Subject: Stake President told my wife to ditch the extra earrings
Date: Jul 01 04:53 2003
Author: rpm
Mail Address:

My wife told me this past Sunday in the foyer the Stake President approached her, staring at her ears, and commented on her multiple earrings (she always wears a pair of diamond studs I bought her after we married, along with whatever she happens to don to match her outfit slightly above the studs in each ear).

She asked him what his problem was with her earrings. He then asked her if she missed that meeting where GBH [current Mormon prophet] asked all church women to only where one pair of earrings. She said she must have missed that meeting. He then instructed her that she ought to remove them and follow the prophet.

She explained that she has two holes in each ear and she intends to fill them with earrings.

He again asked her if she would follow the prophet, to which she replied: I suppose if he asks again, I'll think about it.

NOW, what really irks me is why in hell is another man telling my wife what to do with her earrings? Can't he mind his own business? Why does he think he can instruct MY WIFE to ditch earrings I purchase for her?


Am I missing something here? What do other women think about this? Husbands, what would you do in my situation? I want to call him up and give him a piece of my mind.


Subject: The reason? to control your wife, that's the reason n/t

Subject: It's really sad. This is the only concrete guidance the living prophet
Date: Jul 01 05:12
Author: Perry Noid
Mail Address:

has given in years.

TBMs, like your Stake President, desperately want to see themselves as valiant front-line captains fighting in the royal army of Zion fighting Satan. Their assigned combat missions in the fight against Satan are given to them in the form of revealed words of wisdom handed down by the "living prophet".

Unfortunately, the only clearly stated "wisdom" revealed by the living prophet in recent memory has been the prohibition against multiple piercings and tattoos.

Everything else that comes out of the mouth of Gordong B. Hinckley is obfuscation and cliches. Isn't it marvelous?

The Stake President is just one of the many Barney Fifes that exist in the leadership ranks of Mormonism. Finally a chance to exercise authority has presented itself in the form of your wife's multiple piercings. He's probably been itching to see some Stake President authority-wielding action for a long time. The prophet has spoken, the thinking has been done, and Stake President Fife is there to hold the line against scofflaws like your wife. ;0)

Where's Andy and common sense when we need them? Unfortunately, the Andy Griffith types have too much wisdom and common sense to devote their lives to attaining leadership positions in the Morg. They are people like RPM.

In the real world, your SP was way out of line. He's cruisin' for a bruisin' as his remarks would be thought of as highly offensive by virtually anyone in normal society. But in the fantasy world of "living prophets" and "priesthood authority" that is perpetuated in Mormonism, he probably thinks that he's some kind of heroic priesthood leader at the front lines in the war against Satan and his evil legions of piercers and tattoo artists.

What can you do, when the SP is taking his cue from the main man, Gordong B. Hinckley? Hinckley essentially told your wife the same thing--just impersonally from a pulpit miles away. The SP thinks that he's just acting as Hinckley's agent in reminding your wife to follow the Brethren.

Your wife can always tell him that her earring policy is really not any of his business, but Hinckley has tried to make it the SP's business.

This is the kind of divinely inspired guidance that Mormons get at the cost of millions of dollars a year???? I want their money back!!

Subject: Control for control's sake
Date: Jul 01 06:35
Author: ExCatholic
Mail Address:

If your wife is TBM, maybe this is a good thing, as she seems to see the stupidity of it too.

Can't you just envision God sitting around watching over the earth? Let's see, the kids are dropping bombs on each other, allowing children to starve, and are destroying the planet with their greed. Bad enough, but wait... Some of the ladies are putting in multiple earrings. Now there's something I should talk to the profit about and make him take some action.

Subject: but has the prophet said a word about breast augmentation or
Date: Jul 01 07:19
Author: J.

other types of cosmetic surgery?

noooooooo . . . . cos it's obviously not frowned upon by god!

Subject: Yup. A controlling, chauvinistic bishop piled on the last straw...
Date: Jul 01 07:41
Author: Byronia
Mail Address:

for my mom. It's hard to imagine that there are people who feel they have to control everything about another person, but there are lots of them - and they seem to be attracted to positions of authority of any kind. No wonder they love the Morgue.

Subject: Great answer.....
Date: Jul 01 09:22
Author: Randy J.

This situation reminds me of when the Chattanooga TN SP ordered all the teenage boys in the stake to get missionary haircuts.

Subject: The closest I could point to the beginning of the end
Date: Jul 01 07:59
Author: Søvnløsener - Insomniac
Mail Address:

was that p-meeting the fall of 2000.

The dude speaking on god's behalf telling the world that appearances matter.

I went and got a tattoo soon after.

I take it that:

1. You were not there


2. too amazed at the entire conversation to say anything at the time.

Could it be the beginning of the end for your wife?

"Honey, do you think god cares how many holes you have in your ears?"

Subject: It's a cult building technique...If you can control the behavior then you can control the person. n/t.

Subject: Now this is one God who has his priorities straight
Date: Jul 01 08:31
Author: Mojo Jojo
Mail Address:

The world is plagued by hunger, pestilence, war, and untold human suffering. People everywhere are pleading earnestly to God for deliverance. Others are searching diligently for truth and guidance from a divine being. If only he'd point the path to them in a way they could understand, they'd gladly follow and serve him.

What's God's response to all of this?

To warn us through his mouthpiece on earth of the evils of wearing more than one earring in each ear.

My soul shudders to think where humanity would be without God guiding us through his living prophet.

Isn't it marvelous?

