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Posted by: No Doubts ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 10:51AM

Just wondering if keeping closed books is standard with all churches. It is totally unacceptable that mormons cannot know where their money goes.

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Posted by: bona dea ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 10:55AM

No,most are open

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Posted by: No Doubts ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 10:58AM

Thank you, did not know.

Makes it all the worse. Makes me suspect something shady going on!

Totally Totally unacceptable.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 11:13AM

Initially, the financial books were laid open at April conference, basically because the leaders wanted to be like all the other churches.

But then finances went into the toilet in the late 1950s and McKay was told by ghawd that the books should be closed, so as to not stampede the sheep. And it turned out that they liked having closed books, or rather ghawd liked it...

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 11:19AM

Google "Methodist church budget," "Presbyterian church budget," etc. You will see many examples of churches that publish their financials for all to view. Others make the figures available to the membership, but out of public view.

Typically half of the budget goes to salaries of ministers, assistant and youth ministers, groundskeepers, janitors, church secretaries, organists, etc. Some money goes toward utilities and upkeep. Typically 5-10% goes to support the central conference for the denomination. Some churches build charitable contributions to the community into their budgets.

I think it can fairly be asked what the Mormons do with the tons of money that they rake in. Most churches get by just fine on donations of less than 3% per family. They even pay lots of salaries on that money!

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Posted by: relievedtolearn ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 11:53AM

Not all are. Both of the churches I have attended, and also "para-ministires" I am familiar with publish their financials each year so that their congregations and people who donate can see exactly how the money is being used.

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Posted by: Anonomo ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 12:10PM

Nope. Many churches publish their basic financials in their weekly bulletins or monthly newsletters.

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Posted by: sbg ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 12:11PM

Back when I actually got up on Sunday and would go to church, my Lutheran church put the financials in the weekly bulletin handed out when you walked into the service.

They also published in the monthly newsletter and the annual report.

Budget was voted on annually when the new council was elected.

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Posted by: pugsly ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 01:37PM

All financial info is available on line. Once a month at the Sunday night meeting the financial report is given and any can ask questions if they wish. All expenditures over $200 are voted on by the membership.
Very transparent- as it should be.

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Posted by: lurking in ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 01:50PM

It's *sacred-ive* with its finances. (There's a big difference ... apparently.)

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Posted by: Leaving ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 02:11PM

The following disclaimer is printed on the donation slip.

"Though reasonable efforts will be made to use donations as designated, all donations become the Church's property and will be used at the Church's sole discretion to further the Church's overall mission."

This gives the top 15 the power to do anything they want with any funds.

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Posted by: BeenThereDunnThatExMo ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 03:39PM

And therein lies the "catch"... (see caps)

"Though reasonable efforts will be made to use donations as designated, all donations become the Church's property and will be used at the Church's sole discretion TO FURTHER THE CHURCH'S OVERALL MISSION."

So just what is the "Overall Mission" of LDS-Inc that they speak of???

- A Church entity or...
- A Church entity masquerading as a Real Estate acquisition firm.

So which is it Salt Lake???

Or so it seems to me...

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Posted by: Cheryl ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 03:20PM

Many churches go over the books in open meetings with all who are interested.

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Posted by: Tevai ( )
Date: October 04, 2017 04:55PM

I don't know how this works outside of the United States, but WITHIN the United States...

Jewish congregations are run by a Board of Directors, each of whom is elected by the members of that congregation.

The Board is in administrative charge of everything which concerns that congregation (which includes, but is not limited to, that group's finances). They hire (and, if necessary, fire) all of the salaried employees of the congregation (including the rabbi or rabbis, the cantors (ritual singers), and the staff (secretaries/clerks, janitorial staff, etc.).

All major financial decisions are ultimately made by the Board of Directors (often after considerable discussions with the general members, especially for the major, or the sensitive, issues). The rabbi (who is, administratively, a hired employee) would have a voice in these decisions, but does not make the decision...the Board of Directors does.

Certainly any member of the Board of Directors would have access to all the financial records, but probably so would any member who was interested...

...though there might be some exceptions to this in unusual or unique circumstances...such as the confidentiality surrounding a major real estate purchase.

I can think of one instance that falls into this category, to such an extent that it ultimately became the subject of a general audience (primarily non-Jewish readers) book, which sold a great many copies to Jews and non-Jews alike. This particular situation is still vividly remembered among Jews, and among a great many non-Jews as well. (It became a cautionary tale, whose very serious lessons were of general American interest, which took place in the community I grew up in. I drive by the once-proposed real estate in question several times a week, and as I drive by I still wonder what (financially) happened to the families who, in the 1990s as I remember, made the choice to become part of that situation.)

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Posted by: Eric3 ( )
Date: October 05, 2017 05:24PM

Most Christian churches I've been in, published it every
year in the booklet for the annual meeting.

Some published summaries every month.

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Posted by: notamormon ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 10:08AM

We received our yearly report last Sunday as an insert in the weekly bulletin.

Shows every dollar in and every dollar out.

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Posted by: Ex-CultMember ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 12:43PM

Most do but the culty ones like Scientology and Mormonism do not.

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Posted by: anonculus ( )
Date: October 07, 2017 12:18AM

There are also independent organizations that certify financial accountability.
such as...

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