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Posted by: bettydee ( )
Date: January 02, 2017 09:57PM

Where exactly is ole Joe buried at , also are him and the ever suffering Emma buried together?I don't think I ever read anywhere that she remarried.

I went to Navoo once and think we were giving a tour,I recall the jail and blood stain being pointed out but I don't recall being told anything about the burial site.

Just curious.

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Posted by: logged out for the moment ( )
Date: January 02, 2017 10:48PM

The location of JS' grave can be read about here:,1828647

Emma remarried, to Lewis Bidamon. There's tons of stuff about her on the web, just google it.

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Posted by: readwrite ( )
Date: January 02, 2017 10:55PM

(1) He went straight to hell - selling his soul to the devil (because even the remaining "leaders" didn't buy it).

(2) He is buried in the hole the plates were dug out of: China!

(3) He was a she.

(4) He never truly lived (an authentic life).

(5) He is alive since life is eternal.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: January 02, 2017 11:23PM

I just found this out,

"Grave of Joseph Smith

Located in the Smith Family Cemetery at Nauvoo, Illinois.

Fearing the threats of grave desecration made by Joseph's enemies, Joseph's and Hyrum's family placed sandbags in the caskets buried in the city cemetery. Joseph and Hyrum's remains were secretly buried under the basement of the Nauvoo House. After Emma's death the Smith family disinterred Joseph's and Hyrum's remains and re-interred all three under a shed on the property. There were no written records marking the graves and the exact location became lost from memory. In 1928, Joseph's family feared the rising Mississippi River would destroy the graves, so they commissioned an excavation to locate the bodies of Joseph, Emma and Hyrum and had them re-interred in a permanent plot in the Smith Family Cemetery, at the site shown in the following pictures."

Emma's interred with Joseph, after all was said and done.

And Hyrum too.

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Posted by: Babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: January 02, 2017 11:32PM

The grave looks like it can withstand a lot of urination. I assume they have a water faucet nearby.

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Posted by: Related link ( )
Date: January 02, 2017 11:55PM

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Posted by: OzDoc ( )
Date: January 03, 2017 01:27AM

More knowledgeable people than me can fill in the details. I believe his name was Bidsmen.

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Posted by: icedtea ( )
Date: January 03, 2017 08:33AM

Emma's second husband was Lewis Bidamon.

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Posted by: itwasnotme ( )
Date: January 03, 2017 08:38AM

I thought he was with Jimmy Hoffa. That's the buzz in New Jersey.

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Posted by: Fourth_Nephite ( )
Date: January 03, 2017 02:23PM

And in the irony of all ironies, Joe and Emma's graves (along with Joe's parents - Joe Senior and Lucy Mack) are located on property owned by the Community of Christ.

Never heard that from TSCC.

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