Life as a Mormon
Patriarchal Blessing - Part 11


"Brother Rex Winn, in accordance with the recommend of the Bishop of Ballard Ward, and by virtue of my office and calling in the Roosevelt Stake of Zion, I place my hands upon your head and confer upon you a patriarchal blessing.

"You are numbered among the sons of Zion, born in the covenant and are an heir to all blessings to which the Holy Ghost shall inspire you in the fulfillment of your mission here upon the earth. You shall give heed to the promptings of the Spirit of the Lord in all matters that pertain unto your well being and you shall receive from time to time consistent with your keeping His commandments. You are of the lineage of Ephriam, through which you are entitled to receive the blessings promised unto Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with the gifts and privileges promised unto the fathers in Israel, among whom, in due time and under proper circumstances, you shall be numbered.

"The Lord shall be mindful of you, and the authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will give attention to your preparedness and worthiness to go unto the nations of the earth to perform the duties of a missionary. Many to whom you are sent and you visit shall give heed to your message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because of your labors. You shall be able to bear an impressive testimony of the truth of the Gospel unto those whom you meet, and you shall be to some of them a savior upon Mount Zion.

"It is your privilege to attend the schools provided in this district, including a seminary established for the instruction of students that they might be taught the principles of the gospel, and you shall thus become of service in carrying on the work of the Lord in the organized wards of the Church where you may live. You shall be blessed in a material way and in your temporal affairs shall not want for that which is essential for your well being and to sustain you in your labors and duties assigned to you from time to time, and as they come to you in your growth and development to the end of your life's mission.

"You shall give prayerful attention to your choice of companions, that you may have their approval of the life you shall lead, especially in keeping with the commandments of your Father in Heaven. You shall have opportunity of engaging in vicarious work for the dead under proper appointment and your desire. In the wisdom of your Father in Heaven you shall be granted the privilege of being sealed to a worthy companion in celestial marriage for time, and eternity in enlargement of the family ties which shall belong to you.

"I seal these blessings upon you in the fulfillment of your mission in mortality, and belss you to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection to join with your family in the exaltation you are worthy of and merit, which I do by virtue of the Priesthood I bear and in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Patriarchal blessing of Rex Winn. Given by Byron O. Colton, 13 May 1963 at Roosevelt, Utah.

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