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Posted by: Atheist(nli) ( )
Date: November 25, 2017 12:41PM

For decades, I had no words to describe myself, no labels or groups to which I belonged except, "scapegoat," "black sheep," "co-dependent," and other labels with negative definitions and connotations.

I had erroneously accepted myself as "too sensitive," understanding that I was different than those in my family, and most people around me. The former observation was correct; the latter assumption was incorrect, not seeing that just that like me, others suffered in silence.

There are a myriad of explanations to describe the behaviors and effects of the abuses of Mormonism*, and especially, in attempting to exit the cult. I see the article below as a macro view of the situation, and it applies to *all* of LDS's micro and ritualistic abuse behaviors, -cleaning toilets, heirarchy, endowment, priesthood, spying, sealings, callings, ward assignment, love bombing, missions, temple/other exclusions and shunning - you name it, it fits right in. To me, a temple reccomend is actually an FP - a Flyingmonkey Pass.

After all, it is a faith built on the insatiable desires of a narcopath.

Many exmos are what the article describes as empaths, which would explain the extreme generosity of understanding, wise and helpful behavior we have seen over the years. They seek to understand others and the world around them, to help when able, never needlessly hurt. It is their nature, a painful "gift" of the abuse of Mormanism, making a cult exit nearly inevitable. I believe it to be the nature of the board owner, Eric. In those rare instances when hackles rise, it is usually in defense of another.

I'm sure that the subjects of flying monkeys and gray rocks have been been posted before, but the article seemed particularly apropos, and was well worth a fresh reading. I know nothing about the site, its mission or owner, but appreciated the article.

Selected excerpts:

"Using the Garden of Eden example, if man and woman were truly made in the likeness of god and set into a divine ecosystem where the needs of every creature great and small were mutually dependent in order to have their unique and particular needs met, it was the first person to believe that they had to DO anything other than what came naturally to them that set social devolution (or the concept of sin related to the fall) in motion. Since that time, any person who behaves as if they are morally and logically SMARTER THAN GOD, pointing blaming and judging fingers at people who are simply living rather than striving to dominate, “win” entry into heaven, or who strive to EXCLUDE other people from both the Garden and a prosperous afterlife in heaven are guilty of acting like Narcissists and Abusers."

"Two huge lies are taught to children by Cluster B elders. The first is that the phrase “honor thy mother and thy father” means you are doomed to spending your life taking care of the needs and whims of your elders, suffering abuses and enabling injustice and immorality without complaint. The second is that in order to be a good person, your marriage cannot fail."

"LIES, LIES, LIES, people! The narcissistic predator will tell you as loudly as they can as many times as they can as many ways as they can that these are spiritually defined truths and nearly every religion in the WORLD has issued comparably misinterpreted edicts to their followers throughout the years."

"The problem is, while the words themselves may have keen moral and spiritual wisdom, they have been misinterpreted by poorly educated, low-empathy level, narcissistic RULERS purposefully to enable their direct success in this mortal life at the expense of all others who they use and abuse."


*I'm trying to avoid using shorthand terms such as TSCC, TR, mo, moism, etc., because when investigators or (suffering) members Google LDS, Mormons, or any other common description, I'd like this site to be found, and recent dates can matter to a search. Yes, it is a (t)SCC, but I'll still try to spell out the whole words. I'm sure I'll slip up.

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