Subject: NY Times: "Inquiry Set on Mormon Aid for California Marriage Vote"
Date: Nov 25, 2008
Author: Elder George Carlin

I can't help but think of Al Capone in this story. With all the corruption, murder, and deception Al created during his reign, it was an issue relating to his taxes that led to his incarceration...

I wonder how realistically, or close, the church actually is to losing its tax-exempt status. If they do lose it, it will be interesting to see what TBMs do, since they can't write their contributions (i.e. tithing) off on their taxes. Also, if the church isn't bound by the tax-exempt regulations, what shenanigans will they try next?


Subject: Re: NY Times: "Inquiry Set on Mormon Aid for California Marriage Vote"
Date: Nov 25 22:14
Author: anon

Good to see they're at least looking into it...


Subject: I hope the proof isn't too well hidden.
Date: Nov 26 03:18
Author: Ms.

I just keep worrying they'll get out of it, or that they prepared for this possibility.

This is just one of the many investigations that will happen, though. Or I hope so.

For their tax status to be removed--well, it would be such a fantastic thing, I just don't believe it will ever happen. Imagine the statement to other churches!!!


Subject: They May Be Fined. This Isn't about Their Tax-Exempt Status.
Date: Nov 26 10:24
Author: WestBerkeleyFlats

They may get fined for not reporting non-monetary contributions. Just look at:

It's an official site of the church whose content is copyrighted to "Intellectual Reserve." They have about 15 videos all told on the site and must exceed the $100 reporting threshold. Even if members donated the labor and resources to create and maintain the site, the church should have reported its value, given that it is church property that was used to promote Prop. 8 to a general audience.


Subject: Evidence of LDS subterfuge in the Yes on 8 campaign?
Date: Nov 26 04:26
Author: Darquestar

This could be interesting...

"The leak of a decade-old internal memo of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is providing insight into how deeply involved the church has been in the fight against same-sex marriage in California and causing some to question the assertions of a Mormon couple from Massachusetts who thrust themselves into the California marriage equality debate."

It seems they were queing up to move INTO this school district so they could then complain about it's standards?!?!?! Surely if it was so offensive they would stay well away. Unless of course they had an ulterior motive, as suggested in the article.



Subject: Oh, WOW! Just WOW!
Date: Nov 26 04:59
Author: westcoaster

Thanks for sharing this article. The Mormons not only lie for the Lord, they scheme for him, too.

Such a shame the "No on 8" group didn't make the connection in time to combat the fear-mongering "Yes on 8" ads.


Subject: Richard Wirthlin and Gary Lawrence
Date: Nov 26 05:26
Author: sg

Richard Wirthlin was Reagan's pollster in the seventies and eighties. He ran Decision Making Information in Santa Ana, CA. Gary Lawrence (which see in other posts about Prop 8 and the new book about that church's image in the US) was vice president of DMI, and he worked closely with Wirthlin. He must have assumed the mantle from Wirthlin. Note that his polling firm also has an address in Santa Ana.

I have first hand knowledge of this because I worked (very briefly) for DMI in 1982.

You can safely assume that Wirthlin and Lawrence are both very well connected with conservative pols in the US and with political strategies, tactics and so on.


Subject: What's interesting to me is that these couples would uproot their kids
Date: Nov 26 09:51
Author: munchybotaz

and move to place where something they profess to be so concerned about is being taught, for the specific purpose of exposing their kids to it.

I think they might not be very good parents!



Subject: Morgbot thinking
Date: Nov 26 09:57
Author: sg

'The ends justify the means'


Subject: Still ... if you don't want your kid exposed to it, you try to make sure it doesn't happen.
Date: Nov 26 10:07
Author: munchybotaz

Even my alter ego, Pollyanna Mormon Girl, thinks they're bad parents.


