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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: September 09, 2021 09:30AM

Common sense and a little bit of knowledge tells you that a parasite and a virus are very, very different and are not the same. But that assumes that you have common sense.

False meme: Nobel laureate did not say ivermectin 'cures' covid-19

"My name is William Campbell, in 2015 I won the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of Ivermectin. It cures many diseases including covid-19. The fake news and big pharma want you to live in fear. Fauci won't promote Ivermectin because he is the little parasite it destroys."

- Quote attributed to Drew University professor William Campbell

Like many fake social media posts, there's a germ of truth, but it's twisted into a falsehood.

- Campbell, a native of Ireland, did share the Nobel Prize in medicine with Satoshi Omura of Japan for their role in the creating a therapy for infections against roundworm parasites. "Omura cultured bacteria, which produce substances that inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. In 1978 he succeeded in culturing a strain from which William Campbell purified a substance, avermectin, which in a chemically modified form, ivermectin, proved effective against river blindness and elephantiasis," the Nobel Prize committee said.

- Campbell was quoted in April 2020 in expressing delight at an early report that the anti-parasite drug might inhibit the coronavirus. Since then, there have been continuing efforts to identify whether the relatively low-cost drug would be effective in treating patients with covid-19.

But, to date, there is insufficient evidence that ivermectin cures covid-19, even though it increasingly has been embraced by vaccine skeptics. There are numerous reports of people being hospitalized because they self-medicated with ivermectin intended for livestock.

"The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for the treatment or prevention of covid-19 in people or animals. Ivermectin has not been shown to be safe or effective for these indications," the FDA said in a recent statement. "There's a lot of misinformation around, and you may have heard that it's OK to take large doses of ivermectin. It is not OK."

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Posted by: Nightingale ( )
Date: September 09, 2021 01:34PM

The article doesn't clarify what the professor actually *did* say. Was that supposed quote totally made up or did he say something close to that and it was misrepresented?

What exactly was said as opposed to what is alleged to have been said?

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Posted by: [|] ( )
Date: September 09, 2021 04:38PM

Evidence of the lethal effect of ivermectin on the SARS CoV-2, virus has rightly been called to public attention. The report is, in itself, of great importance. “On the other hand,” the lethal effect was seen ‘in vitro’ (meaning in glass or plastic containers); and that is a long way from demonstrating such an effect in animals (in vivo tests).
In this study the in vitro tests were not done by simply exposing the virus to the drug in glass or plastic containers, but rather by exposing the virus in living mammalian cells grown in such containers. That is a much higher level of in vitro test. It is a step closer to the situation in an animal body, and that makes the evidence somewhat more encouraging with respect to potential practical use of ivermectin as an antiviral agent. “On the other hand,” the concentration of drug needed to kill the virus was many times higher than the concentration of ivermectin found in the blood of people in the normal use of ivermectin to control parasitic disease.
The fact that ivermectin has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in humans has been highlighted. If future studies were to provide evidence of ivermectin anti-viral efficacy in animals, the drug’s current approval by the FDA would be enormously helpful in the conduct of clinical trials, and would thus facilitate further development toward clinical use. “On the other hand,” it has been approved for use against parasites, not against viruses; and awareness of ivermectin’s prior approval for a different use carries the risk of unduly raising hopeful expectations in this matter, with attendant risk of hasty and ill-considered action.
In view of the drug concentration differential just mentioned, the probability of ivermectin being used safely to kill the virus in people must be considered low. “On the other hand,” there is, as the authors of the report point out, the possibility that a safe dosage of ivermectin might reduce the rate of viral replication in the mammalian body, or affect the virus in other ways that might be revealed by further research. That is a more positive note on which to end.

W. C. Campbell. 9 April 2020."

Also, see

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Posted by: Obligatory XKCD ( )
Date: September 09, 2021 04:41PM

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: September 09, 2021 06:32PM

I don't know how true it is, but I read a post allegedly by a nurse stating that one of her patients who had overdosed on Ivermectin was now blind and in liver failure. The patient has been turned down for placement on the liver transplant list due to being too weak from Covid to survive surgery.

And yet somehow Ivermectin is superior to the vaccine? *sigh*

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