Life as a Mormon
Patriarchal Blessing - Part 6


As given by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

May 5, 1985 given in Iowa:

Sister Evelyn Jean Hall by the Authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood in the office of Patriarch with my hands upon your head give you your patriarchal blessing with instructions and counsel that will be beneficial to your life With the experience and knowledge of your life (I didn't feel worthy enough to get it until I went with my youngest 14 yr. old daughter, to get hers, at age 46) and with the testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and desiring in your heart to know the future of your activity here, is the real reason you desire a patriarchal blessing now.

Sister Hall, you also had a full knowledge of your pre-existence in the presence of your Father in Heaven where you grew and developed in all things, knowing that you had reached the potential that it was necessary for you to partake of this earth life to further your eternal progression.

You knew the trials and tribulation so this life and you still showed the desire to partake, asking permission which was granted, only to forget all knowledge of that life before. Now you were privileged to be born of earthly parents which provided a tabernacle to house your spirit to develop here on earth. You have had many trials and tribulations in your life so far of which you are aware. Remember, that those experiences were not all in vain for it gave you the knowledge to teach and expound the principles of goodness to those around you and to your family.

You have gained a great desire and testimony because of these experiences and have shared them with a good companion who has loved you and created a situation where the Priesthood can function. How you Heavenly Father loves you and is well-pleased with the things you have done in your life especially in your great genealogy work for and behalf of your kindred dead. This has been a great assignment unto this life for you have been set apart and called to do this special work. It will continue to be so. You have been blessed by the spirit of the Holy Ghost, revealing great findings in your genealogy work & will be blessed for this great effort. You have had the privilege of bearing children into this wonderful world for this was fulfilling the great assignment to mankind to multiply and replenish the earth. You accepted the responsibility of teaching your children which will bring great blessings into your lives as they grow and develop and bring grandchildren into your eternal family unit. What a beautiful occasion as you go forth in your genealogy work-not always looking back to your ancestors but look forward to your generations coming forth. Share your experiences with your grandchildren with is one of the great treasures of life that brings joy and happiness!

You have shared your life with a great companion, gaining great knowledge and seeing him join the Church and being given the Holy Priesthood. See him grow and develop in his special calling as the leader in his family as his daughter,asks him for a patriarchal blessing. This can be the greatest experience he will ever have in his life. I tell you these things so you can share with him so he can fully understand his responsibility in your family as the priesthood holder. (Bill never had a patriarchal blessing as he didn't believe in them. It was like fortune-telling to him.) He must know how to function fully in the patriarchal order of the priesthood which he holds. Love and cherish him for his good life and make his home life as much like heaven as possible so he can come and rest and enjoy. Always accept him and his authority that he can lead and direct his family in righteousness.

Now you have completed many assignments in this life which I won't go into detail a this time. Your Heavenly Father wants you to continually work in genealogy and do all in your power to complete all things necessary to create an eternal family unit of which you will witness in the day of your resurrection.

Sister Hall, you are a very choice spirit of our Father in Heaven and you have endured well and accepted your assignments in Church of which you will find a great many blessings.

The personal experience I have had with your family in past years and especially your Great-Grandma J. were choice experiences for me to have had the privilege and opportunity for me in sharing her life and the individual that she was. As I told you that through the priesthood that I have that I released her from this earth to death because her patriarchal blessing promised her that she could live as long as she desired upon this earth. Because of losing her voice and her expressing her desires the priesthood had to step in and perform this request of hers. This was a special occasion in my life and I share it with you through your patriarchal blessing so that it can be written somewhere upon the face of the earth in remembrance of this sweet great lady, an angel who has come to earth & sharing her life with an eternal family that will someday be together.

There are many waiting yet and the Lord is still waiting for them to accept the Mormon gospel. I promise you that as you diligently go forth in your genealogical work and bearing your testimony to those who have not yet accepted it, you will have great influence on their lives. Doors to missionary work will be opened and baptisms will fill the link of your eternal family.

Now Sister Hall as we grow older in age we wonder if we have accomplished all the tasks that the Lord has instore for us to do I assure you that the spirit of the Holy Ghost will reveal to you what needs to be done even though it is in the middle of the night. You must get up and write in the night for you will be so moved to do so, enabling the work to go forth. (Now this one really came true).

May our Heavenly Father always bless you with the treasures that lead to eternal life. You and your companion have shared the great experiences that would exalt you into the Celestial Kingdom if our Father in Heaven and you have the promised blessing of all that the Father has can be yours IF you fulfill the requirements to receive it. You are of the House of Ephraim. Your lineage stems from those patriarchs of the OT, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for they were promised all that the Father has. Thus this great blessing continues today through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

I admonish for you and your companion to read and study this often and it is found in the Doctrine and Covenants which is called The Oath and the Covenant of the Priesthood so that you fully understand the ultimate goals which you are striving for in this life, so as to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and to enjoy the fullness of His Spirit.

Now, when your day of completion comes to its close you will stand before the judgment bar being judged according to the accomplishments of this life. You will be invited into the Celestial Kingdom by a special individual called and set apart for this ushering-in work. There you will witness a happy occasion as you see the formulation of your eternal family come forth because of your diligence and work in compiling together your genealogy. (We published 12 family history books for posterity and done all the temple work for them). You have been invited to partake in the eternal feast prepared for those faithful to the end.

It all depends upon you and your great desire to be a part of this great feast.There are many tasks to be yet accomplished in relationship to your companion and yourself that you can have full testimony of the promises that can be had so work toward your eternal salvation for it can only come through the priesthood of your companion. He is the only one to unlock the doors of the Celestial Kingdom to you.

I now seal you up to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection to receive of this promised blessing by the power of the priesthood I hold in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Evelyn Hall
Free in Jesus Ministry

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