Subject: My Disappointing Easter: Midwest Area Conference - Post 1
Date: Apr 13, 2009
Author: Anon
Attendee 1: This person attended the conference.  Two others post their insights in the next 2 notes.  Plus comments from others

I didn't know I would be spending my Easter with a large congregation watching a satellite broadcast of three people on subjects other than Easter. It was very impersonal, disappointing, and unfulfilling. I honestly don't remember hearing anything other than a passing reference about the glorious resurrection of Christ. Happy, Easter! :(

I took a few notes from the Easter Midwest Area Conference another poster described. Not word for word:

Dallin H. Oaks [Mormon Apostle]: In his introduction, he spoke rather condescendingly of the way others celebrate easter: "This conference is NOT EXCLUSIVELY FOR EASTER. WE celebrate it WEEKLY...It is far more significant than the large and unique celebration of one Sabbath per year...Others are celebrating today with candy, eggs, and bunnies."

The majority of his talk was on subjects unrelated to Easter.

He told young people they lacked perspective. "You have ONLY 10 years of perspective...YOU DON'T SEE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU...Perspective is an advantage your parents and grandparents have.." He then brought in an example of perspective from an Audrey Hepburn movie, African Queen as if show he was in touch with culture Two main characters trying to reach Lake Victoria by boat don't realize how close they are because their perspective is obscured by the growth around them)

Oaks then spoke about his many years in Illinois and how he had spoken at virutally every stake conference in the Midwest since "being called to be an apostle 25 years ago" this month.

He emphasized how he and others had REPEATEDLY counseled us to avoid debt and become self-sufficient: "I have said this again and again at numerous stake conferences around the midwest... AVOID DEBT."

He then gave advice for keeping out debt. He paused for a few seconds, encouraging members to write these things down. "Husbands should regularly tell their wives these four things:
1) I love you
2) I'm sorry
3) Yes, dear
4) We can't afford it"

He made it very clear that the church welfare program was to be used as a last resort. I'm sure if anyone falls into need now or is using the system, they must feel VERY GUILTY. I felt really bad for a large, faithful, tithe- paying family in sitting close to me. Their father had lost his job and the church had been helping them with their mortgage payments so they wouldn't be foreclosed. Oaks words must have been very painful to them.

As an aside, the fasts offering program here in the Midwest is running a huge deficit (according to our leaders). A new strategy has been introduced to increase donations: the deacons will now travel by car great distances with the priests to collect fast offerings (this is done in Utah where member live close together-not as practical our here).

He then indicated that through TITHING we can QUALIFY for all blessings the Lord has for us.

Steven Snow: Spoke for several minutes about how his son was injured in a bike accident and was left in a coma for days. Spoke of the fun he had asking his son afterwards what day it was, knowing his son would always get it wrong because he had lost his short term memory.

Then he somehow twisted this into an lesson of how we must not lose or short spiritual memory and how we cannot rely on our long term memories, such as our mission experience, to keep us going strong. I found this interesting because many GAs have told me that their missionary experience is often the only thing that keeps them going in the gospel.

He then mentioned how we cannot hang our faith on visits from heavenly messengers, noting how Laman and Lemuel turned away after seeing an angel. I wasn't sure how to reconcile this with importance placed on the first vision.

Summary: we cannot rely upon past spiritual experiences. Compare this to Elder Eyring's talk, "Remember: from a few years ago.

Margeret Lifferth: A very nice lady who spoke about growing up in Ames, Iowa and other warm fuzzies that warmed up local members.

President Monson: I don't remember what he talked about. He spoke very softly and they didn't turn up the sound. I looked around and it didn't seme like many were payng attention. I think he was telling some nice stories about widows and little boys in his trademark sing-songy voice.

Rather than speak about Christ, the speakers essentially spoke about getting more people to do their duties, come to church, participate in activities, and pay tithing.



