Subject: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20, 2008
Author: Chad Hardy

Link to news story: http://www.sfgate.com - story
I know everyone is speculating about my excommunication, and thinking there must be more to the story that I am not telling. Well I am the only one who can ever openly say what went on in the court that day, but I will say this, and say it by swearing on the Bible and everything that is good and holy on this planet: There was NO talk of ANY form of personal transgression AT ALL during my disciplinary council. The "other" charges that Frank Davie casually broke confidence and slyly shared with the Associated Press to create this assumption was simply that I do not honor my priesthood (by not attending church meetings) and do not honor my temple covenants (by choosing to remove the sacred garment.) The entire meeting was about the calendar, and after I spoke, all the questions that were asked by the council ALL had to do with the calendar. Just for the record, my reasons for leaving the church had nothing to do with transgression. Quite frankly, I was sick and tired of the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of the members and I never felt like I was a fit in the "country club." I never felt I could trust LDS people, therefore I decided to leave the fellowship, but I never left my faith. I will say, that since doing this calendar, I have met the best LDS guys ever. These men are top class, and I respect and honor them.

Now the Church did try very hard to try to find a moral transgression by spying on me so they could excommunicate me for that instead of having to embarrass themselves by excommunicating me over the calendar. After initially meeting with me in my home about the calendar, a few weeks later Frank Davie requested to meet with me one-on-one to discuss some "personal matters." I have attached the email correspondence below so you can read just how this unfolded.

After refusing to meet with Mr. Davie several times as he would never tell me what the "personal matter" was, he finally agreed to tell me over the phone. He flat out asked me if I was living with my (female) coworker, and if we were having sex!!!! I was speechless. Not only do I not live with her, the closest we have ever come to sex is when she has shared her sex life with me. We are really good friends, and that is about it. I asked him where he got this information, and he said he could not share that with me, just simply that it had been brought to his attention. I work out of my home, and she comes and goes from my house all the time, so I could only imagine they had been spying on me, especially when he would not share the source. He went on to ask me if I had been involved in any inappropriate relations with anyone of the opposite sex. He was digging, and it was obvious. This was the third time I have been falsely accused of erroneous transgressions, and then of course being denied to know the source of the inaccurate information. That is why, when I received my summons for a disciplinary court, I went to the press. The back story has never been published, which has in turn created much speculation.

Before my court started, I met with Mr. Davie in his office where he went over the proceedings of the court so I would know what to expect. Once again he asked me if I had been involved with my coworker and brought up a myspace message that I had written to her about being my hot sexy mama, or something flirtatious like that. So they were looking at my myspace friends to see what kind of comments I was leaving??!!! He also then asked me once again if I had any inappropriate relations with anyone else of the opposite sex. I then honestly and accurately answered. This was NEVER brought up in the council. Not even a hint of it. It was simply the two things I mentioned above, and the "inappropriate project" (AKA the Calendar) that I was involved in

Here is email correspondence as it unfolded over the past several weeks:


From: Frank Davie
Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2008 2:00 PM
To: Chad@
Subject: Missionary Calendars?

Brother Hardy,

Bishop Olds and I appreciated the opportunity we had to come to your home last April 15.
As you may recall, we discussed with you the publishing of the returned missionary calendar.
During our visit, I mentioned to you that the calendar was inappropriate and asked that you give careful consideration to terminate its publication. It simply does not represent the Church or Church missionaries in the right way.
You shared with Bishop and I that you would discuss this with your work partner.
I would welcome an opportunity to come to your home again or you may wish to visit with me otherwise to further discuss your decision.
Please give me a call at XXX-XXXX or answer to this email.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
President Davie


On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 6:45 PM, Chad Hardy wrote:

Hi President Davie,

The Men on a Mission Calendar is owned by CMH Entertainment, LLC. I am not full owner of this company. This company is backed by financial investors that are invested in the publication and distribution of the calendars and other products it produces. The 2008 Men on a Mission Calendar was one of the top 10 best selling model calendars in the 2007 season. Its success is being followed up by the 2009 Calendar which has already been guaranteed distribution across the US for the 2008 buying season.

We are standing behind the project, its message and philanthropic purposes. Though we understand not everyone agrees with the project, the individual expressions of those involved have reshaped perceptions, removed walls, and shown an outpour of acceptance and tolerance around the world. Everyone involved has experienced the positive ripple effect of what this project has created. This project in no way is meant to demean, disrespect or misrepresent the LDS church fundamental beliefs. The project is based on individual models who at one time in their life served a full-time service mission. It was their choice to appear in the calendar and share their personal experiences and stories.

