Subject: LDS Church initiates hiring freeze
Date: Jan 07, 2009
Author: bender

For those you wanting to work for the Lord's kingdom, bad news. What sucks is I have a TBM [Mormon] cousin who just got married last month and is about to graduate from BYU with the degree to teach institute for CES [church educational system]. I wonder what he's going to do now. I sure hope he and his wife are using birth control.
"In response to the recent economic downturn, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is currently not hiring new employees. This temporary action, which has been taken before during previous periods of economic uncertainty, is consistent with the principles of thrift and fiscal responsibility that the church has long encouraged its members to practice."


Subject: SL Tribune article about the freeze
Date: Jan 07 20:02
Author: bender

This freeze is just another step in replacing workers with volunteers.

"In 2002, the church offered voluntary early retirement to about 1,000 eligible employees. Nearly 600 of them opted to leave, and 40 percent of their positions were not filled. The plan was to use volunteers whenever possible."

"The church also employed a virtual army of custodians, about 1,500 to polish and maintain its thousands of meetinghouses and facilities throughout the state, as well as approximately 75 in the headquarters building. (The church has recently scaled back its use of custodians in ward houses, stake buildings and even the Conference Center, relying instead on volunteers.)"


Subject: I don't think the church leaders saw the economic downturn coming. Hinckley spent like crazy.
Date: Jan 08 03:33
Author: Rubicon

The church is no different than these big box retailers that expanded too much when money was easy. The church has spent billions of dollars on useless projects and has made the church itself so boring and void of anything special it's an empty experience. Once the gullible membership find the church can't help them during very difficult times but only wants more volunteer work and money they will remember that $2 billion mall fiasco and vote with their feet.


Subject: Well if they hadn't blown all that money at th' MALL... 8^D n/t


Subject: Re: Well if they hadn't blown all that money at th' MALL... 8^D n/t
Date: Jan 07 18:02
Author: Emma

Or the [many] temples they built last year....:)


Subject: Re: LDS Church initiates hiring freeze
Date: Jan 07 13:48
Author: mac

This seems to be true. My son works in tech support for the church and they are laying off people for the first time ever and also have a hiring freeze, even in areas where they are horribly understaffed (Portuguese speakers).

My nephew came home from a mission to Portugal last week. Three months ago, my son checked and they said they would hire any and all Portuguese speakers. By the time he got home, the freeze was on and so no job.


Subject: I'm surprised they hire anybody
Date: Jan 07 13:57
Author: Dave in Hollywood

Why can't all the positions be filled with "voluntary" missionaries? I'm semi-serious here. I'm sure it's occurred to them.


Subject: They would if they could
Date: Jan 07 14:08
Author: bender

Unfortunately for them there are not enough seniors willing or able to serve missions to be able to fill all the spots. But they are trying. Many positions have been replaced by missionaries.

I heard a rumor, but I don't know if it's true or not, that CES [Church educational system] is laying off all institute teachers in California and replacing them with senior missionaries.


Subject: What about regular missionaries?
Date: Jan 07 14:19
Author: Dave in Hollywood

I'm surprised they haven't diverted a few of them to work as Mo employees more or less. I'm sure a lot of them would prefer that actually (I know I would have).

And I'd particularly think they'd want to divert a few of the "less desirable" sister missionaries, i.e. those too old or unlikely to give birth to a new generation of Mobots? ;-)


Subject: I say all we RFMers pitch in to help the Church!
Date: Jan 07 14:10
Author: Baura

They are experiencing economic hardship. They need a helping hand.

I say we form a volunteer "army" and march to the COB and help them out. Who's with me?

I personally will volunteer to write and edit the new church manuals. I'll do a good job--lots of quotes from past prophets. I'll have what questions the teacher should ask the class and what answers to expect.

They will need someone to help run the projectors and sound system in the temples. Any former Audio-Visual guys from high school? You might want to make a few copies of the movie so you can study it at home (have other RFMers help you) so you know exactly where to adjust lighting and volume etc.

Of course the MTC will need staffing and teachers. I'm sure we have lots of qualified people who could do that.

