Life as a Mormon
Patriarchal Blessing - Part 9


In the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I place my hands upon your head and seal upon you the blessing of a patriarch.

Julie, the Lord rejoices in the loveliness of your spirit and attitude. His love for you is perfect, and will ever be. He and your Heavenly Mother first experienced this love when you were born to them as a spirit child long ago. Many times you saw Them and heard Their voices and knew that They were very interested in you. When the gospel plan was proposed, you were there and rejoiced. You were valiant in defending it, though some of Their children were not. Because of this, Julie, you became one of the chosen. This means more than you can possibly understand in this life. Because of it and the Lord's love, He allowed you to be born in this day when the gospel is upon the earth in its fullness. Every blessing which any of His children possess He wanted you to enjoy, and you shall through continued obedience to the principles of the gospel.

Another reason He allowed you to be born in this day was because He needs faithful women in the Church. The role which they play is vital and you shall be given many important assignments during your lifetime.

The Lord caused you to be born of parents who would give you good training, who would love you, and who had the kind of lineage that He wanted you to have, the lineage of Israel through Ephraim. This is your lineage, Julie, and it carries with it great blessings. Someday you shall fully understand this and thank your Heavenly Father in His presence for it. Show your gratitude to your parents by being an exemplary daughter. Honor them. The Lord loves them and is interested in their welfare. During your mortality you shall have many occasions to prove your worth as a daughter and as a descendent of noble ancestors.

The Lord desires that you do your very best in every worthwhile assignment. Learn those things in school which will help you especially as a wife and mother in future years and those things also which will help you better serve your fellowmen. If you do this, Julie, you shall have the wise desires of your heart granted unto you. You shall be privileged to engage in advanced training beyond the high school level if you desire in order to qualify yourself in a vocational field of your choice. The field your are now thinking of is acceptable to you Heavenly Father, or another should you change your mind.

Julie, you shall be protected in life until you have completed every assignment the Lord gave you to complete in mortality.

Pray humbly to the Lord each day. Whatever problem or concern you have, take it to Him and He will give you some beautiful answers. These answers will not always be what you expect, and sometimes you may not immediately recognize them. Pray about your future marriage. Live worthy of His blessing and at the proper time you shall be led to a companion who is worthy of you, one who will take you to the Temple and with whom you can make a beautiful life together, not only in this life, but forever. This will be the beginning of a very close relationship which in the hereafter, through righteousness, will bring you the same kind of life your Mother in Heaven now enjoys, living with your companion and members of your family in complete happiness forever.

Following your marriage, chosen spirits will become your children. You and your beloved companion, under the guidance of the Lord, will raise them in righteousness. Joy and love will abound in your home. Everything which you need as a wife and mother will be given to you.

In the Church, you shall be known for your good works. You shall work with women and with children, and they will acquire a love for you which will last throughout the eternity. But always remember, Julie, after you are married that your most important responsibility is to your home. This should never be neglected, not even for the Church. The Lord has blessed you with talent that you might plan your time wisely. Thus you shall do your full duty at home and still find time to serve in the Church, and even in the community.

Life will be pleasant even though you are living in a sinful world. It is because of your good life and the gospel that you will be happy. There will of course be problems, trials, and even sorrows. But this is necessary to prepare you for the life to come. You may on occasions think the Lord has forsaken you, but He will never do this. He loves you with a love greater than you can ever conceive of until you, too, are in His sphere. Then you will understand the depth of His love.

Julie, always make the gospel a very important part of your life, realizing that without it you could not have your future family for the eternity, but with it the love which you develop here can continue beyond the grave and become perfect there. Love your fellowmen. There is much you can do because of your cheerful attitude and personality to help others who have problems, who are dejected, or are in physical or spiritual need. As you help them you shall also be helping yourself.

The Lord wants you to know that His gospel plan would not be complete without you. You are an important part of it as is every member of your family. The Lord is interested in all of them. Do everything within your power to build harmony and love in the Church, in your family, and among your acquaintances. This is one of your special callings.

A patriarchal blessing is sacred. The promises made are conditional but will be fulfilled providing you lead a righteous life, remain active in the Church, and do your part to bring them about. I pronounce these blessings upon your head and seal you to come forth in the resurrection of the just through your faithfulness. I do this in the authority of my office as a patriarch and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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