re-establishment of the church there. They thought if they were there when this happened that their family would somehow become leaders of the church. Weird weird weird...

Subject: I, to this day, have to shake my head and sigh…
Date: May 28 23:46
Author: Onslow

I have told this story several times over the years on this BB.

After being questioned as to what my funny underwear was, I told a group of black sailors that the reason they were black and could not be participating members of the morg is that they were less than valiant spirits in a pre-existent life.

As Always,

Subject: "Say What? Run that by me one more time, cracka."...
Date: May 29 15:51
Author: Joe

How did you get out of there alive? Don't mean to stereotype African-Americans as vioent and short tempered but if I was black and someone told me that I would have a hard time holding back. Did they get hostile or did they just look at each other and laugh?

Subject: Re: What was the most fanatical thing you or someone you know did as a TBM?
Date: May 29 01:58
Author: Norm

True story. I'm with three "brothers" in a A & P in Washington. As we walk out of the store, one of the guys was hungry. He pulls out an apple to eat but not before getting down on his knees and having a prayer!

Very embarrassing!

Subject: Couldn't believe it
Date: May 29 02:40
Author: Dixie

A TBM coworker left the rather successful software company where we both worked. About a month later, he called and asked if I could meet him at the front door because he had some company property that he needed to return.

It was a half-used cheap ink pen.

I didn't think he was particularly sincere -- just showing his Mormon "goodness," as he had been one of only a few in the company. I think I tossed it.

Subject: Oh God, this is embarrassing...
Date: May 29 03:29
Author: mikemgc

I'm opening myself wide up here...Right before my mission and after I had been made an elder I was setting firecrackers off in my back yard. My dog was nearby and afterwards, I noticed he'd gone deaf. So I took him in a room when no-one was looking and gave him a blessing. He got his hearing back after a few hours of course (it's a miracle!). Hey, I loved that dog....

Subject: As poor newlyweds...
Date: May 29 08:54
Author: notmycuppatea

we paid tithing on all our increase-even all the wedding gifts we got.

Subject: Out on a double date
Date: May 29 10:56
Author: Søvnløsener - Insomniac

in the hot tub and an apt complex, and I knew where it was heading.

So I announced to my date, in front of the other couple, that there was no way I was not going to have sex, I am a virgin and going to go to my wedding day as such.

Shouldn't this go under the most destructive thread?

It was like someone had thrown a bucket (or three) of ice water into the hot tub.

To my eternal regret, I kept my promise to myself to be a virgin on my wedding day.

Did the same thing with two other girl friends, just not as embarrassing, because the other two times were not in front of other people.

Win some, lose the rest.

Subject: I bore my testimonkey in a bar.
Date: May 29 11:13
Author: Fly

Oh my gosh! It was over a glass of chocolate milk. I told this guy about the plan of salvation & everything.

I wanted to go out & party with all my other friends, but the bar scene scared me. I was pretty young. I think I used Mormonism as a defense against wild men. Or men who were wilder than I was, anyway.

Subject: My Laurels advisor refused to eat chocolate
Date: May 29 11:17
Author: Gracie

because she considered it against the WoW. She had just had a baby and her nevermo neighbor brought over a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. She sat the neighbor down, lectured her for an hour on the importance of following the profit, and picked every last chocolate chip out of each cookie.

I'm sure the neighbor was mightily impressed and I can't imagine why she never showed up at church.

Subject: Re: My Laurels advisor refused to eat chocolate
Date: May 29 11:44
Author: Lara C

Hey, I think your Laurels advisor was ready to be translated. Anyone who can refuse chocolate is surely on a _much_ higher spiritual plane. ;-)

Subject: Did you know that holding hands is evil?
Date: May 29 11:40
Author: tri girl

I went out on one date with an RM at BYU- as he walked me back to my apartment we held hands. He called me the next day in a fit of guilt saying how sorry he was for taking things too far and was afraid I got the wrong impression. Geez- it's a good thing he didn't kiss me goodnight or he'd have requested a bishop's court!

