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Posted by: presleynfactsrock ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 01:37AM

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Posted by: presleynfactsrock ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 02:21AM

I'll start this off by sharing two stories.

Thanksgiving is all about yummy turkey, pies, and loud, darling, unpredictable kids. Right? At least this was the case at my Thanksgiving this year.

The first story stars TBM kids and "others," along with canned Coke. Kids' drinks are delivered, everyone grabs, with some children ending up with canned coke in their paws. All of a sudden I hear thunder and the following words are flying through the air --- "You can't drink that! Coke is soooo bad for you! Don't drink that! and God does not want you to have thaaat!" The happy Coke drinkers don't care in the least and happy to be in their coke heaven! (which, by the way, occurred in their world only because it was a holiday)

The second story centers around the Thanksgiving feast blessing. Will there be one? My very-non-TBM-hosting-son is welcoming everyone, there is laughter, and our suspense comes to an end when he asks if someone wants to offer a blessing, but quickly without much of a pause, changes his mind asking his brother-in-law John to instead offer the blessing.

John begins to pray, but so does my son's six-year-old-Catholic-taught-child (attending Catholic school, not for the religion but because of excellent scholastic accolades). Both are flustered, he continues with Mormony prayer words, she continues saying the Lord's Prayer while praying the rosary with it. Soon she decides to stop, he continues, and the whole episode is priceless because it is one of the few times I have ever seen John flustered and deliver an unusually short prayer(which was THE true blessing).

And, the TBM kids did not know what in the hell had just happened.

I am sooo hoping a video I don't know about will turn up.

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Posted by: scmd ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 03:08AM

When I was maybe four, I was hanging out in or near the parking lot of our chapel in Laie after the three-hour block, waiting around for my parents to finish talking and make it out of the building because we always walked home together even though our house was only across one street, then seven or so small faculty houses down from the chapel. Parents were pretty lax in regard to supervising their offspring back then, and it was a relatively safe place as long as a kid was old enough to know better than to wander off into the Pacific.

My six-year-old sister Brooke and her friends were swinging from branches of a couple of trees on the property. Three girls who were BYU coeds (one had been my nanny's roommate) wearing what I remember as being scant swimsuits, though childhood memories aren't always reliable, walked through the parking lot and headed down the pathway to what I think we called Clister's beach. (I can't remember if it was Clister's or Pounder's, or if those were two different names for the same beach. Anyway, it was the beach right behind the somewhat well-maintained chapel in the Haole neighborhood.) My sister said hello to the girls in as sarcastic a voice as a first-grader could manage. Another six-year-old asked the older girls what they thought they were doing in "our" parking lot. One girl casually glanced in the direction of the little girls, but the other two completely ignored them.

"Stuck up sinners!" my sister yelled at the girls as she stuck her tongue out at them. She presumably thought she was being righteous in saying and doing what she said and did. When she later related the incident to my parents, my mom told her she had behaved like the Sadducees and Pharisees in the Bible (my dad had to explain what that meant) and that she was in no position to judge the girls. She had no idea of their church member status, no idea what was going on in their lives, and no idea about a whole lot of things, and, for that matter, maybe if we were going to get all technical about was sort of activity was or was not breaking the Sabbath, perhaps hanging and swinging from tree limbs was sinful as well.

It ended up that Brooke engaged in some behaviors far wilder than anything as tame as visiting a beach while wearing a swimsuit on a Sunday in her own adolescence and college years, yet she still has retained a bit of a sanctimonious edge to her personality where judging others is concerned. If any of the rest of us want to call her on her bullshit in that regard now (while none of the children are watching, of course) we stick our tongues out at her and say, "Stuck up sinner!" She usually gets the message and changes her tone.

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