I understand and appreciate your personal concerns and thank you for your understanding of my decision to stand behind my project and business venture.




From: Frank Davie
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 9:24 AM
To: Chad Hardy
Subject: Re: Missionary Calendars?

Dear Brother Hardy,

Thank you for your response and explanation of why you are maintaining this calendar project.
I still need to visit with you one-on-one, regarding you personally of which I do not wish to share via email or over the phone. It is important that you and I have some time together.
I am available this Sunday, June after 9:00a, at the conclusion of early morning meetings.
Please give me a call as soon as possible as I will be looking forward to meeting with you.
You may call me directly at XXX-XXXX.

Thank you,
President Davie


On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 12:08 PM, Chad Hardy <chad@> wrote:

I appreciate your consideration; however your intentions at this point are unclear. I do not feel there is anything more I need to discuss. If you can clarify your intentions, or the purpose for wanting to meet with me, I will consider a meeting.

Thank you for the understanding.


On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 6:55 PM, Frank Davie  wrote:

Brother Hardy,

Please give me a call and I will be pleased to discuss this matter with you, so as to clarify my reason for wanting to meet with you in person.

Thank you,
President Davie


From: Frank Davie
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2008 8:54 AM
To: Chad Hardy
Subject: Re: Missionary Calendars?

Brother Hardy,

I would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

Time is moving along and we need to visit with each other even by phone.

Please give me a call at XXX-XXXX.

President Davie


On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 9:39 AM, Chad Hardy wrote:

I have tried to call you a couple times and got no answer. What is the urgency?




From: Frank Davie
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 8:21 AM
To: Chad Hardy
Subject: Re: Missionary Calendars?

Brother Hardy,

I am on vacation and will be returning to the US, June 27.
For some reason, I have not received any of your calls or voice messages but that is OK as I still want to visit with you in person for what we need to talk about.
I again would be pleased to come to your home or you can meet me at the stake president's office. When I return, I will look forward to setting an appt. with you.
Sorry you keep you wondering what this is all about, however, it needs to be talked about between the two of us as it is quite personal.

Thank you,
President Davie




On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 4:26 PM, Chad Hardy  wrote:

Hi President Davie,

I have been giving it some thought, and I no longer see a value or purpose to speaking with you anymore in regards to my personal life or my business affairs. I appreciate you taking false accusations and misinformation to the source and hope you are satisfied with the correct information.


Chad Hardy


From: Frank Davie
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 7:56 AM
To: Chad Hardy
Subject: Re: Further Contact

Dear Brother Hardy,

I had hoped that from our conversation yesterday, previous emails and with our visit to your home, that we would be able to continue meeting with each other and that I might have the opportunity to work with you.
It is apparent that you have chosen the path that you have.
You have broken your priesthood and temple covenants and engaged yourself in a project that is considered inappropriate.
As you would hopefully understand, this is all considered as 'conduct unbecoming of a member of the Church'.
In the near future, I will have two elders deliver to your home or sent to you by registered mail, a Notice of a Church Disciplinary Council to be held in your behalf. The date and time will be indicated in the notice.
Again, I had hoped that we would have further conversation, that I might help you to come to an understanding of your Church responsibilities. Since you have chosen not to meet with me any further, I have the responsibility to take this action in your behalf.
I thank you for sharing all that you have thus far. It is my intent to do all that I can to help you and will look forward to any opportunity to do so, should you change your mind.
Please give me a call if you wish to do so.

Frank Davie
Stake President
Warm Springs Stake


Subject: I have met the best LDS guys ever. These men are top class, and I respect and honor them.
Date: Jul 20 11:15
Author: levine



Subject: I would say the same about some of my LDS friends.
Date: Jul 20 11:18
Author: Langdon the Lascivious ex-Lamanite

It would be a mistake to paint everyone in such a large group with the same broad brush.

And I should hope that, 15 years ago when I was still TBM, that exMos who knew me would've been inclined to think the same about me then.


Subject: Re: I have met the best LDS guys ever. These men are top class, and I respect and honor them.
Date: Jul 20 11:22
Author: Chad Hardy

Yes, I do! They are really cool guys and I enjoyed working with them and getting to know them.


