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Posted by: anagrammy ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 11:58AM

Remember the debacle that happened when they had to change "is" to "is among the" and they ended up with warehouses full of brand-new-but-unusable-in-America BOMs.

They invented a way to sell them back to the people who paid for their printing in the first place, telling them they were sending them to Europe after the families glued their testimony in the flyleaf of each one.

After monetizing them twice, why spend money on shipping? They destroyed them or donated them--many were seen by me personally in Deseret Industries (Mormon thrift store).

Are there any former or present missionaries here who distribute(d) Books of Mormon with the testimonies of families pasted inside?


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Posted by: rainwriter ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 12:07PM

Because they don't teach that they aren't related, either.

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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 01:48PM

The Mayan temple they show is the pyramid at Chichen Itza. It was built sometime after 800 CE, making it very far removed from Book of Mormon times.

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Posted by: NormaRae ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 07:57PM

...they haven't done a very good job of getting the word out to the sheeple.

I've had two nephews serving missions in central America the past couple years and about three times my mother has been telling me something about them and she'll slip in, "you know, they're there where all the Book of Mormon ruins are..." I always correct her with "you mean the Mayan ruins, but yeah those would be cool to see." She has some dimentia and forgets sometimes that one of her kids quit believing in fairy tales a long time ago.

But since the Manti Temple pagent is still allowed to be held on the temple grounds, and if they haven't changed it since I saw it 30+ years ago, they are still purposely trying to hide anything they know for sure about it from the koolade drinkers.

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Posted by: hello ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 09:20PM

"But since the Manti Temple pagent is still allowed to be held on the temple grounds, and if they haven't changed it since I saw it 30+ years ago, they are still purposely trying to hide anything they know for sure about it from the koolade drinkers."

can ya fill us non-Utahns in on the Manti Temple conflicts please?

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 09:25PM

and, are the pictures referred to still being included?

THAT would be a scandal, just like the pix of Joe sitting at a table with the plates, writing the 'translation'

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Posted by: m ( )
Date: June 17, 2012 11:30PM

I have a Circa@ 1950's large Print BofM with 37 full size pics
of Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu,Palenque,Palace at Chiapas, Stelae in Copan,Temple in the Great Plaza ( Guatemala), Observatory in Chichen Itza and on and on and on....

I'm sure David O MCkay signed off on this... wth?

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Posted by: hello ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 01:10AM

Yeah I bought that volume too, and I got the idea that the church was going to soon be revealing new discoveries about BOM lands in Central America.

I gave them plenty of time to reveal their discoveries, but nothing was ever published. Turns out their claims were all bogus.

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Posted by: presbyterian ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 01:27PM

Speaking of Mayan ruins....I had the chance to climb the Mayan temple at Uxmal last week!!! Our tour guide talked about the origin of the Mayan people. Asian all the way. He also pointed out that the buildings were made without iron, the wheel, or horses. And no one corrected him!

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Posted by: Hopi Bon! ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 01:42PM

Just returned from a week in Cancun. I offered several chances to take my TBM wife to see the ruins in Tulum or Chichen Itza. She declined each time, even though at one point we were with 20 minutes of Tulum.

This is a woman who has seen the world and has never passed on an opportunity to see a historical place or monument.

She just didn't want my sons to ask about Lamanites and have the guide bust out laughing.

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Posted by: seutnevermo ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 06:03PM

I was at the Mayan site in Belize known as Lamanai, which means submerged crocodile in Mayan, in 2003. There was a mormon group touring the site, and I over-heard one of the mormon tour guides announce that this site was the origin of the Lamanites and that was why it was called Lamanai.

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Posted by: davesnothere ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 01:43PM

Remember the 1970’s Church produced film – “Ancient America Speaks” which showcased visits to many of the then known Inca/Aztec/Mayan ruins in Central and South America and claimed that these archeological ruins were evidence of the peoples depicted in The Book of Mormon?

It was shown at the 1974 Spokane World’s fair by the LDS Church at their pavilion which was in the shape of an open Book of Mormon, with two gold plates, joined by large gold rings. Outside was a statue of the angel Moroni, while inside, a movie called “Ancient America Speaks” was shown in two theatres. The movie told the story of American history as related in the Book of Mormon. Reed boats made by South American Mormons rounded out the exhibit.

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Posted by: jpt ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 06:45PM

was one of our filmstrips we'd carry around with us as missionaries. I watched it hundreds of times, I'm sure. It was in the 70's.

I've found this on youtube, Spanish, though English subtitled.

Some of if looks familiar, but most doesn't... but hey, it's been about 35 years. However, the Cheesman name is familiar; he was big into this stuff back then. Perhaps this production was different than the filmstrip, or the filmstrip was a subset of this.

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Posted by: Strykary ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 06:09PM

Nope. Not Mayan at all!

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Posted by: rationalguy ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 06:16PM

The fact thaat they tried to establish the relationship between Mayan sites and the BoM figures high on my reasons for deciding it's all a fake story.

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Posted by: lilygeorge ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 11:38PM

There are actually Mormon Tour Groups that organize visits there. My TBM sister went on one and keeps hinting she wants me to go - she must think I am just inactive. Because of course that would be no fun on so many levels - having to listen respectfully to the Book of Mormon version of preColumbian history and having to do it in the company of rapt TBM's and probably not even able to sneak off for a cup of coffee. So anyway if the Church sees no connection they sure have not gotten the word out to the members that actually show up every Sunday.

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Posted by: ozpoof ( )
Date: June 18, 2012 11:45PM

Plausible deniability. It's an artist's impression.

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