Part 3 The Omission of Love

The Core of The Problem -- Part 3

The Omission of Love
The Book of The Law

Will Durant in his "Story of Civilization" made this observation: "Strange to say, the greatest of the commandments is not listed among the Ten, though it is part of the "Law." It occurs in Leviticus, XIX:18, lost amid "a repetition of sundry laws," and reads very simply: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."' (The Story of Civilization, Durant, p. 339.)

The "sundry laws" of Mormonism are those commandments members must obey before they can enter Joseph Smith's Celestial Kingdom, which is "likened unto the sun." One is never taught that these ten separate Laws are subsumed under the "greatest" law ... Love.

The original 10 commandments received through Moses did not contain this commandment to love; likewise, "The Book of the Law" which was written down after the Jews returned to Jerusalem, and upon which all later Jewish life was to be built, did not list this greatest commandment, though it is part of the "Law."

"Yes," love is part of the "Law," "But, wait," the "sundry laws" must be obeyed first (Stage 3). Mormonism demands primary obedience to all the laws set down within its doctrine leaving little choice, or time, for anything else. The result, from the impossibility of obeying all the laws, and of performing all of them perfectly, is "guilt" ... along with the feeling of being continually "unworthy" ... of having "failed" ... which eliminates the possibility to "love thyself."

Joseph Smith's restored gospel is basically the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament, but, at the same time, it claims to be the doctrine of the New Testament, as well as claiming to uphold the Constitutional Law of the United States. This contradiction reflects the Wolf/Shepherd, Hate/Love personality split of Joseph Smith, and his Avenger/Lion, Brigham Young.

The Jewish "Book of the Law"
Politically, Mormonism is based on the ancient Jewish "Book of the Law." Joseph Smith had his "Book of the Law of the Lord" in his secret "Council of Fifty," and both this Code and Mormonism "laid the foundation" for his "new theocratic" government (Origins of Power, Quinn, p. 67, 316). Mormonism gives "lip service" ("Yes") to the greatest commandment listed in the New Testament, but, in fact, kills that which it professes to hold central in its doctrine by reinstating the theocracy of the Old Testament over Christianity and the Constitution.

Mormonism cannot exist without both ... without the contradictions ... without the Double-Bind. The "Shepherd" who professes to uphold the greatest commandment, Love ... and who claims the constitution, but who, as the "Wolf" hates and destroys both, needs "love" and Constitutional law for his protection ... when he is caught in his "indiscretions!" The "Wolf" breaks the law against others; the "Shepherd" claims his "equal rights" under the law ... from those whom he has acted against. Joseph Smith, acting out both personalities, broke the Constitutional law against polygamy, then claimed protection under the Constitution, protesting innocence, and in addition, expected ... demanded ... continued love, approval, and respect from those whom he had deceived.

The Priestly Code
Will Durant, the historian, stated that the "Book of the Law," is probably the substance of the "Priestly Code," which was promulgated by Ezra." (For LDS connections, see: LDS Dictionary, under "Daniel," and a reference to "Apocrypha," regarding Ezra/Esdras.) Durant noted that "the "Book of the Law" was the most thoroughgoing attempt in history to use religion as a basis of statesmanship, and as a regulator of every detail of life; the "Mosaic Code" became, says Renan, "the tightest garment into which life was ever laced." Diet, medicine, personal, menstrual and natal hygiene, public sanitation, sexual inversion and bestiality -- all are made subjects of divine ordinance and guidance." (Durant, Ibid, p. 330)

Brigham Young Parallel
Brigham Young
, as a self-professed dictator, preached that "... the man whom God calls to dictate affairs in the building up of his Zion has the right to dictate about everything connected with the building up of Zion, yes even to the ribbons the women wear; and any person who denies it is ignorant." (B.Y. Discourses, Vol. 11, p. 298)

In Mormonism today, to mention a few codes, there is still a diet code, dress code, prayer codes, family codes, work code, and especially a sex code, which borders on obsession. And, until pressure was exerted in this decade by members and "outsiders," there was a death code ... (formed from oaths gleaned from Masonry, which also is based on the ancient Mosaic code) ... for those who would reveal the secret oaths taken in temple ceremonies. Altogether, one's total daily life is proscribed with "thou shalt nots." Mormons take the oath to consecrate all of their time, talents, ten percent of their gross income, and to give up their very lives, if necessary, for the "upbuilding of the Kingdom of God (Yahwah)."

The Priestly Code, a New World Order of Theocracy
Anciently, the body, mind, and feelings of individuals were totally regulated into the service of the political body of this theocracy, which became a New World Order. This ancient code is the unrecognized basis of Mormonism today; it is the "meat" (of the"Wolf") that "thou shalt not" see, hear, nor speak of. Instead, members of the church are fed "milk" (from the "Shepherd") by claiming Mormonism to be the Church of Christ, by promoting "God is Love" labels, and by professing to uphold Constitutional Law. In other words, Joseph Smith created a "Theo-Democracy," a contradiction in terms. What follows, are parallels to these contradictions showing how this mind-set is operating continuously in Mormon thought today, unseen.

