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The Recovery from Mormonism e-mail newsgroups are now online. By subscribing to them you will be in contact with other former Mormons and Mormons who have similar interests. There is no cost. The term "subscribe" is used for receiving e-mail from this type of group. Many friendships have been made in these groups.

Mail List as of August 2001 for Exmormon Mailing Lists

The e-mail newsgroups have a new address to subscribe to as of March 2000. The mail lists are now on YahooGroups.

About the Mailing Lists

The e-mail service works very simply. Anyone who posts to thenewsgroup will have their e-mail automatically sent to allsubscribers. The lists will be kept confidential to only the few administrators who have known each other for a few years now. If you subscribe, but never post a message, you will receive all the messages and your identity will remain anonymous to all other subscribers.

Many friendships have been formed here and even a few marriages :-). You will find individuals who have an interest in recovering from their Mormon experience. You will also find awide diversity of individuals.

There are now a few active email list-servers (newsgroups). Besure to scroll down to view the selection and you may find one that fits your needs. Ex-Mormon (one of the lists available) is open to all religious persuasions or religious non-belief afterMormonism and it follows the guidelines in the next few paragraphs. There are other groups you can join too. To see these, just scroll down the page.

We suggest that you meet the following criteria before you subscribe to Exmormon

  1. You must be willing to receive as many as 30 e-mails per day (or more). You can optionally subscribe to a digest version or the web version.

Examples of Material

The following are some examples of material discussed inEx-Mormon:

GroundRules for Exmormon

The primary focus of the group is to:

  1. Discuss experiences with the Mormon church
  2. Overcome the effects of having been a Mormon

The ground rules are as follows:

  1. Mormons are not allowed to "defend the faith". There are many other forums for debate.
  2. There is to be no preaching.

How to Subscribe

  1. Be sure you read the criteria listed above.
  2. Be sure you are willing to abide by the ground rules. Subscribing is automatic. All subscribers automatically receive a welcome message with some instructions. Be sure to see all the lists available below.

CLICKHERE to subscribe to the ex-Mormon mail list

or to see the listing at yahoo groups if the auto subscribe does not work -  

Exmormon at Yahoo Groups 

Other Groups

XLDS Women

This is a list run by former Mormons and is for women only.

To subscribe, click here for XLDS Women .Many of these women are from the original exmormon group and have years of experience in helping others in recovery. This is a spinoff from the original list and highly recommended.


"Mormons Have My Child"

Mormons Have My Child - Link

To subscribe: go to the above URL. The list description:"Mormons H(ave) M(y) C(hild)" is a mutual support group for non-Mormon or ex-Mormon parents whose children (of any age) are Mormon, and whose relationships with those children are suffering because of the children's Mormonism. Because of the confidential and personal nature of the matters that are likely to be discussed, membership in the list is limited to those who are in that category, and to others who may be able to help them. All subscriptions must therefore have the approval of the list owner/moderator.  New as of July 2001.

Ex-Mormon Singles

Calling All ExMo Singles! It's a discussion group for people just like you. You can post a photo of yourself, describe yourself, and get involved in running conversations. We have about fifty members, with more arriving every day. You can sign up for a "digest" mode so you'll receive only one combined post email (at most, depending on activity) per day. It's simple and free to sign up at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ex-Mormon_Singles Just click on "join this group" at the top right. If you're new to Yahoogroups you can easily sign up from the page that "join" links to.

(independent of exmormon.org)

Ex-Mormon Christian e-mail newsgroup

If you are interested in an ex-Mormon/Christian only e-maillist that is run by Mormons in Transition contact: MIT-TALK Ex-MormonChristian e-mail group This group has been running more than 3 years

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