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Posted by: D. Lamb ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 05:15PM

Do you still keep in contact with T. Hatch (Gary) since he's left his mission?

Just saw a picture of him on facebook. Wasn't sure if he was wearing garments. He has long hair and a mustache now too.
Interesting.....I hope he has looked into some of the stuff you showed him while he was on his mission.

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Posted by: D. Lamb ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 06:20PM

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Posted by: Zeezromp ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 06:45PM

emailed me not too long ago to tell me it's a crock basically. lol

He said he concedes he was brainwashed at the time of his mission. I can't reveal his name for obvious family reasons. He fears what could happen should he declare himself out etc.

I used to debate alot with him on the mission and he was very well versed with the historical/doctrine side, though he couldn't really counteract my knowledge and accusations of past LDS Leaders behavioural crap to any satisfaction.

I remember Gary Hatch, I went tracting with him and I couldn't believe he called himself a Minister of Religion at one door when someone asked who it was! hahaha

A kid calling himself a minister of religion! I thought what the!?!?!?

He was great fun and a good kid as are most or all of the missionaries...

I think during my two years investigating it was the missionaries who I had after the first six months who got to know the real deal as for the first six months I was being misled/deceived for the most part. looking back I can see how members hid the meat when the opportunity arose to answer my questions fully and honestly. They chose to be evasive.

After reading on the Internet for six months it was then a further 18 Months of basically continued challenging of one missionary after another, even during tracting between doors.

Everytime I had a new one or pair of them they seemed to think they were going to be the ones who baptised me (the Golden Investigator). One in particular started crying while trying to convince me it was true! Three months in with me, a rock and a hat, Moroni capital Comoros Island etc and he told me that he was going to investigate the church himself after the mission! lol

He even asked the mission president about the deal with the face and garden stone in the hat stuff!! I could see he was troubled by it....

I later earned some respect from the more wiser misionaries who realised I knew more than them and our meetings became just a chill out.

There was one occasion where two missionaries laughed for around 3 hours after I showed them the hat and garden stone magic trick! lol They could not believe what they had learned and they were stunned bigtime.They missed their lights out deadline and were still with me at around 10.45pm when they left still sniggering in shock.They never tried to convert me after that episode but would ask what else I found out!

The whole two year in church episode for me is kind of sad as I am now effectively shunned by whom I thought was my best new LDS friend and friend of my family/nephews etc (older female missionary aged 39 now from Poland) even though I got a happy ending for myself by not being sucked into the cult thanks to the Internet! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

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Posted by: D. Lamb ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 07:30PM

Thanks for the response Zeezrom. I enjoyed reading your stories.
Here is the picture of Gary. I almost didn't recognize him. He is quite the character.!/thetrueloveofchucknorris

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Posted by: Freevolved ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 08:00PM

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Posted by: Zeezromp ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 08:16PM

Thanks for that.

Maybe he's chucked his garments in the trash can (we call it the dustbin here in the UK)lol

There is another poster who knows Gary and his family 'freeatlast', said his dad looks like Rod Stewart! lol

The last email I sent him in January 2008 mentioning RFM but it was his ldsmail one and not heard from him since.

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Posted by: D. Lamb ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 08:26PM

Thanks Zeezrom,

I was "freeatlast" I changed monikers because there were too many others with the same name or similar.

And yah his dad does look like Rod Stewart. LOL!!

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Posted by: Zeezromp ( )
Date: October 30, 2010 07:58AM

but just history and facts about the church. I wasn't looking anything up to find faults as such as I didn't know what there was to know at the time.I was just trying to learn as much as possible about the church and I wasn't too bothered which websites. Many times I was on the official ldsORG MormonORG etc and didn't suspect I was being misled or things were being hidden from me at first.

I remember once going Home Teaching (the ward members let me participate as a dry mormon and potential new Priesthood Holder lol)and on one particular occasion I mentioned Joseph Smith's multiple wives though I wasn't prepared for the reaction from two church members. One of them a Sister of 30 plus years service having converted at aged 20 approx said in a confused manner " Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat he only had one wife Emma, what are you taling about?". I was suprised at her response and then my Home Teaching Companion said " ERRRR Yes where did you get that from? He only had one wife Emma." lol It was quite a concern for me at the time though.

This guy is BIC,served a mission in Germany converted no one and even lost touch with one guy who actually was friendly to him! lol He is Temple married and gave such an incredible confused look to my mention of Smith's multi wives thing.

I realised then that something seemed to be drastically wrong. How could two hard working, sincere, devoted church members not know the basics!

After that experience I went back to google and goodness did the floodgates open up!!!????????? hahahahha

I ended up twice in the Bishies office. First time because I brought in some quotes from early church leaders about blacks being less valiant and Satans representatives etc

The bishop basically told me to keep tight lipped about them, especially with recent converts and investigators and also the black members in church.

The second time I was reported to bishop by a church member because I gave him a DVD to watch about the problems of the book of mormon history not existing.

This bishop and I had a great chat together and I was able to tell him my struggles and he asked me where did I read about things like Brigham Young threatening Hell to women into marriage?

I knew as I talking with him that I needed to get out as soon as possible and away from such delusional nonsenses he was coming out with. He admitted to me that polygamy is a Core truth and that he expects to be given multiple wives in CK, has tried to discuss the matter with his wife but she tears her hair out at the thought and won't discuss it.

Meat at last I guess.

It was the last straw listening to his utter clap trap.

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Posted by: Cali Sally ( )
Date: October 29, 2010 09:15PM

Always lilke your posts. I admire how you were never deceived. I, like you, haven't been posting that much but still get on just to read the latest propoganda coming out of Salt Lake City. It pays to keep current on that trash.

I'm back in the midwest for a bit and surprised that there are still Mormons trying to get me back. I've never told anyone here that I'm officially out of TSCC but find it hard to believe that none of them know since my mother's tithing records most certainly make it clear. Maybe they are just pretending with me or maybe maybe TSCC really did keep it confidential. Anyway, good to hear from the good ole' UK. Hope you are having a great life. Cheers !

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Posted by: Zeezromp ( )
Date: October 30, 2010 08:00AM

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