cover Four parts from this Web site have been edited and published. The book is titled, "The Pattern of the Double-Bind in Mormonism." Part I describes The Nature of The Pattern and the Double-Bind; it defines and gives examples of what The Pattern is, how it is used in different stages - and what results are incurred in each stage. Parts II and III present personal experiences of The Pattern in the lives of former members of the Mormon church. The last section, Part IV, gives a Summary of The Pattern and its antidote ... in How to Free Oneself from The Pattern

This book is not just about Mormonism. It is about a universal pattern. Since The Pattern is a form of illogical logic, it is difficult to detect without knowing its stages and where they lead. Once seen, it can be arrested, and disentanglement is possible ... wherever it may be found.

Responses from Readers:

"Your essays are profound and insightful."

"Thank you for publishing your WebPage. It has helped me intellectually identify what I intuitively know Mormonism is."

"I have read the information on your site and found you did an excellent job in describing the impossible."

"Your website is wonderful! What a joy it is to see intellectual freedom from someone so obviously intelligent. It seems that your intellect was confined for so long that it finally had to explode."

"I have truly enjoyed reading your articles on the website. I have had many of the same feelings about the Mormon Church and its attitude toward women."

"You have done an excellent job of writing down your way out of the maze. I read all of your writing with great interest. No doubt I will have to re-read most of it again ... and again."

"I just wanted to commend you on your site. ... I was moved by what I found. You can be assured that the truth speaks loud and clear in your words."

"What you have done here is amazing."

"I am really blown away. This is an interesting web site."

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The articles listed in the Contents are now completed in unedited form. The next few months will be devoted to editing what I have written. New essays will be posted as they are completed.

Please note: Articles are meant to be read in succession, as each builds upon the preceding one. If you choose not to do this, definitions of concepts already dealt with, but which you question, may halt the flow of the meanings intended. To repeat what I have already defined earlier would make articles, I think, too lengthy.
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