Subject: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!- Post 2
Date: Apr 12, 2009
Author: anon
Attendee 2: This person also attended the conference

Well, I thought you folks might want to hear about Easter Sunday in the Midwest. See we didn’t celebrate Jesus being resurrected. Folks in Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota got to hear from the Prophet via satellite tv. I didn’t take notes, but here is how I remember.

1st speaker… Steven Snow. It wasn’t on Jesus, but he managed to mention him a couple of times. He almost said testiphony instead of testimony (I swear, it was like “testifon…errr testimony”).

2nd speaker (token female speaker)…Margeret Lifferth (In the primary presidency). She spoke on faith. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t talk baby talk like most of the women. She said some corny stuff, but all in all it was ok.

3rd Speaker (Dallin H Oaks). Ok, he seriously looks evil. He jumped around to quite a few subjects and probably pissed everyone off. He talked about how people are struggling in the economy now and it’s not the church’s job to help people. They were warned and the church’s programs are not there to help them.

4th speaker (Thomas S. Monson) Lots of corny stories about widows and food (man this guy likes food). He also made a big to do about how the young women aren’t transitioning to relief society (meaning they aren’t fitting into their role as a subservient woman). He also talked about how there are so many women whose dh’s aren’t members and what should they do. He said that they need to be extra nice to them and then they will join the church. He made a couple of really corny jokes that people hardly laughed at.

One of the speakers (I don’t remember which one) made a comment about how we celebrate the true meaning of Easter unlike all the other people with their Easter bunnies and eggs.

I probably missed some of the best stuff. There was lots of Pay, pray, obey, and very little Jesus. It was a sad, empty way to spend my Easter morning.
Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful! - Post 3
Date: Apr 12 23:54
Author: OpenYourMouth
Attendee 3 This person also attended the conference

I little more information about the conference.

I attended today with my DW [dear wife] and daughter. It was already raining where I live, so it was little difficult to get into the Easter Spirit. (The chocolate eggs did help, though.) It was almost a downpour when we arrived to the stake center.
I can't say that I was expecting a lot of emotion from the speakers from this conference because I have been a member my whole life and know that any satellite transmission has its limitations. But, sure enough the conference was bad.

I have friends who are of other faiths who told me what their churches' planned for celebrating Easter. They involved music, dance, song, preaching, food... it sounded like the works. And why not? After all, this is the bedrock of Christianity, right? Jesus left the tomb the third day after death. A dead man now breathed and walked. Sounds like a time to celebrate?! That is not what I saw today.

Instead, I walked into a dim cultural hall/chapel where people were watching a satellite feed from Utah. The messages were boring, rehashed, lacking emotion, and did very little to add to the celebration of what Jesus did! (Supposedly) President Monson, the prophet, seer, and revelator, the one who is thought to commune directly with the resurrected Christ in a very special way, did very little to convince me that he has any more of a grasp on Jesus than any other Christian. No new stories. No new thoughts. Same old same old.

It was a bad deal. I don't know how the church expects to compete with other churches for converts when this is what it offers to its members who live in 9 different states on Easter morning... 2 hours of boring talks.

Not to worry though, we salvaged the rest of the day by spending a ton of quality time together.


Subject: Re: My Disappointing Easter: Midwest Area Conference (greater detail by another attendee)
Date: Apr 13 13:25
Author: transplant in texas

as i said on another thread: "Why the hell couldn't that have waited for another week so you could celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this week??"

sounds horrid. here in texas alot of nonreligious people like to drop into churches at Easter just for the music, etc, i wonder what would have happened should someone be unlucky enough to try out a Mormon church on Easter Sunday...


Subject: Just to nitpick--It was Katherine Hepburn, not Audrey. n/t


Subject: Heard from Illinois
Date: Apr 13 14:11
Author: Cali Sally

My barely active family in Illinois had similar experience. They said that the lights were turned down for the satellite feed so the kids got really restless cause they couldn't color or play quietly with toys. My family left early because they were planning an Easter meal together. They also complained that there were very little Easter related topics in the talks. Potty breaks are not included so most people who leave never come back. Whole thing sounds like torture to me. Once again, I"M SO GLAD TO BE OUT OF THAT CULT!!!!