Subject: Get used to people questioning you when you say ANYTHING positive about anyone in the church nt


Subject: wow, what an hole.
Date: Jul 20 11:18
Author: Leaving in Las Vegas

As soon as he lost his power over you--- WHAM!! church court!
I'm glad you stood up to him! that's huge man!

I'm glad you did the right thing. These bastards have no right to tell you how to run a business or what finacial partners you can have. Since we work and live in Vegas, I guess we should all be X-ed. They don't believe in gambling, and the people who pay my paycheck do. If I continue to have a business relationship with them, will I be exed?
Lame ass excuses. President Davie licks balls!


Subject: Re: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20 11:22
Author: SusieQ#1

Thanks! I knew they had to go for the chastity issue. It is an obsession with the leaders. They think they have a "gotcha" issue and they are sure they can find it! It is disgusting.

They are sure that rumors are true and they don't believe you when you deny them! So typical! They ask the same question a dozen different ways trying to validate a rumor!

They are too often liars and won't take responsibility for their own lies. To be fair, one bishop actually admitted he lied to me! After that, it got worse.

My view is never, ever meet with a Mormon leader alone. Always have someone present! And never respond when they won't tell you want they want to discuss. That's unethical.

Email correspondence is now considered legal documents! Thanks for sharing them on line! They need to be shown for their devious nonsense!

Oh the hypocrisy!

Thanks again!


Subject: The brethren decided to excommunicate Chad Hardy before they ever spoke to him.
Date: Jul 20 11:27
Author: SusieQ#1

That is how it works. They wanted to excommunicate him for chastity issues but couldn't so they were forced to use the calendar!

Not honoring his priesthood is a large category! He didn't get their approval first for the calendar. If he did, this would have been a non-issue!

It's all about control. They want control, and the tithing off of the project.

It does beg the question: how much spying did they do and what kinds of evidence do they have: videos, photographs? What?


Subject: Re: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20 11:27
Author: luminouswatcher

Man talk about only going through the motions, he sure gave up easily. No doubt his vacation plans cut into the suspense he was given by the pogrom committee chair.

It is a tough realization to see that things extend far beyond the "church is true but the people are not" argument. I chanted that mantra for over 20 years, before my list of experiences grew sufficiant to break down my blind pig-headedness. I hope you will be able to remain cheerful in your disposition as the sheeple and lemmings decry how evil your past actions and heart must be. So wbile you now know the mormon Jesus can not shoulder your burden to make it lighter now as he and his minions are busy destroying other lives, please know there are many many former victims out here who know you have the strength within to shoulder it yourself. Cheers.


Subject: Re: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20 11:38
Author: lilmama

Isn't spying unconstitutional in some way? Isn't that really the same as stalking? I figured they were probably doing this to me when I abruptly became inactive, and almost WISHED they would, and that I would catch them. The Irish in me would have come out BIG time.

I applaud you, Chad, for staying true to yourself. I also know some TBM's who are fine people. While their evermo habits are irritating and even frustrating to witness and I find myself losing patience, most of them truly strive to be great people and can't help what they've been taught.


Subject: Thanks for posting that - and good luck to you
Date: Jul 20 11:38
Author: T-bone

At least there is one guy who has been able to get some financial gain from his affiliation in the LDS church without having to give up his integrity.

By the way, you might have seen posts about Jesus being summoned to a court of love and being exed. Don't think that I'm mocking you. This is how I am getting over my former religion. I make fun of it, showing how it has no more power over me.

What you have done shows a lot of courage. So many people who get exed go back crawling, only to face more spiritual abuse, shunning, and mistreatment. My mother's former bishop got exed for having an affair, and he went through years of torment trying to be accepted by Mormons again. It seemed so futile to me. He'll always be the guy that got caught cheating, got exed, and is now desperate to get re-baptized.



Subject: Re: Thanks for posting that - and good luck to you
Date: Jul 20 11:55
Author: lilmama

I agree with T - I went through the exact same thing. It's devastating. Don't do it.


Subject: Mr Davie is big fat liar.
Date: Jul 20 11:45
Author: I hate bullies

From the July 12, 2008 Salt Lake Tribune...

"Davie on Friday confirmed sending the letter and the plans for the meeting. He said the calendar was the primary concern.

'I prefer not to say anything else about it,' he said. 'There is more involved, and he and I will have our meeting.'

