Subject: Comparing the LDS church's SLC City Creek project to others
Date: Apr 30, 2010
Author: Odell Campbell

The world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, completed in 2009 in Dubai cost only $1.5 billion.

Makes one wonder where all the money is going in downtown Salt Lake City?

Add you own comparisons


Subject: Jesus Mall compared to City Center Las Vegas
Date: Apr 30 16:20
Author: bender

I don't think comparing it to projects in Dubai is fair. Dubai is famous for it's construction workers being near slaves. Little pay, no safety regulations. It's part of the reason they were able to build so much so cheaply.

It's better to compare it to another large project in the U.S. I'll compare it to City Center in Las Vegas. In oreder to avoid confusion between the two similar names I'll refer to City Creek Center as the Jesus Mall.

City Center's original cost: $4 billion
City Center's final cost: $11 billion

Jesus Mall original cost: $500 million
Jesus mall current cost: $4 billion

City Center: 76 acres
Jesus Mall: 20 acres

City Center: 2400 condos 4800 hotel rooms
Jesus Mall: 300 condos

City Center: 500,000 sf mall
Jesus Mall: 574,000 sf mall

City Center towers: 61 story, 57 story, 56 story, 37 story, 37 story, 25 story.
Jesus Mall towers: 32 story, 20 story, 10 story, 10 story.

Although City Center cost more than twice as much as the Jesus Mall, they're building way more than double of what the Jesus Mall is, and most likely at much better quality too


Subject: I recently stayed at a hotel at City Center
Date: Apr 30 17:18
Author: Hopi Bon!

outside of Dubai, I've never seen a collection of buildings like it. It's one of the architectural wonders of the world.

I live in Utah. I've watched the Jesus Mall go "up".

Your statistics are staggering. The fact that these two projects are even remotely close in cost per square feet is shocking.


Subject: Chicago Spire: Santiago Calatrava inspires, Thomas Monson doesn't.
Date: Apr 30 16:20
Author: Northsider

In real cities, dreamers, like Irishman Garrett Kelleher, build great structures. The market demands it, the people and culture demand it. Not surprisingly, the market demanded nothing of the type in Salt Lake Truck Stop -- not even this Jesus Mall's 90s-era, "new urbanism," bland, mixed-use design -- so LD$, Inc. had to step in to save the irrelevancy of their little rest stop where I-15 meets I-80.

"What do middle 'mericans think is impressive? Why, a mall! We'll add some condos and be hip and urban like...Portland! We'll be the talk of the Wasatch Front! They'll even want to come visit the Jesus Mall from that architectural and cultural paradise to the south called...Las 'Good Ol' Mormon Boys Network' Vegas! Yeehaw! Giddyup! No gays!"

I guess Little America, WY was getting too many tourists from the lucrative Intermountain West market so the stand-up old men of the LD$ Central Committee (aka Hick Clique) wanted to tap into this huge source of revenue. (Sarcasm intended.)

Anyways, back to the point, the Chicago Spire, which will be the tallest building in the Western hemisphere at 2,000 ft., has a speculated cost of $2.4 billion. Folks, that cost includes experienced, supertall-buildin' ("supertalls" are skyscrapers over 700 ft.), union, Chicago construction workers, not cheap, illegal, slave labor from Mexico with half-pint foremen from Layton on time-off from their usual LD$ MLM-meetinghouse construction.

After completion, the Spire will have the world's highest occupied floor, even higher than the Burj Khalifa. It will be the world's tallest residential building with an estimated 1,200 condos.

Also note that the developer is contributing $9.6 million of his own money on an adjoining 3 acre, lakefront, public park. Meanwhile, YOU can donate real estate to LD$, Inc. by following this link:

"By giving your commercial real estate to the Church or one of its institutions, you are relieved of management responsibilities, avoid capital gains taxes, reduce your estate tax, and fulfill your charitable and family objectives."

Give said the little stream, give oh give, give oh give...

It's almost hilarious. LD$, Inc. can't build anything to inspire a 10 year old from the Sudan, but the Jesus Mall will be the talk-of-the-town in Utah (and with Mormons in the cultural and economic backwaters of Idaho, Arizona, etc.). Little do the uninformed, out-of-style, ignorant Utards know, what they have won't impress a fly, never did, never will. Inside they must know this, that's why they had to bribe to get their Winter Olympics and -- still to this day -- the insane rants about their "outdoors" never stops, it just intensifies.

"Nothing man-made of cultural relevance or business interest is to be found here, but we have MOUNTAINS, and now a MALL!!! MOUNTAINS AND A MALL!"

Santiago Calatrava inspires, Thomas Monson and his Hick Clique don't.


Subject: it's much more than these too
Date: Apr 30 20:11
Author: andrew

Here's a page with the rest of the world's tallest buildings and prices. The prices are much lower also:


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