Oh, yeah. I grew up in Illinois and I don't remember seeing Dallin at ANY of our stake conferences. Maybe I just tuned him out. Also, most of us in the midwest didn't know we were supposed to stand when a G.A. came into the chapel. We just sat there and the Utah Mormons would stand and all look flustered and mad. That's one of my favorite memories. : )


Subject: next year try this...a fantastic easter
Date: Apr 13 14:23
Author: meatyboy

Over the Easter weekend, my family and I enjoyed our first camping trip of the season. We pitched a camp about 250 yards from the ocean and for three days enjoyed hiking, playing on the beach, assorted camp games, bike rides along the coast, warm sunshine, beautiful stars and a bright moon, large bonfires, roasted marshmallows, strolls through colorful fields of wildfowers as well as shaded canyon trails, and an easter egg hunt in the wilderness surrounding our campsite.

Everyone, especially our kids, had a fantastic weekend. We welcomed spring by relishing in all of it's beauty, while creating great memories and bonding as a family.

Next year, skip the church sermon and start your own tradition that can actually bring your family closer together. Camping is our way of reconnecting without the distractions of TV, internet, texting, etc. I highly recommend it.


Subject: Not a good plan in the Midwest
Date: Apr 13 15:07
Author: anon

We would have frozen our tails off.


Subject: Anon, I don't understand. WHY are you going to these cult meetings, and forcing your family to go?
Date: Apr 13 14:35
Author: forestpal

I did all that, too, but as soon as I understood how soul-sucking and unnecessary it all was, I took us all out of that cult, and we started attending a Christian church. It is far more uplifting and spiritual, and we are much happier.

Thanks for the report, though I felt dismayed that nice people like you still have to suffer in that atmosphere.


Subject: Re: Anon, I don't understand. WHY are you going to these cult meetings, and forcing your family to
Date: Apr 13 15:10
Author: Someone else

I'm in the same place as anon and attended the LDS Church with my family on Easter. It was o.k. -- two out of three Easter messages. I'm Catholic now and went to the Easter vigil on Saturday night and the Easter service no Sunday morning in addition to the LDS service. The Catholic Church felt like Easter. The LDS Church was another sacrament meeting where they talked about the resurrection. After Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the two Easter services at the Catholic Church the LDS service seemed kind of lame.


Subject: The twisted, illogical thinking keeps getting worse. Lies built upon lies. nt


Subject: Re: My Dissapointing Easter: Midwest Area Conference (greater detail by another attendee)
Date: Apr 13 14:56
Author: transplant in texas

celebrate Easter every week?? really? you'd have to do more than talk about temples, the priesthood, & following the rules in order to celebrate Easter every week...the LDS would have to actually talk about Jesus & they DO NOT talk about Jesus on a weekly basis, far from it!


Subject: Yes...others CELEBRATE Easter...
Date: Apr 13 15:15
Author: Punky's Dilemma

And, a CELEBRATION is NOT sitting in a gymnasium watching a teleconference.

'Cause...*rolls eyes* that's a TELECONFERENCE...

No wonder people don't stay in the mormon church...The leadership keeps mistaking parties and celebrations for business meetings.

I don't care if Monson poops gold. No one will hang with you if your parties are lame.

As for the church welfare stuff...I think this program forgets that it relies on local rank and file to be funded, and in a widespread economic recession, when very few people are meeting their needs, and even fewer have money left over, this happens around the same time that everyone else needs *more*. You have to get welfare donations from elsewhere. Other charitable organizations have fundraisers, or use endowment monies, or get grants. And all charitable organizations of which I am aware are facing budget cuts at the same time they are experiencing greater demand.

The difference is that those organizations are going out into the populations they serve and shaking them down for *more* money...Because they understand that the funds aren't there.

I wonder...what has TSCC [This so called Church] (who claims to have the privilege of divine inspiration and prophecy) done to increase their supply of food and liquid welfare funds so that, as GOD'S-ONE-TRUE-CHURCH they are actually ready to help families?

