Subject: Eavesdropping at the the general world view of Mormonism this negative?
Date: Jun 23 14:14
Author: anoninAZ [Arizona]

I live in a wonderful little community where we share a pool; a community pool that belongs to 300 households. It is quite the social event during the summer, people gathering and people talking, kids playing - even strangers spark new friendships, even if they are only "pool friends." My kids were off playing Marco Polo, and I was balanced upon a noodle in the cool waters in a corner of shade with my book, when I happened to catch a conversation among a group of ladies, one of which I know through school, as our children have shared a grade. The conversation was about "the Mormons." I am a nevermo with some Mormon ties. I sat (floated on my noodle) and listened (eavesdropped). This is what I gathered from their conversation.

1. Mormons are more "rabid" the closer to the temple you live...find a home as far away from the temple as you can...mormons further away from the temple are more "real."
2. A child who is non-Mormon in a classroom of Mormon children with a Mormon teacher will be discriminated against...a school where Mormonism doesn't dominate is the best.
3. Your Mormon neighbors are nice and friendly in an unavoidable face-to-face situation, but the rest of the time they avoid you like the plague.
4. Their children are not allowed to play with your children because you don't have "the gospel."
5. They were really nice until they learned I was not interested in converting. Now they don't speak to me.
6. I have never experienced a situation where my religious preference was a part of the introductory process -- What's your name?...Nice to meet you...Are you Mormon?
7. What's the deal with the bloomers?
8. Do they really have secret handshakes and secret names required to get into heaven?
9. If you want your boy in Boy Scouts, make sure the troop isn't Mormon.
10. They have great family values, but the dad is never home.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this observation of Mormonism "the exception" or "the rule?"


Subject: right on where I live..nt


Subject: I KNEW you were from AZ before I looked at your name! Everything you said fits to a T the
Date: Jun 23 14:22
Author: AZmom

culture in the valley. I assume you live in Mesa or Gilbert area. Yes, these ladies hit the nail on the head. There are, of course, always exceptions to these rules, but indeed they are exceptions.


Subject: Yes, this is the general view in areas with lots of Mormons
Date: Jun 23 14:26
Author: Turnip

Certainly it is true in Mesa AZ where my brother and family live, and in Salt Lake when I lived there. Here on the East Coast, where there are few Mormons, most people have no opinion of them other than that they are some odd little sect from Utah. And just about everyone associates them with polygamy.

Another frequently heard complaint in high Mo density areas is that they are dishonest in business and to be avoided for that reason.


Subject: My AZ friends agree 100%. They're exmo & told me this stuff 10 years ago! 8^D n/t


Subject: Where I live.... in the San Fernando Valley.....
Date: Jun 23 14:49
Author: Ken Taylor

the conversations around the pool have yet to be about Mormons.

There are Thais, African Americans, Japanese, Armenians, Hispanics, and even a few white folks. All the kids play with all the other kids in the pool.

I doubt that anyone would ever even think about Mormonism, or even religion in general, let alone discuss it.

Leben und leben lassen. I like that a lot.


Subject: Sadly, #5 is soooo true. NT


Subject: Re: Eavesdropping at the the general world view of Mormonism this negative?
Date: Jun 23 16:37
Author: anon

I could tell where you lived too. I just got out of Gilbert, and I was a convert while I lived there. I couldn't stand it anymore.

Thankfully I am across the country now where there is probably one church building in the whole state. It is a lot different here. Although I am now officially out of that church anyway.


Subject: I think most people feel negatively........
Date: Jun 23 16:41
Author: sunny

about mormons, but it just isn't politically correct anymore for people to openly bash any group so most people only do so in private.