Another place where LDS inc. has been strained lately is in the PR department. Anyone want to volunteer to be a church spokesperson?

Yep, they gave us so much when we were members. The least we can do is help them out in their moment of need.


Subject: Re: I say all we RFMers pitch in to help the Church! ......That was a crack up! Even
Date: Jan 07 14:19
Author: SusieQ#1

believing hubby thought it was funny! You are so service-minded!:-)


Subject: I could help write the press releases
Date: Jan 07 14:33
Author: CA girl

but I think we need more of a hottie for our on camera spokesperson. Anyone know what Heidi Klum is up to nowadays? Or, maybe calendar Chad knows someone willing to do it for free - maybe to "redeem" themselves from the "sin" of posing without a shirt. After all, those church spokespeople are just puppets.

But to save real money, I say we just close down the MTC. If I got a chance to teach there, my first lesson would be "OK, thanks for coming. Now go HOME!"


Subject: I will help with the resignations ;) nt
Date: Jan 07 14:36
Author: Susan I/S


Subject: Has Deseret Book laid off any more folks?? n/t


Subject: Thank God Joe Smith was employed by the LDS Church, otherwise there would have been no priesthood
Date: Jan 07 14:17
Author: steve benson

As Elder John M. Madsen of the Seventy declared in his sermon, "Inseparable Witnesses of Jesus Christ" (published in the "Ensign" in January 2001), it pays to work for the Mormon Church before hiring freezes are put into place:

"[D&C] Section 13 is another wonderful example of revelation to the Prophet in answer to questions encountered while translating the Book of Mormon. Said Joseph: 'We still continued the work of translation . . . [and while] we were thus EMPLOYED, praying and calling upon the Lord, a messenger from heaven descended in a cloud of light, and having laid his hands upon us, he ordained us . . . ." (emphasis added)


Subject: We're using the recession as an excuse
Date: Jan 07 14:22
Author: CEO big shot

to lay off employees and then replace them with volunteers. Once the recession ends, we keep the volunteers being volunteers.


Subject: "principles of thrift and fiscal responsibility", as evidenced by the $2B Great & Spacious Mall...
Date: Jan 07 14:35
Author: Bean Counter

...and luxuries in the LDS Conference Center such as pear wood paneling, large alabaster light coverings, high-end vases and other opulence. And let's not forget the 'thriftiness' of LDS, Inc. when it acquired multi-million-dollar Rembrandt works of art.

LDS, Inc. = Thrifty Bullshit


Subject: We can only hope the freeze applies to all levels...
Date: Jan 07 14:42
Author: Deputy Dawg

Perhaps Wirthless' apostle position will now go unfilled and it will become the Quorom of the Eleven. After all, the church would save hundreds of thousands of dollars just on his "modest living expenses" alone.


Subject: Re: We can only hope the freeze applies to all levels...
Date: Jan 07 14:44
Author: Deputy Dawg

Here's what I posted at the newspaper's blog:

****** wrote on Jan 7, 2009 12:31 PM:

" >"In these challenging economic times, BYU-Idaho is very grateful to be divinely led and supported by modern prophets who are simultaneously committed to preserving the financial integrity of the church and the mission of the university. We will be working with our board to implement this directive."

How do they know they are "preserving the financial integrity of the church..." if the leaders of the church allow no transparency of the church's finances? Funny how they have enough to fund a 2bil. dollar mall, but no chump change to find a few needy people a living.


Subject: Re: LDS Church initiates hiring freeze
Date: Jan 07 19:42
Author: Challenger

Shouldn't the corporate headquarters "just have faith?"


Subject: The LDS Church is a bunch of corporations. It's Big Business -- loads of small
Date: Jan 07 19:47
Author: SusieQ#1

businesses, factories, ranches, companies, schools, teachers, with thousands of employees.
Is the LDS Church the largest employer in UT? I thought it was.

I would expect the LDS Church to be impacted by the economy.
I thought the hiring freeze started some time ago. Maybe over a year ago.

Subject: OK... the irony of the LDS church hiring freeze... link
Date: Jan 08 01:49
Author: Moessers

"Citing the recent economic downturn, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Wednesday it is "currently not hiring new employees." "


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