So, there really wasn't anything that was "more involved". Mr Davie knew this, but couldn't resist implying otherwise to the press. It also gave the church a plausible excuse that they wouldn't ex- someone over something as petty as this.

I think you've been slandered.


Subject: Re: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20 11:48
Author: Tom Donofrio

The Church is already top heavy in single women, mostly due to the missionaries.

They are probably afraid the calendar will worsen the situation.


Subject: Chad, you have take a giant step for all LDS men, thank you-nt


Subject: The cult engages in witch hunting and Communist-style finger-pointing to cover their own hinies.
Date: Jul 20 12:00
Author: Tiphanie

When anyone is this committed to creating a false witness against you, they themselves are nearly always guilty of whatever they falsely accuse you of. Yes, your SP could be having or had an affair with a co-worker, including the equally damning-in-morg-eyes an affair of the heart with her/him. Anyone who pushes for a false "conviction" the way they did is hiding their own sexual transgressions.

Exing you has already blown up in their faces in the media, but you were *used* to send a strong message to the rest of the sheeple.

It was never personal against you, but only their issues and their problems being shoved in your face.

Good for you for staying on the high road and showing them how a real man of God acts! :)


Subject: Re: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20 12:17
Author: Baura

Chad Hardy wrote:
> I know everyone is speculating about my excommunication, and thinking there must be more to the story that I am not telling. Well I am the only one who can ever openly say what went on in the court that day, . . .

Interesting how they announce that members have been excommunicated but do not say what it was for. This allows the membership, through the rumor mill, to imagine all kinds of mendacious transgressions. Of course, all a TBM has to do is imagine a sin that Chad committed, have a good feeling about it and BINGO it must be true.

The official silence, while supposedly to protect the privacy of the "disciplined" individual acutally works against the individual not allowing him or her to clear their name of the suspected "sins."


Subject: The morg thinks it's a cross between the mafia & the KGB.nt


Subject: Thank you for standing up to them.....
Date: Jul 20 12:44
Author: coppertop

and recognizing they really have NO power over you. That kind of backbone is an example to all of us.

BTW, I received your calendar as a Christmas gift last year and have it hanging in my shop (an old converted gas station) so it has taking the place of the Rigid Tool calendars that hung there for years by the previous owner.


Subject: The line that got me all fired up was
Date: Jul 20 13:06
Author: Dark Sparks

"Since you have chosen not to meet with me any further, I have the responsibility to take this action in your behalf."

In other words, since you refuse to accept my public condemnation of you, I am required to excommunicate you. This will be done for your own good.

What a crass, "un-christian-like" bunch of people these are! They are the new Scribes and Pharasees.

Mormonism creates pompous hypocrites. TSCC is the very definition of a cult, and I feel sorry for all those caught up in it.

I also think that it is in the nature of mankind to be a fanatic, and religion capitalizes on that weakness.


Subject: You handled yourself well I think
Date: Jul 20 15:39
Author: Skeptical non-believer

I think that you are giving way too much credit to the calendar though. The church public relations department and all of the money they spend on PR fosters a million times more acceptance and tolerance unfortunately than we can do ourselves.

Otherwise, you stood up to the guy really well. I wish they would excommunicate me.

Were the proceedings themselves hard on you?


Subject: Sounds like a miscarriage of justice
Date: Jul 20 15:49
Author: Vee

Very interesting how they've been snooping and trying to get the dirt on Chad in order to save themselves the embarrassment of doing what they ended up doing - excommunicating someone over *nothing* and causing a media event. Chad is right and there are a lot of good Mormons, but the top leaders are a power unto themselves. It's very disturbing to think of them doing something as unsavory as spying. Very disturbing. They're behaving a little too much like Scientologists.


Subject: The fact that Davie leaked confidential information to the AP is of concern
Date: Jul 20 20:32
Author: Matt

It seems possible that Davie is in breach of his duties as a minister of the LDS church.

Report him to the Area Rep. and invite them to hold a Church Court for Davie.

Turn about is fair play, after all...


Subject: Re: Setting the Records Straight - The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy
Date: Jul 20 21:06
Author: cake-eater

The top 4 sins in the LDS corporation:

4. Unchastity (but not polygamy)
3. Murder (but not blood atonement)
2. Denying the holy ghost (still don't know what it means)
1. Creating publicity the LDS corporation doesn't like

Their priorities are manifest.


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