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Posted by: LurkingAnon ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 04:44PM

(Quick note: I’m a lurker here and I can’t tell you how much this community has helped me stay sane).

I work in a really TBM Mormon environment in suburban Utah Valley that’s mostly staffed by the friends and ward members of the owner. Everyone always talks about their Church callings, General Conference, Young Men’s camp, Trek, Relief Society, etc.

There are only two non-Mormons. Me (ex-Mo) and a Jewish guy. We’re both in our 20s and both kind of uncomfortable by the atmosphere at work/and TBM culture in general, so we’ve bonded. He brought his coffee maker to work, so we drink coffee in the break room and talk about non-Church life like going to concerts, skiing, whatever. Neither of us have said anything disparaging about Mormons even though my co-workers are always saying bad stuff about their family who have left the church.

Today, we were talking about stuff to do downtown during the holiday season. I was saying how I usually go to the concerts on Temple Square and sometimes the Cathedral is the Madeleine, then my friend mentioned how he met someone who sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir....and then one of my coworkers who was reading on the couch INTERRUPTED OUR FREAKIN CONVERSATION and corrected him. But it wasn’t a gentle reminder, he was pretty loud and rude about it. My friend apologized and said he didn’t know, and the response was, “Well, now you do.”

I can’t believe people are taking the name change this seriously. I’d heard stories of people getting corrected, but I refused to believe members could actually be that uptight.

Imo, if you want to have a missionary opportunity, being a pompous jerk probably isn’t the way to do it.

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Posted by: Kristy ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 04:50PM

LMAO...omg.."Mormons" are just laughable. Ugh...arrogant, pompous, and self absorbed - God's in the making I guess. They do really have a hard time w/ normal social etiquette and boundaries.

If I am ever corrected, I will say, "um..don't you believe in the BOM?'re a Mormon." When in high school, we had a lot of RLDS (now Comm of Christ) and I would always tease them, "ya'll are Mormons right?" to which they would be so defensive, "well you believe in the BOM, so ya'll are Mormons..sorry."

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Posted by: annonmnous ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 07:00PM

Sorry, but isn't that a bit like telling a transgender woman that since she used to call herself a man then that means she's a man? "well you have a penis, so you're a man..sorry."

I'm just saying they have every right to expect to be referred to by their identity, no matter how recent their identify changed.

I'm no fan of the LDS church, but it's just a matter of decent human behavior.

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Posted by: angela ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 07:32PM

annonmnous Wrote:
> Sorry, but isn't that a bit like telling a
> transgender woman that since she used to call
> herself a man then that means she's a man? "well
> you have a penis, so you're a man..sorry."
> I'm just saying they have every right to expect to
> be referred to by their identity, no matter how
> recent their identify changed.
> I'm no fan of the LDS church, but it's just a
> matter of decent human behavior.

The Mormon identity has not changed. It's the same. They just want to use a different word.

To compare that to transgender is a weak argument. Being transgender is far more complicated.
Nothing complicated in being Mormon.

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Posted by: Elder Berry ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 09:36PM

angela Wrote:
> Nothing complicated in being Mormon.

Arguing over labels that can change to anything like Mormons to Purple People Eaters, meh. But I vehemently disagree with your statemen.

It is very complicated being Mormon. It is a cult with all the accompanying signs, tokens, hierarchy, mix of diverse peoples trying to fit into an excluding and closed society box. It has complicated my life since I was born.

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Posted by: Historian ( )
Date: November 08, 2018 07:58PM

Decent human behavior?

These are the same people that prevent parents from attending their kids wedding in the temple just because they don't believe in the cult.

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Posted by: Cheryl ( )
Date: November 10, 2018 03:51PM

They've used the term since Joe Smith and want to change it now? Let them. But they can't force others to follow along like sheep. They'll likely change their minds in a couple of years and expect another turn around. That's their problem not ours.

This has nothing to do with anything transgender. Mormons can quit being mormons any day any time. Only their worthless delusions keep them captive.

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Posted by: Roy G Biv ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 04:51PM

I would have reminded your mormon co-worker that the command to not use the word mormon was issued by a mormon leader to a mormon congregation, and that you are not under any obligation to follow the prophets orders since you aren't mormon.

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Posted by: Anziano Young ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 06:54PM

This is the correct answer.

And then go back to your conversation by loudly asking your co-worker, "So, you were saying about the MORMON Tabernacle Choir?"

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Posted by: exminion ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 01:08PM


I am no longer a Mormon. I refuse to follow their orders.

I do not feel in the slightest way--disrespectful or impolite--by merely calling them what they are and always have been: Mormons.

I'm polite by not calling them "cult members" or "polygamists" or "liars" or " slick salesmen" or worse.

Weare not obligated to refer to Mormonism as a religion or church. I use the terms "Mormonism", "the Mormon organization", or Mormons, for the whole mess of lies and fabricated history and ever-changing rules--whatever it is and is trying to morph into.

Complicated? Yes!

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 05:29PM

Unbelievable. Oh wait. We're talking Mormons---so, totally believable Haha.

