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While I know it won't be read by the "Powers that Be", for better or worse, here is my resignation letter. (very long) 21 GayLayAle01/17/2011 03:21PM
Do you ever get accused of 'Not Caring'? 16 rallychild01/18/2011 03:03PM
Have you actually cleaned the church before? (share your experience thread) 34 Every Member a Janitor01/17/2011 10:50PM
Simply, here is the REAL reason Mormons are NOT Christians.... 39 Chimes01/18/2011 04:30PM
Monson vs. Uncle Fester utahmonomore01/18/2011 06:40PM
moron missionary shot and killed in Jamaica 32 scarecrowfromoz01/17/2011 11:09PM
Family tragedy? No prob...but will you fulfill your assignment? [small rant and cuss] benben01/18/2011 06:39PM
Is homosexuality natural or unnatural? 33 Jon01/18/2011 04:35PM
Don't you Love it?!! 13 ExMormonRon01/18/2011 05:07PM
After lurking and posting here for a while..... 32 edmarc01/18/2011 05:52PM
Here's a thought for wards who need custodians. Makurosu01/18/2011 04:43PM
Oh, crap. I'm now THAT guy... 15 GayLayAle01/18/2011 03:27PM
O/T Much love to my hetero brothers and sisters! 30 sonoma01/18/2011 03:37PM
I need a little insight about polygamy GayLayAle01/18/2011 05:21PM
Interesting perspective by a Mormon. Rebeckah01/18/2011 10:54AM
A quote from Martin Luther King (FYI, this is NOT Preaching) experienceheals01/18/2011 01:56PM
Fun with Neighbors 15 ExMormonRon01/18/2011 03:54PM
why do nevermos seem like angels? smeagol01/18/2011 02:46PM
When All is Lost.. 14 ExMormonRon01/18/2011 03:18PM
Word of Wisdom Chastisement 31 edmarc01/17/2011 04:37PM
Has anyone been to the church history museum lately? 14 NotAMolly01/17/2011 12:18PM
To show that Mormonism isn't the one true Church... 37 Jon01/18/2011 10:07AM
Atheist feminists envy Mormon mommies? 32 RAG01/17/2011 11:03AM
Another ?Q? for edmarc (swear) 39 GayLayAle01/18/2011 03:07PM
CK doesn't sound like heaven to me. 10 anon12301/18/2011 02:52AM
Wife threw out all her garments JF01/18/2011 04:03PM
Stake president visit 10 onlyme01/18/2011 03:49PM
Question for edmarc 37 sophia01/18/2011 01:14PM
This is the place mounment........oh well.... get her done01/18/2011 03:52PM
RE: GF is LDS, I am not. 30 Vidar01/18/2011 01:17AM
My boyfriend's Facebook Status the other week. (Edited because I can't spell without red squiggly lines). 32 Raptor Jesus01/18/2011 01:26PM
Wondering if it is worth it smeagol01/18/2011 11:33AM
The buildings that are cleaned by those called of the Lord. Are they very clean? student01/18/2011 02:52PM
At what is one no longer a TBM lurking on this board? 12 edmarc01/18/2011 03:22PM
To TBM lurkers: How to remove the skid marks from your garmies Jesus Smith01/18/2011 03:45PM
George Carlin said it best (edited) edmarc01/18/2011 03:57PM
OT: CAMFT State Board rejects statement that would bring the organization more into line with the APA on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE). 33 robertb01/09/2011 02:01PM
How did we not see through the cloud of crap? 10 GayLayAle01/18/2011 02:28PM
My apologies if anyone has taken offense to this post. Not my intent to demean janitors. Every Member a Janitor01/18/2011 11:14AM
Telling our 2 oldest kids today Mom of 8 kids01/18/2011 11:34AM
Is "Greg Dodge" A Real Person... 17 anybody01/17/2011 10:22PM
Nutcase in my old Colorado ward claimed that he would be the next prophet. 13 chainsofmind01/16/2011 11:45PM
Some new moves at the door: "We do not want to make you uncomfortable" 11 derrida01/16/2011 10:51PM
Missionary Killed in Jamaica lostinutah01/18/2011 10:42AM
Prop 8, gay marriage and USA Supreme Court Related. (edited to add content) 46 MJ01/18/2011 11:21AM
I'm a bit irritated.... 12 Pil-Latté01/18/2011 10:23AM
Maybe Provo can learn from Boston on how to rake in naked profits anonthistime01/18/2011 05:32AM
Trueman Madison's Work SEcular Priest01/18/2011 01:41PM
LDS Social Services 14 edmarc01/17/2011 03:10PM
Honest answers only please 62 edmarc01/18/2011 11:02AM
The book of mormon, foundoubt01/18/2011 11:14AM
Do you have any new mantras or new thinking scripts? SusieQ#101/18/2011 12:25PM
How to end up on the wrong side of history 18 xtbm01/17/2011 05:40PM
A Corner I Thought I'd Never Turn... 26 enigma01/17/2011 10:06AM
an exmo woman vs. an exmo man.... downsouth01/18/2011 10:44AM