ubject: It's OFFICIAL! LD$, Inc. is building a multi-million-dollar hotel in Hawaii (links).
Date: Nov 23, 2009
Author: Bean Counter

Despite the worst recession in the United States since the Great Depression, Pres. Obama's recent warning that the US economy could slip back into recession, a double-digit decline in tourism in Hawaii, the Obama Admin.'s plan to add $8 trillion to the current national debt of $12 trillion (raising the national debt load by 2020 to 150% of Gross Domestic Product from its current level of 80%), and the extra $2.5 billion that the 'one, true' church, LD$, Inc., is spending on its Great & Spacious Mall-and-Condos project in SLC (the cost estimate in 2003 was 'just' $500M), Mormon 'profits' have authorized construction of the church's new, multi-million-dollar hotel in Hawaii.

"The 45-year-old Laie Inn, adjacent to BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center, closed for business Nov. 1 and will be demolished to make room for a new development."

"Groundbreaking for the new, modestly sized hotel is expected by the end of 2010." (ref. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705342390/Laie-Inn-closing-for-new-hotel.html)

Given the backlash from church members about the Great & Spacious Mall-and-Condos project (i.e., plenty of Latter-day Saints stopping payment of tithing after discovering that the church was spending billions of dollars on the project), it's not surprising that there is no mention of hotel size or cost in the Des. News report. However, non-LDS news sources have reported on both aspects of the hotel project. From Dec./07:

"Officials from Marriott International Inc. say the company is close to signing an agreement to operate a new 220-room hotel planned for La'ie.

The new hotel, which is expected to be completed sometime in 2010, would replace the 48-room Lai'e Inn, which is controlled by Hawaii Reserves Inc., the land management arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

"Beaver [Eric Beaver, Hawaii Reserves Inc.'s president] said the original $30 million cost estimate given when the hotel plan was first proposed in 2004 is outdated. He said he could not provide an updated cost." (ref. http://www.eturbonews.com/255/hawaii-reserves-plans-220room-laie-hotel)

Given what's happened to the cost of the church's Great & Spacious Mall-and-Condos project in six years (a 500-percent increase), would it be unreasonable to expect that the new, 220-room hotel in Hawaii will end up costing more than $200 million? I don't think so.

Apparently, President & CEO Jesus Christ of LD$, Inc. again wants to spend several million dollars on yet another commercial real estate venture in the debt-ridden USA than do something Christian (in the United States or elsewhere in the world), like feed a portion of the 1 billion people worldwide who are malnourished (ref. www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/06/090619121443.htm) or save 16,400-plus children from starving to death each day (ref. http://wvgazette.com/Opinion/Editorials/200911230024).

According to the Des. News report linked above, "...members of the First Presidency have not stayed at the Laie Inn in the last 10 or 15 years because of the condition of the inn." Oh dear! How troubling! People can starve to death and Latter-day Saints can struggle to make ends meet, but at least 1st Prez. members and other LDS General Authorities will soon have a nice, new hotel to stay at in Hawaii, with all the comforts and amenities needed to do the work of the Lord's religious-corporate Kingdom on Earth, LD$, Inc.


Subject: Re: It's OFFICIAL! LD$, Inc. is building a multi-million-dollar hotel in Hawaii (links).
Date: Nov 23 20:14
Author: Dr B. (Buzzard Bait)

LDS INC. is a money making corporation, not a charity or regular church oriented toward helping it's members as most churches are. Their emphasis has and continues to be on anything that will make money and the problem is if they keep it up, it could cause serious financial problems in these investments as they are called by the poor decisions they make. Even churches can go bankrupt and be unable to pay their bills. There are stories on the internet of churches having to sell their buildings and property because of lack of income to pay the bills.


Subject: Is it twue the mall's gonna top out at $8+B?? Where are they getting all this cash???
Date: Nov 23 19:24
Author: Tiphanie

Yes, they're demanding more and more $$ from the members, refusing to financially help the members that are tanking. They're having a hard time/*choosing to not* pay the mall people on time...

Where is all this cash coming from???


Subject: ALL church $ comes from =or= came from, DONATIONS!
Date: Nov 23 19:27
Author: Guy Noir, Private Eye

donations of tithing, stocks/bonds, etc etc etc...
that's the TRUTH


Subject: Agreed - but...
Date: Nov 23 19:31
Author: Tiphanie

they've not been paying the builders on time yet now claim to have the cash to build in Hawaii.

Where did all this cash suddenly come from??

Or have they been hoarding it, saving it up for their anti-Christ building spree??


Subject: any mention of the PPV (pay per view) video choices available?
Date: Nov 23 19:25
Author: Guy Noir, Private Eye

HEY! If Marriott manages it....


Subject: No doubt, revenues from PPV porn movies (thanks, Marriott!) has been taken into account by LD$, Inc
Date: Nov 23 21:51
Author: Widget

At about $8 a porn movie, that's too much cash for the 'holy' Mormon Church to ignore.


