Life as a Mormon
Patriarchal Blessing - Part 1


As given by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Ladybug, [screen name] in the name of Jesus Christ, by virtue of the Holy Melchezidek Priesthood, and the office of an ordained patriarch in Zion, I lay my hands upon your head to give your patriarchal blessing. Remember that the blessings of the priesthood are eternal and if not fulfilled in every detail in this life, they will have their fulfillment in the life to come.

You are a descendant of Ephraim, the son of Joseph. The blessings of these ancient patriarchs run richly in your veins. You have claim to those blessings, and if you will pursue the paths of righteousness with a pure heart, not letting associates or the trials of life distract you from this path, you will come forward on the morning of the first resurrection and be sealed up to the highest degree in the Celestial Kingdom. All that our Heavenly Father has will be yours.

Now you will live a rich and full life and witness a variety of experiences. Therefore, you will have the privilege of drawing from many sources information that will be helpful to you. Walk humbly before your Heavenly Father and before your fellow men and seek to gather from them wisdom and practices in life that will bring you joy and happiness and those with whom you associate.

You will be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in proclaiming the gospel and in setting a proper example. You will be privileged to go to the house of the Lord and there make sacred covenants that will serve to guide you throughout mortality. In our Lord's own due time, you will have a righteous brother at your side. Together you will rule in kingdoms and principalities. Before that day comes, you will be schooled in the special role and call as a mother. This will be a schooling where the rough edges will be worked off and you will develop increased love and patience and empathy for your fellow men.

The Lord will bless you with special strength, guidance, and inspiration as you face the troubles of life for they will come. The beautiful and comforting thing is that you can feel the hand of the Lord as you pass through them. It will be for your good so long as you will let them mellow your soul and not make you bitter or resentful. So I bless you with this special gift that you will let the experiences of life, the scriptures, and as you open your heart to your Heaveny Father, let them all influence your personality and change it for the good. You have been blessed witha special personality that can be used for good if you will follow the example and pattern that is laid down by the Savior. Search out His life and see how He dealt with His fellow men and then you follow that pattern. You will experience a special love as you deal with little ones. I call to your memory the most sacred event of the Savior gathering little ones around Him.

You will be blessed with faith to be healed from your sick bed but by and large you will be blesed with a strong and vigorous body and be in a position to provide much service. Use balance and wisdom as you do this that you run not faster than you have strength and yet that you extend yourself.

The Lord loves you and calls you by name this hour. He wants you to know that He is monitoring your progress here upon the Earth and that you will be privileged to go to many lands and there to witness the many environments in which our Heavenly Father's children live. You can develop a special love and interest in these our Heavenly Father's children and this will enrich your life and the life of your family members.

The day will come when you will behold the face of the Redeemer and know that He is and you will feel that same love and awe and respect that Mary felt as she saw her resurrected Lord.

You will be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in demonstrating the appropriate place and role of womanhood and of motherhood, for the world is seeking to tear down these sacred roles in life.

Go your way rejoicing knowing of the Lord's love and interest in you. Always remember your great potential in life and be anxiously engaged in a step by step process to reach that goal. The goal is perfection but it is to come line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little for even the Savior learned obedience by the things which he suffered. This blessing I seal upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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