Life as a Mormon
Patriarchal Blessing - Part 3

As given by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

note:This one has some comments by the author prior to the blessing

Subject: I am happy to irreverently contribute my P.B. to the cause!!

I love the grammar and punctuation in this blessing, it always bothered me that revelation from god could be so poorly written.

I had to come back after typing this and make some comments -- sorry. I know how much I doted on this blessing and tried to follow it, even when I wasn't doing well as a member of the church. Reading this made me realize what an impact it had on my life and did determine my direction in life. NOT because it was true -- it is obviously NOT -- but because as a member of the church, it HAD to be true, and right. My own personal revelation. I tried very hard to follow it. What an influence the church INSURED it had in our lives. No wonder we have been so totally brainwashed.

The illustrious family thing -- he sure didn't know my family!!!

Where it starts with strength and clarity of mind, etc. That sure came from the washings and 5 points of fellowship in the temple.

Subserviency to the priesthood and mother in Zion -- surprise, surprise.

Guess, I was homely when this was given to me because the guy figured I wouldn't get married right away. I know it always made be feel that way.

Love and affection has certainly reigned in my home as a member of the church -- with my mother beating me and my husband being verbally abusive, I must of really been loved!

Well with all that stuff around service to mankind and being a part of the arts, science and literature, it is obvious why I choose to go to college instead of just getting married.

Read on and laugh!!

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SISTER SANDRA HOFHIENS, In pursunce of thy faith and desires I lay my hands upon thy head, invoking the spirit of our Heavenly Father to be upon us while I give thee thy Patriarchal Blessing. Though wast loved of heaven and thou wast favored of heaven and blessed to live in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, and privileged to be here through illustrious families of the earth who in the times in which they lived, and who would desire thee to work on their genealogies, and prepare proxy work on their behalf to assure a Celestial Glory for them.

Thou art of a royal and ancient lineage. Thou are of Abraham and the Tribe of EPHRAIM, so thou art eligible or an heir to all the blessings of latter-days. Ephraim's posterity have the promise and blessing of preparing the earth and its people for the second come of the Savior. This will be a part of thy blessing for thou shall, with Ephriam's children, teach the youth of Zion and help to lead them in paths of truth and righteousness. So they will be prepared and the church will be in order, for these great and glorious things that are shortly to come to pass. Also it was ordained there that thou should be a mother in Isreal. To bring into mortality spirits and righteous souls in order that they may have the gift of mortality and so they may gain life and immortality.

Thou should work with thy hands and thy brilliant mind in our Heavenly Father's work. Thou shall sit in the councils of the Elders. Thy voice will be heard in the administration of the affairs and government of the kingdom. To help thee with these thy responsible mission in life, I bless thee with health and strength and with clarity of mind. That thou will ever be alert to the things that are happening about thee, to all things that are beautiful and good. To recognize the evil and work industriously to oppose evil things. And I bless thee to influence the hearts and minds of our Heavenly Father's children righteously. I bless thee with patience and not try to hurry the day when thou shall contract thy marriage. Be assured that he who seeks thy hand is worth to go to the Temple and have thy marriage sealed in the New and Eerlasting Covenant. Some in thy posterity will stand in the presence of the Savior when He returns personally to commence the Millennial Reign. Some in they posterity will stand with honor and integrity in the government of the land so thou mayest see that thy mission in life is important in the eyes of heaven. It is important unto thee.

I bless thee that love and and affection will always reign in thy home. Thou shall be subservient unto the Priesthood in thy home. That thou shall always be sensitive to the power of the Priesthood in times of stress, discouragement and need, and let him bless thy family. Sustain the authorities of the church. Live the principles of the gospel as they have been given to thee and as thou will covenant in the endowments that will come to thee from time to time, during thy mortal stay. I bless thee to humbly bend upon thy knees at all times and ever let thy decisions be guided by the spirit of Heaven. Thou are of a sensitive nature and thou has a close affinity with the spirit of Heaven. Be alert to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the whisperings of the spirit and thou will be guided and directed by these impressions that come to thee from Heaven. Thou will be tempted as all are, to depart from the principles of righteousness. I bless thee with courage and a determiniation that thou will not even experiment in the popular pastimes of thy contemporaries, in doing that which will destroy their very physical and spiritual bodies and forfeit their souls. Thou hast great faith, thou hast a great endowment of love for thy fellowmen. Use these special endowments of gifts and talents in the service of thy fellowmen and particularly in our Heavenly Father's work.

I bless thee to come forth in the resurrection of the just after thou hast fulfilled thy full service in mortality and after thou has seen the pages of history turn and observed the fulfillment of the prophecies of the scriptures of Prophets of old, and those in modern times and remember that we areliving in the last days. In an important period of the earth's history and our Heavenly Father's spirit is being poured out upon all mankind, when great advancements are being made in arts, science and literature. Make thyself a part of these advancements for to fulfill the full purpose of thy spirit creation and thy service in mortaility thou will need to be conversant in these things.

And I give thee this thy Blessing by and through the power of the HOLY Melchizedek Priesthood in me vested and in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, AMEN

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