Subject: Re: It's OFFICIAL! LD$, Inc. is building a multi-million-dollar hotel in Hawaii (links).
Date: Nov 23 19:28
Author: Flecher

Don't you see..
they're replacing converts with hotel guests and shoppers

Subject: "I'd like to bear my testimony. I know the hot-tub in the church's new hotel in Hawaii is true."
Date: Nov 23 20:32
Author: I Know That My Front Desk Clerk Liveth

"I know the Brethren were divinely inspired to authorize the construction of this new, multi-million-dollar hotel. The Holy Ghost has borne witness to my spirit that the Spirit will be present the new, true hotel, even if, being part of the Marriott chain, porn is available to visiting priesthood holders and other patrons."

"I know that the Lord will inspire his servants to monitor project cost increases with steadfastness, and will not vary one jot or tittle from requiring, through the Brethren, the general and sub-contractors to work on the hotel project and pay for labor and materials out of their own pockets while hoping, with a perfect hopefulness, that the church will, at some point in the future, and possibly after the Second Coming when we will all consecrate everything we have, make, and are to the church, pay the contractors for their labors on Zion's latest commercial real estate venture."


Subject: I'd say that a new hotel might make the church even more money...
Date: Nov 23 21:04
Author: Randy J.

If the existing hotel is smaller and run down, lots of well-off Mormon patrons would probably rather stay somewhere nicer---even if they stay in Honolulu, which is a couple of hours drive across the island. Building a nice new hotel keeps the Mormon money in the Mormon complex. The hotel will probably attract some LDS wedding reception business also, seeing as how it's right next to the temple.

My group of six returning missionaries stayed two nights at the Laniloa Lodge there in 1976. It was owned by the church, and it's probably 50 or 60 years old by now. So a new hotel will be a big improvement. Even if business is down at present, a new hotel will make money for decades.


Subject: I have certain memories of that hotel.
Date: Nov 23 20:09
Author: PhantomShadow

Frankly, I'm glad it's gone and may I never have to go back there again.


Subject: stayed at Laie Inn 3 times, small but pretty nt


Subject: Yup. LDS INC is deversifying. We'll see a lot more of this, I'm sure. n/t


Subject: Will I be able to get a Mai Tai in the bar?
Date: Nov 23 23:59
Author: Adult of god

And a cup of Kona coffee at breakfast time?


Subject: Are they constructing a hotel or a retirement home for old COB geezers is hard to determine.
Date: Nov 24 05:09
Author: Pixie Dust

Give it a good ten years. If the complex has rest home type of amenities, I'll know I am correct on my assumption.


Subject: "The Great and Spacious Tiki Bar?"
Date: Nov 24 05:19
Author: Gazelam

"Designed to showcase a 'Polynesian sense of place' with plans calling for grass-hut-type roofing for the reception building, and other Pacific Island architectural elements."


Subject: Here's a question for you.
Date: Nov 24 06:13
Author: Laszlo

Will there be an accompanying revelation stating that any descendant of the Monson family will "have place therein from generation to generation" (D&C 124:54-59)?


Subject: If we are living in the last days.....
Date: Nov 24 08:33
Author: caedmon

why would the "true" church be investing in real estate? Further evidence that the leaders don't believe their own rhetoric.


Subject: Good Grief!!! Someone should get the IRS on this! They are a business/cult!!
Date: Nov 24 13:16

How can they afford to build more stuff when the Great and Spacious Mall isn't even finished yet? Or the Condos nearby!!?? Do they even live in the real world or just a bubble unaware of the real problems people and members are facing today?!What about all of the poor,homeless,needy people out there in the USA and worldwide? I rather doubt that Christ would approve of this!!

It's a pity that my TBM family is still paying for that mall and now this!! Often I wish that I could wake them up but they think their tithing is really going to help the poor, etc when in reality it's going to building malls,hotels and more morg real estate!!

This just make me sick and more mad and angry at the morg for doing crap like this. I rather doubt that the sheeple here in will know anything about this. I also doubt that that it will appear in our Magic Valley newspaper.If it does,odds are it will be in the Business section!!


Subject: And this . . . when they are unwilling to help desperate
Date: Nov 24 13:26
Author: imaworkinonit

TBMs suffering from the current economic conditions. It's sickening.


Subject: Making people suffer turns bullies ON.
Date: Nov 24 17:02
Author: Tiphanie

Bullies look at regular people like JS looked at beautiful women - as theirs to do with however they chose.

The people running the morg now are disgustingly sick f**ks driven by greed and devoid of compassion.


Subject: Re: It's OFFICIAL! LD$, Inc. is building a multi-million-dollar hotel in Hawaii (links).
Date: Nov 24 18:46
Author: Rastacat

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss more money wasted by the church to hasten it's decline into obscurity. MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWOWOWOWWOWO.

Nov. 2009 Mormon Church to spend more than $3.0 billion on a shopping mall in SLC.  (A year ago the cost was $2.0 billion.)  More money is being spent on this mall and related development than given in total charitable aid in the last 30 years!  Is this a church or a corporation?  Donations to the Mormon church are not helping the poor.   Mormon403  (updated Nov. 09)


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