Subject: Ok, let's see,
Date: May 29 11:46
Author: cfrench

Cleaned up my music collection (still can't find some of these anymore), explained to my stoned friend how great the church was. Turned by back on many friends because they weren't the right kind. Let some RM guy convince me to confess to my parents that we had been doing some heavy petting in order to repent. Stopped drinking Mountain Dew because I thought I was going to hell for it. Allowed my husband to be converted and got his head all messed up and threatened divorce when he tried to tell me he really didn't believe it.
Getting caught up in all the superiority mentality.

Subject: I broke it off with a guy who proposed to me
Date: May 29 12:36
Author: ANewEnglandJulie

I was very in love with him, but he wanted nothing to do with the church so I told him adios...

it actually worked out in the end... as I'm now engaged to a wonderful never-mo.... but seems like ending a good relationship is faily fanatical

Subject: Gave birth to 9 children (but wouldn't send 'em back now) nt
Date: May 29 12:38
Author: grandma

Subject: Evils of coffee..
Date: May 29 15:35
Author: klutz

Last year during the worst of my ultra-TBMness here's a story: My husband had been deployed 7 months on a ship at Afghanistan. when he got back he made himself a pot of coffee. after being gone all that time, the best I could say was "You know, if you keep violating the WoW, Jesus is liable to pop up here in the kitchen and set you straight."
Well, very gently and logically, my husband set ME straight. (I was 8 months pregnant, he didn't want to upset me) He said "Julie, I'm going to tell you two things and please listen to them. First, I haven't had a decent cup of coffee in 7 months. And second, with all the murderers and rapists running around and famine and natural disasters going on, I think Jesus has better things to worry about than my cup of coffee." I never said another word about his coffee. Man, was I dumb dumb dumb. Now, let me go to enjoy my cup of hot coffee....

Subject: While in Young Womens, we were given a project.
Date: May 29 16:13
Author: Kristen

There was a little old lady that hadn't gone to church in over a year. Her husband would go but she stayed home (not due to health reasons, wink wink). So, we were given the task by the bishopric to get her to come back. Our teacher decided that she needed to know she was loved and that we missed her. So, it was our duty to go to her house every day and bring her a note, present or anything else that could show her we loved her. But, we had to do it anonymously. I didn't understand why then but now I know it was so she couldn't name who was leaving all this crap on her front step.

Each girl including myself took a month and every day for a month, we took something to her house. After 6 months, she finally showed up to church every week but only for sacrament meeting and she was so angry looking. So, my TBMness led me to harass a poor little old lady to the point of insanity. Very sad.

Subject: breaking and entering an investigator's home...
Date: May 29 16:42
Author: brainbutter

While with my trainer on the mission, one of our investigators didn't show up to church one sunday. about half way through church, my comp says that we have to get this guy to come to church, so we walk the half mile to his house and knock on his door. no answer. we knock some more for about 5 minutes. no answer. I say "well, I guess we ought to go". my trainer gave me a wild look like I was crazy and he walked around to the side of the house and looked in the investigator's bedroom window to see him sleeping peacefully. my comp starts knocking on the window, then opened the window and crawled inside, got up on the guy's bed and began shaking him to wake him up. grogily, he stated he wasn't going to church, but he'd go next week. he never came ever.

Subject: Sixth-Grade Martyrdom
Date: May 29 17:00
Author: Full Frontal

Like a lamb to the slaughter, I knowingly blew a Social Studies exam where we were quizzed on the origin of Native Americans. Sure of the untold blessing I would receive, I wrote a short (yet powerful) essay on the Book of Mormon.

Now 25 years later, in a cruel twist of fate, Mormon apologists say that the Book of Mormon never claimed to be the history of Native Americans!

Oh Father, why hast Thou forsaken me???



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