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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: April 09, 2016 11:19PM

Aug. 17, 1949 is the date on the First Presidency's letter regarding the status of the Negro.

The next day, this is what went down in a Fossil 15 meeting:

-- Aug 18, 1949
Apostle (and Salt Lake Temple President) George F. Richards reads a letter to the assembled First Presidency and Twelve Apostles decrying the lack of second anointings being performed. The letter states that to date 22,278 second anointings had been performed for living persons and 10,217 for the dead.

Richards's letter states: "I have not been able to bring myself to feel that the Lord is pleased with us in neglecting such an important and sacred endowment, which He has given us to be administered in His holy temples to worthy members of His Church.

The Second Anointings were given by revelation to the Prophet Joseph Smith to be administered to worthy members of the Church, both the living and the dead; and from the days of the Prophet Joseph to the days of President Heber J. Grant that practice continued. . . .

When living members receive their Second blessings, or anointings, they are given a charge that they must not speak of those things to anybody; that only those who are invited by the President of the Church are to receive them, and that none others are supposed to know anything about them. . . .

About 1928 an incident occurred which so incensed the First Presidency that they had all the recommend books brought in to the President's office, and instructions were given that no recommends of that character should be given by stake presidents thereafter. . . .

The incident above mentioned which so exasperated the First Presidency was as follows: A brother who had received his Second Blessings, while speaking in a priesthood meeting in one of the Idaho stakes, told the brethren that they all should have their Second Blessings. Of course that was a serious infraction of the charge which he received when he had his Second Anointings; but I have never learned of any serious consequences to follow, except the action on the part of the Authorities, discontinuing the administration of those blessings in the Church. It appears to me that the mistake made by the good brother in Idaho was not so serious as to justify letting those sacred ordinances come into disuse in the Church.

I think now is the time to act; with such modifications as to details as the brethren might feel to make, insuring that these blessings be administered only to those who are worthy to receive them."

The letter quotes the endowment ceremony to say, "Brethren and Sisters, if you are true and faithful, the day will come when you will be chosen, called up and anointed kings and queens, priests and priestesses, whereas you are now anointed only to become such. The realization of these blessings depends upon your faithfulness."
(found at

Now then, doesn't this last sentence contradict what we've all been told about the Second Anointing, that receiving it is a guarantee, and not dependent "...upon...faithfulness"?

I figured this would give some of you something to do while RfM is down for cleaning and lubrication.

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Posted by: jiminycricket ( )
Date: April 10, 2016 12:06AM

I'll add one more question for you to think about.

Tom Phillip's "My Second Anointing Experience" details the blessings/power he was given at the hands of Elder Ballard (Q12 member). Among those was "the power to save his posterity."

Imagine that thought to the recipient, especially if he has a few un-faithful Mormon's down-line?

But, take this blessing all the way back to Adam, the progenitor and father of the human race (according to Mormons) and think about this:

If father Adam receives the SA, then he can save ALL MANKIND. And by reason, invalidates the need for anyone else to have (or need) such a blessing in their Second Anointing Experience.

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Posted by: CTRringturnsmyfingergreen ( )
Date: April 12, 2016 09:17AM

Interesting. It also invalidates the need for Jesus and the whole New Testament and Book of Mormon.

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Posted by: Facsimile 3 ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 08:15AM

elderolddog asked: Now then, doesn't this last sentence contradict what we've all been told about the Second Anointing, that receiving it is a guarantee, and not dependent "...upon...faithfulness"?

As mentioned in your post, this quote was from the endowment (i.e. not the 2nd anointing). Richards cited that portion of the endowment to make the argument that the 2nd anointing is promised as part of the endowment to those who are faithful, and the Church, therefore, must fulfill this promise through the performance of the 2nd anointing.

Once the 2nd anointing is performed, the recipient's exaltation is guaranteed.

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Posted by: cricket ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 08:52AM

"22,278 second anointings had been performed for living persons and 10,217 for the dead."

Hey this is a way to keep TBM's busy for years to come. They get to go back to the temple and perform Second Anointings for all those who have only had their Endowments performed.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Busy Workers.

Remember that the Masons have 33 Degrees so who knows how many more "Anointings" will be revealed in the future?

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Posted by: jan ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 08:55AM

Apostle (and Salt Lake Temple President) George F. Richards reads a letter to the assembled First Presidency and Twelve Apostles decrying the lack of second anointings being performed. The letter states that to date 22,278 second anointings had been performed for living persons and 10,217 for the dead.

Why do dead people need the Second Annointing?

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Posted by: Holy the Ghost ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 12:57PM

It's not too often I hear something new that I genuinely had no idea of regarding the Church.