Subject: Re: Still ... if you don't want your kid exposed to it, you try to make sure it doesn't happen.
Date: Nov 26 10:25
Author: sg

Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you by any means. It smacks of political opportunism and moral bankruptcy. It's just that it's what I expect from Morgbots. Look at the deceptions and outright lies they propagated during the campaign.

Pollyanna Mormon Girl -- that's funny!


Subject: Their kids are expendible because they, the family, will be
Date: Nov 26 15:54
Author: Get 'em

rewarded for their obedience and sacrifice by the Morggod. They get their passes into the CK. BTW, the photo of that woman looking so lovingly at her priesthood leader makes me barf.


Subject: More on Wirthlin and Lawrence
Date: Nov 26 09:56
Author: sg


Subject: Re: More on Wirthlin and Lawrence
Date: Nov 26 21:36
Author: tub

i worked for the worthlin group in orem during the 88 election. we weren't supposed to know who the client was --it could bias the surveys--but everyone knew.


Subject: Would anyone be putting these pieces together if H8 had been voted down?
Date: Nov 26 11:04
Author: Tiphanie

Maybe it's actually been a good thing that H8 "passed" because now everyone with a brain is taking a very hard look at the mormon cult and discovering the very unholy secret combinations within this "non-prophet" entity that has invested *serious* time, money and other resources into political activities for decades now. People are learning that mormon families are only *pawns* .. that anything and everyone, including little children, are merely means to an end in mormondom.

"Families are forever" worth *nothing* to the Morg.



Subject: I'm thinking (hoping) it might be positive . . .
Date: Nov 26 21:44
Author: Ms.

. . . for the future, since these attempts to pass laws preventing gay marriage or to overturn laws allowing it are so constant and insidious.

Next time it will HAVE to be more difficult for the lying, hating far-right religomaniacs to succeed in places where they wouldn't if they told the truth about the proposition they are thrusting upon us.

But it would have been so nice if it hadn't passed too . . . for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits and acceptance of the law right this moment.


Subject: The investigation I have seen has to do with non-monetary contributions.
Date: Nov 25 17:32
Author: MJ

It seems an organization can not donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in goods and services without reporting the value of that donation. TSCC donated appears to have donated lots of stuff: Airline flights, office space, phone lines....


Subject: California to investigate Mormon aid to Prop 8 campaign
Date: Nov 25 01:58
Author: anon-for-this-one


Subject: I've said it before...
Date: Nov 25 02:08
Author: TLC

...and I'll say it again: mormons have only begun to see the beginning of the sh*tstorm they brought upon themselves with their illegal and extremely misguided choice to get involved in Prop 8.

This is what is known in the vernacular as karma.

What goes around comes around.


Subject: I think that's true.
Date: Nov 25 10:04
Author: Makurosu

I think the Mormon church has used up all its slack with people on this issue. For a long time, the Church has infuriatingly been given the benefit of the doubt on all sorts of issues, but now their motives will probably be met with suspicion in political involvement, sex abuse cases, and other non-religion related areas.

I've enjoyed hearing my TBM family and friends strike up conversations on how the Church wasn't really that involved in Prop 8. It was actually the health insurance industry or it's something that people in California just wanted as if political advertising doesn't have any effect. It's like they have been sent around to say these things. What a bunch of tools!

Of course, then I get to say my piece. I get to say that I think the Mormon church was $20 million worth of involved and that they've really stepped in it this time. Whenever they start targeting minority groups with their hate and bigotry, they forget that they themselves are a minority group. If they feel any bigotry at all, which I seriously doubt, then it's sauce for the goose.


Subject: I hope the investigators . . .
Date: Nov 25 03:00
Author: Ms.

. . . review all the evidence, everything we discussed on the site.


Subject: Re: California to investigate Mormon aid to Prop 8 campaign
Date: Nov 25 03:52
Author: MJ

From what I saw, the fines would be quite small compared to the value of the LDS, unless they take civil action.

That said, I would think that just having the government snooping around LDS records and finances could be enough to cause the leaders to rethink their political strategies. Perhaps not be so involved next time.


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