My guess? TSCC isn't ready. And the stipulations for using church welfare will be stricter than before. So, when a faithful, recently laid-off, rank-n-file member finally *has* to ask for assistance s/he will be told that s/he doesn't actually qualify (possibly due to some guilt-inducing factor like hometeaching stats). Not only will the money not be there, but it will be a member's fault. And there will be a GA message about God using poverty to strengthen the saints...

Of course, it doesn't take a prophet to see this coming...


Subject: What I have a hard time understanding.
Date: Apr 13 15:47
Author: SinisterMinister

I suppose that Mormons who become disenchanted with their Church (actually a Cult) have to live their lives as they see fit and exit the Cult at the time of their choosing.

But once someone figures out that the Cult is simply the product of the Master Scammer Joseph Smith, I have a hard time understanding why people don't simply severe all ties with the Cult and move on with their lives.

Surely there was something useful you could have done on Easter Sunday instead of spend it in the way that you did.

You don't get any sympathy from me because you made a bad choice of how to spend the day.


Subject: Re: What I have a hard time understanding.
Date: Apr 13 17:28
Author: anon

It is more difficult than you can imagine given spousal and family pressures.

However, I did convince her to come with me to a CAtholic mass. A lot of fun.
SinisterMinister wrote:


Subject: Re: What I have a hard time understanding.
Date: Apr 13 22:14
Author: A different anon

If you don't understand (and you say you don't), you have a lot of nerve judging a person.


Subject: For the orthodox among you..
Date: Apr 13 20:32
Author: scholar

Hey, no worries. You get another chance to do Easter right next week. For the Eastern Orthodox churches, Easter falls next Sunday (the 19th) based on the lunar calendar and the passover celebration.

So next Sunday, find a greek friend and invite yourself along to their celebration. Roast lamb, red eggs, tsourecki (braided egg bread flavored with mahlepi), spanokopita, egg lemon soup...

Oh, and most greeks go for about half an hour of church Saturday at midnight, light a candle, sing the resurrection hymn (great music) and then go have a midnight feast followed by Sunday's feast.

So give it another go around...


Subject: Forget finding a Greek friend, find a Mormon friend so you can celebrate Easter EVERY week...
Date: Apr 13 21:30
Author: Gazelam

...hope the sarcasm came through on that.


Subject: Re: Forget finding a greek friend, find a Mormon friend so you can celebrate easter EVERY week...
Date: Apr 13 21:35
Author: bona dea

Yeah, celebrate Easter every week by ignoring it and Jesus in favor of Joseph Smith.  How does that work?


Subject: This may have been covered in the other thread, but can't those lame brains suits physically attend
Date: Apr 13 21:07
Author: Sandie

area conferences and give their speal rather than requiring the sheeple to listen to a broadcast message?

Is the morgue too cheap to fly GA's to conferences now?


Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!
Date: Apr 12 17:31
Author: sherv

Sorry you had to endure that. Now let me get this straight...THE ONE GUY SAID IT WAS NOT UP TO THE CHURCH TO HELP PEOPLE???? WTF!!! He said they were all warned!!!! WTF??? Why, oh why do the sheeples listen to that unchristian talk?


Subject: I am stunned and horrified that Oaks said this.
Date: Apr 12 19:03
Author: Cherie

Honestly, of all the times the church needs to actually act like a Christian church is now! People need to feel the love that they believe comes from the "Lord". I am a non believer partly because of this very issue when I went through a hard time, and I can so imagine people who are honestly struggling thinking...

"Well hon, we've given to the church our whole lives, I don't have a job, I don't even have any interviews coming up. We are running out of food. We have to go to the bishop."

Then they go to the bishop and this is what they SHOULD hear...

"Brother and Sister So-and So, welcome!! What can I do for you?"

"Bless you both. Of course we'll help! Here is a voucher for the Bishop's Storehouse. You go there and get as much as you need to last you for the month. Here is a check for 2,000 dollars. Will that be enough? That should cover the mortgage and utilities for another month until you can get back on your feet. Come back to me in a month if you need more. We love you, the Lord loves you and no one needs to feel alone at this stressful time."