But 2nd Anointing's for the dead? That's a new one.

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Posted by: 3X (nli) ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 10:17AM

The Second Anointing has become too commonplace to confer the appropriate status on the special people. Hence elevated Anointing status will soon be characterized by degree (like karate black belts): the Third Anointing for the Really Special special people, on up to the Tenth Anointing for (successful) Presidential candidates.

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Posted by: blueorchid ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 10:30AM

So, how many blacks have been given the second anointing? Makes you wonder. My brother the area seventy has had it--mysterious visit to the temple on a Sunday and sudden personality change, so benevolent now.

So you've got probably tens of thousands of Mormons walking around this very minute who believe, no KNOW, that they are guaranteed the highest level of the CK. No wonder the core group will never look at the facts or dabble in reason. No wonder the core group are content to be part of the bigotry.

Who wants to give up their Eternal Glory?

The Huldas? The Naomi's? The Zippora's? The Ruths? No, they are hanging on tight even if they will have to share their husbands.

The Elijahs? The Job's? The Peters? The Barnabas's? Hell no, they are not letting go of their place in the CK even if they all have to share the same name.

Very clever marketing ploy. It's the same as those who hang onto a terrible job with a giant corporation every year even though they hate it because the bonus at the end is too big to give up.

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Posted by: Chicken N. Backpacks ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 12:38PM

It's all about Jesus Christ, isn't it?

Yeah, that's the ticket....

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Posted by: laughing in provo ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 12:50PM

john 6 47

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.

john 3 36

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

1 john 5 13

These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

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Posted by: the1v ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 01:00PM

The 2nd annointing always reminded me of the selling of indulgences.

Pay enough money, work/buy/schmooze your way high enough in the church hierarchy and you'll get a guaranteed spot in the top kingdom.

It always rang false to me even when my parents talked about it in hushed tones when I was a teenager.

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Posted by: SL Cabbie ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 01:34PM

Who wouldn't want to have their calling and erection made sure...

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Posted by: saucie ( )
Date: April 11, 2016 02:50PM

Everybody's gettin' hosed.... the church plays no favorites.

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Posted by: madalice ( )
Date: April 12, 2016 01:23AM

I once had a temple married friend(?) that had 5 kids. She felt like she'd missed out on sowing her oats, and so set out to make up for that. She just so happened to live in a non mormon college town.

She started out with the football team, and also dabbled with a few of the married men in the ward, and caused some divorces. One of the divorces was a couple that had been married for 18 years and had 7 kids. The next family that she targeted had been married for 15 years and had 6 kids. She thought it was so cute that when they got together their kids were already friends, and had no clue what mommy and the other daddy were up to. Sick sick sick.

Eventually this all caught up with her.Hubby found out. So, what did he do when her bf that a wife and 6 kids was thrown out of his house in the middle of the night? He let the guy sleep on the couch in the Livingroom for a week!! I kid you not. Yes, his wife would sneak downstairs and do her thing with the bf. Oh how handy.

She was telling me all of this, and it just left me speechless. Those people were a shrinks dream come true. What a mess! I felt so sad for the droves of kids that were stuck with these sickos.

She ended up putting her family in danger when one of the football players started stalking her. He then found out she had a cute little preteen daughter and started stalking her. Not only that, the ward crazy man who weighed 500lbs and wore overalls and a tie to church was also stalking her and her kids.

So, what did her husband do? Well, other than letting one of her bf's sleep on the couch, he did nothing. Yep. nothing. zip, zilch.

She finally started to calm down and get herself together a bit. I asked her what was going on in her head. Her answer blew me away.

Turns out her dad had a second anointing. She was from a very wealthy family in southern California. She told me she could pretty much do anything she wanted and it was all ok with God, and the church didn't have any say about it.She'd done all of this before in another State. Her hubby got a new job and moved them to the middle of nowhere. It didn't do any good. She just did the same thing all over again. THAT WAS A BIG EYE OPENER.

I cut ties with her. They moved back to their dearest Utah. The last picture I saw of her she was posed with a couple of Samoan BYU foot ball players. Any guesses how that friendship was going?'

Edited 4 time(s). Last edit at 04/12/2016 02:41AM by madalice.

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Posted by: fathered_by_parents ( )
Date: April 13, 2016 03:20PM

Do you have a name and phone number?

I don't have any plans this weekend...

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Posted by: donbagley ( )
Date: April 13, 2016 03:35PM

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Posted by: midwestanon ( )
Date: April 13, 2016 10:15AM

That is some bizarre logic. "My dad has had a second anointing and my husband is spineless, therefore I can get away with sleeping around with whoever I want?"

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