What joke.

They are assuming the whole world is watching their every move with fascination and awe and so, of course, the whole world knows not to call them Mormons anymore. What arrogant ignorance. Or would that be ignorant arrogance?

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Posted by: anon2828 ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 05:39PM

Anytime someone like your jerk coworker is rude like this, I want to shove a "I am a Mormon" campaign testimony in their face. They need to get over themselves.

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Posted by: presleynfactsrock ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 06:38PM Correction. Believable.

So many Mormons are raised to not know the first common forms of courtesy and congeniality in getting along with their fellow human beings.

I guess that is the beginning of the problem.....they are taught that other fellow humans are definitely not in the same "class" as they are. You know, the First and Chosen Class.

I can still remember when I first heard the teaching that "we" were the chosen generation, that we had behaved so very admirable in heaven and earned the right to come down to earth and live in such wonderful homes, etc. etc. What did all that mean?

But as I heard more, I gasped and wanted to disappear. The reason? I did not have a wonderful home nor wonderful parents, so what had I done wrong in heaven, how awful had I been, or what the hell? this was just plain unbelievable and hurtful and horrible.

Mormonism took on a whole new darkness to me. I had never totally fit in to begin with but had barged in with friends because I heard the church's promise of eternal HAPPINESS and I soooo wanted happiness. What now?

I started then to peel back the layers to see what else was hiding in the darkness of the light I thought was present in this so-called-church that had promised to change my life.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/05/2018 06:43PM by presleynfactsrock.

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Posted by: ipo ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 10:32PM

And you know the teaching about how you _want_, in the pre-existence, to be born to some certain parents and a certain home?

Gosh, how I tried to understand why I would have wanted to be born into my circumstances. It was simply unbelievable.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 07:20PM

You’re lucky Rusty didn’t order Mormons to give all apostates a wedgie.

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 09:57PM

could get TBMs to do. But now I'm not so sure.

If the Nelson can get TBMs to obnoxiously "correct" people for calling the Mormon Tabernacle Choir by the name that it has been known by for its entire existence, then he could probably get them to give apostates and non-Mormons wedgies too.

Of course he would have to give it some pretext, just like the whole thing about the "Mormon" nickname being bad is introduced under the pretext that Jesus is offended that his name is not used more often when talking about his church.

Maybe the "wedgies for Jesus" program could be pushed under the pretext that various "ice-breaking" techniques need to be used to break through social barriers that prevent people from interacting and opening up to faithful "saints" who need to share the gospel with them.

The Top Prophet Guy would then recommend some fun ice-breaking techniques, such as offering donuts to co-workers, handing out gift certificates for a fun fast-food restaurant... or giving them wedgies. (He would of course initially put the wedgies idea in there with several fairly reasonable ideas to plant the idea that wedgies are also reasonable ice-breaking techniques).

With a little finesse by the Mormon Top Prophet Guy in introducing the concept, Mormons would go right into action. We would soon be seeing reports coming in from all over the country about Mormons being arrested and/or sued for battery due to offensive wedgie ministrations implemented against non-consenting subjects.

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Posted by: olderelder ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 07:44PM

Maybe Nelson made the pronouncement so that TBMs have a reason to tell others they're wrong.

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Posted by: tig ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 09:00PM

Your co worker may or may not be a Mormon, but there is little doubt that they are a self righteous asshole.

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Posted by: Susan I/S ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 09:14PM

There current push to rebrand their cult is just stupid. I don't reward stupid. I will always use mormon or LDSInc.

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 09:43PM

this had been a consistent position that Mormons themselves had followed for most of the history of their church. But up until a few weeks ago, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's OFFICIAL name was...the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Up until a few weeks ago, most Mormons were totally fine with the "Mormon" nickname and it is easy to find recent "prophets" endorsing and using the nickname themselves.

The whole organization is full of sub-units and programs that officially bear the "Mormon" name.

Seeing so many Mormons unquestioningly and robotically enforcing the decree of their new prophet guy, even though it directly contradicts the immediately preceding prophet guy screams "CULT! CULT!" about as loudly as anything can.

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Posted by: looking in ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 11:38PM

What is the choir called now?

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: November 05, 2018 11:46PM

Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

I would expect to find it in Philadelphia. But it does have a tourism-like ring to it.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/05/2018 11:50PM by babyloncansuckit.

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Posted by: Pooped ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 12:17AM

Would it be legal for some other choir to call themselves the "Tabernacle Choir at Rockefeller Center" or "Tabernacle Choir at The Grand Ole Opry" or is the term "Tabernacle Choir" a trademark that only the people formerly known as Mormon can use for their choir? The way it's worded makes it sound as if there are other Tabernacle Choirs out there someplace. I think they should have been more true to their pompous selves and called it the "First Tabernacle Choir" or maybe the "Best Tabernacle Choir"

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 12:43AM

It has the same Latin roots ("taberna" meaning hut or tavern) as the word "tavern." The Latin word for a certain kind of tent is "tabernaculum".

