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Posted by: overit ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 05:09PM

Whenever I went to the Temple is was bored out of my brain by the monotony. What did you do to allieviate the boredom?

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Posted by: kathleen ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 05:54PM

I slept.

Sadly, I snore.

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Posted by: jan ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 07:38PM

How could you possibly sleep through all the stand up sit down change clothes take your shoes off stand up sit down s'more?

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Posted by: kathleen ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 08:44PM

The movie. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Posted by: BYU Boner ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 06:11PM

I made it a point to go to the older temples (SLC, LA, and Manti) where I could look at the murals and architectural details.

What disturbed me more than the repetition was the odor many of the elderly men had. I'm not joking here. Many of the elderly men had bad breath and BO. I wondered how often their sacred whites had been washed. The Boner.

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Posted by: Aquarius123 ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 06:40PM

I would try to wake people who slept, and some of them gave me eat shit and die looks! I can't believe I did that. What an ass.

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Posted by: Annon1 ( )
Date: July 16, 2017 07:08PM

Try being a temple worker. I did it for nearly 3 years.

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Posted by: A New Name ( )
Date: July 17, 2017 06:33PM

I would try to imagine what Eve looked like behind that bush (pun intended)

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: July 17, 2017 11:56PM

I got married in 1984. I made it to the temple on average once a year during that time. The last time I went was in 1990. I was always so worried about messing up that I wouldn't call it boring. I hated it, though. Thought it was ridiculous. Couldn't figure out what this had to do with the lds church.

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Posted by: xxxMMMooo ( )
Date: July 18, 2017 12:14AM

iPod, I guess. Not too loud.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: July 18, 2017 12:15AM

Temple is; Boredom in a can.

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Posted by: Temple1 ( )
Date: July 18, 2017 12:57AM

So boring! I'm remember officiating during a session and seeing more than half of the eyes closed. I quit being an ordinance worker when I realized it was all a fraud.

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Posted by: ABaus ( )
Date: July 18, 2017 05:54AM

in retrospect it is hilarious...

i had been inactive for a while and retrurned to the fold, asked my best mate growing up to go through the temple with me for the first time. he snored through the whole, thing minus the get up to change your clothes around shit.

next thing i heard he was stake president, and remained so for a very long time, and always assured me the temple was a powerful experience. i assume not powerful enough to stay awake for!

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Posted by: Agnes Broomhead ( )
Date: July 19, 2017 02:05PM

I have a talent of a wandering mind thinking of anything to help pass time go by. Happens in SM even week.

I recommend looking at all the other people figuring which ones will leave TSCC.

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Posted by: snowball ( )
Date: July 19, 2017 03:23PM


Yes it's boring and bad, but some of the lines are an ongoing source of amusement for me in certain situations in day-to-day life.

"What is wanted?"

"Awake and arise" [Great get up and go thing. Makes me laugh.]

"the bear"

"Jehovah, Michael [do X thing for me]"

"Let him be presented at the veil and his request will be granted."

"That will do."

"I reign from the rivers to the ends of the earth..." This is a fun thing to say after accomplishing something--big or small. Kind of like "I'm the King of the World" in Titanic.

"the philosophies of men--mingled with scripture."

Still, not sure it was worth going in the first place.

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