Subject: did you guys see this article about missionaries desecrating a Catholic shrine?
Date: Mar 09, 2008
Author: MattBoyden


Subject: Re: Missionaries making frun of a Catholic Chruch in CO
Date: Mar 10 11:17
Author: rcman

So Mormons claim to respect other faiths? Funny way of showing it.

SAN LUIS - Officials of the Sangre de Cristo Catholic Church here may decide today whether to file charges against three Mormon missionaries in the 2006 vandalism of a local shrine.

Church members earlier this week found Internet photos that showed them vandalizing the Shrine of the Mexican Martyrs in 2006 and mocking the Roman Catholic faith.

A regional missionary official for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has acknowledged the men depicted in the photos were missionaries working in the San Luis Valley that year, and said the church would discipline the men. He would not, however, identify them.

Sangre de Cristo Catholic Church members discovered a Web photo Thursday that showed an LDS missionary holding the severed head of a statue at the shrine, which sits next to the Stations of the Cross on a mesa above town. Townspeople since found the head had been placed back on the statue.

Other photos, also posted on the Photobucket Web site, but removed after Thursday, depicted another missionary who appeared to preach from the Book of Mormon inside the Chapel of All Saints. A third photo showed one missionary pretending to sacrifice another on the altar at the Shrine of the Mexican Martyrs.


Subject: Yeah. Check out this "apology":
Date: Mar 09 17:01
Author: Melonade
Mail Address:  

"I realize that my companions and I have made a mockery of that which is most sacred to many of the residents of San Luis and the rest of the world. I should have known better because I have seen many of the same types of blasphemies made against my own church and I have been appalled,"

Yep, even in an apology for desecration of another faith's sacred space it's all about the poor, persecuted Mormon Church.


Subject: Am I missing the "I'm Sorry?" n/t

Subject: and here's a link to the Chieftan article with pictures of the missionaries disrespecting
Date: Mar 09 17:09
Author: anon

another religious shrine

As boyd kkk packer would say, "They do what we would never do."

Sure "they" do.


Subject: Typical.
Date: Mar 09 17:22
Author: sunny

Those jerks are so arrogant and smug, that they feel justified in their behavior because they are the only true church. They all make fun and put down other faiths. Only natural when you're taught that all other religions are wrong. Therefore, they don't deserve any respect.


Subject: As a former missionary, even an exMo, I am ashamed
Date: Mar 09 17:48
Author: Odell Campbell

Those pictures and actions are horrible and embarrassing. I guess that is what happens when a church sends immature boys to such work.

I suspect members of the LDS church are very embarrassed by this behavior, too.

Can you imagine the outrage in Utah had pictures of Catholic priests been released holding fake mass or confessions in an LDS chapel??


Subject: Re: did you guys see this article about missionaries desecrating a Catholic shrine?
Date: Mar 09 18:22
Author: provo_libertarian

Mormon missionaries turn the so-called religious bigotry table on the Catholics and then brag about how Book of Mormon is a true gospel by preaching.

Book of Mormon is a demonstrably false gospel. These criminal Mormon missionaries are extremely deluded that made them turn bigots believing their religion is truer than the other religions, because they are taught from the young age that all other churches are an abomination.

Mormon church scare me for its insistence on control while preaching their religious literature as "truth".


Subject: Little snots . . .
Date: Mar 09 18:54
Author: JackMormon'sWife

I'd like to slap those boys up-side the head.

And, in the articles, why do they keep saying "three" missionaries? Those boys ALWAYS travel in companionships!

The "fourth" guy was taking pictures of the other 3. Doesn't he get disciplined, too? Or is it only the morons caught on camera that get nailed?

Shannon ;o)


Subject: Good point about the little snot proudly snapping the photos. nt


Subject: Catholic Congregation is pressing charges
Date: Mar 09 20:07
Author: scarecrowfromoz

It was just announced on Channel 2 SLC News (KUTV) that the congregation decided they will press charges. There will probably be a link later.


Subject: Now there is an offense worthy of excommunication! n/t


Subject: This happened in 2006
Date: Mar 09 22:48
Author: Leah

so presumably those mishies are home by now.

The Mormon church needs to apologize and pay for the damages incurred, plus interest, because they pushed three dumb young men on missions in the first place.

They were goofing off, which comes as no great surprise to those of us who have been around missionaries who did not really want to be out in the field.

Other than that, people need to stop awful-izing and being so selfrighteous about a silly prank.

Pretending to preach from the BOM and pretending to sacrifice? Sorry, but that IS quite hilarious in the context of Mormonism, which is a fake itself.


Subject: It was more than a prank - there was vandalism. n/t


Subject: "Vandalism" means doing malicious physical damage.
Date: Mar 09 22:54
Author: Cheryl

Severing the head of a statue is not merely a cheap prank.


Subject: What I would like to know is why the mishies were stupid enough to post the photos on photobucket!
Date: Mar 09 23:06
Author: Sandie

There is nothing quite like self incrimination in this type of crime.