Other organizations' use of the word "tabernacle" include the following:

"The Chicago Gospel Tabernacle"

"The Philadelphia Tabernacle of David"

...and many, many more...

So, I doubt that the LSD Church would have any legal grounds for preventing other organizations from using the words "tabernacle choir".

It's really stupid for them to try to change the name. Changing the name actually makes it look like the "Mormon" nickname is something shameful. For generations, the LSD Church expended considerable effort to associate the name with good things. The "Mormon Tabernacle Choir" name was a huge part of that multi-generational PR effort.

They have multiple albums going back 60, 70 years with that name. Youtube is full of videos of famous singers singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...and now the Nelson is flushing that all down the toilet. Well the toilet is getting clogged up and he's just going to end up with a big mess on his hands. I don't think he thought this through at all.

I heard that the are finding magma flows in the vicinity of Hinckley's gravesite. Geologists are speculating that it's due to extreme heat being caused by accelerated spinning of Hinckley's corpse. Although it seems to be contained for the moment, they are watching the site with extreme caution.

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Posted by: Pooped ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 10:23PM

I find that as I get older I have trouble pulling up names that I know perfectly well. I often insert other words like: thing-a-ma-jig, whats-it, whoos-it, etc. when the name does not come readily to mind.

I think the "What's It Tabernacle Choir" will probably be my new default name for the formerly named Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 12:08AM

that instead of being called "Mormons" they're going to be called "those jerks".

And the church will be referred to as that "a**hole church".

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 12:28AM

FKAM fishing tackle choir

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 01:16AM

left the show and then joined a motorcycle gang. They did drugs and caused a lot of mayhem, being best known for beating people senseless with their bare knuckles while wearing the costumes they kept from their glory days as "Cats" cast members.

Eventually they were arrested on felony charges. They were stupid and violent, but very gifted as singers.

After they all served their time, they formed a choir. I believe they call it the "Moron Tabby Knuckle Choir".

They've put out some really good stuff.

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Posted by: Historischer ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 02:47AM

That was a great "Punch!" line, but somehow I knew it was coming.

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 03:20AM

But I find that adding carbonation and a twist of gin is even more important for making a popular punch and really turbo-charging the anticipation.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 02:07AM

From now on, I would refer to the choir as "The choir that used to be known as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir." When your coworker corrects you, just say "Right, that choir." Make him correct you every.single.time. lol

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Posted by: exminion ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 01:21PM

Summer, I love that!

By using "formerly known as Mormon" you are still using the word "Mormon." Smooth.

Make them correct you. Make them say it. "What name am I not supposed to say? Oh, Mormon."

FKA Mormon works, too.

I was mad about this, because I have been corrected 8 times! Now, I will score every correction as a victory.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 01:32PM

Best idea ever. Make them correct you every single time!

I've been saying MORMON for seventy years. I couldn't stop using the word now if I tried. I'm with exminion---I'm gonna have to start notching my belt for every small victory.

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Posted by: op47 ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 12:10PM

Acts 11:26 says where the disciples were first called Christian. i.e. it was a nickname and very probably perjorative. Instead of getting their knickers in a knot, they just adopted it as a succinct way of identifying themselves. TBH, if I have to spend all day saying a lengthy PC phrase instead of a word then if I don't have to, I don't discuss that entity at all.

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Posted by: op47 ( )
Date: November 06, 2018 12:11PM

In any case, if the choir goes on tour, does it have to change its name?

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Posted by: Eric3 ( )
Date: November 07, 2018 08:02PM

Again a nevermo perspective may help: almost everyone in the world doesn't know about the name change and doesn't care.

On the rare occasions to refer to it, almost everyone in the world will say Mormon.

And there will almost never be a "correction" because there will almost never be someone else in the room who knows let alone cares.

So for instance Mormon Tabernacle Choir: the number of people who will start using a different term is so small that it's not worth mentioning.

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Posted by: mikemitchell ( )
Date: November 07, 2018 08:27PM

I've seen some overzealous Mormons on Youtube commenting that the name is an insult. Never mind that the video they are complaining about was uploaded many years ago before Nelson completely lost his mind.

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Posted by: kilgravmaga ( )
Date: November 09, 2018 06:04AM

When did he meet this member of the choir? Was it before the change or after? Technically he could have been part of MOTAB and be called such without offending the "gentle" eavesdropper.

Even so, it doesn't matter.

Mormon is just easier and people really dig easier. Its gonna stay.

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Posted by: sparty ( )
Date: November 09, 2018 02:03PM

It's cute how they think the rest of the world is actually paying attention to what their leader says. They might be militant about this crap, but the vast majority of the world doesn't know this name correction crap is even a thing. Once Russ croaks, it'll be one of those things they failed at implementing that they just never talk about anymore.

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Posted by: Cheryl ( )
Date: November 10, 2018 03:45PM

Then when the rude worker said, "Now you do," I would have shown alarm and displeasure or laughed out loud in his face.

"Excuse me? "Now I know?" I think I'll use the terms I've heard mormons use for a lifetime. Now you know."

Who does this guy think he is?!!

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