Subject: ok. DID the prophet actually say "god told me" on this earring and tattoo business? n/t

Subject: Tell him off, ASAP
Date: Jul 01 09:07
Author: Dumpster
Mail Address:

Your SP is way out of line and should be told so. A good telling-off will make you and your wife feel better and it should preempt any further meddling. I told my SP off once for a question he asked DW during an interview. The question wasn't too bad, actually, but it just annoyed us. SP respected me a bit more afterwards.

Subject: My wife stopped wearing one thin, tiny extra gold hoop . . .
Date: Jul 01 09:13
Author: wrighton
Mail Address:

in her left ear that I ABSOLUTELY loved. It was really sexy. I liked to nibble on it when . . . OK - too much information!

I asked her a couple of weeks ago why she never wore the little hoop anymore and she told me it was because "the Prophet, asked us not to." I just kind of rolled my eyes and that ended that.

Since she went to the temple 3 years ago, she has lost her "sexiness" - except for some occasions when she's wearing a certain black skirt and pumps! But in general, I'm not happy about the G's and the way she has to dress to accommodate them. Now she can't even were a tiny little earring! I'm thinking of telling her that I'd like her to wear it and I hope that my wishes are more important that GBH's.

Whoever made the point that this is GBH's biggest "prophecy" hit the nail on the head. With all that is wrong in the world - this is what he comes up with? This is going to solve the decline of society?

One final note to RPM - Don't tell off the SP - if you do, you're undermining your wife. Let the WOMAN stand up to the MAN herself. And good for her!

Subject: Tell your wife to tell the SP....
Date: Jul 01 09:15
Author: Randy J.

....that when GBH says "Thus saith the Lord, women shall only wear one earring per ear," gets a sustaining vote for that "revelation" in conference, and has it canonized in the D&C, she will think about complying.

She should tell the SP: "Past presidents of the church have taught things that have since been disavowed by their successors. For instance, Brigham Young taught that Adam was God the Father for 25 years, and that teaching was orthodox doctrine until Young's death. But after Young died, his successors began removing the doctrine from church books, until it eventually disappeared. Today, some Mormon leaders and scholars deny that Brigham Young ever taught that Adam was God, because they don't want church members to know that Young taught a false doctrine. Some scholars say that it was only Young's opinion, and it wasn't official doctrine.

So, in my opinion, it's the same with the earring thing. As far as I'm concerned, Hinckley was just stating his opinion. I'm not going to 'follow the prophet' until he says that he got a 'revelation' telling me not to, because his opinion might be overruled by a future prophet. So you can keep your negative remarks about my earrings or about me not 'following the prophet' to yourself."

Subject: why do the morgbots dismiss all the psycho stuff old prophets say, and...
Date: Jul 01 09:17
Author: danboyle
Mail Address:

yet hang on every word of the current so-called prophet? I suppose that SP would have run over to NASA a few years back and told them to stop wasting their time. After all the so-called prophet of that era said man would never reach the moon. It's all about control, just like Saddam Hussein requiring every household to have his picture hanging up in a prominent place in the home. control, control, control....I'd be on the phone letting that slime ball have it...good luck. Don't forget to reference all the old crazy prophet declarations to back up your case.

Subject: Maybe Im being really touchy today...
Date: Jul 01 10:04
Author: Lilith
Mail Address:

.But I really picked up on that 'another man' telling 'my wife' and 'earrings I purchased' bit....Your wife can handle herself, and seems to have done just fine. I'm sensitive to that 'my woman' stuff. Too much history of woman as possession.

Subject: Suggest response: "GBH wasn't speaking as a 'prophet' when he said that, but as a 90-year old geezer with no fashion sense." nt

Subject: GREAT ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Date: Jul 01 10:16
Author: kymba
Mail Address:

I mean that, BTW. rpm, that's what your wife should tell the SP next time he pries into her personal business.

I'd also consider adding, "They';re my ears, I'll use them any way I want. YOU, Mr., might consider using YOURS as handles to pull your head out of your rear orifice because, really, you guys are turning more people away from mormonism with your retarded fashion rules than past doctrine itself."

Subject: Does the Morg deny temple recommends on the basis of piercings and tattoos?
Date: Jul 01 10:10
Author: Perry Noid
Mail Address:

I'm just wondering how seriously they're taking Hinckley's prophetic flatulence on this topic. I've been out of the temple recommend loop so long that I don't know. I wonder if they are moving in the direction of making this into a commandment like the Word of Wisdom.

Subject: Thank you, Lilith!
Date: Jul 01 10:12
Author: rhys
Mail Address:

Let your wife handle it. Sounds like she's doing just fine with this bozo. Keep out of it.

Subject: They need to remove all those paintings of that long-haired hippy guy too....
Date: Jul 01 10:22
Author: Perry Noid
Mail Address:

I've seen those pictures of the hippy guy that they have in Mormon church buildings here and there. I've even seen that hippy guy in the temple! I know he ain't Jesus. Jesus wouldn't go around in that long-hair hippy get-up. He would present himself like one of the Brethren.

WHy the blazes do they put up with those pictures of that guy and his crazy sandals and robes??? What kind of example is that for the youth of Zion??? I call the hippy guy Heyzuuz Cristo 'cause I don't want the kids to get confused and take him for a role model.

If they can change the image of Joe Smith to a blondish Biff Smith, they can clean up the image of that Heyzuuz Cristo hippy guy. Put him in a suit, cut his hair, make sure he has a proper tie on. We know that Jesus drank grape juice, not wine, and by jingy, we know he wore a three piece suit and had a regulation missionary haircut!

Down with long-hair hippy pictures in Church, that's what I say!!

Subject: I'd call him up and give him a piece of my mind
Date: Jul 01 10:23
Author: sonoflds
Mail Address:

Why let ANYONE, Mormon or otherwise, tell your wife what to do? When you tolerate these people, they get bolder and bolder and bolder.


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