"Brother and Sister So-and So, what can I do for you today?"

"Well, Bishop, this is hard for us, as you know we've been active participating members all our lives and we are almost completely out of food and down to our last 50 dollars. I'm actively looking for a job, I just haven't found one yet. We are humbly asking for help."

"Well, I must remind you that we are not a charity. We are a church with prophets that have been warning you for years that this might come. Where is your food storage? Have you asked your family for help? You should always ask your family for help first. As you can see our doors are locked up tight during the day. We aren't some religion that enjoys helping people. We warn them! We accuse them! We threaten them all to get them ready for the after life. If you are looking for a hand out, you ought to go down to the Catholics or Baptists. They might have mercy on you. Our funds and resources are for those investigating the church or who have children that might fall away and take their tithing money away too. Better luck next time."

The couple walk out the door, get in the car and sob. Their hearts are broken and their journey out the church as begun.


This crap from Oaks today will cause much more harm than he even can realize.



Subject: The proper response to the church authorities would be . . .
Date: Apr 12 22:18
Author: robertb

"Then you kiss your tithing, fast offerings, and whatever other money you want from me goodbye."

The deal with the church is it is pretty much one way. Members give and the church doesn't.


Subject: Re: I am stunned and horrified that Oaks said this.
Date: Apr 13 00:32
Author: Hap E. Heretic

Oaks personifies everything that is so UN-Christlike about TSSC, IMHO.

It's always "Obey your church authorities", "Don't criticize them EVEN if the criticism is valid", and "Don't bother the church for help".

I'm sure JC would be aghast at all the corruption that's crept into His "one, true church".

The least those ol' farts from the COB could do would be to mention his name once or twice and talk about all the loving things he purportedly did, like feeding the hungry and showing mercy to the downtrodden.

But, then again, that would make them look bad in comparison, now wouldn't it?


Subject: Hey, when my house was destroyed by a tornado and a flood...
Date: Apr 12 23:21
Author: can't log in here

and a few months later I got into a serious car accident and then lost my job...

the church did not help me, at all. They promised to. They insisted on getting a tithing check from me as a condition, even when I told them that it was literally my last dollar. I was honest with them and paid a full tithe. When the check cleared, they called and said they decided not to help me.

This comment by Mr. Oaks does not surprise me at all!


Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!
Date: Apr 12 19:10
Author: bona dea

So they are the only church who celebrates Easter correctly because they don't mention Easter or the Resurrection? Huh????


Subject: It's NOT the church's job to help people???
Date: Apr 12 19:17
Author: JBug

I swear to God, Oaks has never read the New Testament, has he??? He's never even read anything Jesus said, has he??? How does he even CLAIM to be a leader in a church that CLAIMS Christ is its head???????????????

Service is what religion SHOULD be. Helping the poor and needy IS the very best thing about Christianity.

Oaks is an idiot who doesn't know jack-shit about REAL religion.


Subject: If Mormon missions were actually about service and not forced...
Date: Apr 12 19:21
Author: Cherie

servitude to the corrupt corp. missionaries would actually enjoy the time spent.

Agreed, if you are going to profess to be Jesus' best friend, then for crying out loud, bloody well know what the story is!! The whole reason people believe in Jesus is because the story goes that he helped people, and did not discriminate.

Why on earth does ANYONE attend the Mormon church????


Subject: Oaks is a Machiavellian putz.
Date: Apr 12 22:27
Author: anon for this

Leo Strauss and Dallin H. Oaks overlapped at the University of Chicago for years. It appears that Dallin H. Oaks bought Leo Strauss' new Machiavellianism hook, line, and sinker. Lying for the Lord has much more nefarious beginnings.

Noble lies and deadly truths

“He is an elitist, of course... It’s the kind of elite that he has cultivated that really bothers me. It’s an elite that I see as unscrupulous, duplicitous, doesn’t care about ordinary people, doesn’t care about duracity. That’s what worries me. But Strauss had some very true things to say about Democracy. That democracy is a very dangerous form of government because it opens itself up to tyranny of the majority...”