The outer images on stage, which is all that is shown to the public, changes with the mainstream of current mores, and in fact, Mormonism uses current public approval, or disapproval, to attract new members ... the chain is let out a little longer each time, to give the illusion of freedom and choice. The "meat" of Mormonism, the psychological Pattern of the Shepherd/Wolf however, still operates behind the curtain directing and manipulating its many non-discerning actor-members for gullible viewers.

In this, and following articles, I will be quoting from the Bible (mostly from Exodus); "The Story of Civilization," Vol. 1., Durant; "Origins of Power," Quinn; and showing correlations in "The Book of the Law" to The Pattern as used by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, as recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants and the Discourses of Brigham Young. By extension, I will show how the mind-set of these two leaders is still alive and active in Mormonism today ... politically, and personally. It begins in the political ..........

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The Political Implications of the 10 Commandments

"The Book of the Law" centered around the Ten Commandments. "The first (commandment) laid the foundation of the new theocratic community, which was to rest not upon any civil law, but on the idea of God." (Durant, Ibid, p. 331)

The Joseph Smith parallel:
"In August 1833 Smith included the conduct of government within his domain as God's representative on earth. A revelation established Mormonism as imperium in imperio--a religious sovereignty within the civil sovereignty of the United States of America:

D&C 98:4-11 ("Yes (civil sovereignty), but," ... (theocracy).
And now verily I say unto you, concerning the laws of the land, it is my will that my people should observe to do all things whatsoever I command them, and that law of the land, which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom, in maintaining rights and privileges belongs to all mankind and is justifiable before me: therefore I the Lord justifieth you, and your brethren of my church, in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land: and as pertaining to the law of man, whatsoever is more or less then these, cometh of evil. I the Lord God maketh you free: therefore ye are free indeed: and the law also maketh you free: therefore when the wicked rule the people mourn: wherefore honest men and wise men should be sought for, diligently, and good men and wise men, ye should observe to uphold, otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil. And I give unto you a commandment, that ye shall forsake all evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.

"This document constricted the authority of secular government at the same time it expanded the prerogatives of this-worldly theocracy. It established the primacy of religious law over secular law, defined "constitutional law" as liberating rather than proscribing personal conduct and rights, and not only authorized but commanded Mormons to disobey secular law and civil leaders not conforming to the commandments of God. An earlier revelation indicated that only Smith, as president of the church, could reveal commandments for the church." (BofC, 67; D&C 28:2) (Quinn, Ibid, p. 80-1)

Brigham Young continued this priestly, theocratic law when he took on the "mantle"of Joseph Smith. "Young saw Smith foremost as the divine restorer and dedicated his life from 1844 to 1877 as an "apostle of Jesus Christ and of Joseph Smith." ... "In Utah, Young gave the fullest expression possible to everything he saw Smith teach, reveal, practice, or hope for in the secret councils and public meetings of Nauvoo." (Quinn, Ibid, p. 240, with ref.)

The Book of the Law was a Priestly Theocracy - a Kingdom
"This theocratic God "was the invisible King who dictated every law and meted out every penalty; and his people were to be called Israel, as meaning the Defenders of God. The Hebrew state was dead, but the Temple remained; the priests of Judea, like the Popes of Rome, would try to restore what the kings had failed to save. Hence, the explicitness and reiteration of the First Commandment: ...." (Durant, Ibid, p. 331)

The Joseph Smith parallel - (the animistic King). "A revelation to the Council of Fifty ... (who were Joseph's "Defenders of God") ... here comprised mainly of Danites and/or Masons, or, as it is expressed by Packer today, the "Advocates for God" ... affirmed that God called Smith "to be a Prophet, Seer and Revelator to my Church and Kingdom; and to be a King and Ruler over Israel." This was the "foreshadowing of the new world order he was formulating in his secret meetings with the Council of Fifty." (Quinn, p. 124-5, with ref.)

"Three days after receiving theocratic kingship, Smith informed the non-Mormon press of his new political order."

Joseph Smith to the Daily Globe, 14 Apr. 1844.
As the "world is governed too much," and there is not a nation or dynasty, now occupying the earth, which acknowledges Almighty God as their lawgiver, and as "crowns won by blood, by blood must be maintained," I go emphatically, virtuously, and humanely for a THEO-DEMOCRACY, where God and the people hold the power to conduct the affairs of men in righteousness, and where liberty, free trade, and sailor's rights, and the protection of life and property shall be maintained inviolate for the benefit of ALL.
(Quinn, Ibid, pp. 124-5; ref. p. 362)

(A Theocracy and a Democracy, at the same time, is a contradition in terms.)

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The Mosaic Law
Stages 1, 2, and 3, of The Pattern
as contained in The Ten Commandments
and the basis of Mormonism's Theocratic Kingdom

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