Life as a Mormon
Patriarchal Blessing - Part 5


As given by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

30 January 1992
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(my full name): As an ordained Patriarch in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I lay my hands upon your head to confer upon you a patriarchal blessing. As a result of your faith and righteous desires, you have come to receive counsel and instruction from your Father in Heaven, and it is His desire that you know His will, that you be concerned with His church and kingdom upon the earth, and that you live to be worthy of the many blessings which have been prepared for the faithful. To the extent that you are faithful and worthy, this blessing will be to you a source of great strength, guidance, comfort, and inspiration.

You are a choice daughter of your Father in Heaven. You lived with Him before coming to this earth where you received counsel concerning the experiences of mortality, and you rejoiced as you learned of the opportunity you would have to obtain a physical body and work out your eternal salvation. It is not by chance that you have been born at this particular time in the history of the earth, for your Father, knowing your potential, faith, and capabilities in that pre-mortal world, has reserved you for this dispensation of time so that He may use you and your talents to help accomplish His purposes for His children. You do posses gifts, talents, and abilities which were given you and to some extent developed in that pre-mortal world, and you here should continue to identify, further develop, and then use them in serving mankind and upbuilding the kingdom of God. In entering your Savior's church, you have been given the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and you should strive to be worthy of the constant companionship of that member of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost will be to you a dear Friend and will help you in numerous ways and circumstances as you proceed through this mortal experience. He will guide and direct your thinking, will comfort and strengthen you in times of sorrow and discouragement, and will help you make the many decisions which you must make as a part of this mortal probation. Always seek for, listen to, and heed the promptings that come from the Holy Ghost.

Sister Snider, you are of the House of Israel and are a descendant of Ephraim, the son of Joseph, that same Joseph who descended from the patriarchs Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. This is a choice lineage, and by your faith and obedience you will be entitled to all that has been promised those men of God and their posterity. The Ephraimites have the responsibility of carrying the message of the restored gospel throughout this earth and of preparing the earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ. You have significant responsibilities in that great work. and as you continue to prepare yourself and accept and carry out to the best of your ability the callings that will come to you, you will gain an understanding of all that your father expects of you. He will enable you to serve His children and will help you grow and develop in your understanding of the gospel. You will be motivated and blessed with the ability to help others, to lift up the weak, and to strengthen those whose knees are feeble. You will be one to whom others come for counsel and assistance with their problems and difficulties, and you will be granted wisdom and discernment to be used in your service. You will exert a positive and uplifting influence upon your colleagues, both in and outside of the church, and will be admired and respected for your beliefs, your righteousness, and your willingness to give of your time and talents to the work of the kingdom of God. You have an especial responsibility to be a missionary and should take advantage of the opportunities that come to share your feelings and testimony of the truths you have accepted with your non-member friends and acquaintances, and if you have righteous desires in that regard, your Father will give you courage, understanding, and the ability to convey the desires of your heart to others. You thus will be an instrument in the hands of your Father in helping many learn of their Savior, enter His church and kingdom, and receive joy and salvation because of your desires and efforts.

I bless you, Sister (my last name), as a mother and wife in your home that you may there receive the guidance and the spirit of the Lord to help you in that most serious and important responsibility. You will be a strength and support to your husband as you honor and sustain him as the patriarch of your home. You will teach and train your children with love, patience, kindness, and understanding, and they will praise your name forever for the things you teach and do in their behalf. You will have the glorious privilege of entering the House of the Lord to be sealed to your dear husband and to have your children sealed to each of you for time and for all of the eternities, doing so in the Lord's way and by His authority. I bless you with the spirit of Elijah that you may desire to return often and to perform sacred, redemptive work for the dead. The Temple is a haven of peace where you may escape the cares, trials, and tribulations of mortality and a place to receive revelation, inspiration, and knowledge that will help you in the world. Read and ponder the Holy Scriptures regularly for they contain the solutions to your problems and the counsel needed as you assist others. Pray daily to your Father for He is near and will respond to the honest and sincere desires of your heart. Be humble in all that you attempt and accomplish, and your Father will lead you by the hand and give you the answers to your prayers and concerns.

I bless you with the physical and spiritual strength needed to thwart and withstand the temptations of Satan. He is very real and will use the means at his disposal to discourage, deceive, mislead, and dissuade you from accomplishing the things of which you possess the potential. You, however, will not be subject to any temptations that will be greater than you have the personal capacity to resist, and Satan will have no power over you unless you voluntarily allow him. I bless you to know of your personal worth to your Father, to know that He loves you dearly as a chosen daughter, and to know that you possess great potential-the potential to eventually return to the presence of your God to receive all that He has prepared for you. As you are faithful, as you keep yourself clean and unspotted for m the evils of this world, and as you sustain and honor the Priesthood authority on the earth, you will be one to whom your Savior will say on the day of judgement, 'Well done, good and faithful servant." You will arise in the morning of the first resurrection, numbered with the righteous and the just, to be reunited with your family and to enjoy all of the blessings available to those who obey God's teachings and endure to the end, and I confer these blessings and opportunities upon you, contingent upon your faithfulness, your worthiness, and your willingness to comply with whatever your Father asks of you, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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