“His solution is to create, in his own words, an aristocracy in the midst of mass society. To have an elite of supposedly wise individuals who know the truth, who know what people need, who know what kind of noble lies and pious frauds they need. To rule behind the scenes.”

Shadia Drury

“[Abram] Shulsky wrote... “truth is not the goal" ….which coincides with a Straussian view of the use and handling of knowledge.

In a 1999 paper, “Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence,” also co-authored by Schmitt, Shulsky writes that “Strauss's view certainly alerts one to the possibility that political [or religious] life may be closely linked to deception. Indeed, it suggests that deception is the norm in political life, and the hope, to say nothing of the expectation, of establishing a politics that can dispense with it is the exception.”



Subject: they must really be feeling the pinch from the mega billion dollar whole in the ground n/t


Subject: The morg's god does not believe in charity, Jesus' resurrection, service, the welfare of others.
Date: Apr 12 20:03
Author: Tiphanie

Wow, mormons got a major earful of some of the most UNChristlike claptrap that I've ever heard from the broadcast pulpit, esp on Easter of all days!

I hope some exmos get copies of this broadcast - it's some of the BEST anti-mormon crap I've heard in a loooooooooong time!

Now they know like we already knew: What the morg value$ above all el$e i$ MONEY.


Subject: "Brothers and sisters, you have been warned, the church won't help you..."
Date: Apr 12 22:05
Author: Gazelam

...we need the money for several failed multi-billion dollar development schemes we're working on in Utah. Sorry suckers!


Subject: a bit more info
Date: Apr 12 22:48
Author: anon

The woman speaker referred to a story about Oliver Cowdery going as a missionary to teach the “Lamanites”. She used the word “Lamanites”. I was shocked! Is that still allowed?

Oaks made the comment that these people that have overspent were ‘on a tightrope walk and the church is not the safety net’. He cited examples of when they had been warned (I think a general conference address from 2005). It seems to me that they are pretty much telling members that they are on their own in this recession.

I don’t think President Monson even acknowledged that it was Easter. The other speakers did, but not one of them spoke of the resurrection (sure we’re a Christian church).


Subject: Jesus is just another token like joe's rock, and Jupiter talisman. n/t


Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!
Date: Apr 13 00:05
Author: bona dea

Easter is supposed to be the most joyous day in the Christian year and should be celebrated with joy, music food etc. Instead, the church gives you conference where they forget to mention that it is Easter or they have you fast. The best you can hope for is a children's choir or whatever doing a short little program. Way to go.


Subject: I thought I had it bad
Date: Apr 13 00:17
Author: CA girl

because we had Fast & Testimony meeting (which I couldn't stomach and skipped) AND they had the nerve to send the deacons around to collect fast offerings. On Easter Sunday! Jeez!

But what you had to put up with is unbelievable. Are they completely out of touch with humanity? They've certainly proved they are out of touch with Christ. What a bunch of dopes. I agree - I don't know how people can stand it. They are just starved for the spirituality they claim to have a corner on.


Subject: Re: I thought I had it bad
Date: Apr 13 00:22
Author: bona dea

To hold a fast on a feast day, is ridiculous. Why can't they fast next Sunday?


Subject: What Oaks didn't say is that TSCC [this so called church] is in financial trouble and it's getting worse.
Date: Apr 13 00:38
Author: FreeAtLast

Thanks for your 'return and report'.

I'm not surprised by what Oaks said. His comments only reinforced how much of a cultic, money-focused, religious corporation LDS, Inc. has become.

Hanging on to accumulated wealth while maintaining the fraud and continuing to deceive members and potential converts with propaganda is what LDS, Inc. is fundamentally about. A leopard doesn't change its spots.

Christian ideals of sacrificing in order to alleviate suffering mean nothing to LDS 'prophets' (profits) if sacrificing means the church has to do something that would reduce its wealth, like sell its Rembrandt art collection.

