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Posted by: anon today ( )
Date: March 17, 2016 07:50PM

I heard so many times in church how "amazing" pain and suffering really is and how when bad stuff happens its actually a " blessing in disguise" and how God lets us suffer as a way to " bring us closer to him" but when I think about things like little kids getting painful cancers and being beaten and things like the holocaust or a person who is in so much emotional pain they feel they do not have any choice but to commit suicide I just don't have a good feeling about it I mean if I were God I would NEVER let assholes like Hitler come into power or let someone hurt so bad they kill themselves so they could become " closer to me" and it doesn't help when I hear tbms say that there hardest trial in life was having there computer crash or how they got dumped ONCE or how they were sick in bed for a WHOLE MONTH I even heard one tbm say one time that her brother had been through such a hard trial cause he had such a bad ear ache one time I'm not even kidding!

I mean don't get me wrong ear aches aren't fun but they sort of pale in comparison to the holocaust if ya ask me! And I'm not saying that tbms don't have horrible things happen to them some of them definitely do its just mind boggeling to me how some people can act like a computer crashing down is a horrible "trial" my tbm friend told me that actually that her computer crashed and she said a prayer to heavenly father telling him "she just couldn't handle this trial and needed his help and he helped fix it and how amazing it was and how through that experience she "knows" of gods love through "trials" And I just wanted to say well what about the girl who killed herself? Was God really to busy fixing your damn computer to help her out of the horrible pain she was in so she wouldn't have to freaking kill herself?! I just don't get how people can compare computer crashes and bad colds that last for a WHOLE MONTH to people who actually are suffering really really bad.

I'm sorry for complaining I just have never liked the whole lds "oh pain and suffering is so beautiful!" Crap and I really don't get how horrible pain is essential for people to go through especially when some peoples trials are the holocaust and others are computer crashes ya computer crashes really compare let me tell ya! Is it just me or do the mormon "pain and suffering is great! :)" teachings bother anyone else?

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: March 17, 2016 07:58PM

One of the major tenets, at least 'back in the day', was that ghawd knew everything that was going to happen before even Day One of "Let's Build the Earth" Day. He could have assigned us to the position we were going to earn during mortality, but we'd each have wondered... So he let us go ahead and prove him right, like there's a sealed envelope and after the Final Judgment we'll open it and it will be the note ghawd wrote before we were even born on earth, telling us what we would do. And we'd be all amazed ...

Meaning that Hitler and Mao and Pol Pot were all part of the Great Plan!

So apparently The Bell Shaped Curve is an eternal principle!

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Posted by: imaworkinonit ( )
Date: March 17, 2016 08:33PM

I find legitimately hard times and suffering easier to bear without God explanations.

It's easier to accept someone you know dying in a freak accident, or getting cancer at a young age, if you don't have to try to find some cosmic purpose in it. In fact, trying to wrap my head around just such a scenario probably contributed to questioning my whole concept of God. It makes NO sense to deprive a family of a father, leaving them emotionally and financially desperate, to be raised by a wretched excuse for a woman, who seriously messed up those kids.

Sh** happens. And when it happens to you, it doesn't make you feel better to think that it was intentionally inflicted upon you by a being who 'loves you' to 'test' you. That's just messed up.

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Posted by: bradley ( )
Date: March 17, 2016 09:54PM

Do me a favor and don't give the Mormons credit for this. They stole it from the Buddhists.

My understanding is that the goal of existence is to lose your free agency. Once you lose your free agency, you are pure love because you have no choice but to love. And then you are a loving thought in the mind of God. But maybe that was the drugs talking.

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Posted by: hasher ( )
Date: March 18, 2016 09:29AM

Unremitting pain as a "gift" may be one of the biggest loads of horse shit to ever come out of the mouths of shysters in sheeps' clothing. As a parent, it's not even a possibility of a method for teaching my children. Knowing that my children will experience pain as a price for breathing is tolerable only when I know it to be temporary, and if it isn't, will do everything in my power to ease it until death mercifully intervenes, and transfers the permanency to those of us left standing, bent and broken.

I don't necessarily assign the blindness of considering hardware failures to be "the worst trial" to mormondumb, but to inexperience with thinking. Even as a child, I was wont to put myself in the shoes of outsiders, to imagine their pain. That can be a handicap to indoctrination. Empathy is a bitch to be overcome.

That internal language is nothing more than a conditioned response and lack of mental exercise. It is an unthinking response to minor life glitches.

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