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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: March 23, 2023 06:39PM

I made a joke in another thread, alluding to being ridiculed in high school.  I began a response in that thread after a second expression of sorrow for my plight was made...

Doing so had me reviewing my four years at Rancho High (go Rams!), and the reverie became more and more intense, as the memories heaved up out of their dusty filing cabinets.

Mormonism was an integral part of high school, and it kept me a virgin and WoW observant.  Thank heavenly father that there were no scriptures against heavy petting and Levi-loving!  The opinions of mortal men didn't count...

Probably no matter what your religion, high school can be tough. I bet even for Superior Beings, like Roy G Biv, HS wasn't all Skittles and Root Beer...

No one ever made fun of me in high school, other than me.  Lots of good times, lots of angst, and for most of us, the angst of True Love. (In 8th grade, I wanted to get married, but 'she' never knew that...)

Some of us had early morning seminary tacked onto the HS experience; I did four years of it, even attending the six days in a row that I ditched school during Senior year.  But that was only because that's where my girlfriend and I would meet.

A case can be made that the more interesting times of your life were when you successfully integrated normalcy with wild and crazy times; it wasn't just one or the other, but there was never any telling which one you'd be experiencing in an hour.

Once I got my driver's license, 8am Priesthood meetings were nothing more than all of us giving our post-action reports.

We had some hot Laurels, but in high school, none of us ever dated within our ward.  How was it in your ward?

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Posted by: CL2 ( )
Date: March 23, 2023 08:53PM

My mother was very introverted I'd say. Not sure how to describe her. She was the oldest of deaf parents and she was their interpreter all her life, so she didn't fit into the cliques. My dad didn't go all that much when I was young, so we were outcasts basically, but my parents made us go.

I was friends with a few of the other girls, but it was difficult to say the least. No, none of the girls and guys dated that I can remember. I know one of the guys had a crush on my friend and he'd ask how to get her to date him and she wouldn't. None of my family liked the ward.

My daughter went back to this ward when she was 20 and they have been wonderful to her. I told her if I went back to my ward after leaving, they always acted like "what are YOU doing here?"

The bishop was perv. He was my friend's dad. He started asking the masturbation question of me at age 12 no up until he was released. Dance cards, semi annual interviews, annual interviews.

Church was pretty much torture, but I thought I had to go to church and be a good mormon or I'd go to hell and I'd lose my family.

And now today all my siblings are out and all our kids are out except my daughter and my disabled brother. I wonder why we are all out?

I liked stake dances and I went with my cousin mostly. She was 3 days older than I am. She died at age 37. She was the always nice friend I had.

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was in college and then I talked him into going on a mission. Stupid me. I broke up with him while he was gone.

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