Subject: Re: Eavesdropping at the the general world view of Mormonism this negative?
Date: Jun 23 17:56
Author: Mormon Observer

The discrimination rules are true for all mormon, and a 'non'mormon' kid.
The line up is as follows:

The non-member kid is on the bottom
The kid from the inactive or Jack Mormon family
The kid from the part active family
The kid from the 'active' family with no signifcant pioneer heritage (Mormon that is)Also the kid who has one parent who has a valid TR.
The kid whose parents do not hold 'leadership' or 'significant' (as in counslers) jobs in the church.
The kid whose parents are never called upon to give talks in church Ever (even though they are walking encyclopedias of church history and gospel doctrine and active class participants)
The kids from the 'worthy' families but are very poor, they have food and lodging but no vactions or clothes with style as it were.
Yeah there are subtle discriminations by Mormons, they've just have it refined to a fine sorting of grades or degrees. :)


Subject: Re: Eavesdropping at the the general world view of Mormonism this negative?
Date: Jun 23 18:57
Author: Fedelm

Where I live, religion in general is a non-issue. Most Boy Scout troops are not Mormon sponsored, so the leaders actually have to pass a background check first. Nobody knows or even cares where or if people go to church. The stores are usually busy on Sundays as most people shop on that day.


Subject: the whole world has a realistic (negative) view!
Date: Jun 23 19:13
Author: Old_Beezle

I was just telling my nevermo MIL about our exit from the church. This woman, who is not American and does not live in America said, "I always thought it was a cult, but I let my daughter make her own decision. I always wondered why a smart boy like you was involved in it." That made me smile.

People around the world realistically view the mormon church as a cult of weird people. All of the supposed "negative" views are well-deserved.


Subject: This is all true in Utah where mormons blanket the landscape. However,
Date: Jun 23 19:20
Author: Get 'Em
Mail Address:  

it isn't as common in other areas except where there are large pockets of mo's.


Subject: Agreed they don't realize this where the Mormons are a minority.
Date: Jun 23 20:41
Author: Tiphanie

But this is very much the perception where there are enough Mormons to form their cliques and start causing headaches and heartaches all around.


Subject: well, in my experience
Date: Jun 23 19:46
Author: Missourigirl

as a never-mo, if you're not around Mormons you don't think anything at all about them. Used to be polygamists, super straight, the Osmonds, that's about all anybody thinks. When my brother moved to Seattle, he said all anyone asked was "are you LDS?" Which I thought was weird, but now I know they're looking to convert and that's why they ask. People in other religions usually aren't so nosy, religion being one of those subjects most people are reluctant to bring up till they know you better. My brother said telling them they were Catholic usually shut them up, which has been my experience with Jehovah's Witnesses, though occasionally they will tell me "that's ok" (gee, thanks)I can still have some "literature", at this point it's my turn to say "that's ok":)


Subject: Re: Eavesdropping at the the general world view of Mormonism this negative?
Date: Jun 23 19:56
Author: Don Bagley

I hope the world asks all these questions, as they are suitable questions to ask. As a fifth generation Mormon, I can say that these people have done all they can to set themselves apart. They have a sense of superiority, and they should be called on it.

Give 'em the what for!


Subject: The rule.... from my experience, anyway. n/t


Subject: Re: Eavesdropping at the Mesa Az
Date: Jun 24 02:01
Author: lamedandy

Yes, that was my experience when my daughter was small and taking swimming lessons through the Parks and Rec Program offered by the city but....

I had her educated at a Back to Basics charter school in Mesa that was organized by the Mormon community. Smartest move I could have made. Clean-cut responsible nicely dressed children, no bad language and, until the 5th grade, she was part of the "clique". And, thanks to my frequent visits to, I knew what to expect and was ready when they began to exclude her at age 10. It gave me an opportunity to educate my child about Mormonism. Yes, She is stronger for it!

As a mom at the school, I was tolerated, but not accepted. But I understood the game and took what I could for my child from it and left them with the rest of it. Those were the most stressed worn out looking mothers I have ever seen!

Oh...When she completed the 6th grade we moved to Tempe, near ASU. Had to get her into a more diverse group so she could continue to grow...


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