Subject: What I'd like to know
Date: Mar 10 00:56
Author: Odin

Is when did anyone from TSCC know about this? Obviously it was before the story broke. Can anyone say "obstruction of justice?"


Subject: Wow this happened within 30 miles from me and this is the
Date: Mar 10 01:46
Author: Charley

first I've heard of it. I haven't seen it in the paper yet. Well I read about the vandalism but not the part about the mishies.

Disgusting that missionaries would do such a thing. And they hope to convert people.

I don't know what this Shrine of the Mexican Martyrs is, but there's a beautiful shrine there depicting the stages of the cross. I suppose that's where they're talking about. I'm not sure since I haven't been there, just seen pictures. Yeah I know it's only 30 miles away and all.

I'd be surprised if anyone in San Luis or neighboring towns converts for years after this.


Subject: This is also just about the last thing we need here.
Date: Mar 10 02:27
Author: Charley

It's not only religious differences but racial too. The Catholics are hispanic while the mormons are anglo. When I was in school there was lots of fighting between the two groups.

Then in the late '70s things started to mellow out. But lately things seem to be getting bad again. This can't help.

I had some really obnoxious mishies come by in '05 or '06 I wonder if they were these guys. They said they'd pray for me. Yeah when your not out vandalizing one of the most treasured things in the valley.

Damn this really pisses me off. It makes me want to call all my Catholic friends and apologize, even though I'm not a mormon anymore. Fucking stupid little shits.

The cult sends in kids who have no respect for their new environments and the locals have to put up with the backlash that's sure to come after this shit has been found out.

This is egg in the face of every mormon and for that matter exmormon in the San Luis Valley.

As far as I know I'm the only exmo here. If I'm wrong would you other exmos please email me. It would be nice to know I'm not the only one.


Subject: Just Confirms My Theory That The LDS Inc., Missionary Program Alone Will Ultimately Doom Mo'ism. n/t


Subject: $20 Bucks Says They're ONLY Dis-Fellowshipped Until The Whole Thing Blows Over. n/t


Subject: I hope the Media gets a hold of this, they deserve to be exposed.
Date: Mar 10 05:40
Author: Sandra Sue

Not just the Missionaries but the Churches attitude toward other faiths.
We all know what we were taught about the Catholic church as Mormons so those guys were just doing what they were taught.
The World should know what the Mormons really think about other churches. After all that is why they have Missionaries, to get others to leave their churches and become Mormons because their churches are not true and you can't really go to the Highest Heaven if you are not a Mormon..


Subject: Here are photos of the defilement . . .
Date: Mar 10 05:47
Author: The Virgin Mother
Subject: Missionaries making fun of a Catholic Chruch in CO
Date: Mar 10 10:56
Author: Captain Caveman (nli)

"The Sangre de Cristo church said on Sunday that it plans to press criminal charges against the missionaries -- none of whom were identified on Sunday. The charges could include felony criminal mischief and conspiracy."


Subject: not disrespectfull
Date: Mar 10 11:26
Author: Bignevermo

like rodney respect........ maybe they were tracting at "the whore of the earth"...


Subject: So how is this "new"? Mormonism is totally based on the desecration of things others consider
Date: Mar 10 11:32
Author: LongGone2


One of mormonism's greatest hypocracies is their claims of persecution if anyone points out the lies in their history or the appalling desecration of other people's religious beliefs in their very theology.

I'm sure the young men were just doing what they were taught: the Catholic Church is after all the church of the devil and the great whore. And these young men go out daily to tell people that they are they great apostates and only the polyester shirt and plastic badge has the "truth"...

What perfectly putrid poltroons--pompous little pig's rumps (and please don't excuse what they did because they are "young"--non-mormon 18/19 year olds are held accountable as adults under the law. These guys are no better than a guy with a can of paint spray and ought to be prosecuted accordingly.


Subject: Re: Missionaries making frun of a Catholic Church in CO
Date: Mar 10 13:00
Author: Challenger

Remember that these A-holes are "Christ's personal representatives" and they are also "priesthood holders".
Since they are persecuting the Catholic church, then the Catholic church MUST be "true".

I tend to fight mormonism with mormonism.


Subject: This is nothing new
Date: Mar 10 13:29
Author: racer

I served a mission. This kind of crap goes on all the time. What do you expect?

1. You have a bunch of immature kids straight out of high school with little to no supervision. Stupidity happens.

2. You have a bunch of kids brainwashed and indoctrinated that everyone else's religion is an "abomination before God". So it is natural for them to have a superiority complex and piss on other people's sacred cows.

These kids will likely take the heat and become the scapegoat for the church, but who really needs to be held accountable for the misdeeds is the church organization as a whole as it fosters and encourages this type of mindset.

This type of behavior from missionaries is not new and it will continue to happen because of the way the church indoctrinates it's members


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