Members have to sacrifice and sacrifice for the 'one, true' church, owner/builder of the $2-billion Great & Spacious Mall in SLC, not the other way around.

I hope that at least some of the members in Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota who heard Oaks have finally realized that LDS, Inc. doesn't care less about them, even if they're tithe-payers, and leave the cult.


Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!
Date: Apr 13 00:56
Author: transplant in texas

my friend's ward in Illinois is having Easter services next week because of the broadcast. She thinks it's great. My thought was: "Why the hell can't they have postponed the broadcast until next week & had an Easter service this week?"
it seems so obvious...so they're waiting to wear their Easter dresses til next sunday, i think the people in the neighborhood are going to be like, "what is the deal with all the Mormons in the Easter dresses, don't they know Easter was last week?"


Subject: Mormons and Christian holidays
Date: Apr 13 01:07
Author: DebbiePA

The two just don't go together.

If it doesn't have Joseph Smith stamped all over it, it doesn't count. So Christmas becomes Smithmas and Easter becomes a celebration of the founding of the LDS church. Oh yeah, isn't that supposedly when Jesus was born, too? But you don't hear too much about that.

I am now an athiest. Today, however, I went to church because my sister's grandson was being baptized (infant baptism, Lutheran service...*gasp*). It was kind of weird listening to what I feel are fairy tales being taught as irrefutable truth, but if that's what floats their boat, who am I to judge?

They had church announcements and mentioned small plastic piggybanks they had to give out to families to fill with change for a soup kitchen. My sister had one and home and I put all of my change in it. Because dammit, that's what being a Christian is really all about, isn't it?


Subject: LMAO! An athiest setting an example for Christians! God-er the universe bless you! n/t


Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!
Date: Apr 13 04:13
Author: no help here

The LDS inc is NOT about helping those in need. What a phony. My spouse has not been paying tithing the last year & 1/2 because #1, we don't have it & #2, I won't allow it. Anyway, we are really hurting & could use a little help...will my TBM spouse ask LDS inc for help? NO! Why? Spouse thinks because we are not current tithe payers we probably won't get any help!!! I told spouse my church (UU) helps everyone they can, regardless of if they are members or not (we just held winter shelter at our church for weeks, no questions asked, we were just there to offer a helping hand). Some church that makes its TBM members feel afraid to EVEN ask for help because they are afraid they will be turned down! when they have been paying tithing for years & can't now. What a rip off.


Subject: Re: Midwest area conference was today (Easter), Monson, Oaks, spoke. It was awful!
Date: Apr 13 09:47
Author: wisedup

Could Dallin Oak Brain be the devil?


Subject: I was going to go with TBM family to church on Easter until...
Date: Apr 13 11:55
Author: Uncle Mo

I heard it was going to be Stake Conference. I am in the Midwest and would have ended up seeing the piped-in drones from Happy Valley. No thanks. I will usually go to LDS, Inc. twice a year on Sunday on Xmas and Easter just to be with my TBM family. Not this year.

Imagine a nevermo attending that on Easter Sunday. What would they think? I think most would run to the nearest exit. What a joke of a church. How do they expect to convert anyone?


Subject: The 'suits' think they can do anything they want to the sheeple and
Date: Apr 13 12:03
Author: mav

they have to keep coming. Take holidays away, take local budgets away and no more fun stuff, tell them you will never help them, keep asking for more time and $$$, build malls, treat the kids on missions like slaves and they have to keep coming. You know guys, I don't think that is true. At some point, these sheeple will break. Keep it up 'suits' you are sinking the ship.


Subject: Re: The 'suits' think they can do anything they want to the sheeple and
Date: Apr 13 12:07
Author: transplant in texas
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i dunno, my friends hubby is pretty far brainwashed, the LDS are getting their money's worth & then some outta him, i have no doubt in my mind that if Monson [Mormon prophet] showed up & asked him to leave his wife & child and go to some place & preach he would do it in a heartbeat.


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